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*NEW* Adsense Arbitrage And Leveraging | Learn How One Person Cleared Over $3365.00 In Google Adsense Income in Just 34 Days

"You Are About To Learn How One Person Cleared
Over $3365.00 In Google Adsense Income in Just 34
Days, Using A Very Simple Method, One Website,
and the Power of Google AdSense and AdWords!"

But First - The Proof!!

Adsense Earnings October 16 - November 20, 2006 -

Amount spent on Adwords advertising for October 16
- November 20, 2006 - $1,150.17

Total Profit Made after Expenses: $3365.04!!!


A quick question for you: Have you bought into the
"AdSense Empires" and the "AdSense Wealth"
Systems, and all the other expensive e-books and
software, only to find them leaving you high and dry?

Now one more question: How much did you make for
ALL of your AdSense efforts in the last 6 months?
$5.00? $15.00? $20.00? Or are you like me, when
I started out working with AdSense, making little
or nothing At ALL most months?

If so - that's ok - there is nothing to be ashamed
of at all. In fact, like I said in the last
statement, I was in that last category - making
VERY little or nothing at all on AdSense. And it
wasn't like I wasn't trying to make it happen.

I kept plugging away at it - and learning as I
went. And I did learn a couple of things along
the way:

1. AdSense is a tough nut to crack. No doubt about it.

2. People that are making money on AdSense don't
really want to share the "golden" information you
really need to succeed like they do.

Any of this sounding a little too familiar?

Most months, I was spending WAY MORE than I was
ever bringing in for my efforts. Sometimes I am
almost embarrassed when I look at how MUCH money I
spent during that period.

Motivation was not the problem.

Willingness to take risk was also not a problem.

Open-mindedness to learn new things was NEVER an

I wanted to succeed - just like you do now. And I
wanted to make my efforts with AdSense work - just
like you!

But there was one other thing I learned - the hard
way through this journey - and it was an
undeniable truth:

Most of the so-called "gurus" in this industry
only tell you what they want you to know. They
make their money selling to you - and giving you
only limited information.

It's a harsh statement - but that's truth speaking
to power. The power of the "Guru". If you have
bought some of the crap floating around on the
Internet these days, and tried to actually learn
something of any value from it - you know exactly
where I am coming from.

Here is something else I learned:

I knew that there were people making money with
AdSense. Quietly, and under the radar. And I
wanted to find out how they were doing it. I
started to look deeper into an economics process
known as "arbitrage".

You may have heard of arbitrage. Maybe not. But,
even if you haven't heard of the process - let me
give you a good example that I know you can relate
to: "House Flipping".

Maybe you have seen the shows on TV where people
go in, buy a house on the cheap - fix it up real
quick, and "flip" it after a few weeks, for a huge

As you are probably aware, if you "flip" a house
under the right conditions - you make BIG money.
If you have watched these TV shows, and followed
these guys who do this for a living, the one thing
that you will discover is: Handle your business
correctly, keep a close eye on cost - and you will



It's calculated risk.

Cost is always in the forefront of their
planning and execution.

They do their research properly before
jumping into the "flip".

They know their market - because they
research it.

They know their customer base - because they
research it.

Most of all - They understand the concept of
buy low - sell high.

Bottom line is: People that "flip" houses do their
research. They know their market - and they know
how much potential money they can make before they
ever buy a house. So - while their is a "minimal"
risk - when the research is done, and the cost is
controlled - that risk is minimized to the point
of almost NOT EXISTING!

I am sure you are asking at this point: Mike -
What does this have to do with AdSense?

A Fair Question - And the answer is: Everything!

In fact - the bullet points above describe almost
exactly how my AdSense Arbitrage method works!

I started developing my simple method for this
AdSense Arbitrage Method at the end of September
2006, and started to apply it in real time
campaigns in Google Adwords and AdSense the first
week of October 2006.

On October 16, 2006, I was able to lock down a
very simple method, and create a process that has
been earning me over $200.00 per day on Adsense -

True trial and error stuff. And, I watched this
process run, day after day. It started out slow,
but quickly started to grow a bit each and every
day! (Go back to the Google stats I posted above -
check out the dates, and the amounts for each day
to see what I mean...)

After testing this very simple method out for a
month straight, I realized I had a winner!

Remember what I said earlier about the house
flippers, and their "minimal risk"?


Each and EVERY day I have executed this arbitrage
business has brought me profit. I have not had
one day YET that lost money while performing this
very simple business method! Hard to believe, even
for me in the beginning of all this - but it's the
sworn truth!

Even on the slow days, and yes, Google has slow
days...I am still making my money, and still
turning my profit!

Why? Because I did the proper research, planned
my work, and worked my plan. And it wasn't hard to
do at all, once I got the method down and followed
my step-by-step plan - what I now call my
"Blueprint To Success"!


"...When I saw you on the forum, talking about
your "experiment", it struck a nerve, because
there was no hype involved. Just a normal guy,
trying something new. In other words, you were
me, in a sense, but discovering success.

That's a huge moment, and based on what you've
written this month, probably a tremendous relief
and blessing to your family!"

Mark Galloway

Hi Michael

Love your e-book -- No waffle just solid gold
'straight to the point' information that's
stripped of unnecessary filler...

David Moroz

Hello Michael,

First off I want to say thank you very much for
providing this valuable information to me. I have
been checking out internet marketing for some time
now but never really knew which avenue that I
wanted to pursue. I was always getting told to do
one thing, then
someone else would tell you do
another...information overload!!! Very frustrating
but since I heard about arbitrage campaigning it
was something that I could actually see myself
doing and taking pleasure
in doing it. I haven't started any campaigns yet
but I am really excited to do so....

Tim Halecky

This is "Thinking Outside the Box" At It's Best!

The best part of this is - it's real. It's not get
rich quick, and should not be viewed as such! I
don't believe in that, and I don't advocate it,
nor do I teach it in my method. If you do not
feel you have the time, patience, or motivation to
learn this business method, and apply it the way I
demonstrate it to you, then this probably not
going to be for you at all.

But - if you gotten this far, and know the truth
of what I am saying to you today, then I have NO
DOUBT that you have what it takes to learn this,
begin to apply it - and discover the true meaning
of success with AdSense!

Are You Ready To Find Out How You Can Duplicate
This Proven, Successful Method - And Make It Your Own?

Allow me to introduce:



* My Comprehensive Methods Revealed
- You will not find a more realistic,
logical outline for making consistent income with
Google Adsense offered by anyone!

* Step-By-Step Instruction - This E-Book was
compiled as a step-by-step method, so you can
quickly understand how to replicate and create an
AdSense Arbitrage empire!

* Keyword Research Made Simple!
- This E-Book details "the art" of keyword
research that is so vital to the success of all
AdSense Arbitrage campaigns.

* Understanding Adwords vs. Adsense
- A clear, concise explanation of Google's
Adwords and Adsense programs.

* A New Way of Thinking
- This E-Book demonstrates a path to real
success, and show's how you can finally crack the
code and start making real money starting today!

* The High Dollar Adsense Click
- Find out the hard truth about high-dollar
Adsense clicks - why they are so elusive, and why
I don't necessarily worry about getting those clicks!

* How to Ensure Profit Margins
- This is the real core and center to this
method! I will show you how to maintain the
profit spread between Adwords and Adsense, and
make sure no matter what the situation is in your
campaigns, you are always making a true, net
profit every day!

* And Much More! -

"Thanks, Michael, for sharing your deep dark
secrets in Adsense Arbitrage and Leveraging. I
have never read an easier way to set up a business
that makes money this fast.

I know it's not 'get rich quick', but it sure is
'make money quick!' I hope you don't use this as
a testimonial, because I don't want anyone else to
know how simple your system is.

It is amazing how your 'out of the box' thinking
started to make so much sense as I followed your
step by step methodology. Now I just need to
complete and repeat over and over again!"

Ruben -


Hello Michael,

I say "chapeau" for what you've accomplished.... I
think you found something that is unique. And that
is what the difference makes. Not another e-book
but a complete new idea of finding a unique way to
let internet pay for what you do...

Thanks for bringing me the difference - keep up
the good work!

kind regards

Henk Bakker

Are You Ready For a Realistic Plan That Will Allow
Earnings of $100, $200, $300 OR MORE, EACH DAY?

If you are ready to make a consistent, substantial
income from Google Adsense, AdSense Arbitrage and
Leveraging will show you how to do it! There
truly is no limit to what you can do with this
Adsense Arbitrage method. Your imagination will be
the only thing holding you back!

P.S. - I cannot begin to convey the amount of
fun, and success I am having with this business
model, and how much more of BOTH I intend to have
in the very near future! It is truly an awesome
feeling knowing that each and every day, my
business model is making me money! If you are
truly serious about getting in a position to start
earning a viable and consistent income with
Adsense, then don't hesitate another moment - HIT
THE ORDER BUTTON ABOVE - And start your NEW Path
to Adsense Success Today!
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