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*BRAND NEW* Open For Business Digital Resale Package - MASTER RESELL RIGHTS INCLUDED!!

If you would like to start your own turnkey internet business, offering over 40 of the most sought after niche information products on the market today, congratulations my friend because...

...You Are Finally at the Right Place ...at the Right Time!

Thousands of people around the world are experiencing the peace-of-mind and financial freedom that comes with having their own digital publishing business. Now, with the Open for Business Digital Package, you too can become a part of this highly lucrative and increasingly popular business model.

And the best part is ... all you'll need is this ONE website!


Re: the key to your own digital products empire

"Information Marketing" - "Niche Profits" - "Resale Rights", it seems like you see these phrases everywhere today doesn't it?

And do you want to know why that is?

Because after years of ignoring the truth, online business owners have finally realized that information is the one thing people crave more than anything else!

Which makes sense when you stop to think about it.

Let's say its been several years since you've changed the brake pads on your vehicle and you're beginning to wonder if you should get new ones. So you go to Google and enter the search term, "brake pads". Your results show 2 listings. One is for an auto parts store proclaiming they have the "best brake pads for only $49.95 per set".

The other listing is for an ebook called, "The Top 5 Reasons You Should Change Your Brake Pads" priced at $9.95. Which listing will you be most likely to click on? If you're like most people, you'll buy the ebook first to learn why and when you should replace your pads before spending the time and money to do so.

Another truth that internet business owners have come to understand recently is that the more specific your target market (niche) is, the more sales you'll make!

As online surfers become more "web savvy" the small business owner has had to play catch-up. They're realizing that they can't be all things to all people and except for in a few instances, the days of the online mega-marts are gone. Consumers are learning that all they have to do is type what they're looking for into a search engine and they'll get narrow, targeted results to their search, instead of a "Super Mall" which distracts them in their quest to quickly find exactly what they're looking for.

One other advantage savvy surfers have come to appreciate is the convenience of online digital products. Whether its an ebook, a report or an executable software program, digital products allow the consumer to immediately take posession of the item they just purchased. And in today's "gotta have it now" society that is an important selling point.

Now, just so you're clear on what we've covered so far, let's recap:

Online surfers are seeking information more than anything else
Offering targeted "niche" information equals more sales
Consumers appreciate the convenience of online digital products

By now you can probably see the potential profit there is to be made from selling digital information products but ... you may also be thinking, "I don't have any products to sell and I have no idea how to write my own ebook!"

Well don't despair my friend - because I'm about to show you how you can build a digital empire without writing a single paragraph or creating your own products!

With the recently discovered phenomenon sweeping the online publishing industry called "Resale Rights" - and the Open for Business Digital Package - you can have your own digital products empire online and making money in under 60 minutes!

Actually the above statment is not entirely accurate. You see, while a "Resale Rights" phenomenon is currently sweeping the internet, the idea is not really new. It began several years ago when some smart ebook author realized that not only could he make money selling his published ebook, he could make even more money selling the "rights" to sell his ebook to others. It was a win-win situation for both. The author made money selling the "resale rights" - and the person who bought the "rights" made money by selling a product they didn't have to create - and keeping 100% of the profit from their sales!

The current "resale rights" craze seems to have exploded when that same smart ebook author discovered that not only were people purchasing the "rights" to sell his ebook, they were also asking for "Master Resale Rights" which would allow them to sell the "resale rights" for the book to their customers. Being the smart entrepreneur that he is, the author saw the leverage this would give to his name and reputation as an expert in his field and thus began this growing "resale rights" resurgence.

Today, because of the entrepreneurial spirit and forsight of that one ebook author over 5 years ago you too have the opportunity to build your own digital products empire!

And with the Open for Business Digital Package you can make your business come to life
in as little as one (1) hour!

That's Right! In the time it takes for most people to grab a quick lunch you could be selling your OWN digital products and keeping ALL the profits for yourself! And here's even better news - with the Open for Business Digital Package it will not be necessary for you to download any of the products - unless you want to!

You simply purchase the Open for Business Digital Package, upload it to your webhost along with a personalized copy of the website you're reading now and a ready-made thank you page - and you're ready to go! OFB will host the products for you and make them available to YOUR customers through the OFB master file you will receive with your purchase. (The master file comes in EXE and is not readable to MAC users.)

I think you'll agree that starting your own internet business can't get much easier than that!

And here's a few ideas on how you can make money with the OFB Digital Package:

Sell each of the products individually through their ready-made sales page
Sell the resale rights to each of the products individually
Create your own resale rights package
Set up your own ebook mini-mall selling the products at retail
Use the products for back-end sales to your current offer
Sell the OFB Digital Package itself and keep 100% of the profits
Start your own affiliate program for the OFB Digital Package and have others do the selling for you

...I must say you have really outdone yourself with the OFB package! I had joined several membership sites at quite a considerable cost to get just a few of the gems you have put together so smartly in this ONE package, and at a fraction of the cost! Thanks for a great package and keeping credibility ON the net when so many hurt us honest internet marketers! Jan Tallent, https://www.tradebit.com

So, just what will you be selling with YOUR OFB Package?

In keeping with the idea that offering your customers "targeted" information equals more sales, you'll receive products from 4 of the hottest and most sought after niches online... personal finances, pet care, caring for your home and health & wellness.

Check 'Em Out...
"Master Resale Rights" and Websites Included

10 Book Package
Sells For $37.00 Niche Content Kit

Start your new resell rights business off with a bang with TEN (10) recently released eBooklets targeting the hottest information markets on the web. Topics include: Health & Wellness, Beauty & Skincare, Dog Care, Gardening, Home Repair and more. The Niche Content Kit comes with Master Resell Rights and a ready made sales page -- sell the booklets individually or as a collection and keep 100% of the profits for yourself!

Sells For $37.00 Family Finance Planner
Discover how you can easily keep on top of your finances, keep your bank manager off your back and work out how to finally afford that car or holiday that you've always wanted!

Sells For $17.95 Workplace Warrior
A brand new guidebook that puts you firmly in control. Whether you're looking for a new job, seeking a more than average pay raise or looking to change your life for the better - you'll learn how to accomplish your goals with this book.

Sells For $24.95 101 Ways to Stop the Money Leak

Do you really want to save money? Discover 101 easy to implement ways you can start plugging all of the money leaks immediately.

Sells For $37.77 So You Wanna Buy a Car?

Discover every dollar saving trick, every scam-stopping tip, and every must-know bit of information you need when buying a car!

Sells For $19.95 How to Buy a Car With Little or No Credit
Think you can't get a car because you have no credit? Then you need to read these insider secrets today! Discover how to get the car you always you wanted with little or no credit!

Sells For $19.95 Insider Secrets of Online Currency Trading

Insider Secrets of Online Currency Trading will show you exactly how you can add to your bank account and financial portfolio by trading currency online.

Sells For $19.99 A Practical Guide to Swing Trading

Here's your chance to get the only practical handbook for beginning and experienced swing traders, that gives you a complete and simple system to start being a profit taker in any market condition!

Sells For $9.97 Pet Medical Recorder
If you own a Cat, a Dog or any other type of animal, here's a quick way to keep track of all your pet's important medical and treatment records.

Now you can keep on top of your pet's medication and treatment the easy way with your copy of Pet Medical Recorder.

Sells For $27.00 Pamper Your Cat
It's a fact that most cats rule their owners, so when they turn up their noses at their food, what are we going to do? Start cooking!

This purr-fectly delightful collection of recipes features 100 tempting and tasty treats and healthy main courses for your loving companion.

Sells For $27.00 Pamper Your Dog
The cookbook that dogs everywhere have been waiting for has finally arrived. Learn how to prepare 130 tasty and healthy treats and main meals for your dog without a lot of cost or work.

You cook for yourself and your family, so don't ignore your most faithful friend.

Sells For $14.95 Caring for Your New Pet Hamster
Discover everything you need to know to properly care for your pet hamster. Contents include:

Considering a Hamster as a Pet
Housing for your Hamster
Hamsters and Knawing (biting)
Exercise for your hamster
Feeding your hamster
The Life of your hamster
And More!

Sells For $9.97 200 Problem Solving Tips For Your Home and Your Health

How would you like to have the fast, economical and easy solutions to 200 home and health problems at your fingertips? Now you can, with this money-saving and time-saving household reference! Just imagine the time and money you will save, not to mention the reduced stress of having all of these tips right at your fingertips.

Sells For $9.97 The Essential Guide To Organizing Your Home

Do you shudder when you think of people coming over to visit unannounced? Do you panic when you get a message on your answering machine that family is coming�and they left 4 hours ago (and it�s a 5 hour trip)? Do you try to �clean� before your cleaning lady comes? Can you not afford a cleaning lady and try to do it yourself, ending up discouraged, frustrated, and thinking it�s just impossible? The Essential Guide To Organizing Your Home is your solution.

Sells For $24.97 Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping will guide you every step of the way, from creating a base plan to choosing plants, trees and landscaping for energy savings.

Sells For $19.95 Your Perfect Lawn

Contains hundreds of easy to follow ideas, tips and shortcuts to help you create a perfectly manicured lawn that will look like it was done by a professional lawn service!

Sells For $9.95 The Miracle of Vinegar

Vinegar can be used for hundreds of alternative uses, from preventing burn blisters to cleaning your windows. This great guide will show you more than 60 great uses for this miracle liquid!

Sells For $39.00 Baby Safety Tips

Learn how to keep your baby safe in all situations without having to be on "Parent Watch" 24 hours a day!

Sells For $17.00 How to Stop Your Depression Now

Finally, retired clinical counselor reveals the secrets successful psychiatrists and psychologists don't want you to know. Discover how to stop your depression now!

3 Book Package
Sells For $37.00 Enriching Your Mind, Body and Soul With The Power Of Yoga

With the Enriching Your Mind, Body and Soul With The Power Of Yoga package, you will receive three guides that cover every aspect of the yoga lifestyle, including relaxation, exercise, breathing, and meditation. Whether you're using the package in conjunction with a class or on your own, Enriching Your Mind, Body and Soul With The Power Of Yoga can help you.

Sells For $19.00 404 Self Improvement Tips
Implementing just one of these 404 tips can help YOU save more money, build a more solid relationship, have a healthier body and create huge success in your life and business!

If you want to increase the quality of your life - 404 Self Improvement Tips is the book for you.

Sells For $37.00 30 Day Low Carb Diet

The 30-Day Low Carb Diet 'Ketosis Plan' has already helped scores of people lose their excess pounds and inches faster and easier than they ever thought possible! Find out what it can do for you by trying it out for yourself right now!

Sells For $17.95 Weight Loss Primer Report

Get fit and lose the weight with this easy to read manual that will save you time and frustration and show you how to focus and achieve your desired results quicker!

Sells For $19.95 1000 Atkins Diet Recipes

Thousands have already discovered the miracle, you can do it too - lose weight the easy way! You will never have to wonder what to have for dinner, lunch, breakfast or snacks again!

Sells For $14.95 97 Ways to Get Fit and Stay Fit

Learn 97 tips for both health and fitness that will help you lose weight, discover ways to maintain a better healthy lifestyle, and be in the best shape of your life - all the smart way!

Sells For $9.97 Organic Secrets

Help keep your family healthy and save hundreds on your grocery bill with this fantastic, easy to follow guide book, written for both the amateur gardener and the enthusiast alike. If your new to organic gardening the in-depth advice on growing over 36 different types of vegetables will be indispensable - find out when to sow, maintain your crop and when to harvest to get the very best from your garden!

Audio Included
Sells For $39.95 Understanding Acne: Causes, Cures & Myths
Learn everything you need to know about acne without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a doctor�s visit. This information has helped thousands of people understand their acne, and subsequently make it disappear! If you are in need of comprehensive information on every aspect of acne there is no better resource than Understanding Acne: Causes, Cures & Myths.

Sells For $9.95 The Ultimate Collection Of Herbal Tea Remedies

Are you looking for a more natural way to obtain releief for common ailments? The Ultimate Collection Of Herbal Tea Remedies is your answer. Inside you will find a wide selection of recipes for herbal teas that will have you feeling better in no time.

Sells For $14.95 Stop Smoking In a Week

Have you tried to stop smoking, but have failed in your attempts to quit? What if I told you that within a week from starting this one stop smoking program you could be smoke free? Its really not as hard as you may think. This eBook will teach you how you can be smoke free forever!

Awesome, aren't they? And remember, you'll have "Master Resale Rights" to all of the products shown above, which means you can sell the products individually, as a whole in this package, or create your own software package!

But if you're still not convinced that the Open for Business Digital Package is one of the easiest and most profitable turnkey businesses on the web today, I'll even include the following free resources.

Resale Rights
5 Tips For More Profits
Special mini-report that reveals some insightful marketing strategies that can add profits to your bottom line. You'll learn:

How to increase your orders by up to 250% or more
The person you actually *want* as a competitor
The benefits of 'Gestalt' Marketing
And Much More!

How to Setup Reseller Rights Packages
You can make money on the internet! By the time you finish this book you will have a good grasp of what it takes to make money with reseller rights!

Niche Money Machine
Here's The Easiest Step-by-Step Process For Finding, Creating and Selling Your Own Auto-Pilot Niche Products So You Can Make A Fortune On The Internet!" It's Not As Hard As You May Think- Once You Know The Secrets!

Act now and you can get these 43 fantastic hot information products and bonuses totaling over $800 plus a ready-made sales and thank you page (retail value $245.00) for ONLY $19.95!

And just to intice you a bit more I'm also going to include...


Fast Action Bonus #1
How To Setup Profit Pulling Niches
If you'd like to earn a massive income with Google Adsense, get higher affiliate commission checks and dominate your own niches, then this ebook is exactly what you need.

A step-by-step manual that teaches you how to setup your own money pulling sites at a minimum cost. That's right, at minimum cost and without the need to buy highly expensive software tools or other hyped up stuff. Master Resale Rights Included.

Sells For $17.00


Fast Action Bonus #2
Mystery Gift
A special mystery gift created especially for OFB Digital Package Owners. This resource is designed to help get your business off the ground quickly and easily. So fantastic you'll wonder why other packages don't include it!

Value $89.97


Listen friend, I've been where you are now, jumping from one disappointing affiliate program to the other, spending thousands on mlm's that didn't live up to the promises, being lied to by so-called "gurus" whose only interest in me was my bank account. But it wasn't until I started "building my OWN business" with digital information products that I finally found what I had been searching for.

And don't think its too late for you to climb on board. As more and more people come online, digital products is one of the few internet industries that will continue to grow despite economic and social influences.

Once again, here's how you can make money with your own OFB Digital Package:

Sell each of the products individually through their ready-made sales page
Sell the resale rights to each of the products individually
Create your own resale rights package
Set up your own ebook mini-mall selling the products at retail
Use the products for back-end sales to your current offer
Sell the OFB Digital Package itself and keep 100% of the profits
Start your own affiliate program for the OFB Digital Package and have others do the selling for you

And in case you've forgotten, here's what you'll get:

Master Resell Rights to the OFB Digital Package - value $49.95
Personalized Sales and Thank You Page with Graphics - value $245.00
Privacy Policy, Terms of Agreement and Legal Disclaimer - value $45.00
Niche Content Kit, Website Included - value $37.00
Family Finance Planner, Website Included - value $37.00
Workplace Warrior, Website Included - value $17.95
101 Ways to Stop the Money Leak, Website Included - value $24.95
So You Wanna Buy a Car, Website Included - value $37.77
Buy a Car With Little or No Credit, Website Included - value $19.95
Insider Secrets of Online Currency Trading, Website Included - value $19.95
A Practical Guide to Swing Trading, Website Included - value $19.99
Pet Medical Recorder, Website Included - value $9.97
Pamper Your Cat, Website Included - value $27.00
Pamper Your Dog, Website Included - value $27.00
Caring for Your New Pet Hamster, Website Included - value $14.95
200 Problem Solving Tips, Website Included - value $9.97
Essential Guide To Organizing Your Home, Website Included - value $9.97
Homeowners Guide To Landscaping, Website Included - value $24.97
Your Perfect Lawn, Website Included - value $19.95
The Miracle of Vinegar, Website Included - value $9.95
Baby Safety Tips, Website Included - value $39.00
Stop Your Depression Now, Website Included - value $17.00
The Power Of Yoga, Website Included - value $37.00
404 Self Improvement Tips, Website Included - value $19.00
30 Day Low Carb Diet, Website Included - value $37.00
Weight Loss Primer Report, Website Included - value $17.95
1000 Atkins Diet Recipes, Website Included - value $19.95
97 Ways to Get Fit and Stay Fit, Website Included - value $14.95
Organic Secrets, Website Included - value $9.97
Understanding Acne, Website & Audio Included - value $39.95
Ultimate Collection Of Herbal Tea Remedies, Website Included - value $9.95
Stop Smoking In a Week, Website Included - value $14.95
Resale Rights: 5 Tips For More Profits - giveaway only
How to Setup Reseller Rights Packages - giveaway only
Niche Money Machine - giveaway only
Fast Action Bonus #1, Website Included - value $17.00
Fast Action Bonus #2, Mystery Gift - value $89.97
Free Availablity of the Products to Your Customers - value $420.00 per year
Total Value: $1440.86 - All Yours for Only $19.95


Due to the popularity of this package it may soon become necessary to place a limit on the number of them sold to prevent over-saturating the market. Don't take the chance that when you come back this offer will no longer be here...

Get your Open for Business Digital Package now while its still available!

To Your Success,


P.S. You will need a basic knowlege of HTML, a way to process credit cards and your own webhosting account to set up the Open for Business Digital Package. Don't have a credit card processor or webhost? Don't worry, you'll find my recommended resources inside.

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