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The Outsourcing and Automation Report

Save Yourself Lots Of Time And Effort, By Building Your Online Business Using Outsourcing And Automation

Dear Internet Marketer,

I have been in online marketing a long time. However, during most of the years I was a bit of a failure at it. I kept making all kinds of mistakes and having to do everything over and over.

I made some big mistakes, and I kept repeating them -

First of all, I accidentally on purpose forgot how to plan my business and make a strategy for how I was going to make it work, because I really wanted to believe that a trial and error approach to things was the way to learn ...WRONG. All I did was self sabotage my business in the name of learning everything myself.
Secondly, I struggled on for years without believing that I could automate my business, because I thought the technology was above my head or that it was too expensive to afford. I even refused to acknowledge it or admit it, thinking that I could do it all myself.
Why did I act like this?

Well, like many people in the business, I just sort of fell into it. I just ended up working for myself at home and I was not really educated in the internet business.

This was about twelve years ago. Back then, the internet was like the Wild West. The rules kept changing, and it was a case of anything goes.

I made a lot of blunders and lost a lot of money. My education was very hit and miss. I really did not seek out help unless I thought I just could not get out of trouble.

So what is the point of this story?

During those years I have had the pleasure of talking to many gurus in the internet business, simply because I became so desperate for solutions. My business was always cracking up like a mental patient with a bad diagnosis.

I was surprised to find that many of them had the same experience. They also fell into their business somehow. Some wanted to be doctors or fireman or fashion designers. Instead they ended up in internet marketing.

Even the top guys in the industry started off in a small way, as that so-called underachiever, running their one-man business from the home.

I started out the same way many of these gurus did, and I had been at it longer than most of them, but I had still not made that million dollars.

The question was - how did they manage to earn a million dollars while I sat back stewing in my marketing mediocrity, applauding myself for just breaking 10 percent over meeting my floor costs, when I could have had 200 percent, 500 percent or more?

Of course, there are all kinds of different answers to this question. In fact, each individual marketer has a unique story to tell when it comes to how they managed to become an internet millionaire.

However, for most gurus, the moment of epiphany as to what they had to do to their business to really make it work came when they finally realized that it was all about time.

Do You Want to Know What the Secret of Being A Successful Internet Marketer Is?
So isnt about time you ordered my new eBook?
The Outsourcing And Automation Report
Yes. Getting rich on the internet is about being organized and knowing how to plan things, but it is also all about recognizing the most important principle of business management which is -

There are only so many hours in every day!
This means that there is only so much that any one individual can get done in one given day. There is a limit to what can be accomplished. You are only human.

This means that, day after day, year after year, you will only be able to accomplish so much. Once you have reached the limit of what you can get done in a certain period of time, that it is it in terms of your productivity.

Of course nobody really thinks about automating their business at first. They think instead that the secret to success is to work harder.

The secret to internet marketing business success is not to work harder! It is to work smarter.
Working smart means automating your business.
Perhaps you are already running a really successful internet marketing business.
Perhaps you are still struggling to earn more than a few bucks a week from your online business, or ...
Perhaps you are in a situation where you have yet to earn even one single dollar.
In any event, you should think about what it is that makes the millionaires of the internet marketing industry different from you (apart from the fact that they are millionaires).

Many people also conclude that these internet millionaires are smarter than them. This is not true either. The most successful internet marketers are just like you and me - perfectly ordinary people.

However, the one thing that makes them different from you or me is:

They realized that with only so many hours available, and with so much work to be done, that

The automating of their business was critical, and that...
The sooner they automated their business, the quicker they would be able to see profits...
If you can build a business, automate it and make sure that everything is running smoothly, and then move on to create a business in the same vein - then you will pull in thousands of dollars each month!

Dont get the idea that this is something you can do overnight!

To automate everything you need resources, and these tend to cost even more money.

This is why I have taken great care in this book The Outsourcing And Automation Report to give you a step by step plan about how to automate your business.

The truth is you may not be able to automate everything in your business from day one, because these things tend to cost money. You should simply instigate automation as you go along on a step-by-step basis when it becomes affordable.

This does not, however, change the essential fact that automating every possible aspect of your business is the key to stepping up to the big league of internet marketing.

Getting all of this in hand is all part of getting it right in the first place, and I cover these topics in a section of the book called Getting the initial approach right...

In this chapter you will learn:

How self-importance can lead you astray.
Why you need at some times to walk away from your business.
Why it is important to automate right from the beginners.
Why you are not invincible.
Why being a control freak does not work when it comes to online businesses.
How to choose the exact right business model form the very start of creating your business.
I also let you in on the ins and outs of understanding the automation process, as well as how there is always a price to pay for success...

In the chapter called How to Understand the Automation Process, I tell you:

How to gauge the success of our business.
How to let go of certain misconceptions you may have about how much can be done for you as the result of automation...
The importance of providing support for your business.
Just exactly what automation can and cannot do for enhancing your business.
In the chapter about paying for success, I discuss:

Thinking in terms of pulling in more money, rather than just the same amount of money, as time passes.
Why anything that is offered to you for free usually makes you pay later.
Why a flashy functional website is not enough to attract all the visitors you need.
Why having the ability to send visitors to your website so that they can assess what you are offering is paramount.
How to create your own automation schedule.
In the section But I cannot afford staff! I teach you all about your options including:

How to get the work done that needs doing.
How to outsource the work on an as and when basis.
How to create an effective plan for outsourcing.
How to find quality outsourcers for a reasonable price.
How to engender loyalty in them so they will stick with you.
How to use employees from all over the world.
How to rely on people to do a good job in a timely fashion and do it daily.
How to find and hire great virtual assistants.
How to decide whether or not to hire just a few virtual workers whenever you need them, or more.
Are you wasting a perfectly good blog by not making any money with it?
Most online marketers are aware that it is possible to make money, even if they do not have a product or service to sell - with the most popular option being to create a blog site and then monetize it with paid advertising.

In Outsourcing And Automation I talk about how to make tons of money, in a chapter called Automating your blog based building efforts...

In this section I discuss such important matters as:

How to use a free blog platform like https://www.tradebit.com or Wordpress to make money.
How to establish your own domain name and attach the blog to your own webhosting account.
How to avoid Googles practice of suddenly shutting down your blogger sites suddenly and without warning!
The best hosting sites for Wordpress blog hosting.
How to set up a payment account with Paypal on your blog.
How to find a virtual assistant to take care of your blog.
Where to find an organization that gives you resources about virtual assistants.
How to create a project plan that will be understood by your virtual assistants.
How to use https://www.tradebit.com when you outsource.
How to train your virtual assistants.
How to automate your blog content to maximize income from your site.
How to find keywords using a research tool like WordTracker.
How to effectively interact with people who read your blogs.
How to install a simple RSS plug in.
How to build a mailing list from your blog.
The proper way to use an autoresponder.
It is one thing to automate traffic, sales and advertising, but nowadays you can also automate your own product creation process.
This is the height of being able to make many thousands of dollars as an internet marketer.
Almost everything that is associated with creating your own product can be automated using your virtual assistant and outsourcing resources.

In this book I show you:

How to teach your virtual assistant to do everything for you so your business practically runs itself.
How to use script creators, and which ones are the best to use.
How to build a website that is scripted form the ground up in HTML or PHP.
How to sell through affiliates through a site like Clickbank.
How to upload your product to Clickbank.
How to install a live help system on your site for customer support.
Are You Ready to Just Walk Away from Your Business
And Let It Run Itself?
There is only one way to reach this point, and that is to automate your business.

The best way to do this is to follow the carefully crafted step-by-step plan in my book


The Outsourcing And Automation Report

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