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Traffic Jam Formula

Dear Internet Friend

I don‘t get it. Why do people have difficulty getting visitors to their web sites? Particular now that you can get TheTrafficJam Formula that draws visitors like a ten ton magnet.

I‘ll tell you what I‘ll do... If you‘re interested in selling your products by the hundreds or even thousands this isn‘t going to take more than a couple of minutes. So pay close attention while I make you TWO PROMISES:

Promise One
First I‘m going to promise you something that NO-ONE ELSE would ever dare to promise...

I promise that if you follow my simple methods you can pull over a million visitors to the website(s) of your choice. Give me a few days of your spare time to get my system going then watch as the dynamics take over and your site vistors grow exponentially.

I can‘t promise that you will earn money off this because I don‘t know your product or your sales pitch. However I can absolutely guarantee that if you follow the easy steps that I set out you will see your site counter start to climb steadily to the stars... THAT‘S A PROMISE

Promise Two
Here‘s a fact for you... and it might surprise you... When you acquire TheTrafficJam Formula you are granted THE REDISTRIBUTION RIGHTS. That means you can sell and redistribute this incredible system just as often as you want. 100% profit!

You know what that means? It means you‘re just about to pick up a great system AND a great product. And I promise that the two together plus the powerful knowledge of how to pull as much site traffic as you want will recoup many many many times the cost of your time reading this.

Believe me I‘ve been Internet marketing long enough to know what I‘m talking about.

W A R N I N G !!!
IMPORTANT! ... TheTrafficJam Formula may SHOCK you:
Sometimes the truth is shocking. If you can‘t take the facts don‘t read TheTrafficJam Formula.

In addition to giving you the absolute facts on massive traffic stikes to your site TheTrafficJam Formula...

Exposes what the Internet Millionaires don‘t even KNOW - yet they cash in on it anyway. They stumbled on it by accident but now EVERYONE can get a share.
Blasts some of the dumb theories expounded by the so-called "free traffic gurus"
Tells you what the REAL money-spinners are on the Web today - no punches held. (And THAT‘S gonna upset a few I can tell you!)

If you can stand the truth you can break free from the FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) that surrounds Internet profit today. Thing is... can you handle it?


While you think about how you can turn around your business with this phenomenal formula here are just a few lines about me Graham Hamer the author. By the time you finish reading it you‘ll understand why I‘m so excited!

- All my working life has been spent either in Marketing or Accountancy. That‘s what I do and I‘m pretty good at both. But good though I am it never stopped me looking for opportunities elsewhere. In fact like most of us I‘ve always had this hunger to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I got caught up in the Internet floodwaters and observed (with some envy) the success of people like Marlon Sanders Cory Ruddle Janik Silver Jim Edwards Neil Shearing and others.
As I observed these winners my Marketing and Accountancy background made me realise that every dollar these guys spent was coming back multiplied over and over. And it wasn‘t just their products or the content of their websites.
Man I was ANGRY!
That‘s when I realised that getting site visitors was the key to Internet Profit.
And then - partly by accident and partly by hard work combined with trial and error - I stumbled across this amazing formula that just attracts site visitors like a huge unstoppable magnet.
And guess what??? It‘s exactly the same formula that the ‘big guys‘ use!! Only they‘ve never realised how it all fits together. They‘ve never understood the synergies and interactions. The dynamics have totally escaped them.

You know what I‘m saying here? I‘m saying that the top names in Internet Marketing are doing it right but they don‘t know WHAT they‘re doing right! So what you read in my book you will read NOWHERE ELSE ON THE WEB. Because TheTrafficJam Formula is 100% UNIQUE.


And finally everyone‘s calling me a "TRAFFIC GURU" now!
It‘s true that I already have other successful Internet products to my name and I write a very well respected weekly ezine on Internet marketing. But I ain‘t no SUPERHERO... I ain‘t no MAGICIAN... and I certainly ain‘t no GURU...

I‘m just a REGULAR GENUINE GUY who‘s discovered how it‘s done!


As you study every word of this book you‘ll come to realise that there are hundreds or even thousands of people who push their stuff on the Internet but who have never experienced commerce in the "real" world. They buy my formula and steal everyone else‘s ideas then rewrite them like they dreamed stuff up for themselves.

But don‘t be fooled. THIS IS THE REAL THING. This is genuine 24karat GOLD not some tired rehash of someone else‘s hard work.

If you‘ve already studied methods of getting traffic to your site you may already know a few parts and think that you already knew this stuff. But I‘m going to demonstrate to you a whole new STRATEGY.

The further you read into this formula the more you will realize that you need to examine the ingredients. Study the recipe. It‘s the right combination of ingredients and cooking method that makes the omelet not the fact that you‘re using an egg!

One thing is sure; even if you‘ve read all the books like I have you‘re still reading this sales letter. Which suggests to me that you haven‘t yet discovered the TOTAL strategy. If you had you would already be getting unlimited visitors to your web site and you wouldn‘t be here!

In a second I‘m going to explain my winning formula. But first read these ...

I‘ve got to say that I POSITIVELY LOVE this ebook - this is so full of positively vital information that anyone who follows your traffic building plans are going to have their work cut out to keep up with all the new business! I can‘t believe that you‘re giving all this away for the price plus including resale and redistribution rights - that‘s what I call phenomenal. Thanks Graham!

Steve Shaw

"It‘s a masterpiece!"

Hello Graham I managed to finish reading your ebook yesterday night and I must say....
It‘s a masterpiece! I‘ve read tons of other traffic generating ebooks but none like this. The tactics and tips that you outlined are really innovative and I must say... extremely effective and can be easily applied by anyone newbie or seasoned marketer.

I‘ve had some mini successes implementing some of those tricks myself but reading your report have brought my web promotion strategies into a whole new level. I used to complain about the lack of new ways to market my product but now I have tons of exciting ideas thanks to the 3 1/2 hours I spend reading your report. Plus I loved your presentation !

Thanks again!
Marcus Yong

"I watched my counter spin!"

Dear Graham

I took a look at my site counter and was staggered by the number of visitors I had had during the previous 24 hours.

I refreshed my screen and it had jumped another 20. I refreshed again and 10 more. I can‘t believe that this works so well. It‘s too simple really!

I love it... thanks!!!
George Fergusson.

"Expect a BIG increase!"

...EXTREMELY pleased. I couldn‘t have asked for more.

This book goes beyond the usual stuff... "Submit to search engines buy ezine ads etc.". You‘ve developed a whole plan and explain WHY and WHEN I should do certain things.

My sales reflect my new visitor levels and I‘m making more than I ever have particularly since your methods don‘t have to cost anything.

Thanks a lot Graham
Bob Bruce.

"At last!"

I‘d about given up. Having struggled through the web pages of a so-called traffic guru and found them to be a waste I didn‘t think I was ever going to find the solution. Yours was the last resort.

It‘s undoubtedly the most practical actionable and certain system I‘ve ever seen. As for the money back guarantee - what‘s the point? Nobody‘s ever going to claim it!

Now I‘ve opened a second site selling TheTrafficJam Formula... and guess how I‘m drawing traffic to it???

Mandy Harris.

Incidentally unlike some Internet "gurus" I don‘t ask for testimonials. If my customers want to email me their opinions I welcome the feedback. But I don‘t ask or beg for it.


Here‘s How I‘m Going To Help You Get A MILLION Visitors To Your Website!

OK. Let‘s get down to the good stuff. You‘ve got a product or service you want to promote. Maybe you‘re just an affiliate for other peoples‘ products. The question is how is the best way for you to get visitors to these sites?

You can use direct mail. But it‘s darned expensive and your product may bomb! You may lose your shirt.

You can mass email a bought list. But you‘d better be prepared for a backlash of spam and the probability of being suspended by your ISP.

You can try the FFA sites and legitimately email a couple of thousand people a day (and have 1 999 of your emails automatically trashed by the recipients).

You can...

Yeah I know you‘ve already been there and already done that!

Hey join the club!

But TheTrafficJam Formula will tell you...

The amazing synergy that a few simple effective interlocking traffic-pulling systems can produce.

Actual examples of multi-million dollar online businesses using variations of my formula. How it‘s done in the real world.

Why automation is so important and what‘s the easiest and most effective way of achieving it? You don‘t want to miss this one!

How to find and negotiate with the REAL traffic-generators.

What are the VERY BEST Associate Programs? Seeing is believing!

Who pays YOU the most? You be the judge of this benefit!

Why is nobody else is telling you this? The truth can be a littly scary!

How to quickly build your own Opt-In list. Why it‘s so important.

How to make sure your Affiliate links don‘t get hijacked. Stop the rip-off DEAD in its tracks.

Pop-up windows can double your traffic. I‘ll show you how to put them in place - FREE.

How to run a traffic-generating Affiliate Program.

How to post to 500 000 potential customers EVERY DAY for nothing. Take advantage of this now!

How your own Newsletter will blast your visitor numbers and your sales. (And you don‘t even have to write it yourself!)

What value a name and an email address? And why!

How to work Newsgroups. This one‘s really cool!

How to REALLY crack the search engine conundrum. You‘d better not believe everything everyone‘s telling you!

How to optimize your site for best results. Forget the hype - it takes just a couple of minutes!

How do external links increase your site traffic? How do you get them? Here‘s what Dennis Gaskill the creator and owner of Boogie Jack‘s has to say about external links.

"My site is in the top 1% of the most linked-to-sites on the Internet according to https://www.tradebit.com. It serves about 750 000 page views per month. Less than 35% of my traffic comes from search engines. That means over 65% of my traffic comes from links or a bookmark and I do have good search engine rankings for several keywords so it‘s not balanced that way because of bad rankings."
And that‘s just the beginning. There‘s more...

Secrets you can take to the bank... LITERALLY.

You‘ve tried free-for-all links sites free classified ads some paid ads you‘ve submitted your pages to all those thousands of search engines and you‘ve used the bulletin boards to pound out your URL. You‘ve sent off articles to ezines and posted in forums. When do the good times roll? Where‘s the traffic?

Multi-step marketing: What works and what doesn‘t. Why?

What to do tomorrow morning to start getting traffic to your site.

How to ratchet up the formula using free traffic synergies that will just amaze you.

Would you like to get 1 000 referrals at a time? Referrals are the best source of new business bar none. But normally they just trickle in. A great strategy to turn that trickle into a flood.

What you need to know about using direct mail sucessfully.

The awful TRUTH about Meta Tags and how you can ignore them!

What NOT to buy. And why not!

How you can turn 5 site visitors into over A MILLION - automatically! Just incredible!

A daily action plan that will catapult your visitor stats right into the next century!

A complete step-by-step explanation of my astonishing formula... You‘ll see why it‘s so different.

AND access to my Members-Only Web Page with OVER ONE HUNDRED truly awsome little-known resources that can be yours at the click of a mouse.

All the above and a lot more is what you‘ll find inside this exclusive formula.

You will find information that‘s never been released before to public eyes and IF YOU ACT STRAIGHT AWAY you‘ll be able to profit from it before most of the Internet Community even finds out it exists!

... you will literally get an unfair advantage over your competitors by having "insiders" information before everyone else does!

No other book no other manual no other site can give you everything you‘ll get here. No one!

And the information you get is not just *theory* to read and file away... you will get the EXACT instructions you need to make your website teem with visitors - BIGTIME.

So now you‘re probably expecting me to tell you how I can show you how to make $10 000 a day week or a month -- whatever. NO WAY!

I‘ll give you my formula on how to pull MILLIONS of visitors to your website. But what you do with those visitors is up to you.

W A R N I N G !!!
IMPORTANT! ... If you want a ten-minute read don‘t buy this product:

TheTrafficJam Formula is a REAL e-book! (Real words. Real ideas. Real size. Be prepared for lots of new ideas.)
At almost 40 000 words (plus a further 30 000 on the Private Web Site) TheTrafficJam Formula is not a cheap "throw-away" publication.
If you print it make sure you‘ve got well over 100 sheets of paper handy!
Open your mind to a new concept. I‘ll help you all the way.

Traffic Jam Formula is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer. All you need is "Adobe Reader" or "Acrobat eBook Reader" which is available free and already on most computers. If you do not have it installed on your computer Please Click here to get the software. They are both Free.
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