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Create A Membership Site Using WordPress And Free Plugins

Dear Reader:

If youre the kind of intelligent entrepreneur whos been searching for simple and fast shortcuts to a reliable (and impressively large) monthly income then this will be the most excitingly important letter you ever read

And if youve been discouraged into believing that a simple and fast shortcut doesnt exist then this letter is even more crucially vital to your financial health

Youre Just ONE Small Step Away From The

Greatest Money Making Secret Of All Time

Those sorts of words get tossed around really easily these days, I know. They usually relate to some fantabulous new special-secret-tricky-tactic, invented by a pre-pubescent marketer in his moms basement. After making a few grand with this secret, hes capitalizing on his one-time success by releasing it as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The problem is simple: those types of success stories are based on luck, not on reliable and repeatable marketing techniques and business models.

You know it and I know it. Every few years some lucky loser pulls the handle on a Megabucks slot machine and becomes an instant millionairethat doesnt make them qualified to release their strategy for beating the slot machines does it?

Lets make this very simple

Do You WANT To Become Really Successful?

Do You WANT To Actually Become Financially Independent?

Are You Will To Try Something That Has Been PROVEN To Work?

Even If It Means NOT Sucking Into The Latest Marketing Fad?

Good, then youve come to the right place. What Im going to share with you is proven, not new. Its an age-old business model that works, not a new theoretical discovery thats shiny and new.

In fact, promise me that you wont waste your money on something new and nifty until you invest your money in something thats proven to be profitable, alright?

The people who have achieved real, lasting wealth online are the people who have a monthly membership model at work for themtwenty-four hours a dayseven days a weekthree-hundred-sixty-five days a year.

You may even be contributing to the wealth being created by one of these systems yourself by subscribing to a magazine or newspaperreceiving a paid newsletter from a marketing geniuspaying for access to a membership-only website

Ah, membership-only websites. The most recent version of the oldest ongoing income building technique in the world. Why is a membership-only website, with an ongoing monthly subscription cost, something you need to get up and going today?

Dream-Fulfilling Monthly Cash Flow
With nothing more than a Wordpress site, which Im going to show you exactly how to set up, you can experience true financial security. Imagine having 100 members paying $20.00 each, per monthwhat would you do with $2,000.00 a month incomeevery month? Imagine doubling your monthly fee to $40.00$4,000.00 a month. Since your imagination is running, imagine having 500 members$20,000.00 a month. Yes its possible and its being done right now.

Minimal Start-Up Costs And Overhead
Your site can be managed and run with absolutely no employees and, thanks to the walk-through youre about to gain access to, you can setup your site for less than $20.00total. (Wordpress and plugins are free. You need a domain name - about $9.00 and hosting - about $6.00 per month) This is the only real business opportunity in the entire world that can provide you with that kind of a return-on-investment.

Boundless Opportunities From Around The Globe
Thanks to the worldwide appeal of the Internet, youll have members from every corner of the globe. Imagine the excitement of having members come join your sitefrom places youve never even heard of. It happens every day and, soon, its going to be happening for you.

Tiny Time Investment Required
Maybe you dont realize that most membership site owners spend less than ten-hours a week maintaining their site. Really quickly, think about itif you spend 10 hours a week40 hours a monthgenerating $2,000.00 in incomethats $50.00 an hour. If youre generating $4,000 a monththats $100.00 an hour. Where else are you going to make that kind of money, month-after-month, from home?

Captive Audience For Joint-Venture and Affiliate Sales
Even if you dont have a single, solitary, product of your ownyou can still generate additional income by recommending products and/or services to your members. Hooking up with other entrepreneurs allows you to harness the income skyrocketing potential of joint-ventures while simple affiliate links provide a reliable way to boost your incomewhenever you want.

Does Any Of This Sound Even The Least Bit Appealing?

Gone are the days when you had to have a computer programmer setup your membership site. Thanks to Wordpress, among the most-used and most-supported content management systems on the planet, you can have your very own membership up and running in less than one hour.

Dont be fooled into thinking that you need to build a membership site around an Internet marketing niche, either. In fact, for many reasons, youre probably better off staying away form the Internet marketing niche all together. Here are just a few of the existing and profitable categories membership sites have been built around:

Cabin Enthusiasts

Fly Fishing Enthusiasts

Wedding Professionals

Cruise Ship Workers

Magic Enthusiasts

Acupuncture Professionals

Digital Photo and Video Enthusiasts

Travel Lovers

Golden Retriever Owners

Ferret Owners

*** Information Seekers

Religious Groups

Philosophy Lovers

Art Lovers

Home Builders

Dress Makers

Car Salespeople

Cross-Stitch Enthusiasts

And the list goes onand onand onand on.

Basically, if youve got a hobby or an interestthere are other people with the same hobby and the same interest who will be willing to pay you, every month, for a place to further their interests and meet other people who share the share it.

It probably sounds too good to be true, but its really not. Thats not to say that its easy or that its free because its not. Its going to cost you less than $100 but its not free

Keep in mind that other sites on the web will teach you how to build a highly-profitable membership website alsoand theyll gladly charge you $500 - $5,000 to do it. Theyll sell you highly complicated (and surprisingly limited) software to do it too

Using Wordpress as the foundation of your membership site just makes sense. While other sites charge you a small fortune for proprietary software that runs your membership site (until it randomly decides to not run your membership sitebecause, lets face it, most software breaks down every now and then), Wordpress is free.

Wordpress is also open-source, which means that some of the greatest programmers in the world are working together to keep Wordpress running in tip-top condition at all times. Theyre not being paid to take care of Wordpress, theyre doing it because they love it.

Beyond the basic Wordpress setup, which is free, your membership-riches do require a plug-in that costs around $25.00The plug-in is something thats widely available and, in fact, you can certainly buy it and download it on your own. All youll have to do then is install and configure it

Which Is Where This Video Tutorial Comes In

A decent web-based programmer can cost anywhere from $65.00 to $500.00 an hour, depending on their individual skills and ego. Many of them have a two- or three-hour minimum. Getting someone to setup this exact membership site for you can easily cost anywhere from $130.00 to $1,500.00.

Youre about to have access to a fifty-six minute that shows you exactly how to do it for a fraction-of-a-fraction of that amount!

Heres what youre going to find inside the package:

- Step-by-step instructions that will have your membership site up and going in less than one hour.

- The crucial settings your need to ENSURE are correctly established to keep your membership-only materials safe from the prying eyes of non-members.

- A super-easy way to maximize your membership profit by offering up to four different paid levels plus an optional free level.

Sell Individual Pages of content as well. People do not have to join as a member and your content is fully protected

Using Custom Capabilities to increase the number of packages you can sell.
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