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Celebrity Blogging with MRR

Celebrity Blogging with MRR.

Dear Entrepreneur.

This Pakage Contains:

1. Video

2. Web

3. MRR License


Breakthrough Step-By-Step Secret Methods Finally Caught On Video... Showing How Average Joes & Janes Turn Into Power-House, Celebrity Blogging Pros!

Learn How To Set Up Your Own Personal Blog For Massive Brand Building... No Technical Knowledge Required!

If You Are An Amateur Artist... Increase Your Chances Of Getting Noticed!

If You Are A Freelancer... This Will Help Make Your Portfolio Shine!

If You Are Running A Business Online... You Will Discover Exactly How To Become An Authority Figure And Be Seen As Better Than Your Competitors!

Or Even If You Are A High School Girl... Make Your Girlfriends Envy You!

From:Insert Your Name Here

Dear Celebrity Blogger In The Making,

When online journaling was first introduced to the Internet in 1983 - and was later called blogging, a term coined by Jorn Barger in 1997 - people used it for nothing more than a way to pen their thoughts.

The late 1990s saw a slow but gradual popularity and revived interest in writing diaries, only online with greater transparency.

More than a decade has passed later and as Web 2.0 sinks into the trend and people are becoming more savvy to technology, a new, small but growing breed of bloggers are born.

They Are Called The Celebrity Bloggers.

Now these seemingly special individuals are NOT (exactly) Hollywood celebrities. Nor are they highly exceptional socialites. Neither are they in possession of blue blood or earthly riches.

To the surprise of many people, Celebrity Bloggers often consist of average individuals who we probably would not notice if we saw them on the streets or at the nearest shopping mall.

However what makes this handful of individuals clearly distinguished from the rest of the other regular bloggers is that:

They have their own fan base of regular visitors and subscribers - some of which are bordering cult-like!

They are perceived as authority figures and more knowledgeable,

They have a strong personality, tell it like it is and especially if they have insider news - believe it or not, bloggers have been largely responsible for turning the political tide in countries like Malaysia!

Now why do some people earn the special status of Celebrity Blogger in their own rights? Theyve built, positioned and branded themselves differently from the rest of the me too bloggers and wanna-bes.

This is in spite of the fact that as of December 2007, Technorati tracks more than 112 million blogs worldwide!

Chances are that as long as youve been online before and have visited a blog, youve been to Celebrity Bloggers website at least once (conservatively speaking). And while on surface level you will see that the blogger is a favorite of hundreds, even thousands of fans - whether in his or her niche, or claimed international fame...

Theres a whole load of show and opportunities in store for a Celebrity Blogger.

Just imagine:

The unquantifiable amount of respect and popularity you can get,

Advertising opportunities - celeb. status bloggers like John Chow, Kenny Sia, Xiao Xue, and Gobala Krishnan are getting paid top dollar by companies to advertise and endorse their products on their virtual real estate,

If youre operating a business in a competitive niche - powerful Search Engine Optmized web pages combined with powerful content can put edges and steps ahead of your mass, faceless competitors!

But Is The Celebrity Blogger Status Reserved Only For An Elite, Privy Few?

To earn the equivalent star power of top bloggers like the names you heard might seem like it requires an uncanny streak of good luck or privilege, which makes the benefits of a celebrity blogger restricted to only a fortunate few.

In other words...

Becoming a celebrity blogger is like waiting for all the stars to fall in the right place and the planets to align in one straight line!

Or does it have to really be that way?

You might be technically challenged and dont know Search Engine Optimization and HTML from Adam.

You probably are not confident in your character persona and have what it takes to garner mass attention online.

Perhaps you have no idea how to brand yourself and get volumes of targeted traffic to your blog - over and over again.

Now heres the heart warming truth about Celebrity Blogging: it IS actually possible for anyone to be a Celebrity Blogger.

Because Celebrity Blogging isnt measured in how many films youve starred in. Its not measured in how quirky your character is, or how smart mouthed you are.

The proof, again, lies in the names Ive mentioned above. Many of them had come from average backgrounds with little or no exceptional qualities. There are frequent stories of models and artists who have amassed more attention from the Internet (and eventually the media) and beat their competitors in contracts even though they might be better.

After being convinced of this truth and putting this theory to the test myself, I have spent a lot of time studying what makes a Celebrity Blogger tick.

Finally, we arrived to a conclusion, busted the myth most people were trapped into believing... and corrected the truth:

The Techniques And Conducts To Becoming a Celebrity Blogger
... Is Actually Duplicable!

Announcing The Breakthrough, Step-By-Step Videos To Becoming A Celebrity Blogger...

Flash Format, Instant Download After Purchase

In the Celebrity Blogging video series, you will learn how to set up your own Personal Blog or authority website within minutes and brand yourself as an expert... or celebrity!

Video #1: How To Get Started with Celebrity Blogging and What You Need Beforehand
(4 minutes and 46 seconds)
Before you begin any task or any business plan, you should know you need to expect before jumping on the bandwagon, such as basic concepts and tools you need. Fortunately with this Celebrity Blogging plan, you wont need to invest much money upfront, so you can easily start branding your name quickly with many blogs.

Video #2: Creative Ways to Find a Catchy Domain Name
(3 minutes and 43 seconds)
Are you sick of having to sit around trying to think of catchy domain names and when you find one you like, you find out that it is not available? Well show you tools that you can use to find creative domains and know whether they are available or not, so you can get a domain name and start creating your blog.

Video #3: How to Find Cheap and Quality Web Hosting
(10 minutes and 27 seconds)
There are thousands of web hosting companies out there. Not all are created equal, which comes to a question that maybe on your mind -- Which one is good and which ones should you avoid? To answer that question, you will learn in this video what you should look at for when finding a good host and what you should look out for to avoid the bad ones. Then you will learn where to find extremely low bargain deals for web hosting that you didnt know existed.

Video #4: How to Setup Wordpress on Cpanels Fantastico Platform
(3 minutes and 46 seconds)
Most web hosting companies use the Cpanel hosting panel, which generally comes with Fantastico, which is a software containing many free scripts that you can easily install on your website. In this video, youll learn step by step how to install Wordpress using Fantastico.

Video #5: How to Setup Wordpress Manually on Any Site within 5 Minutes
(12 minutes and 19 seconds)
In relation to video 4, lets say that you dont have Cpanel on your web hosting account? Well you dont have to worry, because I will show you in this video how to install Wordpress on any website even if it doesnt have a Cpanel hosting panel. Our goal is to cover all bases so we dont leave you in the dark if you dont have Cpanel.

Video #6: Where to Find Wordpress Themes and How to Install Them
(8 minutes and 45 seconds)
Want to know where you can find quality Wordpress Themes so you can change that boring look of the original Wordpress look? In this video, youll be pointed to places with quality Wordpress Themes, and youll also learn how to correctly install them.

Video #7: Where to Find Wordpress Plugins and How to Install them
(3 minutes and 15 seconds)
Plugins act like pieces of software that work together with Wordpress. There are thousands of free Wordpress plugins on the net that you can use to customize your blog. Installing Wordpress Plugins is very similar to installing the Themes, however slightly different, but youll lear how to do just that in this video.

Video #8: How to Customize your Wordpress Themes
(6 minutes and 45 seconds)
Customization of your Blog look is optional, but highly recommended especially when you are trying to brand yourself. You dont want to look like everyone else do you? Right. Youll learn how to brand your name and domain name into the header, footer, and other areas of the Wordpress theme without being required to know how to read the PHP code.

Video #9: Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Blog to Make you Stand Out and Drive Traffic
(7 minutes and 21 seconds)
Building backlinks to your blog, tells the search engines that your blog is important if done right. Youll learn how to gain high quality backlinks without blackhat or spamming techniques. These white hat techniques will allow you to not only get better rankings on the search engines, but drive real traffic directly
through those backlinks and were talking about high quality traffic here!

Video #10: Top SEO Plugins to Optimize Your Blog
(5 minutes and 16 seconds)
So there are thousands and thousands of Wordpress plugins out there, and you may not know which ones to choose. No worries. Well point you to several that you can use to optimize your blog better.

Video #11: How to Write Blog Posts Wisely
(9 minutes and 3 seconds)
Writing a blog post cant be boring; its gotta engage the reader. Whether you write well or not, youll learn how to write blog posts so your readers will come back wanting more. Youll also learn how to add more life to your posts by using royalty free stock photos to illustrate your points. At the same time, you want your blog posts to be first, reader friendly, but of course search engine friendly. Youll learn more about that in this video.

Video #12: Building other Blog Pages for Branding Purposes
(5 minutes and 47 seconds)
Want to know how to add pages to your blog? Well learn how to do just that as well as how to write your About Me page professionally. All blogs should have an area that talks about you, and other optional pages for photos, testimonials, opt-in boxes to build your list and much more. Adding pages will be a breeze after you watch this.

Become Your Own Celebrity Blogger Starting Today.

People are charging hundreds, even thousands of dollars in blogging seminars and traffic generation courses. Yet the pieces are still everywhere for you to pick up and put together.

And if hordes of people are paying top dollar to follow those courses religiously - how much would YOU pay to acquire those set of skills PLUS:

Learn the secrets to achieve Blogging Stardom status,

Have your own massive vaults of traffic rushing to your website with no off switch - visitors loyally return to listen to what you have to say on any topic you are passionate about,

Trample your competitors in your career or business,

Earn BIG BUCKS from advertising and endorsements,
And much more...

Now remember this: attention seeking is a label given to bloggers... by jealous people. You dont have to conform your guilt to the normal standards set by others or anyone else in your social circle. Today there is no need to be modest when promoting yourself and blogging made it all the more easier.

And The One That Stands Out WINS.

Leave the whining and envying to the losers.

Because its more possible than ever for anyone to become their own popular blogger - and I know that ANYONE can do it - Im letting go the Celebrity Blogging videos for a paltry investment of just $47.00.

Your Purchase Is Fully Protected By My 100% Satisfaction Or Your Money Back Guaratee!

My offer wont be complete without mentioning this so here it is. Purchase now and you can try out every step, secrets and techniques that I share with you in my Celebrity Blogging video tutorial series.

And try it out 100% RISK-FREE for the next 90 days after your purchase.

Follow the video tutorials and apply the steps as you go along. With a full 3 months of risk-free experience, you have more than enough time to try it out and set up your first celebrity blog.

If for any reason at all, youre not happy with the outcome from what you learn in the video tutorials, delete the videos from your hard drive, contact me and I will refund your purchase. Every single cent of it.

You cannot lose.

Place your order now even if its 2AM in the morning. Make your purchase online via our secure server and after your purchase is validated, you will be automatically redirected to the private Thank You page where you can download the videos right away.

So act now - you wont be disappointed.

Celebrity Blogging Videos

Click Here To Order Now For Just $47.00

Warmest Regards,
Insert Your Name Here

P.S. Finally... You can now access and unlock the same secrets to becoming your own Celebrity Blogger! In my breakthrough video tutorials, you will be able to break the technical barrier, learn how to set up your own blog in a step-by-step manner without paying through your nose for expensive blogging courses, and brand yourself for mass appeal.

P.P.S. I will also show you the #1 secret to personalizing your blog and getting volumes of targeted traffic - the two very things that set Celebrity Bloggers apart from the rest of the me too wanna-bes!
NOTE: You need to have Adobe Flash Player to view all of the videos. If you dont have the application installed in your computer, you can get the plug-in from the Adobe official website for FREE. Link to the application will also be provided in the customer download area.


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Celebrity Blogging with MRR.
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