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Expired Domain Fortunes Make More Money from your Website

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Expired Domain Fortunes!

How To Pick Up A Mighty Empire Of Expired Domains That Have Floods Of Targeted Visitors & Potential Customers/Subscribers That Will Earn A Silent & Automatic Income For You NOW!

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A Very Brief Introduction To Purchasing Expired Domains For An Endless Flow Of Effortless Traffic, Adsense Income, Affiliate Income, Opt In Subscribers And Profits!

Congratulations on investing in Expired Domain Fortunes. My name is Tuks Engineer, Iím the founder of the Digital Resale Rights club. Why should you listen to me? Simply, that Iíve been making a very comfortable living online for several years now. Iíve tried countless methods of earning online income streams Ė some of them have returned spectacular returns on my time and money. Others have failed miserably. Either way, I disclose the good, bad, profitable and downright lousy in my DRR Newsletter. If you have a moment please do check it out, itís helped put real money into the pockets of countless people, and Iím quite certain it can do the same for you too.

This eBook covers one specific tactic, that when used correctly, can help solve the biggest challenge that online business entrepreneurs face Ė the holy grail of marketing that is generation of targeted traffic. If youíve been online for any length of time then Iím sure this is an issue that you address on a regular basis. Iíve studied & implemented internet marketing for several years now Ė and there are many different tactics that can be used to drive quality traffic to your sites. Thereís posting quality articles to hundreds of directories and other viral methods. Thereís PPC. Thereís SEO. JV marketing, RSSÖthe list goes on and on. All of these methods do drive traffic to your website, and I wholeheartedly recommend that you employ them on an ongoing basis, but they also require a certain level of investment Ė either in your TIME or in your MONEY.

However, thereís one tactic that clever marketers have been using for some time in order to drive thousands, tens of thousands and more worth of targeted traffic to their websites Ė immediately, and without excessive effort while paying no more than $10 or so for the privilege. If this excites you (and it really ought to) then read onÖ this eBook is an introduction to the world of buying Expired Domain Names that come with traffic inbuilt from various sources. Weíll look at why buying expired domains can be so lucrative, what the various issues are and how you can get started right now.

The Concept Of Buying Expired Domains Ė One Of The Internets ďUnderground Stealth TacticsĒ For Immediate & Low Cost Traffic, Subscribers & Profits

I love loopholes. Thatís exactly what buying expired domain names is Ė a big traffic loophole. It works because over time a domain has been built up - A mixture of time, money and know-how have been ploughed into it Ė and it draws in a good amount of traffic. But now, for whatever reason, that domain has expired. Where once there may have been a thriving website pulling income in from various sources, it no longer exists. And itís up for grabs to the first person who recognized what a potential goldmine it is. Weíll look at why domains expire a little later (itís not always because some dopey marketer forgot to renew it) but for now letís look at the underlying concept behind obtaining free targeted traffic simply by scooping them up.

Before we go on, I know some people may have moral objections behind purchasing expired domains, and thatís fine. After all, youíre taking advantage of a domain which has traffic coming into it because someone had invested a lot of time and/or money into it. From my perspective, I want you to understand that itís my job to show my customers and newsletter subscribers genuine ways to make money online. Thatís why I have to cover all legitimate topics provided that they are legal (which this is).

Now Iíd like to introduce the concept of link popularity. When looking for an expired domain with ready made streams of traffic this is one factor that you must pay close attention to. An expired domain with plenty of backlinks is very likely to have a targeted stream of traffic built in to it.

Letís say that you have a site about beauty products. You then exchange website links with 100 other websites that have a complimentary theme. Youíll then create a steady income of traffic onto your beauty website from these back links. It also improves your status with search engines. Once you find expired domains that have a high amount of backlinks and scoop them up then youíve just acquired a site that has a stream of visitors interested in the broad beauty niche. You could immediately use this stream of visitors to make money by:
∑ Setting up a simple content website & Adsense adverts that serve ads that appeal instantly to your website visitors (hereís a great article that shows you how to go about setting up content sites that can make you a fortune with Adsense income) .

∑ Offering highly targeted beauty products via your affiliate links.

∑ Capturing the visitors email address, perhaps via a free report, so that you can offer them backend products via email marketing.

∑ Perhaps youíve already got your own beauty related product that you can sell to your visitors.

Ordinarily, you would have to set-up your website first, get the above in place and THEN go about the hard part of actually marketing the domain and slowly getting traffic to it. It can take ages to get a new website listed on popular search engines. Itís also time consuming, and often expensive to get traffic coming into a new site (no matter which traditional method you try). With expired domain purchases ,when done correctly, you already have a steady stream of visitors coming into your website from day one. Your site has immediate search engine placement. The income starts to flow from day one. Isnít that just peachy?

The great thing about buying expired domains is that you can also simply use the traffic to feed your existing projects. Got a website on travel thatís already successful? Find expired travel domains that fit your site and use them for immediate traffic gains. In fact it does not matter what niche youíre in Ė you can use this strategy to jumpstart your website income immediately.

You can find expired domains that yield anywhere from a few unique and targeted visitors a day, to a few hundred, to a few thousand. Your investment? $10 to register a domain name. Even if you found domains that yielded 10 unique visitors a day, you would get 3,520 uniques over the course of just one year. Do you think you could make a profit from this if your outlay was just a tenner? You bet.

Why Would Anyone In Their Right Minds Let Go Of A Domain Thatís Generatic Sizeable Volumes Of Traffic & Income?

There are many reasons why domain names can sometimes be let go of. Here are a couple of examples:

∑ People move on. They find other business opportunities which they plough themselves into. Sometimes they donít feel it worthwhile to maintain the domain name they once invested so much effort and expense into. The result is a domain name that attracts good amounts of traffic that can be reshaped to fit in with your new project. Itís even possible to find a domain name that fits this criteria and then create a business model for it. If there is significant traffic pointing to it then a simple 1to10 page site that carefully blends Adsense & affiliate income can start earning an income right off the bat.

∑ The business that had registered and used the domain no longer exists. If youíre reading this then thereís a very good chance that youíre an internet business entrepreneur. However, there are many large corporations that also register domain names on a daily basis. These companies can go bust (thereby exposing the domain to re-ownership) or the particular project that the domain was registered for may no longer be around. Now large corporations may spend hundreds even thousands of dollars on advertising and SEO to get traffic to that domain, but once the domain is no longer needed it may not be worth their while to keep it. It gets abandoned. It still has dynamic traffic streams coming its way. It can be reclaimed. And thatís where you can really benefit.

There are more reasons ranging from death to procrastination, but the above listed are the main ones. The next section looks at some sinister reasons that some domain names may be released (and you really need to know about this before ordering an expired domain).

Beware Expired Domains With A Sinister Past

Not all expired domains are all that they appear. Sometimes a domain name may be purposely released by the previous owner. Why would anyone do this? If for example, the domain name has been tagged by the major search engines as a ďspam siteĒ, and you buy it, then you may just have made a terrible mistake.

Once a site is tagged as a spam site, for example by Google, it will be banned from search engine results. Even though you want to turn it into an honest website, it will remain banned from Google. And thereís really not much you can do to change that.

So once you get a potential expired domain that youíd like to add to your virtual real estate portfolio, ensure that the domain name was not a spam site or banned from the popular search engines for whatever reason. Remember also that if a site is banned from Google, and you take ownership then thatís YOUR NAME behind the banned site. Whatís that going to do for your reputation? Not much!

The Domain Expiry Process

Domain expiry doesnít work quite like most people think. A domain doesnít just plop out of the previous owners hands on the expiration date. Instead, once a domain name passes this date, it enters a static period of 40 days during which the original owner can still re-register it. After this period, the domain then switches to another phase (lasting a further 35 days) whereby the owner can still re-register it (for a significantly higher fee than before). Itís after this period that the general public can then get their hands on these expired domains.

However, after this period things can get tricky. Even if you ďbackorderĒ the domain, thereís no certainty that your order will be filled if multiple people are trying to get hold of the same expired domain name. This can happen, particularly in popular niches where the expired domain has thousands of backlinks and a huge surge of daily traffic coming in from the search engines.

Later on Iíll show you one place where you can do a basic search for expired domains for free. First letís investigate the potential behind buying up expired domains by looking at an example.

A Simple Example Ė How To Yield A Quick Income By Buying Up Domain Names In Your Niche

Earlier on, we talked about the travel niche as an example where you could potentially buy expired domains to start making a quick income. Now letís investigate this in a little more detail. The below is a simple model you could employ by combining content (for example any plr content you may have) with expired domains and various targeted affiliate programs and Adsense.

I really do love the travel & holiday niche. Itís a mini-site owners dream. You see, itís very potent for use with both affiliate & adsense income models. The affiliate commissions for holiday purchases can be several of hundreds of dollars per sale and the Adsense potential is great because many people actively use the internet to research their holidays. Once you get them onto your site, as targeted visitors they will actively click all over your Adsense displays as part of their research for travel deals. By the way, hereís an article about the high-profit travel niche and how anyone can yield an income from it.

Now letís say you identify a really dynamic market inside the travel niche Ė luxury holidays to the Maldives Islands for example. Hereís how you could make a fast return from buying up expired domains related to this niche:

1. First, you would need some ready-made content, adsense templates & affiliate links that offers holiday advice about the Maldives. You can get this here by the way.

2. Find a list of expired domains with built in traffic that are related to the Maldives holiday niche. A quick search finds that (at point of writing) these were just a few of the expired domain names available:
Do you see how targeted these domains are to the Maldives? If some of these had a significant stream of traffic flowing into them, would you be willing to pay $10 to grab the domain? Of course you would.

FREE BONUS Ė As a customer of this eBook, you can download the ďTravel Niche ProfitsĒ eBook for free. It shows how anyone can simply and easily set-up content based websites that pull in multiple streams of income from the wildly profitable travel industry. The eBook retails at $19 but you can pick up the book, with master resell rights & sales package for free by visiting the below link:https://www.tradebit.com

Can you see how you could use this simple business model to develop a huge empire of virtual real estate, in record time and with minimum expense? You could whip up sites for just about every niche Ė hereís another dynamic niche where the pay per click values can to be up to several dollars per click for example. The whole world is your oyster once you discover that practically free targeted traffic plus a targeted website equals serious profits.

Tools To Find Expired Domain Names With Existing Backlinks & Traffic!

There are some great resources out there that will help you pin-point & purchase high traffic expired domain names for the niche youíre seeking. Clearly, with tools of this nature, the more youíre willing to pay, the more features you receive to find expired domain names fast.

If youíre just on the look-out for basic domain names that are expired or on hold, you can perform a Free Keyword Based Search below:

Free Keyword Search For Expired & On Hold Domains

The big problem with a free search is that itís impossible to really analyse the quality of backlinks or the amount of pedigree traffic coming into a particular domain. To give you all the domains that have huge streams of traffic flowing into them you need more sophisticated tools. If youíre serious about setting up additional income streams using the expired domains model then the below tools are worth their weight in gold:

Expired Traffic Domain Name Members SiteThis is a highly valuable site for those wanting to switch on multiple domains that contain high levels of existing traffic. In particular, it allows the user to generate reports that spit out only the most valuable expired/on hold domain names from the criteria you specify. These include expired domains that are listed in Yahoo and DMOZ, and these alone can be worth several hundred dollars per domain. The site includes comprehensive education and offers detailed tutorials on generating profits through purchasing expired domains. There are also a huge suite of tools that can be used to grab the most valuable domains as they become https://www.tradebit.comther good feature is that it hosts the domains you choose for you which saves you quite a bit with hosting fees. Check it out here: https://www.tradebit.com
Expired Domain Suggestion ToolThis software tool allows you to perform simple keyword based searches on domain names that have expired but have blazes of traffic coming into them. It actually highlights those domains, based on your search criteria, that have high amounts of traffic but that are ready for you to https://www.tradebit.comck it out here: https://www.tradebit.com

Thatís basically all there is to picking up expired domain names that have existing traffic feeds.

To your immediate success,

Tuks Engineer

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