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Super Money Emails with Upgraded and MRR

Super Money Emails with Upgraded with MRR.

Dear Entrepreneur.

This Pakage Contains:

1. Sales Audio

2. Site Tour

3. Images

4. Sales Pages

5. Super Money Emails - Folder Contents:

5a. 50 Emails

5b. Super Money Emails In A Box Quick Start Guide

5c. Master Resale Rights License

6. Super Money Emails Upgrade - Folder Contents:

6a. 50 Emails

6b. 50 More Emails - Upsell Pack

6c. Super Money Emails In A Box Quick Start Guide

6d. Master Resale Rights License


Mild mannered internet marketer turns superhero...

Do You Find Writing Email Autoresponder Messages Difficult? Do You Have The Creative Juices of a Fish?

Introducing SUPER MONEY EMAILS! Your Complete
Fill In The Blank Autoresponder Follow Up Message
System In a Box - GUARANTEED To Squeeze Out The MAXIMUM Profits With Minimum Effort From Every
Single One Of Your Customers - ON AUTOPILOT!

Personal Relationship + Subscribers + Value Money In YOUR Bank Account! So...

Receive 50 Ready Made Email Messages - Covering 5 Different Areas Of Your Internet Business - That You Can Simply Slot Into Your Autoresponder Account To Go Out Every X Number Of Days (hands free on autopilot) For Months! Start Building That Close Relationship With Your Subscribers and Customers NOW.

Increase Your Profits Without Additional Marketing, Without Additional Expense And Without Any Headaches Whatsoever!

Do you have a business on the Internet that just doesnt seem to be making as much money as you had hoped it would?

Are you just getting started and want to make sure that you arent leaving any money on the table when you launch?

Would you like an easy and fast way to create more income WITHOUT having to generate more customers in the process?

Im willing to bet that you are. After all, we all want to have more cash profits without having to generate additional buyers.

The good news is that there is a solution and youre going to get instant download access to it today...

Extract Cash From Your Exiting Customers Faster
& Easier Than You Ever Imagined Was Possible!

From the desk of Superman? Adeel Chowdhry...

Dear reader,

There are tons of courses out there that promise you the world and spout themselves off as the newest, greatest and most hidden secret out there.

But Im here to tell you that you dont need the newest, most flashy course to show you how to bring in more customers.

In fact, you can create tons more profit doing nothing more than leveraging the existing customers that you already have.

Best of all, this can be done without all of the additional expenses that you usually have to incur when creating additional profits.

This letter is going to reveal to you the system that I personally use to suck every ounce of cash possible from my customers.

Thats not a bad thing either! I am actually helping my customers out in a big way by getting them to spend more money with me.

You can learn how you can both collect tons more profit from you customers AND give them substantially MORE benefit.

Its a true win, win.

The only problem with this is...

Following Up & Asking For More Money Has
Always Been A Touchy Thing Thats
Required Superb Copywriting Skills...

First, let me tell you something that you may not be aware of before we move on to the pitfall that you need to know about...

Getting a person who has just spent money with you to make an additional purchase is 100 times easier than getting a non-customer to make a first time purchase.

I suggest you read that statement again and really give it a chance to melt into your subconscious because it could prove to be the most profitable thing you implement into your current online business efforts.

Now on to the pitfall...

Writing effective follow-up and up sell messages to get people to pony up that additional dough for an additional product or service is very difficult.

After all, we arent all copywriters and if you dont know how to persuade in print, it doesnt matter if they just made a purchase and trust you because they wont buy if they arent convinced.

Thats what holds nearly all online businesses back from following up and trying to get more money out of their customers.

The other option is to hire a professional copywriter which would costs you tens of thousands of dollars for nothing more than a handful of messages. YIKES!

None of us want to come out of pocket for that much cash just to try and make more money from our customers.

But there is good news that will solve both of these problems...

Your Pre-Written, Fill In The Blank & Fully Automated Follow Up System Ready To Pop
Into Place In Just A Few Minutes!
Super Money Emails In A Box Will Allow You To Make Tons Of Additional Sales To Existing Customers...

Completely pre-written. You dont have to write one single word and can enjoy the peace of mind knowing a professional copywriter crafted your messages from scratch!
50 messages. You get 50 full messages, spread across all 5 areas of an online business that are ready to roll for every faucet of your online business. Just grab the sequence you need and youre off to the races. Fully customizable. Easy message is marked with tokens that show you where to enter things like your name, product name and e-mail address as well as dozens of other personalized tidbits to make each message truly unique and customized to you and your business!

100% Plug N Play. Just pick the sequence you need for any aspect of your marketing process, customize it and pop it into place for a fast, effective and truly professional follow up system.

This is just a sampling of the incredible benefits you get from using Super Money Emails In A Box. Only Super Money Emails In A Box has the stuff you need to boost your business profits into hyper dive!

Now, you can find all sorts of books, articles, and how to guides out there that claim to teach you how to follow-up. Some of them even have a few ideas that could work in some circumstances (if youre paying a top copywriter of course). But NONE of them give you the power to instantly start following up with existing customers for more profit like Super Money Emails In A Box does!

Can you imagine making double or triple the amount of money you currently do for your product or service with no additional customers?

Do you want to be able to call yourself a successful business owner with these increased profits?

Can Someone Like Me Really Follow Up
Effectively & Profitably Without Being A
Professional Copywriter?

In The Past, The Answer To That Question Would Have Been A Resounding No, Until Now That Is...

You see, most courses or products our there make it sound complicated and difficult to follow up with your customers, but the truth is, its not complicated or difficult at all...IF, and thats a big IF, you have Super Money Emails In A Box to eliminate the need for hiring expensive copywriters!

In fact, if you know the simple steps necessary to just plug these ready to go messages into your business, it is downright easy to do.

Let me be very clear about this - you wont make huge profits by simply having a website. You will have to use Super Money Emails In A Box to create a stunning customer follow up experience, but I can promise you its amazingly effective.

Can you imagine how great it will feel to start seeing substantial boosts in sales? What else do you dream about doing with all of the money youll make?

Dont waste another moment, you can get started on your new life right away.

What Can I Expect When I Get Super Money Emails In a Box?

Just take a look at a few more benefits you get from using Super Money Emails In a Box yourself...

Super Fast Implementation - You will never find a way of following up thats as easy as Super Money Emails In A Box. You select the sequence thats right for the function of your business that you need follow up for and you just customize it and plug it in! Nothing could be any easier!

Professional Copywriting Fees Already Paid! - You dont have to hire a pro copywriter and pay tens of thousands of dollars to them! Weve already done that for you saving you that huge expense!

Guaranteed Results - These messages are guaranteed to boost your profits or you pay nothing. Nothing could be as simple, proven and guaranteed to work!

Im sure you can see the power of this follow up system. Are you ready to finally take control of your financial destiny and get your online business really rolling?

The invaluable power in Super Money Emails In A Box is so extensive, powerful and revealing, but still easy to use, that you are going to be totally pumped about wanting start applying this system in your business immediately!

Everything you need is laid out clearly so that even a total newbie can leverage their existing customer base with amazing speed.

You deserve to have all the success, sales and customers that you could ever dream of.

Youre probably worried that Super Money Emails In A Box will cost you a huge amount of money....but you have nothing to worry about.

As you know, I always strive to provide extreme value in every offer that I put together and this time is no different.

In fact, if you are decisive and take action today you are going to get Super Money Emails In A Box for the incredibly cheap price of just...




Now doesnt that sound fair?

Yeah, I know its insane but since Im still building up my credibility and status on the internet my secret strategy is to provide HIGH quality products for crazy IRRESISTIBLE tell me your not tempted!


Listen, if you dont agree that this is the most valuable resource for making money that youve ever used, simply email me and Ill issue you a 100% refund on the spot.. No hard feelings and no questions asked.

In fact, Ill extend this guarantee for an entire 12 months after you get everything!

Thats right, 365 days to use and profit from these incredible Super Money Emails, if you do not feel Super Money Emails In a Box has earned you at least 50 times what I am asking you to pay for it today, then I insist you ask for (and receive) an immediate refund.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me.

If you dont like this product for any reason, any reason whatsoever such as you dont like running your own website, you cant figure out which products to sell, or youre just not making the huge profits you thought youd make in the beginning, then a refund is yours.

I am that sure- that when you see how powerful a money maker this product is, you will not even think of wanting a refund!

Dont You Deserve To Finally Start Making
More Cash From Your Existing Customers
And All The New Ones That Buy From You?

Arent you tired of trying to grind through all of the online fluff to find something that works only to continually be let down?

You dont have to suffer that horrible feeling anymore!

With Super Money Emails In A Box you will finally be able to generate a REAL income online without all of the fluff, clutter, confusion and lies! No course needed!

Just use Super Money Emails In A Box and youre golden!

Even if you feel a bit on the fence, think about the guarantee that I am providing you above. No one is willing to put their neck (and money) on the line like I am (and Im doing it just for your protection).

Why is that?

Because I am 100% sure that once you use Super Money Emails In A Box the first time, you will be convinced and extremely happy with the results (and profits



Thats right! I will also give you MASTER RESALE RIGHTS when
you purchase Super Money Emails! You get the whole exact same
site, sales copy, video tour which played near the top of this website
and also the slick graphics that cost me $120! -

The background audio I used in the video at the top of this site
cost me $29.95! -

Ill also throw in these two HOT banners that you can use
to promote your version of this site (RRP $45) -


Listen, What Is It Going To Cost You In Financial Losses If You Continue To Buy & Try Hit & Miss Products That Dont Work?

We Both Know The Answer To That Is TONS! So
Grab Super Money Emails In A Box And Save
Yourself The Financial AND Emotional Strain!

Grabbing Your Copy Of Super Money Emails In A Box Is Laughably Simple...

Simply click on our 100% secure order button below to be taken to our encrypted order form to make your purchase and get instant access to Super Money Emails In A Box!

If You Are Ordering At 2AM, Youll Still Get Instant Access
To 50 Super Money Emails In A Box So Dont Delay!


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[no] give away free!


We do not guarantee that any form of financial success by using our products and services. Results vary. Hard work, diligence, knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation all play a vital role in your quest to make an income from your internet business.

ebooklover/ is not liable in any manner
resulting from the use or misuse of this product.


Super Money Emails Upgraded with MRR.
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