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ProfitSponder Automatic E-Mail Marketing Manager

4 Year Old Seattle Man Sick & Tired Of High Priced Monthly Autoresponder Fees.. Finally Does Something About It!

He Has Built His Own UNLIMITED Smart Autoresponder & Mailing System, And Now You Can Share In The Savings For Life! With No High Monthly Fees?

Are You Tired Of High Mailing List Management Costs?
Have you been paying out the nose for auto responders and mailing list management services every month?

Are you tired of the limits that the monthly mailing services put on you, your subscriber count and the amount of times you can mail?

Whatever your situation may be, eliminating monthly fees and taking back control of your mailing list is one of the most liberating feelings you'll ever have.

I assure you that you are going to be delighted with what you are about to read in this letter and I promise it will change how you do business forever...

From: Jeremy J. Burns
Tuesday 11:06 AM

Dear Friend,

Do you pay a ton of money every year to some company that provides you with mailing list management and auto responders?

Are you always thinking "I wish I could keep that money in my pocket every month?"

Do you further imagine what it would be like to have a mailing list without restrictions on subscribers, extra monthly fees and mailing limits?

Paying out the nose for nothing more than limited mailing, subscribers and additional fees doesn't sound like a good deal to me as I'm sure it doesn't to you.

Would you like to take control of your auto responders and mailing list management while giving yourself more freedom and room to profit?

If you answered yes you'll be happy to know that...

You Have An Immediate Edge Because Monthly Mailing List Management Companies & Monthly Fees Are Old School!

While there are a few mailing list companies that have a decent reputation, they have failed to adjust with the times.

You see, the cost of technology has dramatically decreased over the last 10 years. The cost of servers, software and programming have all dropped in price.

Don't you think that should reflect a discount in your monthly fee?

I sure do but the harsh truth is that no mailing list companies are giving their customers and long time supporters a discount in the cost of service.

When they start saving money on a certain aspect of running your list, they definitely don't pass the savings on to you; they pocket it!

I'm sure that you'll agree that you not only deserve a discount in your monthly fees but you deserved one a long time ago.

What's an even further problem is...

You're Stuck With Subscriber Limits, Mailing Limits & Outrageous Financial Penalties!
To top off the fact that you are highly limited with what you can do with a monthly mailing list management solution you are faced with even more huge pitfalls.

The first being the limits you have on subscribers. Most monthly mailing list services allow you 5,000-10,000 subscribers for your fee. Anything after that comes at a cost and it isn't a cheap one!

You are also limited as to how many times you can mail your subscribers so your communication is extremely limited as is your ability to profit repeatedly.

If you wanted to mail a daily tip via a broadcast to your entire list and also send special offers to parts of that list that have shown interest, you might be in trouble with many monthly mailing list services.

The worst part of this is you are subject to outrageous fees if you go over your limit. These fees aren't to just "cover the cost" of your extra resources but to "financially penalize you". Some services will charge you $50 or more in addition to your monthly fee for going a few subscribers over your limit!

Listen to what Shawn Baril had to say about these types of fees...

Your ProfitSponder system has not only eliminated my monthly fees but allowed me to grow my list like I never could (without huge financial burden).

I now save over $500 a year in mailing list management fees, have more freedom with my subscribers and make more money from them!

Thank you so much,
Shawn Baril, Tacoma, Washington

"Can I Really Eliminate Expensive Monthly Fees, Subscriber Limits That Hold Me Down & Financial Penalties Without Having To Learn A Bunch Of Complicated Technology?"

While I can totally level with you on this question, I have to tell you...

There is NO doubt that you can get rid of monthly fees and save your money, forget worrying about subscriber and mailing limits and eliminate any chance of financial penalties...

You might be asking how?

Through an incredible new software called The ProfitSponder.

ProfitSponder is a revolutionary new tool that makes mailing list management and smart auto responder management drop dead easy without the big technology learning curve!

It doesn't matter how young or old you are or what your background is, if you want to build huge subscriber lists, make more money from your website and maximize customer and subscriber value, this is what you need.

Here are some of the top notch, sleek features included within the ProfitSponder system...

Turbo Speed PHP & MySQL Programming - If you don't know what these are, don't worry, they are simply the fastest, most stable programming language and database systems available online. This means your system will run like a finely tuned machine, non-stop forever!
Extremely Simple User Interface - Using the ProfitSponder is so easy a child could do it. The easy navigation and detailed user interface makes it extremely easy to make changes or additions to your mailings, auto responders or subscribers
No Monthly Fees, EVER! - You will NEVER pay another monthly fee for your mailing list management or auto responders ever again! You are free of expensive fees for life!

My e-mail profits have increased 5 fold since putting The ProfitSponder System to use!

I have more control over my e-mail marketing than ever before allowing me to do things that I could never do with the monthly services.
Paul Berkley, Cleveland, Ohio

Unlimited Mailing Lists & Unlimited Subscribers - You can setup as many mailing lists as you want with as many subscribers as you want without any "over the limit" penalties ever!
Unlimited Smart Autoresponders & Full Message Personalization -Not only do you get unlimited Smart Autoresponders, you also get full message personalization in all of your messages, auto responders and broadcast messages!

Automatic Bounced Message Handling! - Now you don't have to worry if someone has a bad address or if they have abandoned their e-mail address because the ProfitSponder system automatically does that & removes them if necessary!

Automatic E-Mail Formatter - The ProfitSponder system will format your e-mails at a set number of characters per line based on what you want! It also does an automatic word count, line count and character count so you know every possible piece of information about your e-mail before you send it!

One Click HTML E-Mail Creator - When you insert your message into the system, you can click one button to have an HTML version of your e-mail automatically created on the fly! No programming or HTML knowledge required!

Extremely Easy Editing - You will be able to make changes and add messages to already existing auto responders very easily and it is incredibly fast!

As I'm sure you can see, the ProfitSponder system is of such an incredibly high quality that you probably would be hard pressed to find a competing solution.

The best part is that you'll never pay a monthly fee, be subjected to a mailing or subscriber limit or pay a overage penalty again!

You are going to gain so much control over your e-mail marketing and the things that you can do with it that you're profits will skyrocket.

Never has there been a system that is so extremely advanced yet incredibly easy to use.

If You're Ready To Eliminate Monthly Fees & Get Started Click Above To Order Now

Does The ProfitSponder System Cost An Arm And A Leg?

I know that you're probably thinking that this system costs an arm in a leg because of the simple fact that just getting a monthly e-mail management account costs several hundreds of dollars a year.

You might be thinking "If he isn't going to charge me monthly, he's probably going to charge me an extremely high price".

While I could charge several hundred dollars for this powerful system, I'm not going to.

In fact, if you act today you are going to get the entire ProfitSponder system for about the price you'd pay for three months of mailing list and auto responder management from the "monthly boys"!

So how much is it? Just $177 measly bucks!

All WITHOUT The Normal Expensive Monthly Fees, Harsh Subscriber & Mailing Limits And Lack Of Control ProfitSponder Will Give You!

I'm sure you'll agree that's probably going to be the biggest bargain you find online in 2007!

As you know, I ALWAYS over deliver and you can expect that to happen big time today!

You Deserve The Freedom Of No Limits, No Monthly Fees & Unlimited Profits In Your E-Mail Marketing!

Listen, I'm obviously not going to get rich selling ProfitSponder for the ridiculous price of $4.95 a copy.

The reason that I'm releasing it so incredibly cheap is because I want to do a favor for Internet Marketers on a budget or people that just want to save money. I firmly believe that if I do this, a favor or two might return itself to me in the future.

So in the name of delivering extreme value for peanuts and making some friends, you have the chance to get what could be the most profitable piece of software you ever purchase (especially if you get rights).

If You Miss Out On The ProfitSponder System You Could Lose Thousands Of Dollars In Monthly Fees & Potential Reseller Income!

Order ProfitSponder Now For The Very Low One Time Price Of $4.95 Click The Order Button Above

If You Are Decisive And Act Fast You'll Be Well On Your Way To HUGE E-Mail Profits With NO Monthly Fees Today!

Go ahead, take control of the future of your business, put $300 in annual monthly fees back in your pocket and open up the flood gates to profitable e-mail marketing once and for all.

Don't you deserve to put that extra dough in your pocket?

Sure you do so grab the ProfitSponder software and add on the Double Diamond Income package to turbo boost your income and make 2007 your most profitable year ever!


jeremy burns

P.S. You need to be aware that although this is an incredible deal, you cannot camp on this one. While I am doing this as a favor to you, don't take my kindness for weakness...
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