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CUMMINS ENGINE C8.3 Automotive Operation Maintenance Manual

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C8.3 Automotive, Recreational Vehicle, and Transit Bus Operation and Maintenance Manual

(3810248-titlepage) Titlepage
(om-frwd) Foreword
(refno) Important Reference Numbers

Section i - Introduction
(99-204-001) To the Owner and Operator
(99-204-002-om-auto) About the Manual
(99-204-003-om-auto) How to Use the Manual
(99-204-004) Symbols
(99-204-005) Illustrations
(99-204-006-om-auto) General Safety Instructions
(99-204-007-om-auto) General Repair Instructions
(99-204-008) General Cleaning Instructions
(99-204-009) Acronyms and Abbreviations

Section E - Engine Identification
(41-100-001-om-auto) Engine Identification
(41-100-002-om-auto) Engine Diagrams

Section 1 - Operating Instructions
(99-101-999-om-auto) Operating Instructions
(100-101-014-om-auto) Normal Starting Procedure
(100-101-004-om-auto) Cold Weather Starting
(00-101-018) Starting Procedure After Extended Shutdown or Oil Change
(99-101-015-om) Operating the Engine
(99-101-008-om) Engine Operating Range
(99-101-009-om) Engine Shutdown

Section 2 - Maintenance Guidelines
(99-102-999) Maintenance Guidelines - Overview
(41-102-004) Tool Requirements
(41-102-002-om-auto) Maintenance Schedule
(99-102-001) Maintenance Record Form

Section 3 - Maintenance Procedures at Daily Interval
(99-103-999) Daily Maintenance Procedures
(99-006-043) Fuel-Water Separator
(99-007-043-om) Lubricating Oil Level
(99-008-040) Fan, Cooling
(99-008-066) Coolant Level
(99-103-002) Drive Belts

Section 4 - Maintenance Procedures at 10,000 Kilometers [6000 Miles], 250 Hours, or 3 Months
(99-999-999) Maintenance Procedures
(41-007-002) Lubricating Oil and Filters
(99-010-027) Charge-Air Cooler
(99-010-028) Charge Air Piping
(99-010-058) Air Intake Piping
(99-010-059) Air Cleaner Restriction
(100-012-014-om) Air Compressor
(41-008-047) Radiator Pressure Cap

Section 5 - Maintenance Procedures at 19,000 Kilometers [12,000 Miles] 500 Hours, or 6 Months
(99-999-999) Maintenance Procedures-Overview
(41-006-015) Fuel Filter (Spin-On Type)
(41-008-006) Coolant Filter
(99-008-046) Supplemental Coolant Addictive (SCA) and Antifreeze Concentration

Section 6 - Maintenance Procedures at 38,000 Kilometers [24,00 Miles] 1000 Hours or 1 Year
(99-999-999) Maintenance Procedures-Overview
(41-003-004) Overhead Set
(41-008-087-om-auto) Cooling Fan Belt Tensioner

Section 7 - Maintenance Procedures at 77,000 Kilometers [48,000 Miles] 2000 Hours or 2 Years
(99-999-999) Maintenance Procedures-Overview
(99-001-051) Vibration Damper, Rubber
(99-001-052) Vibration Damper, Viscous
(41-008-018-om) Cooling System
(99-012-015) Air Compressor Discharge

Section A - Adjustment, Repair, and Replacement
(41-005-043) Fuel Shutoff Valve
(100-006-003) Air in Fuel
(41-006-016) Fuel Filter Adapter
(41-006-024) Fuel Supply Lines
(100-008-002) Drive Belt, Cooling Fan
(41-008-039) Fan Spacer and Pulley
(100-010-027-om) Charge-Air Cooler
(41-013-001) Alternator
(99-013-009) Battery Connections
(100-013-020) Starting Motor
(41-013-021) Belt Tensioner, Automatic (Alternator)
(41-016-010) Engine Mounts

Section D - System Diagrams
(41-200-999) System Diagrams
(41-200-001-om-auto) Flow Diagram, Fuel System
(41-200-002-om-auto) Flow Diagram, Lubricating Oil System
(41-200-003-om-auto) Flow Diagram, Cooling System
(41-200-004-om-auto) Flow Diagram, Air Intake System
(41-200-005-om-auto) Flow Diagram, Exhaust System
(41-200-006-om-auto) Flow Diagram, Compressed Air System

Section L - Service Literature
(41-205-001-om-auto) Additional Service Literature
(99-205-002) Service Literature Ordering Location
(99-205-004) Customized Parts Catalogue

Section S - Service Assistance
(99-202-002) Routine Service and Parts
(99-202-003) Emergency and Technical Service
(99-202-004) Problem Solving
(99-202-005) Division and Regional Offices
(99-202-006) Distributors and Regional Offices
(99-202-007) Regional Offices - International
(99-202-008) Distributors - International

Section TS - Troubleshooting Symptoms
(99-t00-001-om) Troubleshooting Procedures and Techniques
(99-t00-002) Troubleshooting Symptom Charts
(3810248-t013-om) Alternator Not Charging or Insufficient Charging
(3810248-t018-om) Coolant Contamination
(3810248-t019-om) Coolant Loss
(3810248-t024-om) Coolant Temperature is Below Normal
(3810248-t026-om) Coolant Temperature Above Normal
(3810248-t043-om) Engine Difficult to Start or Will Not Start (Exhaust Smoke)
(3810248-t044-om) Engine Difficult to Start or Will Not Start (No Exhaust Smoke)
(3810248-t047-om) Engine Noise Excessive
(3810248-t057-om) Engine Power Output Low
(3810248-t061-011-om) Engine Runs Rough at Idle
(3810248-t062-om) Engine Runs Rough or Misfires
(3810248-t066-om) Engine Speed Surges at Low or High Idle
(3810248-t072-om) Engine Starts But Will Not Keep Running
(3810248-t075-om) Engine Vibration Excessive
(3810248-t076-om) Engine Will Not Crank or Cranks Slowly
(3810248-t080-om) Engine Will Not Reach Rated Speed (RPM)
(3810248-t081-om) Engine Will Not Shut Off
(3810248-t081-006-om) Exhaust Smoke Excessive Under Load
(3810248-t091-5-om) Fuel Knock
(3810248-t093-om) Fuel or Lubricating Oil Leaking from Exhaust Manifold
(3810248-t103-om) Lubricating Oil Contaminated
(3810248-t103-75-om) Lubricating Oil Loss
(3810248-t104-om) Lubricating Oil Pressure High
(3810248-t105-om) Lubricating Oil Pressure Low
(3810248-t118-om) Smoke, White - Excessive

Section V - Maintenance Specifications


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