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MP3 Begets of Autumn - Keep

Comparative Darkness

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METAL: Alternative Metal, ROCK: Hard Rock

Beget a Net in a Nanno Sec

Super Music Not Fantasy or is it?

Many People are uncomfortable with BOA, not because we are impossible, but because of the e-musical paradoxes we create. Imagine that you are from the future and you traveled back in time to visit the Begets of Autumn and took with you similar recordings our cd Keep. We listen to it and write down the music, then later Keep is used to record your cd. Where does the music come from? In Musical Science, as in life, there is no such thing as free music.

Band Members-Begets of Autumn/BOA

John O''Hara Vocals Bass Keys AKA Time Colonel WormHoles
Dan Wilk Vocals R&L Guitar AKA Time Colonel CosmicStrings
Phillip Alred Drums AKA Time Colonel RotatingCylinders


""It''s not soft and it''s not country. Its_ unpredictable"" ROCKNREAD MAG https://www.tradebit.com

""One of the most requested local bands of 1998"" " APOCALYPSE 99.1 wrvu https://www.tradebit.com

""I always look forward in listening to your new music ,Keep sending them"" "CLIVE BARKER https://www.tradebit.com"

""There are some killer groves happening in your tunes!"" "LONN DAVID MetalWorx 105.9 wnrq https://www.tradebit.com"

""A catalog of songs, a great cd, much better live, the way Rock is suppose to be, they are in their own catagory"" "Woody & Jason The Next Generation https://www.tradebit.com"

""Metal in its purest form, Begets of Autumn is a diverse band with many influences, ranging from industrial to thrash to straight ahead heavy metal. Their dark sound is reminiscent of bands like Black Sabbath and Danzig, while also grabbing bits from Samhain, early Slayer and Megadeth. Tracks like "Faces in the Fireplace" and Cardinal Breath are classic metal tunes with heavy as hell drums by Phillip Alred, thumping bass riffs by John O''Hara and grinding guitars by Dan Wilk. "An Old Day of a Live Night" shows a lighter side of BOA going back to the new wave eighties for a bit. If you''re looking for raw untamed heavy metal, then look no further "" "t.v. https://www.tradebit.com"

""Skips over the ''90s entirely to recapture the sound of extreme Metal in its infancy. If you agree that Kill ''Em All will forever be Metallica''s finest moment, then you are a sensible individual, and you deserve a crushing from Begets of Autumn."" "Chad D. https://www.tradebit.com"

""Begets of Autumn are a metal band with a poetic core and a mystical edge. The Tennessee trio have been tried and true indie artists for more than a decade, and their music reflects the a range of influences picked up along the way. "" " Joshua https://www.tradebit.com"

""BEGETS OF AUTUMN"Keep" ""What a strange album! I really don''t have a clue about. what to write on this review. We can notice elements of Dark music, Rock and Roll, Metal and including Country, that was what I could appreciate on this so weird album that contains 10 themes, all very different from each other. The band counts with 3 members (Dan Wilk, guitarra - keyboards & lead vocals; John O´Hara baixo - keyboards & vocals; Phillip Alred, drums &vocals) and the album was produced by themselves and ACM Records; recorded at Whale Tale Studios. The sound most of the times isn''t one of the best and the album''s visual art doesn''t call attention either. There are songs that we can point out like "operation white house"and "a old day of a live night" and many others where there are very original riffs, causing many different https://www.tradebit.comimately, an interesting album ,but I guess that this band can deliver us even much more; we''ll stay tooned for the next album. 6.0 Rating"" "Francisco Diaz-Valdes A. Renegade2K Magazine https://www.tradebit.com"

Keep This release is a true full lenght album, as the number of tracks contained in the silver disc shows. The duration is close to 40 minutes, that are usually requested for an album, and the music is very interesting for almost half an hour. After a quick overview of the album, it can be useful an explanation of the monicker Begets Of Autumn, as we can find in the four pages booklet: the Begets Of Autumn are the things that cause the beginning of the end, So the band wants to bring us in the shadows and darkness, always nearer to death and dissolution. This can be useful to understand the dark and morbid mood soaked in Keep. To obtain this atmosphere, the disc starts with four good tracks of stoner rock, with an old and sick sound. I like the entere first part, but White Elf is really groovy. The fifth track is a bit different from the others: it seems to have a thrashy riff and a punk attitude in it, in addiction to a mad singing and great speed changes. Then the great rhythm of The Three Of Us comes to bring us the last great song, before 10 minutes that are not as good as the rest. The contents are now clear, so we talk about the execution: I think bass is very good, as sometime the mad vocals; the rest is always quite good. The production is good to create the right sound, but not always perfect. So we have a quite interesting album: it always menages to create sick and dark atmospheres, following the path of Black Sabbath. TECNIQUE: 3,5/5, SONGWRITING: 3,5/5, PRODUCTION: 3,5/5, INNOVATION: 3,5/5, TOTAL: 7,5/10. "Review by Zoltan The Mage https://www.tradebit.com

The Review in Itlay

" A little industrial mixed with some good metal" "Shreveport LA UnderGround"



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"you guys sound just like pantera. the same heavy edge that i love and crave for "Raven6969 - Springfield, Massachusetts"

Groovy Guitar Nice riffs. Groovy as hell. You have to get out of your chair for those. I''d listen to this song again just for the guitar. Awesome. "keit72h - Williamson, N.Y."

Excellent Bassist Excellent bass playing! "Grimnir - Batavia, Illinois " GOING FOR THE GOLD Sounds Great "jmasuch - https://www.tradebit.comvid, Kansas "

Metal Rules Cool, old skool (early 90''s) thrash. Not bad, not mind blowing, not sucky nither. "PsyphreChrist - Baltimore, Maryland "

80''s metal makes a resurgence at the turn of the century Metal alive & kickin'' Giddy up horsies! "keldog - San Jose, California "

kick kick ass song, keep up the good work "swboardr - Norwalk, Iowa "

This ones going to the top! It wouldnt surprise me a bit if this song was the one to take home the recording contract, good luck with it! "Samantha294 - Nineveh, New York "

" WOW!! I was blown away!!" -Operation Whitehouse It was great!!! don''t change it!! -Faces in the Fireplace "Fry911 - Ogden, Utah "

"Yes! It''s got speed! Takes a bit for lyrics to kick in, other than that, i love it! " "BlackMadness - Bellingham, Washington "

"bad ass i like any kind of metal. this is cool" "idiot99 - Marfa, Texas "

"GET THESE GUYS SIGNED!!!! Holly F***ing S***!!!! this song rules. The vocals.... i dunno, it''s probably just me but they seem like they don''t match, try singing them not as hardcore, give that a try and see what happens. but damn..... u guys rock." " SsiCle - Burbank, California "

"Great Guitar Rythm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Guitar Rythm in the song!Great Job to this band and Good Luck!!!! " "zigzag - Erin, Tennessee "

" smooth very origanal and i liked the beat" "anubis12 - Wise, Virginia "

"This is thrash and it rocks Reminds me of DRI. Actually one of the riffs in here sounds like something out of DRI''s full speed ahead album. Rhythm section is very tight. Impressive musicianship. Too much reverb on the vocals is my only complaint. Cool tempo and feel changes. Cool stuff" "KofBoC - Ann Arbor, Michigan "

"Solid track Good production. Driving rhythm. Need to get into the meat of the song quicker. Overall solid track with good musicianship. Another guitarist would reaaly help." "There4 - East Brunswick, New Jersey "

"OH NO! FLYING MONKEYS! very great, you guys are all proffessionals, it gives me a very big cars vive...but hey dont i have to give you criticism? well i dont have any." "systemofsanity1 - Baldwin, Wisconsin "

"Metallica like its good" "kdogg34 - Chesaning, Michigan "

" with a little help... Burning in Zest, this is a good song... a few suggestions though- first, sing a little less aggressively. it wasnt very aggressive as-is, but if it was slightly mellower the song might sound better. second, the bass dominates the song in the beginning too much (loved the bassline though)... smooth out the guitar sound and turn it up, and then the distorted part will hit the listener harder when it comes on as well. smoothing out the guitar once it turns to distorted chords in the end, maybe even making it lower, might make the song sound better too. however, great song in general... keep up the good work!!! " "nepucha - Swampscott, Massachusetts "

"Good song The beat and guitar is cool. The vocals would need some work... they don''t fit into the song sometimes... Good song overall" "xyster - Boucherville, Quebec, Canada"

"Great Track Great Beat. I like the mood. The lyrics and bass rock. Great track." " McClanahan - Memphis, Tennessee"

"Punky It was really rock and roll in a kinda punky mood. Pretty cool. " "Pdrumz21 - Tucson, Arizona"

" Trippy! I like trippy. " " polysix - Montreal, Quebec, Canada"

"Devo on Valium I like your keyboard formulas - very unique. Words that come to mind - utilitarian, sparse, elemental. " "Ripchord - Las Vegas, Nevada"

"Die 4 The Indians It''s seems to be different variations of the same rythmn/theme throughout the entire track, a little repetative. Reminds me of early Anthrax w/ Joey Belladonna. They sound tight, and are good musicians, but do not seem to tread any new ground in the metal genre." "Phoenix_Sunset - Eugene, Oregon "

"good pretty good, but for my personal tastes, i like the lyrics to start sooner. i''m no musician, but i like the guitars." "Theilondaxiya - Patterson, California"

"Spaced out Slow Computer beginning is interesting, different. Nice and slow, the music and singing really holds this slowed down song together, keeping it all in check. The computer spook sounds are interesting too. I am not sure what to think it is cool, but also very different which is a good thing to hear today. (reminds me of Babylon Zoo)" "RJ12 - Exeter, Ontario, Canada"

"Good song, but whats with the REVERB? Good song, great bass line. Over all the song itself was very strong; however it could be a bit tighter in spots. The downside of the song was the reverb, way too much. I have noticed this on a number of recordings here at this site. Some advice, don''t use so much reverb, it tend to hurt the song more than help it. Reverb should be used in small portions, never in large amounts, unless you want to get the "in a large cave sound". "TripX - Niagara Falls, New York"


" Nice song! Well played track. Good vocals but learn the words more before recording! Great guitar work and instrumentation!" "Moondog303 - Fulton, Missouri"

"nice work it sounds kind of flattened, but i know the feeling. just listen to Burn Kate''s "Without A Kiss".... production can be hard. still is very promising, very good. keep it up" "BurnKateDrumGuy - Haddonfield, New Jersey"

"excellent rock a wicked song. I like the slow pace, the guitar and the drums" "gorax - Stoneville, Western Australia... "

"good, musicians metallica. Nice beats. KInd of a strange vocalist but atleast it isn''t completely fucking up the sound." "metalmaimer - Santa Cruz, California"

"Legalize Cannibalism!!!! This is not my type of music at all but I will try to look at it with a really open mind. All of the players definately have talent and know how to put a song together. I don''t really care much for the guitar tone. It is just a little muddled for my taste. Although I don''t care for his style of singing, the vocalist knows how to use his voice and projects very well. On the other hand, the breakdown at the end is pretty cool. Sorry guys, if I liked the older style metal I know I would love you guys. You play what you play very well." " Han "Solo" would be proud... I think the mix on this song can be improved greatly by turning up the rythm guitar tracks and turning down the vocals and leads. Way down. They are really overpowering. I''m not sure if I love the vocals or if I hate them. They definately kept my interest. Nice solos but turn them down." "Mephias - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania"

"Great guitars! First of all, the guitars are great, especially the shredding solos. Perhaps it''s real player, but to me the song could have been mixed better, especially the vocals. What kind mic/compression are you using? A good quality mic and a little studio editing can make all the difference. Good work! " "VikDanger - San Luis Obispo, California"

"Nice Job! Original sound... Hey, cool! This reminds me of techno-Stoner Metal. I wish the singer had a gruffer voice, and I wish the guitar had more bite, but I love what the bass player is doing and I like the electronic (?) drums. Original. I like it a lot! " "MommaOSB - Long Island, New York "

" Song of the day Great song. I really enjoyed it. The words were great" "sherocks - Whittier, California"

" break down the doors of mainstream. here comes real music.. hmm. all i can say iss.... i fucking love this song. i love this kind of music. but no one makes it anymore. its not mainstream-type music, which is great. bass has unique sound, as well as guitar and vocals, i like the arrangement of parts and the heavy use of effects on both guitars and vocals. i like the leads used by the guitars and the sounds produced to give it that eerie, somber kind of feel to it. the melodies are unique and lyrics have the qualities to match. in my eyes, theres not too much you guys could do to make this song better, because simply i think it is fantastic, but if i gotta throw in one critique, i guess i''ll say it could use some off-rythyms and/or drum fills to give that extra dose of oddness. whatever you do, dont stop making this music untill it corrupts the mainstream. fuck up the system. keep at it" "egj510 - Yorkville, Illinois"


"punch me hang in there" "cmykink - Smyrna, Tennessee"

"singer must change style This song would rock if it weren''t for the bad vocals.. The riffs are great and the drumming rules.. but i just can''t seem to find why the vocals sound like they do.. More people would appreciate your music if you changed the style of vocals.. maybe more melodic, maybe more aggressive style vocals? what do i know.. keep up the good work.." "pettson - Märsta, Nothing, Sweden"

"Not my cup of tea, but I like guitars though! Sorry guys, but I''m probably not the right person to review this, don''t really like this kind of music... Although the guitar playing is excellent in some parts... Keep up the good work! " "Nixon666 - Märsta, None, Sweden "

"Metallers of ye olde times I am glad to bear witness that the state of modern metal is not causing the genre to collapse. This band is a good example of axemen and co. who flourish in the arts of old. The beginning of the song does its job by drawing in the listener and preparing him/her for the body of sound. The guitarists have done a very good job and show glimpses of original song writing. The vocals are good and meaningful (though should be worked on a bit), and the drumming is right on key. I hope the other songs don''t dissapoint after hearing this one. " " rpmarens - Hamburg, None, Germany "

"interesting interesting... cool vocals cool guitars! " "_Cold_ - Boucherville, Quebec, Canada "

"mmmm pretty cool " "Rising_Sickness - Toronto, Ontario, Canada "

"awesome metal track really really cool very heavy!!!!" "Drumstick88 - Cape Coral, Florida "

"Modern meets retro Awesome mix of 80''s meeting the new millenium." "Chello_H - Toronto, Ontario, Canada "

"Great Bass ang Guitars which makes for niftyness A little work can be done on the vocals but the guitar and bass are rockin. " "EvilBarbie - Scottsdale, Arizona"

"you asked for it ..nice guitar https://www.tradebit.comthm could be more in the mix" "WillieHS - Monroe, North Carolina "

"Dizzy 3/4 loops / flat but interesting vox Not my usual cup of tea, but I have to admit the 3/4 and 7/8 time signatures were refreshing after an hour of listening to standards and 4/4 pop songs. Your words are a strong point- really had to listen on this real audio crap to make them out. Don''t get me wrong, the music was interesting - but I would say you have mastered the craft of poetry and are now exploring putting music behind it. At a few points the vox was flat, but I''m no perfectionist. Keep on talking- i hope people are listening." "creekerdave - Austin, Texas"

"This track rocks Metallll!!!!!!! This is some great thrash. Great change of tempos, cool riffs, quality singing, it''s got it all! This could easily be in my CD collection right now." "overkill94 - Visalia, California"

"Like the guitar, don''t love the lyrics There are some interesting arrangements, but the lyrics aren''t really arresting in any way, and the vocals are kind of monotonous. Interesting guitar arrangement in the middle is strong though." "Nyneve - Montreal, Quebec, Canada"

" Love, Kindness, & Happiness are everthing When I hear your songs it reminds me of rainbows and unicorns. Sugar plum fairies and happy endings also come to mind. Love everyone and everyone will love you." "SoCcErGuRl29 - Old Bridge, New Jersey"

" Shadows of Ye Olde Metallica
This song is ever so remniscent of the early/mid 80''s Metallica sound. The guitars, vocals, and drum word all combine to give it an unpolished (pre Bob Rock Metallica) sound and atmosphere...very well done!"
"rpmarens - Hamburg, None, Germany"

"evil rock..
good guitars but too much guitars and little vocals...plus the vocals freak me out... "
"andrew_lethal - Marshalltown, Iowa"

"Talented band shows promise
Great riffing. Reminds me of old Megadeth. Nice uptempo beat into the verse riffs. Unfortunately, the vocals lack intensity and quality. The singer would benefit from some lessons and a better recording. Don''t get me wrong, this band has the chops and skills to pull off the next ''Rust in Peace''. Keep it up and send me a website addy if you have one. Metal lives. https://www.tradebit.com"

"betrayerbassguy - Windsor, Ontario, Canada"

"Not in a bad way!
Sounds a tiny bit ''80s, but not in that "hair" band way! Not to bad at all."

"brandxsavior - Sacramento, California"
I''m personally not into it, but I CAN appreciate it At least ya got your own sound. Well hell, I guess that means I like ya even more..........sounds good. Comp muzak does NO ONE JUSTICE. Hopefully the album doesnt lack THICKNESS (guitars,Bass Guitar & Drums)"
"dalecarico - Bristol, Tennessee"

"old school
this song is pretty badass for oldschool metal... unfortunately too many time the vocals screwed up this genre. This is no exception, but i still ranked you high."
"Twist_of_Fate - Sacramento, California"

"Nice guitars!
I like the guitars, they own! I dont like the way the singer sing though."
"__B33R__ - Montreal, Quebec, Canada"

While listening...
Nice start, the vox sound a little late-80''s goth for my taste, but that''s a judgement call, not a quality one. I like the bass tone (as well as I can hear it on real player). Cool, nice little retro alt-rock ditty."
"andymcclure - Minneapolis, Minnesota"

"Just Kidding but great bass. The bass on this one is outstanding man what pure talent this guy/gal has if your a gal i want to marry you and have all your babies." "Arthur_Daley_75 - Warrington, Cheshire, UK "

"Keep it up. Cool bass riffs guys and beat is smashing." "Who_Is_The_Fox - Liverpool, Mersyside, UK"

"nice cool bass line....good honest vocals...nice." "oddzar - College Park, Maryland"

"Syd Barrett out of retirement? Crazy,original,possibly https://www.tradebit.comos for following your own internal compass.I dig it a lot." "mdthrsh - Marion, Indiana"

"Great speed/thrash! Great vocals and instrumentation! Good lyrics! The sound could have been a little better, maybe it was the computer. Sounds a little muffled." "Moondog303 - Fulton, Missouri"

"great guitar solo
the solo ruled " "deadcorpse - Perry, Florida"

"kind of spooky!!
Very Erie! Cool Bass lines going on. Just work on the mix.... bring the music out. Otherwise good clean sound.
Respond to this reviewer "
"fatedrummer - Nashville, Tennessee "

The song has a very creepy edge to it. "
"Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Mood
Special Award:Best Feel Good Track"
"hlnarayanan - Bangalore, Karnataka, India "

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