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Email Marketing Magician Ebook - with Master Resell Rights + BONUS

Comes with FULL Master Resell Rights, and a Mystery BONUS!

Are You New to Email Marketing? No Problem.

Email Marketing Magician is a crash course in the basics and a good solid reference for the advanced marketer!

In Email Marketing Magician you will learn the absolute basics including --

* How to understand the original intention and purpose of email marketing

* A crash course in the concept behind the development of a target market

* An explanation of what is spamming and what is advertising

* How to avoid being accused of spamming

* How to brainstorm a message for new prospects

* How to conceptualize a message for customers who may have already bought from you once

* How to make sure that your message is seen by customers who pre-qualify as buyers for what you are selling

* How to make your site into a moneymaking center using a targeted promotional email campaign

* Why so many marketers and online business people screw up a concept as simple as "sending a message to people who want to buy from you."

Before I finally figured out the secrets of how to adapt the modern email campaign to suit the technological and business changes that have taken place lately I made a LOT of mistakes. Some of them were lethal and even had my ISP reported from irate customers.

I had a tough time talking my way out of that one and part of the inspiration for researching this book was a sincere desire to never have to put myself through something like that again!

In Email Marketing Magician I not only teach you what to do I also spend many pages in the book teaching you how to avoid making the same mistakes I did when I first started out in the email marketing and customer prospecting business.

In fact, when it comes to going about email marketing the WRONG way you could say I am a bit of an expert. I can teach you --

* How you can accidentally spam your customers and what you can do to avoid this fatal mistake

* How to turn off people by sending them emails that are nothing but hard sells that do not acknowledge their humanity

* How to repulse people by "shouting" at them in the header of the email

* How to turn people off using prewritten sales letter templates and why the personal approach to emailing is much much better

* How to send your emails to people who will immediately delete them without reading them

* How to get a firewall to block you from sending any email to any prospect

* How to break all of the laws established by the SPAM Act of 2003 and put yourself right out of business!

* How to spam your way right into a case of criminal prosecution even when you have the most innocent of intentions!

* Why it is lethal to your business to have it appear as if your messages were sent by a sophisticated piece of software

* All about email harvesting and how using these types of programs can actually land you behind bars

* How you can unwittingly be sold commercially available software that is in essence email harvesting software that can get you in legal trouble

I can not begin to tell you how much trouble I got into simply by believing the assertions of some of the outfits that sell you this software which guarantees among other things that -

You will be sending emails to untargeted prospect who have agreed to be emailed

You are part of a previously created opt in list that makes you a legit sender of promotional advertising

You can create your own list in double quick the time it usually does

Everything this software does is completely legal

Everything this software does is also deployed by the most successful gurus in the business

Believing the above assertions is EXACTLY how I got sucked into buying that email software that promised me the moon and the stars and instead almost landed me in jail for spamming.

However my list of sins does not stop there! I also made the mistake of buying lists from online email brokers.

Email Brokers will tell you that their email addressed are focused on an individual market sector or niche. For example, they might have a weight loss related e-mailing list, a dog training related list and so on.

However, this is the critical factor that you cannot afford to ignore.

The individual in question who has added their name to the mailing list has added their name to the mailing list of the broker, not your!

I learned the hard way that these people do not want my spammy promotional emails!

Are You Sick of Being Tricked By Email List Brokers and Unscrupulous Sellers of Email Software Sellers!

Why did I fall for this again and again? I am not a stupid person or gullible. They kept on using these three magic words!


The above catch phrase still is and always will be the cornerstone belief of email marketing. It is one of those Golden Rules of being an internet marketer - non-negotiable, reliable and a "take it to the bank" kind of truth.

I believed! And still do!

If you can add names to your e-mail marketing list, you have the ability to send those people information about your products or services. Some of those people will buy, hence "the money is in the list".

Teaching you how to create a list that is an investment is the intention of Email Magician Marketing.

In my own particular, no nonsense "been there done that tone" I will teach you everything you need to know about developing your own money making email list in an ethical way including -

* Why it is not a good idea to be greedy and have a list that is too large

* What is the best email software to use so that you do not get in trouble for spamming

* Where to find customers who want to hear from you

* How to catch prospects by getting them to willingly give you their email list

* Why all auto responders are not created equal!

* How to avoid angering your ISP when you send out mass emails

* Where to get the best email subscription forms for your website

* How to lure your customers into giving you their email using incentives

* How to automate your email sending process so that each and every subscriber is followed up with a welcome and some kind of invitation

* Why consistency is important once you start emailing your prospects and customers

* Why you need to think big when you first set up your auto responders

* What is a squeeze page and what can they be used for?

* How to drive targeted traffic to your website

* How to commission and offer your readers a free report

* How to create powerful and compelling landing pages that will make anyone who visits your site want to subscribe to it

* All about video landing pages and how to create one

* How to create a double opt-in list to protect yourself against spam complaints

* How to integrate your email marketing efforts with the trendy principles of Web 2.0

* How to build relationships with people using your email auto responder so that they will feel more connected to you, more trusting of you and more willing to buy what you have to sell!


Sample excerpt from the ebook:

At that point, you start to send that targeted prospect information about your product or services, in the hope that either sooner or later, that prospect will decide that the product or service that you are recommending is something that they have to have. Obviously, once they decide that they want or need to buy whatever it is you're recommending, they become a customer of your business, an individual moneymaking centre to whom you can return time and again with further product recommendations and suggestions. This in a nutshell is the central core of e-mail marketing and the concepts behind it.

You have an individual's e-mail information, you send details of products or services that you recommend and at some point, a certain percentage of the people to whom you are sending that information will decide to follow your suggestion and spend money with your business. If this summarization makes the concept of e-mail marketing sound extremely simple, that is a good thing, because e-mail marketing is essentially a very simple thing.

On the other hand, if it was really just the simple, then it would be very difficult to understand why so many marketers seem to get e-mail marketing so tragically wrong. And the fact that they do so is the reason why you are reading this book in the first place.

The truth is, there are many mistakes, pitfalls and errors that you can make whilst trying to build an e-mail marketing business. I will address these potential marketing landmines at the appropriate juncture as we go through this report, but to start,

This product comes with MASTER RESELL RIGHTS! To make the deal even sweeter for you, we are even including an announced bonus with it! Only those who purchase this product from us would be able to get the bonus at NO cost!

So what are you waiting for? Order today.

30-day money back guarantee!

In case you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund every penny! No questions asked!
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