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Easy Traffic Video Guide with Private Label Rights

Dear Friend

Ever been faced with this scenario? You had a brilliant idea in the middle of the night (or day) and you made frantic notes, did your research and found that there was a need and space in the market for your brand new product. You then set about creating the product (maybe spending days, weeks, even months) putting together a surely awesome package of content and information to share with the world.

After a frantic few hours of uploading and tweaking, your site was online, ready for the world to see, love and purchase from and all you had to do now was sit back and watch as the cash rolled in to your Paypal account. Trouble was, after the first few hours, which turned into the first few days, you thought there may of been a glitch and your site was not online correctly. You pick up the phone to a good friend and give them your URL.

They turned on, logged in and opened up their browser and entered in your web address. Wow, thats a really cool looking site came back the voice on the phone. When did you get that set up?
Where has all My Traffic Gone?

Your very good friend talks you through how to log in to cPanel and check all those traffic stats. To your sheer amazement, there is but a trickle of page views (mostly from you and your family).

The absolute truth is that you may well have created the BEST PRODUCT on the Planet in your Niche, and your copy may scorch the page(s) with HOT BUY NOW call to actions, but without the lifeblood of traffic, you may as well of stuck up a COMING SOON, site in construction page.


Easy Traffic Videos - The Course for Setting up your own FREE Traffic System!

How would you like an extra 20 Unique Visitors per day? Perhaps 50, 150, 1000? With our in-depth traffic guide, we introduce you to the FREE traffic streams that can build your business from scratch.

Imagine putting in place a process of traffic that you simply cannot switch off? Visitors from across the globe and from various traffic sources!

Would you be happy to open up your Stats Pages if that were the case?

Of Course you would... Read on to find out how you can access this course right now, today, and build your business.
Were you any good at Math in School?

If you were or you were not, it matters not :) All you need to know is that Traffic built in the correct way equals payment in your bank account. Lets explore a few numbers quickly.

Imagine if you could only build a small traffic trickle to begin with, and from that process, you acheived 326 new unique Visitors to your site each day. With a reasonable conversion on your FREE OFFER, you get 18 of those people to opt in to your list and then 9 of those purchase your first offer.

Your product sells at $30 a time, which means you just made $150 in sales revenue from your web site!

The really awesome part, is that you added 58 people to your list, and you sold 5 copies of your product. This still leaves the other 53 on your free list to build a relationship with and make sales from, later on down the road.

$150 per day is not too shabby either! With no sales on Christmas day, you still make over $50K from just one of your sites, and with only a little traffic volume.

Just a final stat for you to consider. Every Visitor to this sample traffic sum above is worth around $0.46c. Thats 46 Cents per unique visitor to the site.

Now imagine that you applied more and more focus to your traffic plan and you had 2000 uniques per day across one or a few of your product sites. Thats $920 per day in potential traffic value :) or over $335,000.00 per year in sales revenue.
Start Watching the Videos Today

Inside you will find a video course packed with material on various FREE traffic sources for you to tap into starting right now. Some will take a little time to build, others can be almost instant if you apply them. Included with the videos is a resource report, linking you to further training material (freely available, but we did the weeding out for you) so you have a complete understanding of how to go out and get that valuable commodity of our times. Traffic!

We also have a video Traffic Action Plan that walks you through the steps to apply and begin building your traffic. You will also discover the value in tracking your clicks, and we have even included a simple PHP script that you edit and upload to your server in just a few moments. This alone will help you learn what is working for you and what is not.
What You Will Find Inside the Content...


Whats Inside the Course:-

We cover the overview of what you can expect to find inside of this video course, finding different free methods to get traffic to your web site(s).

Video 2 Social Media Marketing

Getting the most from Social Media. This often mis-understood form of traffic building is discussed.

Twitter is our first focus and how you should be using it correctly when building your traffic flows

Video 3 Social Medai Marketing Continued

Facebook is a very effective medium for building your brand and traffic as many large corporations are beginning to find.

Take advantage of your ability to jump on processes that work, watch this!

Linked In - Why you should use Linked In and the one part that many marketers actually fail to tell you about.

Video 4 Social Marketing Tools Part One

In this video you will learn about the tools that are a small but highly effective cog in the wheel.

Some have lost favor with the gurus, but as you will see from the proof in this video, its not quite the full picture that you have been told!

Video 5 Social Marketing Tools Part Two

We continue on with our investigation into other social marketing tools.

Over the course of the two videos, you will see more about Squidoo, Blogger, Google Buzz, https://www.tradebit.com (not .org), Hub Pages & Blog Glue.

We also blow some myths on Duplicate Content and how you can use Googles own blog to do some serious market research!

Video 6 Social Bookmarking

Do you Digg it, Reddit, Technorati? Most do not, and its a source of traffic that should never be left to the techies alone!

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular SEARCH Engine on the web?

Can you think for one moment how much traffic this could mean in your business?

Video 7 Traffic Exchanges and List Building Sites

Its like Marmite!

You either love them or hate them!

These are without a doubt one way to build traffic particular in the Business Opportunity, Work from Home type niche markets.

We look a little deeper into the possible options with these sites

Video 8 The Big Kahuna! Relationship Marketing

Integration Marketing, Ad Swaps, Networking...

They all perform a huge roll in building a solid base of traffic. Watch this video to learn some tips and tricks to help you.

Video 9 Give it a Go!

Think options are limited in the free traffic search? Think again. Some of these under used methods will surprise you when implemented in the right way.

Craigslist, https://www.tradebit.com, Adland Pro, Classifieds For Free, The Free Ads Forum are all looked at.

Plus we check out the Give it away method which is always HOT in any niche when set up in the right way.

Video 10 You Cannot Avoid it! Writing Content Works!

Learn to produce content for your web sites or die! It really is that simple.

You can outsource, or you can do it yourself, but its a way that just builds traffic in time.

From article writing, guest blogging, Forum Content (not just a sig file), to Blog Carnivals, get stuck in!

Video 11 Write it and they will come!

Well, that is the aim, but if you do not track your clicks, you will never know where they come from.

This ensures you are not going to focus on what is working, and drop what is not! Miss out this video at your peril!

Video 12 The Traffic Plan

Time to get Serious!

You now know the many places you can make use of to grab free traffic and you know that you need to track the clicks!

In this video we look at putting together your personal traffic action plan!
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