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*NEW* Instant Article Wizard | Create High Quality Articles on Virtually Any Subject In Just Minutes!

Why settle for private label rights articles being used by hundreds of other people when you can easily create your own unique articles?

Having trouble creating unique high-quality content for your web sites? Need more content but tired of spending hours and hours researching each article that you write? Well STOP that manual article research, BECAUSE ...

I'm about to show you how to...

Create High Quality Articles
on Virtually Any Subject
In Just Minutes!

Dear Friend,

In case you are expecting a lot of fancy graphics of fake software boxes and smiling people who aren't really customers, let me tell you up front that you will not find any on this site.

Look, I'm a programmer, not a marketer or a graphic artist, so let's skip the hype and get right to the point:
You need to continually post unique, high quality content to your web sites to keep the attention of your visitors and the search engines!

The saying has been repeated time and again that "content is King." Really it's your visitor who is the king, but it's true that the only way to get more visitors is to have the kind of content that they are looking for: high quality, keyword-rich content that they can find using the major search engines.

But writing top quality content in high paying subject areas that you know little about is a difficult task. You have to decide which topic you want to write about, then research subtopics that should be covered in your article, then go out and research information on each topic and subtopic you want to cover in the article--and that's all BEFORE you actually write anything!

Does all of that sound like a lot of work?

IT USED TO BE! It USED to take HOURS AND HOURS to create top-quality niche articles. Not anymore, though, because ...

I've developed a software package that makes it INCREDIBLY EASY to create high quality articles on virtually any subject in just minutes!

Unsolicited Testimonial


With nearly 300 published and manually managed sites, I've been buying various tools for years and this is not only inventive, its functional. I am impressed! Very!! I wrote articles this morning on subjects that I had never broached before. I think that it is a phenomenal tool.

Most thankful and sincerely,

Chris Moos

Instant Article Wizard helps you create high quality articles with ease!

Create Articles Fast,
Even With Little Knowledge of the Subject

Instant Article Wizard will take a set of keywords that you provide and help you identify subtopics around which to create a top-quality article.

Once you've selected your topic and subtopics, Instant Article Wizard will do all of your research for you in seconds! You are then taken step-by-step through the selection of research ideas for your introduction paragraphs, each of the paragraphs for your three subtopics, and your concluding paragraphs.

Once you've gathered the information you want to use in the article, Instant Article Wizard will copy the full text of your selected research to the clipboard. Paste the results into your favorite word processor for adding, deleting and editing, and in just minutes you can have a top-quality article for use on your web site!

Click here to watch a video of me creating an article
on a topic I know nothing about in less than 15 minutes!

Unsolicited Testimonial

"I purchased Instant Article Wizard only a few days ago and already I have compiled 5 articles all finance related. It made the job so easy, click, select, copy and paste, a quick edit and spell check and I had another article to add to my website.

I have already earnt money from the articles I wrote and am considering submitting the articles to the article directories.

Again thanks Jon for another great product. Each time I see a email from you, I get excited to see what you have to say or what product you have on offer. Great work!"

Steve Szasz

Human Reviewers Will Think You're An EXPERT

Human editors think I'm an EXPERT
on Kitchen Remodeling, Home Schooling, Home Theater and Dog Training!

Before using Instant Article Wizard, I didn't know much of anything about kitchen remodeling, home schooling, home theater systems or dog training--certainly not enough to write articles on the subjects! But after using Instant Article Wizard to create articles on those topics, I was labeled an "EXPERT" by the top article site online today--in all 4 subjects!

Here are 5 articles that Instant Article Wizard helped me create.

Each one got me labeled as an Expert by a HUMAN editor.
Each one took 15 minutes or less to write.
Each one is about a subject I previously knew nothing about.

Kitchen Remodeling
Remodel That Kitchen! How many times have you thought about remodeling your kitchen but talked yourself out of it because it just seemed like a lot of work? This may come as a surprise, but remodeling your kitchen brings great rewards. Rewards to the tune of 80-100% return on your investment! It can seem overwhelming to remodel your kitchen. There seem to be so many things to consider that it can paralyze you from doing anything at all. But for your basic kitchen remodel there are really only five major items to consider. Your Appliances Set the Stage The first item to consider is your appliances. The look of your appliances really sets the stage for how the rest of the kitchen should look. Are you after an ultra-modern stainless steel feel for your kitchen? Or are you more of a homey white appliance kind of family? Perhaps you like the flare of jet black appliances. Give this a little thought and then get online or visit your favorite appliance store to see what's currently available. Selecting The Cabinets Once you've gotten your appliances and know the general feel you're going for, it's time to select the cabinets. If you're looking for ultra-modern, consider stainless steel cabinets. Glass doors can really give a modern edge to your kitchen as well. If you're after a more homey kitchen, then solid wood cabinets with a rich wood finish will do the trick. For the edgier black appliances, look to flat faced doors with sharp edges and less country flare. Now For The Counter Tops Selecting the right material for your countertops is of vital importance to your newly remodeled kitchen. The color, texture and look of the counters make a real statement in the kitchen. But even more important than that, the counters are the real work space of the kitchen and must be able to withstand what your family is going to put them through. Granite is a popular countertop material because it's very durable and has a great finish for almost any kitchen design. Faucets and Sinks While the faucets and sinks make up a relatively small portion of the kitchen space, they can really make a difference to the look and feel of your new kitchen. For a classy kitchen, rounded hardware with edges full of flare and a brass finish often do the trick. Again, ultra-modern design calls for stainless steel sinks and bold streamlined faucets. The homey look can be achieved with porcelain sinks and tall, rounded faucets. Spending a little extra money on those faucets can really add class to the whole remodel. Going cheap on the faucets and hardware can dull down even the most expensive cabinets and countertops. Finally, The Floors Finally, be careful not to overlook the flooring you're going to put into your newly remodeled kitchen. As with faucets, going cheap in this department will really lessen the look and feel of the entire kitchen. While grouted tile is not a necessity, if you go with linoleum be sure to find a quality pattern that isn't too busy. You don't want people staring at the floor the entire time they're in the kitchen. Hardwood floors (or great looking imitations) really add class as well. Now, that wasn't so hard was it? There are really only five things to consider for most kitchen remodels: appliances, cabinets, countertops, sinks and faucets and flooring. Start with the appliances to set the stage and follow through in the rest of your selections. Print out your selections from the web or clip them out of magazines and lay them out on a table to see how they look together. Getting a bird's eye view in this way will really help you get the pieces that fit best together.

Dog Training
Teaching your dog to Sit and Fetch Dog training is a must for all dogs. Dog training is more than just telling your dog to stop doing what he's doing, it is the process of teaching a dog to exhibit certain desired dog behavior in specific circumstances. Proper dog training is not a "quick fix" - it is an ongoing, life-long process. Behavior dog training is very important in today's society because many people take their dogs every where they go. All dog training is not created equal. Positive dog training is quickly becoming the preferred method of dog training. This method of training is possible for just about every young dog. Dog training is more than just training your dog, it involves teaching the owner–you. Going through dog training is something every dog owner should do. Dog training is like going to school all over again. Training is all about communication, and you need to learn to communicate with your dog. I once was told that 90% of dog training is teaching the owners. One of the basic obedience training points relevant in this regard is teaching your dog to sit on command. Training your dog to "sit" is probably the first thing you will train your dog to do. To start the training: say “sit” while gently pressing her rump down and holding a treat above your dog's head. When a dog is forced to look upward, he will automatically sit on his hind legs. When you want your dog to sit, hold a treat a bit above her head and say "sit”. As the dog sits, say "sit" again and then immediately give him the treat. Your dog should drop into a 'sit' position in order to reach the food. One of my favorite commands to teach my dogs is “fetch”. Teaching your dog to fetch promotes bonding and is a great way to give your dog some exercise. To do this, first throw a ball (not too far though), and give the command "Fetch". As he inevitably starts to run towards it, yell “fetch” again. Instead of a ball, you could use the object your dog loves most, as this makes him want to fetch it. Do not play fetch with heavy items or sticks, however, as this can damage the dog's teeth or otherwise injure the dog. A well trained dog should remain where his or her owner commands, so stay is an important command in dog training as well. Since it is more involved, that will be the subject of another article. The most basic of dog training is to get your dog to sit, stay and fetch. As I said before, proper dog training is not a "quick fix": it is an ongoing, life-long process. Dog training is a very physical activity, so be prepared to be tired. And dog training is never without risk of injury, either, especially with more aggressive breeds. That said, dog training is certainly a must for all dogs. One major mistake many pet owners make is to assume that the dog training is over. Training your dog continues throughout your dog's life. It's all about communication. Dog training is definitely not rocket science and is easier than you would expect, especially if you can get help from a good dog training guide or book.

Home Theater Systems
Theater Systems Are No Longer the Sole Domain of the Audiopiles To some, home theater is simply a big television, but a home theater is really a combination of video and audio components that achieves a theater-like experience. Many people view home theater systems as a luxury. However, home theater is not just for audiophiles anymore. There are many simple home theater systems that are easy to set up. Home Theater is quickly growing hobby and the results that you can achieve even with a modest budget are quite remarkable. DVD players are a "must have" in any home theater system. You may prefer an all-in-one DVD home theater system. This way, you don't have to unplug your main DVD player from your current home theater system. High definition DVD is growing in popularity, so find out whether it's time to buy HD-DVD or whether you should wait for the next generation. All DVD players also play audio CDs, so you can have a single component do the work of two units. Speakers are the heart and soul of any sound system. Any audiophile will admit that a good set of speakers is what makes or breaks a quality home theater setup. Good speakers don't have to cost a bundle, though it is easy to spend a lot. Audio/Video Receiver Speakers give you the most flexibility and full range of sound for surround sound home theater and music, as well as stereo audio. Speakers vary a great deal in performance, as well as price. Good speakers and the components for a home-theater system cost less than ever. Determine what you can spend for speakers and then search out the best possible home theater speaker collection that will fit your spending limits. Wireless surround speakers are now available as well and save the hassle of running all of the wires through your home theater room. A simple home theater is easy to set up, making home theater systems not just for audiophiles anymore. The future of home theater is going to be simplicity. These systems are becoming increasingly popular and are a great alternative to a night at the cinema.

Home Schooling #1
Is homeschooling right for your children? If you value quality education, family time, flexibility, and learning in the real world, then homeschooling might be for you. One of the wonderful things about homeschooling is that parents learn as much as their children in the process. Homeschooling is life changing, but allows parents to never lose control of the education process. But how do you know if homeschooling is right for your child? In the broadest sense, homeschooling is educating your children at home. Nationally, homeschooling is a rapidly growing, if controversial, movement. Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, but each state has it's own set of laws that must be followed. As with many things in life, homeschooling is not a black and white issue. Some parents assume that homeschooling is not an option for them, but like many other assumptions, this can be self-fulfilling. The largest problem with homeschooling is the socialization of children. One of the strongest arguments against homeschooling is the lack of exposure to social situations involving their peers. I've had some members of my family and some friends ask questions about whether homeschooling is best and about the socialization issue. The solution for this problem is making sure your children get plenty of social exposure with their peers. I recommend you get a few books about homeschooling to examine the issues in detail. There are dozens of books on home education today. Some of them cover the legalities involved. There are so many excellent books on homeschooling that it's hard to narrow it down to a few, but two of the first books I purchased were How to Create Your Own Unit Study and The Unit Study Idea Book. There are numerous books and curriculums for homeschoolers that make your life easier since you don't have to design the curriculums yourself. You will have to buy home schooling books for each pre-written curriculum, so expect there to be some expensive involved. Some parents are concerned that they might have problems finding resources to use for homeschooling. However, on the web you will find newsletter articles, reviews, resources, web sites, books and lots of other information to help your homeschooling efforts. In fact, many state departments of education also have resources online to assist in interpreting or meeting legal requirements for homeschooling. There are countless resources available for the homeschooling parents of special needs children as well. Homeschooling is a lifestyle, and is an option for some families. Because of problems with public education homeschooling is a rapidly growing movement. It is no longer just an occasional word you see in an encyclopedia. One of the strongest arguments against homeschooling is the lack of exposure to social situations, so be sure that if you decide to homeschool your children that they receive plenty of social interaction with their peers. Homeschooling is a lot of hard work, but when done right is both rewarding and enjoyable.

Home Schooling #2
Is socialization a problem for homeschooled children? Home schooling is a different way of education for many parents, and is gradually but steadily spreading across the world. People disagree on whether home schooling is advantageous academically, it's true, but far more often the question of social isolation comes up among parents who are thinking of homeschooling their children. The bottom line is that homeschooling is good for some kids and that the factors of social isolation can be overcome. A common concern voiced about home schooled children is they lack the social interaction with peers that a public school environment provides. Public school educators often worry that the children of such people will not learn necessary social skills. Children are born social beings, and as such need social interaction with their peers, so it's understandable that developing proper social skills is an area of deep concern when it comes to home schooling. However, reputable studies do not indicate social maladjustment due to home schooling. These studies indicate that there are as many anti-social children in public schools as there are in home schooling. In fact, it appears that very few home-schooling children are socially deprived. True or real socialization means that children are taught to get along with people of all ages and differences, and that is a value that can be taught at home. Yet it may be the children that benefit even more from the increased socialization that home schooling can provide, since home schoolers actually test higher than any other group of students in terms of socialization. It is a fact that home schooled students have an equal success factor for doing well in college as their public schooled peers. Parents are responsible to make sure that their children interact with their peers in a variety of ways. But, on the other hand, homeschooled children are protected from the detrimental influences of their peers since they have more parental supervision. If the parents teach social skills and make sure their child is involved in plenty of activities with their peers, then home schooling can be an advantage. The scores do clearly indicate that home schooled students do very well on tests when compared to their conventionally schooled peers. Home schooling is perhaps the fastest growing trend in education in this country. It is legal in every state, though some regulate it more than others. Home schooling is good if the factors of social isolation can be overcome through proper peer socialization. It is a great option if you want to have a larger role in your kids' learning.

Instant Article Wizard can make you look like an EXPERT too!

Unsolicited Testimonial

"Hi Jon,

I just wanted to take the time to let you know that the Instant Article Wizard is a wonderful tool! I've always read how article writing was very important but writing isn't my strength or passion.

Well that's all changed with your tool! I started using it at 9am this morning and its about 5 pm and I've already belted out 5-6 articles. And keep in mind that was while doing my full time job and other things in between. lol

Thanks for a great tool! I feel confident that I can bang out more articles now and thus improving my traffic & consequently my sales!"

Eddy Salomon
It Works, And It Works FAST

As you can see from the above examples, Instant Article Wizard works fast to help you create top-quality content for your web site. With the ability to crank out high quality articles, many doors of opportunity open for you:

Create multiple niche web sites and continually post new content to them!

Create articles to submit to free article sites and get hundreds of back links to your web sites!

Get into the business of writing articles for other webmasters on any topic they want!

If you're serious about putting your web site business into high gear, you will download Instant Article Wizard right now and start seeing the benefits of its power on your web sites.

Unsolicited Testimonial

"Hi Jonathan

I just want to say how delighted I am with Instant Article Wizard. Certainly and probably the best supporting item of software I have bought.

Within 10 minutes, I created an article on cosmetic surgery so easily. How can anyone not write endless articles on endless topics with this superb package!

On my way to faster indexing with bundles of submittable articles.

Well done and thanks

Best regards,"

Robert Wright
System Requirements

Instant Article Wizard requires a computer running Windows 9x/ME/XP. This product does not install well with Windows 2000.
What are you waiting for?

P.S. Instant Article Wizard helps you create top-quality articles on virtually any subject in just minutes! Isn't it worth such a small investment and a few minutes of your time to install and use to add content to your sites? You know it is!
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