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300 video lessons from
Using bass playing techniques made popular by Larry Graham, Louis Johnson, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, Flea, Geddy Lee, among others

This package contains the video files only, if you want additional audio and transcriptions/TAB for specific lessons, search for the number (L01, L02...) in my individual video lesson listings

L01 C7 bluesy fill
L02 E7 funky riff with chords
L03 A7 Bluesy riff
L04 Slap groove in A1
L05 E7 slap bass line with slides
L06 D minor bass line
L07 Shuffle Slap in Em
L08 Doublethumping in D
L09 Pentatonic slap fill in E
L10 Open A string lick
L11 Slap bass fill in G
L12 Dm7 Fill
L13 Soulish bassline i C major
L14 Slap bass line E7 to A7
L15 A major pentatonic scale melody
L16 Basic slap in E
L17 Slap bass D w double thumb
L18 Alternative pickin C7 to D7
L19 A7 bluesy riff with turnaround?
L20 Slap bass in E
L21 Distorted pentatonic lick in Am
L22 Straight blues bassline in A
L23 Fill/bassline i C major
L24 Minor pentatonic fill in G
L25 G7 bass fill/lick
L26 Slap fill in E
L27 Bluesscale fill in A
L28 C7 soul bassline
L29 Harmonizing the major scale
L30 Slap line /w DT in E
L31 Major pentatonic fills/bassline in C
L32 Slap in E
L33 E7 blues lick with doublestops
L34 A7 blues lick
L35 Cm7 fill-lick
L36 Cm7 fill-lick #2
L37 Cm7 fill-lick #3
L38 Doublethumb in Eb
L39 Slap line w DT in E7
L40 Bluesy G7 w doublestops
L41 Finger funk G7
L42 Slap bass Em pentatonic fill-line
L43 Finger funk D7
L44 Fill in Em
L45 Slap line in A7
L46 Slap line in C#m
L47 Bass line in A with triplet raking
L48 Blues lick-fill in A
L49 Em Pentatonic fill with open strings
L50 Doublestops
L51 Groove in C7
L52 Slides and doublestops in A
L53 Shuffleblues line in A
L54 Count Basie ending
L55 Strummed octaves in A and D
L56 C major bassline with country fill
L57 Slap fill in Em
L58 Slap line in Em
L59 Harmonizing A7
L60 G minor pentatonic line w/fill
L61 Slapline in E
L62 Blues lick E7
L63 Fast country run i G7
L63 Fast country run i G7
L64 Slap w DT in G major
L65 Slapline w/DT in F7
L66 Chording w doublestops E7 to A7
L67 Medium slow slap in G
L68 Fast soul/funk Bb7
L69 Slow groove in G
L70 Blues lick in A
L71 Swing slap in G
L72 Swing slap in Dm w DT
L73 Slap with root/fifth doublestops and DT
L74 Simple chording E major to A major
L75 G7 16th swing groove
L76 Harmonizing the major pentatonic scale
L77 Doublethumbing in A minor
L78 Palm muting doublestops D7 to G7
L79 Blues style lick/fill E7
L80 Groovy slap bass in A
L81 Funky pick bass in Dm / D7
L82 Funky Am bassline with fill
L83 Slap bass in A w double thumbing
L84 Slap w strum and powerchords i Em
L85 Slap bass in D7
L86 Rock bass tapping in Em
L87 Doublestops in D7
L88 8 note line in G
L89 Blues lick in E7
L90 6th note groove in C71
L91 str slow line in Gm
L92 Doublethumb exercise Am
L93 Double thumbing bass groove in A
L94 Bluesy solo fills in C major
L95 Finger funk in Em
L96 E major exercise
L97 Mostly pentatonic in D
L98 Double thumb bass exercise in D
L99 Em with bluesy fill
L100 A7 groove w fill
L101 Pickup slap exercise
L102 D minor to Bb major bassline
L103 Slap bass LJ style
L104 Just Doublethumb in E
L105 Bluesy slides/pull-offs
L106 Bluesy descending bassline
L107 Chord tapping
L108 16th shuffled DT in E
L109 Chord tapping #2
L110 Shuffled groove in E
L111 The James Brown chord
L112 muted reggae bass groove
L113 A minor fill, lick
L114 G minor fill
L115 Open string bass lick
L116 Major pentatonic lick
L117 Open string lick #2
L118 Maj7 Chord, Bossa rhythm
L119 E7 slap bass w double thumbing0
L120 Major pentatonic chording
L121 Major pentatonic chording #2
L122 Jazzy G lick
L123 Slap with cross-string hammerons
L124 Dm-Am pentatonic fill
L125 C major bluesy chording
L126 Slap in E with Pulloffs
L127 Slap fill in A
L128 Bluesy bassline G7
L129 Bass groove in D
L130 Funky oldschool D7
L131 Shuffle blues in A
L132 Double thumb bass groove in E
L133 fast shuffle bass in A
L134 Fill in C7
L135 Muted funk groove
L136 A minor groove
L137 Slap groove in E
L138 Amaj7 chord/scale lick
L139 Slap bass groove in E #2
L140 Doublethumb fill in E
L141 Slap groove in E #3
L142 G funk with strum3
L143 Fills with trills
L144 Simple tapped bass chords
L145 LG style turnaround
L146 slappinntappin
L146 slappinntappin
L147 G7 groove
L148 Double pluck in A
L149 Em slap with Bm fill
L150 Fun with harmonics
L151 Slap bass with the Jimi Hendrix chord
L151 Slap bass with the Jimi Hendrix chord
L152 Doublethumppppp! in G
L153 Rhythm harmonics on bass
L154 D minor bass groove w doublestop
L155 A major soul bass groove
L156 Dorian minor bass exercise
L157 Funky thumbplucking bass
L158 G bluesy bass lick
L159 G finger funk bass2
L160 Tapped bluesy bass groove
L161 Disco bass w open string run3
L162 Disco bass octaves in Cm
L163 Ringing Bass Harmonics
L164 Funky E7 slap #1
L165 Bass C minor pentatonic all positions in note groupings
L166 Funky E7 slapbass #2 the fill
L167 Thumb-picking funky E7 bass groove0
L168 Dm pentatonic fill
L169 Funky thumb-picking chords2
L170 Am pentatonic exercise
L171 James Brown style groove1
L172 note line in G #2
L173 Jazzy II V lick2
L174 Em pentatonic fill in octaves
L175 Fast doublethumbing triplets
L176 Blues fill in C
L177 E minor bass fill
L178 Thumbpicking bass w triplet raking
L179 Funky rhythm strumming bass
L180 Thumbplucking bass w Abe Laboriel style fill
L181 Slap bass groove in C w plucked doublestop
L182 E major pentatonic melodic slap bass
L183 G7 bass groove w lotsa open Gs
L184 Slap bass line in E with G open string variation
L185 E7 bass fingerfunk with harmonic
L186 Am7 to D7 finger funk
L187 Gm disco groove
L188 Double octave thumbpicking bass
L189 Blues scale bass fills in A
L190 G bluesy bass fills
L191 Am blues bass lick with diminished run
L192 Thumbpickin bass octaves w E9 chord
L193 Fast slap bass in A
L194 Shuffle major pentatonic bluesy line
L195 G7 bluesy bass fill
L196 C7 Shuffle bass fill
L197 A7 fast bass fill
L198 G7 bass groove / fill
L199 The making of lick of the day
L200 Distorted rock bass w powerchords
L201 Bass fills with trills
L202 Am bass fill with trill and slides
L203 Gm bass fill with Dm arpeggio
L204 C major bassline with trill
L205 G major / E minor bassgroove
L206 E major pentatonic melody
L207 E slap bass w fast doublethumb fill
L208 Bluesy bass fill i D7
L209 Groove bass D7
L210 Minor pentatonic solo bass fills
L211 Disco funk bass
L212 E7 descending blues bass lick0
L213 E7 fast bluesy bass run
L214 A blues/pentatonic fill
L215 Slap bass w left hand hammerons5
L216 A major pentatonic bassline w fill
L217 Heavy bluesy pentatonic in E
L218 Heavy pentatonic w chromatic notes
L219 E Slap bass inst position
L220 Bass comping groove in A7
L221 A7 to D7 in jaco styleths
L222 bar fast fill in E
L223 Rocco style funky bass in C7
L224 E major pentatonic slap bass melody
L225 Em hammeron slapbass
L226 Thumbpicking, pickupslapping bass technique
L227 A major pentatonic scale melody
L228 E slap bass w cross-string hammerons
L229 Hip pentatonic pattern in A major
L230 Slap bass lick in octaves
L231 G slap bass with fast pulloffs
L232 E slap with DT and lotsa popping
L233 Bass fill in A
L234 Jazzy Em to A7 lick
L235 Funky D bass groove in octaves
L236 Finger bass funk in Bb ala Jaco
L237 Funky Em lick with Bm pentatonic fill
L238 E groovy lick with open string skips
L239 E slap bass w ascendingths
L240 A major soul groove
L241 Bluesy doublestop fill in C
L242 Dm fill over Gm
L243 Thumb plucking in D
L244 Groove bass in G with fill
L245 D groove bass fills and trill tutorial
L246 E major pentatonic slap bass melody
L247 C9 groove
L248 A blues bass lick
L249 A minor (with E minor) fill
L250 Gm7 dorian scale bass lick
L251 E9 or Em9 Doublethumb pattern
L252 Doublethumb slap in G0
L253 A major bass solo ideas1
L254 octave D7 bluesy bass lick
L255 Em7 dorian lickst position
L256 Em7 dorian lickst position #2
L257 Em7 dorian lick from the minorrd
L258 Em slap w crosstring hammerons
L259 Em7 dorian lick from theth
L260 Shuffle bass fill in A
L261 Em dorian scale from theth
L262 Swinged soul groove in C major
L263 Heavy bluesy bass in D2
L264 Fast Em dorian scale bass fill
L265 A Major pentatonic melody
L266 Metal bass in E gallop style
L267 Cute D Major bassline3
L268 Groovy octaver bass in F
L269 C#minor groove
L270 C Major pentatonic lick
L271 D9 bass groove w open string
L272 G Bluesy open strings bass lick
L273 G swing groove with diminished chord run
L274 G minor pentatonic lick in positions
L275 Dm7 dorian fill with chromatic notes
L276 Distorted hammerons and pulloffs in D
L277 Am dorian fill with fast chromatic notes
L278 E bluesy fills
L279 JB style funky groove in D91
L280 Alternative octave patterns
L281 Pentatonic bluesy riff in D
L282 Picked octave groove in D
L283 Bassline to Csus13 chord
L284 A Major odd meterish lick
L285 Blues licks in A8
L286 Funky happy-note groove
L287 Gm pentatonic fill inths over a Csus13 chord
L288 Muted6ths exercise using the C blues scale
L289 Stamina building6th note exercise
L290 Em pentatonic bassline3
L291 Bouncy disco bass line
L292 6ths galore in G
L293 Am bass lick
L294 Jazzy bluesy lick in A1
L295 D7 groovy lick4
L296 C bluesy bass lick with diminished chord run
L297 EMaj9 chord, lick and false harmonics
L298 Extended blues scale exercise in A4
L299 Hip Cm7 pattern using the Bb Major pentatonic scale
L300 C7 bluesy lick

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