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MP3 Bjarne O. - Marsha

"Ok I am speechless. This is so good that I don''t know what to say. Masterful Works of a Worldclass Composer: it sounds immaculate. The beautiful textures are ever evolving. I feel edified like a heartfelt prayer to God. Ready for the Silver Screen."

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ELECTRONIC: Virtual Orchestra, CLASSICAL: Orchestral

A tribute to a wonderful and beautiful woman, Marsha.

"Ok I am speechless! This is so good that I don''t know what to say. It suggests a lot of moods/situations too. It has a lot of Asian music references...took me to the Silk Road, and perhaps a scene from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The Er-hu, a Chinese bowed instrument, sounds so beautiful here. Actually the mixture of western and oriental instruments and musical styles is so convincing. The balance and the mixing are very professional too."

"Masterful Works of a Worldclass Composer: it sounds immaculate! The beautiful textures are ever evolving. I feel edified like a heartfelt prayer to God. All of the textures are epic and moving in every way. From one composer to another, you have reached the pinnacle...and have created something that will catch the ears and hearts og many many people."

"Ready for the Silver Screen: This composer knows how to use music to create a dramatic effect. Production and arrangement is flawless. At times the song is reminiscent of the soundtrack to a Steven Spielberg blockbuster...I hope the publisher of this music is knocking on all the doors in Hollywood...this should be in film."

3 CD''s: "CONNECTING" (2004), "JESUS, AGAIN?" (2004) and "MARSHA" (2005)

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Reviews of "OVERTURE" from https://www.tradebit.com:

Science Fiction Electronica
Wow, great intro. Sounds like a suspenseful soundtrack piece from a very good science fiction movie. This is very professional. One of the more creative pieces here. Nice layers unfolding as you go along. Call Speilberg he needs you.
- xandal from Indianapolis, Indiana on 23Sep2004

I dig this right out of the gate- it''s broad on a conceptual scale and isnt typical in any respect. It''s reminicient of Eric Serra''s score for the movie "The Fifth Element" and I think you have managed to create an interesting tapestry of audio soundscape. I can''t really knock this. It''s well done and I think successful. Epic in scope. One question though- are you using roland Synthesis? sound slike the Roland Orchestral expansion card,..Possibly a JV 90 keyboard? Just curious.
- Jaedynconley from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 7Oct2004

Great Mood!
Excellent Mood & ambience in the intro...Enjoying the slow but steady build...Yes cosmic vox is also cool...This is v good soundtrack material...Lots of interesting sounds well integrated in the well-constructed arrangement...I dont know why but there is something oriental in the feel, good contrast of Yin & Yang!
- SCOTT_HILL from London, England, United Kingdom on 7Oct2004

Good Luck
Let me start by saying that this song was beautiful. It was a completely relaxing piece and I like the samples at the beginning and end. This song probably won''t recieve as good of reviews as it deserves due to the length of the intro and nature of the piece. This is in no way a criticism of the music but I''m sure that many people won''t take the time to listen past the first 90 seconds. That is the only flaw with this website and the competition. Songs that kick off right away have an unfair advantage to songs that build. The production on this piece was perfect and I would definitely listen to this again
- Goodguyx from York, Pennsylvania on 6Oct2004

an eargasm
this is just a great piece of work
- J_M_ from Massapequa, New York on 6Oct2004

Don''t you love soundtracks?
Ok I am speechless! This track is so good that I don''t know what to say. It suggests a lot of moods/situations too. First it starts off like when a movie starts with the main title showing (gotta love that "warp" effect). It has a lot of Asian music references... took me to the Silk Road, and perhaps a scene from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The Er-hu, a Chinese bowed instrument, sounds so beautiful here. Actually the mixture of western and oriental instruments and musical styles is so convincing. Excellent montage of sounds. I can see a lot of high-quality sample libraries of orchestral instruments are used here. The balance and the mixing are very professional too. Truly an orchestral psychedelic trip!
- Frankie_Ho from Hong Kong, Hong Kong on 4Oct2004

the intro keeps you guessing where it''s going to go,but you choose to stay on the laid back side and it pays off....that is anice build in for where you go ..the accents on the drum programs really highlight the 2nd phase ..going back to the voice thing from the intro and breaking it back down was good move ...the vocals are atmospheric and really fit the song (although i''m fairly sure they are just samples)
- artherius from Baltimore, Maryland on 3Oct2004

This seems like a production art. I like the different things going on.. almost like a movie going on in the background. The chimes are great.. i love chimes. Really good production here.. amazing quality. This song is really nice.. its really uplifting.
- Audible_Mirror from Roanoke, Virginia on 3Oct2004

movie magic
interesting samples in the intro, great synth work too, nicely layered under the vocals, the beat comes in with a little too much cymbal but well mixed, super soundtrack stuff
- djkillwill from White Plains, New York on 28Sep2004

make the crowd shout!!!
i like this relaxing deep deep sound with softly melody!!!
I like this very much!!! I wanna fly away with this music!!
I wanna swim in deep blue sea and wanna see the rise of the sun!!!
Thanxxx for the feelingz
From Russia with love..
- Hardbass from Unspecified on 25Sep2004

Krumpet Speaks
It''s the musical spaceship from the planet of Awkward Pleasantries. I feel a little bit overfilled with the sounds of heaven.
But wait, there is a beat and light. I see a great glow on the horizon.
I will complete my misson, by God I will.
Who would have guessed that it was live all this time?
- krumpet from Stillwater, Oklahoma on 25Sep2004

Industrial Heaven
A very interesting mood is created on the start of this track with bells pads and strings. And I think that will be the pattern for this swirling cauldron of sound. At 1.37 its almost meditation music but then a beat comes in complete with timpani and takes the track to a whole new level.
An interesting production.
- cling from Ilford, London, United Kingdom on 24Sep2004

ethereal spooky
the beginning is film noirish. i am digging the samples of the crowd and the female "alright". then it sgets really ethereal and it sounds enlightening like it was written for a sci fi movie or fantasy picture. it has organic almost tribal elements with the timpani and the female voices are used sparingly then the alright comes back at the end. this song engaged me like a good short story from intro to climax.
- thewildlife from Worker Bee, California on 23Sep2004

great soundtrack song
An excellent production. Really smooth and moody melody full with details and a lovely flow. A lot of character that transports the listener to far away lands, where harmonious sounds swim hand in hand in the current of the melody. excellent.
- triple_erre from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on 22Sep2004

ambient noise rules
I like the beggining alot. Makes me feel like I am at an insane carnival from my nightmares. This track is very relaxing. Everything flows nicely and comes in at just the right places. That blows my real player just messed up in the middle of the song....this saddens me cause it was a great song. Ill just have to check it out later. Keep up the good work.
- PiseesBP from San Marcos, Texas on 22Sep2004

This is a very claming and medatative track. It has a wonderful blending of the different cultural instruments and stylings, into a national ambiguity that we call the world. Excellent job in the tight mix, the levels were set for good distinction, and had a very rich and textured sound. I do wonder about the ''live'' feel addition to it, but no matter it doesn''t distract from the piece as a whole. It''s a nice journey that you''ve put out.
- TSquared from Longmont, Colorado on 21Sep2004

Reviews of "WE ARE NOT ALONE" from https://www.tradebit.com:

Step aside Hans Zimmer: Cool, the vocalist has a few flashes of Lisa Gerrard, and the second half of the track is in true adventure movie fashion (remember Gladiator?). The guitars in the intro sound awesome, and the classical turn in the second half is well arranged. And once again, the vocals bring out the ambience in the song.
- calvs12 from Unspecified on 13Dec2004

***** - Monumentally epic. Very smooth and attention commanding opening, very similar at first to "Mortal combat" with the reverse-ish cymbal. The guitar sounds phenomenal. The whole song at this point reminds me of something I might hear at a Cirque du Soleil show (I''m in around 1:00). It''s very mysterious and dark, sort of suspenseful, with the synth zooming in and out, the very soulful vocalist belting out "oh''s!". At around 2:00, the mood https://www.tradebit.com there''s a lightness in the organ sounding break, which metamorphosizes into a violin sound smoothly...building and building, then coming into a horn section (which at first sounds like the line from the song in the movie "close encounters"). Building futher, into a cacaphony of choral-like singing and a flaoist. Then back to our original vocalist (the soulful one). This is a beautifully arranged piece. It''s got a ton of elements that are brought together in a remarkably able fashion, and I''m in admiration of the composer. It''s epic. While this isn''t something I''d likely hear on the radio, it''s epic, as I said, and easily something I could picture as a soundtrack/soundstage track. It''s got ridiculous production, ridiculous arrangement and by ridiculous I mean awesome. ***** - Not a complaint in the world... Wonderful work. Best of luck!
- DevonPowell from Columbia, Maryland on 2Nov2004

Sexy intro: Nice guitar intro...until 1:54 I felt like I was watching a movie where the main character died. I felt the rain...it was dark... a woman was weeping on her knees. The feeling then went from sorrow to wonder. She then was standing on a cliff in the sun with her hair blowing in the breeze. Sorry, back to the basics...Great production, instrumentation, arrangement and over all sound. Excellent transitions. Music is supposed to create feeling and you did a wonderful job doing that! Thanks for the movie... Extra credit for production and mood!
- Florencemae from Forest, Virginia on 6Jan2005

Soundtrack!! This song would be perfect for a movie. The intro could be a little longer, But worked fine with me. Well used Pads and The guitar are way cool. The female singer has the mystery, "reminds me of Mobys singer". To keep the song intresting. This song is very well produced, and keeps my attention all the time. Thumbs up!!
- soundfreak from Gothenburg, Sweden on 30Dec2004

Super Orchestration: The opening guitar was awesome. I was ready to enjoy completely from the opening but the contrasting section was very unexpected. Excellently done.
- ABVanGrieg from Huntsville, Alabama on 9Dec2004

Orchestral magic: Excellent guitars intro. Very moody licks. The vocals and strings really add up into the vibe of the song. Excellent production. Very cool orchestral elements that play into the mix, sounds like a really epic tale coming to life. Excellent work!
- triple_erre from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on 8Dec2004

Grand: Nice, spacey electro jam. The singer has a powerful gospel-style voice in the vein of the singing on Pink Floyd''s Dark Side of the Moon. The song then moves into movie theme mode with strings, horns, and choir voices, even playing a snippet of the Close Encounters Theme. My favorite part of the song is when the gospel voice sings over the choir, horns, and strings. That''s a grand moment. Good production, too.
- vadiamond from Orange, California on 5Nov2004

Bliss. The intro and guitars are beautiful along with the soulful vocals. The music is definitely best potrayed in an uplifting movie. This song is wonderfully arranged - I love classical. The transition from guitar to violins and strings was kind of unexpected. I enjoyed this song thoroughly and felt at ease by the ending. This was well arranged and had much emotion to convey. Great work.
- dustfungus from Bath, Maine on 4Nov2004

Lonely night on the streets and then....? ...80s rock is making and comeback and here it is, in your face. Very Bon Jovi beginning, I am in the electronic section, correct?
The intro feels like a story is about to be told, something about a cold night in the city. And then...At 1:30 am wondering where we are headed as the woman sings. At 1:56 i am lost, is that a full orchestra? At 2:11 I completely lose it and at 2:35 there are horns and at 2:45 there is a choir. How did you make this song?!!!! I am really lost, what is this exactly? At 3:45 I feel like I have fallen onto broadway, in the middle of a major revelation in the story line. Very dramatic but what is going on here. Ok, this song is so well put together, I cant get over it. I have no idea what just happened but it is seamless. Your production is great, I think every one should listen to this song and see how the elements come together. It is very movie soundtrackish, but that is because of the grand sounds. It is a truly large song. I will be checking into your other work. I want to see if all of your art is this well constructed.
- mjhill5807 from Birmingham, Alabama on 3Nov2004

OMG is this electronic or Joe Satriani or Phil Collins or Enya or a marching band or the Philharmonic or ah...its an inspiring movie''s soundtrack and its perfect...makes your legs tingle.
- xMTone from Columbus, Ohio on 17Mar2005

Psychadelic guitar flows over some other atmospheric stuff with a vocal coming in now and again a very interesting start definately grabs your attention and creates a good air of anticipation making you wonder what is coming next it sounds to me like an epic film soundtrack especially when it changes at about 2.05 definately hearing music for the media here
- cling from Ilford, London, United Kingdom on 28Feb2005

Moody, distant guitar riffs, remind me of a Pink Floyd interlude. I like this, it''s simple yet professional. Good work.
- progenitor from Dallas, Texas on 4Feb2005

This takes you on a trip through the decades of all sorts of very diverse musical https://www.tradebit.comvy metal, the lonesome cry of South american moods, and finally a most characteristic and powerful voice emerges, backed by a frail https://www.tradebit.com the sound of violins, too...sounds like an entire orchestra...very high-strung, kitsch, and dramatic. And it works, too!
- selzic from Copenhagen, Europe, Denmark on 27Jan2005

This sounds very much like an epic movie soundtrack song, and does it good. The first part with the electric guitar sounds a bit too much like it was taken out of beverly hills, but when the vocals come in at about 1:20 things get better. A nice buildup turns into a very soft part at about 2:00 which then gets better and better until it really becomes great when the trumpet (or what it is) comes in at 2:30. From there on it''s fantastic, with a lovely mood that could''ve been taken from the LoTR soundtrack. Very good work on that part.
- arete from Norrkˆping, ÷Stergˆtland, Sweden on 11Jan2005

Please continue making songs just like this one, i loved it. slow start, but soon found its way into a pro like mood. great job
- dollars_4_joe from Salt Lake City, Utah on 9Jan2005

Reviews of "BRAVEHEART" from https://www.tradebit.com:

Magical virtuosity
What a marvelous piece! Takes you by surprise, and keeps you there! Marvelous recording and arrangement. This was worth every second f listening, and will be worth quite a few more. Professional work like this can only be admired, and be inspiring. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks!
- LuiGentile from Eitorf-Bach, Originally Connecticut, Germany on 23Feb2005

Very original
Yeah, I like this. I like how there''s no metered rhythm, just free stuff at the beginning. Really pretty stuff when it comes in. Very original and makes you keep listening. This is great, just when you think you know what''s coming, it changes. Good work, would love to hear more. Keep rockin!
- nkcmusic1972 from Jacksonville, Florida on 22Feb2005

Very Beautiful!
Awesome arrangement and style. I absolutely loved the presentation! The vocals are heavenly and compliments the song greatly. Just a beautiful overall tune! Well done!
- halemahina from Sherman Oaks, California on 22Feb2005

Irish War Classic
Sounds like a Irish Movie soundtrack. Very good use of whatever you''re using to capture the sound and idea. What was the general idea behind this piece? Nice production and very original.
- RobertMichael from Meggett, South Carolina on 23Feb2005

Oi! scottish-esque!
Very fit for a movie soundtrack!
it''s pretty good...all in all, I think it''s great...could work perfect for a movie or computer game!
- JosephineCounty from St George, Utah on 23Feb2005

The hills are alive.
A nice piece. Beautiful and calming melodies surround you in a world of days gone by. Wonderful orchestration.
- jimmygrind from San Diego, California on 23Feb2005

Bag pipes are cool. nice feel. and then that angelic voice, who is that?I know that voice. Creative use of samples. Short enough to listen to twice.
- BushDickey from Lincoln, Nebraska on 23Feb2005

Very cool
Interesting sound. Bagpipe sounds cool and i think the best in this song is strings arrangments. Very good.
- lowp from Siena, Italy on 23Feb2005

Sounds like another Gladiator theme
For some reason i picture this song being play during Gladiator or Alexander or one of those style movies. It sorta has a middle eastern feel, even though it sound very keltic too. I don''t know where to place it exactly, but I like it.
- Polarisleader from Parker, Colorado on 22Feb2005

Pretty Good
There is a definite mood built. It''s a little scattered of a feeling I got from the arrangement. I kept waiting for something to happen to tie it together, and then the singer came in, then the drums. This is pretty good.
- dbtempest from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 22Feb2005

Very celtic
I like the choice of the ethnic instruments here. The intro is omnious sounding which give a interesting lead in to the first theme area. The string arrangement has a wonderful timbre and is idiomatic!
I''m not sure if the piece was meant to be so fragmented in the structure, with very abrupt transitions of sections. This gives it a Stravinsky-esque effect, but overall the piece could be a little more unified formally.
- pieceofcake from Bright''s Grove, Ontario, Canada on 22Feb2005

Reviews of "LOVE CONQUERS" from https://www.tradebit.com:

Best potential movie soundtrack! Full with fantasy and emotions. Great female vocal + very good arranging at all. I like the composition, there is nothing to do better. It''s a finished track. Just do more of these kind of tracks.
This song could be also a potential game soundtrack. Why not, ha?
Yours Aaron.
-H i R-
- harlanaron from Los Angeles, California on 2Apr2005

This sounds like a "big band" piece, but still manages to pull off the serene feeling of a relaxing piece. Great job in the post-production; this must have taken time.
I like the chanting that starts around 1:30. I also like how this whole song builds to a climax in the middle, then tails off.
- Ron_Landreth from Bunker Hill, Illinois on 1Apr2005

How else could somebody afford to bring in an entire symphony orchestra? Well, they probably didn''t, but it sure does sound like it. The first theme and variation is simple, yet haunting. Nice percussion ensemble and well programed. Strings sound so real it scares me. 2nd theme with the vocal, chorus and brass choir just slam dunks this arrangement into the next level. Sounds a little list Holst or RVW (I love that). I have to assume that this is all by plugins, but after listening to the piece three times I still can''t point to a spot where it is proven that a keyboard is controlling things. Composer definitely has a good command of orchestration. Sign me up for lessons!
- Horse_Attack from Brookville, Indiana on 23Mar2005

I''m new to the classical genre. Like most people who aren''t really familiar with this genre, a lot of classical music seems to conjure up image, and I tend to associate classic with movie soundtrack. And this one doesn''t make exception for me. I really love those voices in the background. I love the more percussive element too. Loved those strings...well I pretty much loved everything about the track.
really great stuff.
- desertedparking from Quebec, Canada on 29Mar2005

I like it:
The terminator just breeched the defense systems of the starship Enterprize while Indiana left his gold in the hospice where King Tut passed away when President Bush ate abortions to clear away his grays, its cool man.
- appleseedband from San Diego, California on 29Mar2005

With this song, I see...
I love reviewing the classical stuff because it leaves so much to the imagination. With this song I see the https://www.tradebit.comthough it''s obviously got european influence. I also see foggy mountains and adventure, exploration. It''s definately dramatic.
This kind of composition would definately work in film. I think!
- Rofe from Sacramento, California on 26Mar2005

Overall, a very well done piece of music. It does a great job of setting up a dark and haunting mood, and then keeps that going solidly through the whole piece, without ever becoming repetitive or boring. The music progresses through a lot of changes, but all the transitions are very smooth and it all makes sense. Great arrangement on the orchestration. The color of all the instruments blend very well, nothing overpowers anything else, but everything can be heard in the mix. A nice haunting melody that holds our interest without being flashy, it fits perfectly in the mood of this song. And great use of percussion to keep the tune moving while maintaining the tense mood of the piece. Also, the choir voices fit in very well and added a lot of color to the overall mix. I am sure it is all done on synths/samplers, but if so, it is very well done. The voices, strings, brass, percussion all sound very real. The only criticism I would have, is that the overall volume of the production is too low. I had to turn way up to hear it (a common problem here on GB), but when I did, the production sounded very good. Well done.
- nwenigma from Plano, Texas on 25Mar2005

i love the flow and the greatness of the sounds that are mixed in the production is good to.
- rickdavisrrt from Indian Harbor Be, Florida on 23Mar2005

Great orchestration:
I like the intro with the timpany. The percussion really stays tight throughout. The vocals sound synthesized, but they sound good. Is this all synthesized? I guess it is, but you have some good synths.
Great sequencing, has a very classical sound. I can see this being a score for a film. Somewhat John Williams--very cinematic and dramatic.
- newcomerx from Boulder, Colorado on 20Mar2005

Nice surprise:
With a somber start, this piece progresses nicely. The haunting flute and horn flourishes suggest a battlefield scene after the skirmish.
The vocal parts are a clever addition and the drum backgrounds are well done.
- PHARQUARTT from Kent, Washington on 19Mar2005

This is a wonderful piece. All of the instruments really complement each other very well, while still maintaining their own independance at times. I like your use of perfect fourths throughout. You make some dissonances very pleasing to the ear with this piece. I could easily see this as a movie score. Off hand it reminds me of the setup for some major battles in a lot of popular movies. Wonderful piece.
- ElementCrash from Waukesha, Wisconsin on 16Mar2005

Very engaging opening. Nice strings. Nice use of drums. Nice horns. YAY! A Triangle! Still cool. Woods and strings match nicely. Beautiful flute! Snare resonates too much. Seek snappier sound. Nice low brass. Nice full brass sound. Seek OH shape. Beautiful voice. Nice edge in horns. Nice choir. Nice gong! Drums create the mood deffiently! Nice cresendo. Trumpets ROCK! Some of the melodies sound like the Rohan theme from Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers.
- half_breed_tx from Dickinson, Texas on 15Mar2005

Great atmosphere at the beggining...I love these tympanis ....The flute could be a little lower...but that''s just an opinion ...the vocals are fantastic...greath synth effect....it''s a very minucious job and you¥ve done it in a very mature way...I love it....specially the way you''ve mixed the orchestra!!! Well...congratulations on the job!!!
- MEIRELLES from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on 11Mar2005

big movie:
This has the "Big Movie" feel which is what I most appreciate and look for in my favorite kinds of music. Well produced and arranged, with great percussion and vocals. The horns are well placed and crisp. Really the whole orchestra sounds wonderful.....and if this was done on a synth, I wanna know which one;-)
- logrhythm from Boulder, Colorado on 11Mar2005

I like the mood of this song. it makes you seem like you are about to go to war and youre marching towards the other side and its about pride and about your destiny and then the singing comes in and it just adds to the whole thing. It just keeps building up like youre getting closer and closer.
- crystal_berries from Shelby Township, Michigan on 23Feb2005

Somber, but sweet:
Oooo, how adagio it is. The mood is nice and somber, but in a sweet way. The more I listen to it, the more I think that it needs to change at some point...and then the voices came in. The voices give it that texture that breaks it up and makes it interesting.
- nkcmusic1972 from Jacksonville, Florida on 23Feb2005

Movie soundtrack:
heh, reminds me much of the terminator series soundtrack.
very good though, has an asian feel with the woodwind instrumentation. I enjoy this song a lot. would go perfect for a movie, or even more so a game.
- JosephineCounty from St George, Utah on 23Feb2005

Inspiring sombre moods:
I believe I am beginning to recognize the style of this ensemble, and that is a good thing. Especially the female vocalist who does a wonderful job. Very deep, moody, and inspiring piece this one. An excellent recording worth listening to from beginning to end .. again and again. great work!
- LuiGentile from Eitorf-Bach, Originally Connecticut, Germany on 23Feb2005

Reviews of "SHE CAME FROM THE SEA" from https://www.tradebit.com:

Really great. Thought it was going to be just string quartet, and was pleasantly surpised by the orchestration. Great moods all throughout the song. (and great transitions between them) Very original too - extra bonus!
Have a listen everybody! The change at 3:52 is fantastic!
Thanks and BEST of luck!
- m_medley from Atlanta, Georgia on 1Apr2005

Fugue for thought
Actually, occasionally "fugue-like" in construction...but not really. Wonderfully intricate musical conversations here. Imaginative and inspiring. Flowing changes spinning in and out of musical textures. Excellent use of synth sounds here. A piece where it sounds like each note was placed with intent for effect and purpose. A grand piece, probably part of something bigger. This artist has much talent for orchestration and grand composition! Bravo!
- LuiGentile from Eitorf-Bach, Originally Connecticut, Germany on 23Mar2005

minimalist influance
This piece really seems to be driven by melody and the use of counterpoint. I can hear a nice mix of minimalist techniques along with of some use of concepts from the Romantic era. This kind of reminds me of John Adams. Your harmonic progression are what really remind me of Strauss or some other Romantic composer. However, it is this kind of dramatic harmony that makes this sound like it should be a movie score or something. I like the fact that you have a few different contrasting sections to keep the listener interested. Overall, I really like this piece (especiall the opening ''minimalist'' section in the strings) I hope you continue to develop your ideas.
- tsedwons from Springfield, Missouri on 31Mar2005

Nice composition
This is a well composed piece of music. It sort of has an Aaron Copland feel to it, especially in the first part (and the part like that which comes later).
- nwenigma from Plano, Texas on 28Mar2005

Noble/Dynamic/Restless ....
piece with strings,brass,piano,percussion accents and surprise elements(the type of sweeps and swells you might hear in a classic movie score). The music is restless. In the 1st 60 seconds it works it''s way from single cello to full orchestra crescendo, changing gears in the 2nd minute to an existential yet noble steady meter string progression which again keeps getting stronger and fuller before falling away to the start of movement #3 at 2:25. This is a movement featuring solo stringed and brass instruments in various textures with dynamic starts and stops. The finale 3:20 revisits movement #2 more forcefully with percussion accents, a surprise sweep dynamic 3:44 and vocal harmonies to end on. That was the general blow by blow but the impact of this piece is impressive. It compacts a trainload of harmonic/virtuoso ideas,dynamics and execution into just over a 4 minute composition !
- Foxxymoron from Missoula, Montana on 23Mar2005


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