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The Ugly Truth About Adwords: If your Sales Pages dont meet some / any of Googles landing page policies, or include features Adwords "frowns upon" your Adwords account WILL get suspended without warning, and all the sites inside your account will be banned across the entire Adwords network :-(

Subject: Avoiding the Google Slap.

Dear Friend,

FACT: Adwords is the most efficient, predictable and effective way to generate Targeted Traffic for your Sales Page. It gives you unmatched control over the people coming to your website, lets you spend as little or as much as you like, and most importantly - allows you to be Self Sufficient and generate quality trafic and Sales WITHOUT having to rely on Affiliates, SEO experts or anyone esle for that matter.

Target Adwords Traffic = Sales, but unfortunetly...

Most WSOs and Warrior Owned Sites Would
NOT Get Approved on Adwords

Same goes for most Clickbank sites and thousands of Old School 1-Page mini sites...

And thats a real shame, because I see some very good products on the WSO forum as well as clickbank - and all of them are missing out on the highest quality traffic available online, as well as a lot of sales...

That sucks, but its not the end of the world - because all the owners of these sites have to do is make a few changes / tweaks to their Sales Pages and Adwords will welcome them with open arms. But, those who refuse to evolve will get left behind or "Google Slapped" off the Adwords Network. I know this because I'm speaking from experience:

My Adwords "Horror Story"...

Google, the 800 pound Gorilla squashing Internet Marketers without even noticing I used wonder what all the fuss was about. Ive never had my Adwords account suspended and the sites I was advertising didnt sell anything immoral / illegal. Then all of sudden, without warningSLAP! My account was suspended for no apparent reason

What you Don't want to see: The message you'll find in your account if you violate Adwords Policies.

After calling Adwords support things only got worse: the campaign that triggered the suspension had been deleted for over 1 year(!) AND I no longer owned the website that violated Adwords landing page policies. Despite all this, the people at Adwords insisted I contact the new owner of the site and ask him to make changes so it complies with Adwords new policies WOW.

All this seemed unfair, incompetenteven evil. I was angry, but I wanted my Adwords account back so I did exactly what the Adwords people told me, it took a while but I got my account back. I want happy at the time, but Im glad I went through this nightmare scenario because now I know exactly what Adwords is looking for, and

Getting a Sales Page Approved for Adwords is Easy!

Thats right, Easy!

So many people give up on Adwords after getting their account suspended or have trouble getting their Ads approved, when all they have to do is make a few minor tweaks and strategic changes to their Sales Page to get their accounts in order

Let me put it this way: Adwords is the most efficient and effective way to generated Target Traffic, period. Meeting a few simple guidelines, and making a few changes to your Sales Page is well worth the effort especially when you consider the amount of control Adwords gives you over who visits your website, and the amount of sales one can generate with Adwords traffic.

So, if youre planning on doing business on Adwords for a long time check out

Adwords Friendly

Guide to Creating Adwords Friendly Sales Pages
and Avoiding The Google Slap.

Adwords Friendly was created specifically with Internet Marketers in mind, and focuses on the fastest and most effective ways to adapt the classic 1 page Sales Page for Adwords (without hurting conversion rates).

Inside this guide, youll find information that will allow you to:

Make sure all your new Sales Pages get approved on Adwords from the start.

Get your existing Sales Pages approved on Adwords

Get your Adwords account back up and running (if its been suspended)

Take advantage of the highest quality traffic available online

Avoing the evil Google Slap!

As always, I explain everything step-by-step in easy to understand language:

Adwords Friendly is split up into 3 parts, each part focusing on an important part of getting your Sales Pages approved on Adwords:

PART 1: Relevant & Original Content

The entire Adwords network is based on Content and Relevancy. So the first thing we must look at is how useful the Content on your Sales Page is, as well as how strongly it relates to what people are typing into the Google search box. Part 1 will teach you

The Structure and Appearance of your Sales Page what your site must look like if you want to please the Adwords policy enforcers

The Content your site MUST have in order to meet Adwords content policies (note: its more than just including a few features & benefits and a 100 money back guarantee)

The type of Headlines / Sales Copy you have to avoid at all cost! (this type of copy is extremely easy to spot, and makes it very tempering for the Adwords people to ban your site)

Exactly How the Content on your Sales Page has to relate to the traffic your sending to it. REMEMBER: its not just about what your Sales Page looks like, its about the keywords /Ads and how they relate to your site.

PART 2: Transparency and Comfort

One of the common differences between sites that get Approved by Adwords and the ones that get Banned is how trustworthy they appear to the users. Its important that your Sales Page / site makes its visitors feel comfortable and shows that you have nothing to hide. Part 2 will teach you how to avoid getting your site labeled as shady and untrustworthy

The information every site on Adwords MUST have in order to avoid suspicion and suspension.

Describing your Products with detail and accuracy, and insuring your customers know EXACTLY what their getting when they pay you (its extremely important to avoid making your product a secret or mystery to your potential buyers)

The type of sites you NEVER want to be mistaken for (an explanation of what NOT to appear like on Adwords)

PART 3: Navigation and User Experience

Even if your site doesnt promote / sell anything that is banned on Adwords, and even meets Googles landing page policies it can still be suspended if it makes it difficult / annoying for your visitors to navigate and find the info they are looking for. Part 3 will teach you about

Which annoying / restricting features you must avoid at all costs if you DONT wat to get suspended.

Structuring your Sales Page / site in a way thats easy to navigate and browse for the people coming to your website.

Insuring Google likes your Sales Page by scroning high on their "Quality Score" rating system (this is the foundation of an efficient and relevant Adwords Campaign)

The Adwords Friendly Guide is written from the Internet Marketers perspective, and will teach you everything you need to know to take your old school 1 Page Mini Sites and turn them into modern, transparent sites that meet Adwords landing page policies.

The Deal:

If you plan on using Adwords to generate highly targeted traffic for your Sales Page, and you DONT want your account to be suspended I highly recommend you download Adwords Friendly.

Adwords is NOT Dead, and neither is the Sales Page its simply evolved along side the internet. So you can either evolve with it, or get left behind: the choice is yours.

Download Adwords Friendly: Guide to creating Adwords Friendly Sales Pages and avoiding the Google Slap for $ 2.99

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