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Private Invetsigation (PI Detective) Home Business Course

Be A Private Investigator!
“Make Great Money, Working From Home in This Exciting
and Growing Business.”

Dear Friend,

Have you ever thought of becoming a ‘private eye’?

Think for a moment... What other home-based business could you run which gives you the following benefits?

Ÿ Very High Earnings.
Ÿ Work the hours to suit yourself.
Ÿ Excitement and terrific job satisfaction.
Ÿ Be your own boss and keep all the money you make.
Ÿ Be respected and even admired by your friends and associates.

This is a business which doesn’t require any qualifications. It is probably the only business in which your life experience is more important than your ability to pass exams. Let me explain...

Welcome to the exciting, lucrative and often secret world of the Private Investigator, or PI. But what exactly is a Private Investigator? What do they do? How do they go about their investigations?

The chances are that you’re not exactly sure! There are two reasons for this. Firstly, most people have gained their knowledge of PI work from fictional TV series and books which have exaggerated and glamorised the business. Secondly, real-life investigators choose to operate secretly. Often, even their best friends do not know what they do for a living! We know of at least one investigator who tells everyone he is an ‘office manager’!

Why do they do this? Why all the secrecy?

If you become an Investigator, you will quickly realise that success depends upon anonymity. The Medina Course in Private Investigation will have a lot to say on that subject, but you can easily imagine how difficult it would be for you to ‘tail’ someone around your local area if you were driving a bright yellow Porsche 911 which half the town knows belongs to ‘Pete the PI! There is enough excitement in this business without attracting such attention.

Just look at all the great advantages of this business...


There are few jobs nowadays which offer any excitement. Most are boring and routine. The exceptions are probably the emergency services (fire, police, ambulance) and the armed forces. The rest are deadly dull - apart from Private Investigation.

One of the great things about being a PI is that it can often be genuinely exciting and thrilling. One night you might be on a ‘stake out’ (watching a house or business premises in order to photograph the various comings and goings); the next day you’re tailing an assigned target who insists on jumping red lights and driving at fifty in a thirty zone (you have to keep up, without breaking the law... tricky!). The following night you find yourself tracking someone who is ‘playing away’ (which is PI slang for someone who is having an affair). You might find yourself longing for a simple County Court Summons you can serve on someone - just for a rest!


How much do PIs earn? This depends on the hours you work. Typically, however, the income is in the region of £25,000 - £50,000 a year for a ‘one man/woman’ agency.

Low Cost

The really great thing about this business is that you can start it for peanuts. We know of highly successful PIs who started on nothing whatsoever. That’s right - it didnt even set them back £5! Obviously, this is the hard route, but all you really need is a telephone (a ‘Pay As You Go’ mobile is just perfect) and you’re away! A car is also very useful (but not absolutely essential). What sort of cars do PIs drive? Ferraris? Porsche? Mercs? No way! When they’re working, they drive beaten-up, ten year old, common, inconspicuous Fords, Vauxhalls, etc. This is the sort of car you can buy in Auto Trader for £700! Obviously you can drive what you like when you’re not on a case.

There is no other home-based business which can be started for as little money as a PI agency - and that’s a fact. If you own a phone and an inconspicuous ordinary car - you’re in business.


Although secrecy is very much the name of this game, those close friends and associates who do know what you do for a living will almost certainly admire and respect you. (Warning: They will also be endlessly curious, so be prepared to politely, but firmly decline to answer certain questions relating to the more secret aspects of the business.)

Be Your Own Boss

Yet another advantage of being a PI is that you can work exactly the hours you want to. If you are a ‘night owl,’ then you can select jobs which involve working through the small hours. If you like your beauty sleep, then choose daytime jobs only. It’s up to you. You are in full control of your working life - perhaps for the first time ever? You can work as many or as few hours as you wish.

This is one of the few businesses which can be operated full or part time, to suit your needs. Many investigators start their careers on a part time basis (keeping their ‘day job’ if they have one). Very quickly though, they realise that there is far more money and fun to be had by going full-time into their new career, and so they abandon their old, dull, routine jobs. Our advice is that if you are employed, start off your investigation business part-time and then move into it full time as the business starts to take off. If you are unemployed, then you have nothing to lose by starting full-time immediately.

Many investigators want an easier life, and opt for working part-time even when there is enough work to keep them in full-time business. They choose less money, but more leisure time. The choice is yours; but the great thing is that it is your choice, not someone else choosing for you.

Most people dream of being their own boss. They long for the freedom and control over their own lives which this brings. They also love the fact that they keep all of the money they make! In other words, when you are your own boss, you are working to make yourself financially secure, not someone else (your boss)! But whereas in most normal businesses you will need some skill, qualification, experience, membership of an institution, etc. this is definitely not true of Private Investigation. Of course, you might already have educational qualifications, but these are not essential to this business. What is essential is that you have been to the ‘University of Life.’ This is one of the few businesses in which your life experience is more important than paper qualifications. Age is also no bar to this profession - in fact it is an advantage to be older. The older you are, the more times you have ‘been around the block’ and the more you know about people. How many careers can you say that about?

This business really is open to anyone aged eighteen to eighty, male or female.

When you are your own boss, you decide when you will work, you decide how much to pay yourself and you decide how much holiday to take - and when. You will soon wonder how you ever managed to work for anyone else!

There really is quite an impressive list of reasons for becoming an investigator. Money, respect, excitement, low outlay, hours to suit, full or part time, and the advantages of being your own boss and controlling your destiny. Couple this with the fact that no formal qualifications are necessary and you really have a winning business.

So why aren’t more people cashing-in on this idea?

Simple - it’s a closed shop, like all good things! Why should this be? Well, the obvious answer is that if you were on to such a good thing, you would not spread it around, would you? But there is a more subtle answer too. Until now, the only way you could become a PI was to persuade a working PI to take you under their wing and train you. This was next to impossible because most PIs are ‘one man/woman’ operations. They work alone and they dont really want some green, wet behind the ears student tagging along, getting in their way. Even if they are willing to train someone, this is dangerous for them. You see, the student quickly learns, becomes competent, and then either demands a fat salary, or goes off and starts a new agency ‘next door,’ pinching half of the clients! And this is exactly what happens time after time. The result is that existing investigators almost never ‘train up’ apprentice investigators. If they need extra help (in tailing or stakeouts) they employ part time helpers who are only given simple instructions like: “sit in this car and watch that building.” The PI gets the help, but does not risk the helper running off and starting their own agency! The result of all this is that until now, it has been almost impossible for even the most determined person to learn the inside secrets of this trade. But now the Medina Home Study Course in Private Investigation makes available for the first time the real, inside information required in order to start this business. You cannot ‘guess’ how to become a PI, or work it out from first principles. You have to be trained by an existing PI, either one-to-one, or through the first and best home study course available - the Medina Home Study Course in Private Investigation.

The Medina Home Study Course

Learning this secretive business becomes a real pleasure.

The course offers full home training and assumes zero previous knowledge. We teach you in a simple step-by-step way all of the basic information you will require to start your own lucrative investigation agency. The twelve lessons of the course are written in an easy, readable, non-academic style by a PI with thirty years street experience. This is no academic dry course. To be a Private Investigator, you must persuade another PI to disclose his or her years of street knowledge, and this is exactly what the Medina course achieves. There is little ‘theory’ - you just need to learn exactly how to go about this business in order to maximise your chances of success. This is taught to you in a fun, easy to learn way. The course really does make learning this business a total pleasure.

What Next?

Hopefully you have been persuaded to take a look at this fascinating business and join the other successful people in this profession. Home-based learning really does make a lot of sense nowadays. You can learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to go to night school - there isn’t a course on this subject anyway! You dont need to become a ‘dogsbody’ for three years, assuming you can find a PI to take you on (most unlikely). You can keep your existing job (if you have one) whilst preparing yourself for your exciting and lucrative new career.
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