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*NEW* Covert Marketing Tool Kit | Intratrakker Marketing Intelligence Software

Finally, he's out of the shadows... and he's gathering marketing intelligence for you!
The Most Important Letter You'll Ever Read About Traffic Conversion. At Last You'll Be 'Licensed To Kill' Your Competition...

Spying on your market at will.
Seeing what your market likes and dislikes about your web copy... at a glance!
Knowing you'll never have to go through
old fashioned split testing again.

From the shadowy Desk of Mathew Frank

IntraTrakker users have said...
Great Conversions...
"I think the conversion one of my sites is going great thanks to your software... I am sure the feedback I received using your software was decisive in getting people to read the site."

Swanns Paul

Irritated by IntraTrakker

At first I was a bit irritated with you and your IntraTrakker because I
instantly imagined copy clients calling me up and telling me they've been
using it and they'd like to tweak this section or that section of their copy.

Once I pulled myself out of it and began to really utilize IntraTrakker I realized what an incredibly valuable tool it is that you created. So, what started out as disgruntled letter to you has become a letter to tell you
that this is a fantastic idea and an even better product.

As you know, testing is critical to a marketers' success. Whether it's to find out what price point is going to equate to maximum profits or whether it's to try to ramp up the conversion rate, it's very important to test multiple variables to find those coveted conversions and price points.

Here's why IntraTrakker is so damn awesome. By reading the reports it
generates you get an immediate visual of where your visitor is paying
attention, and where they drop off. You know instantly if there are areas that you should be focusing on and save yourself so much time trying to test this and test that to find the right mix.

The bottom line is increased revenues and copy that converts. So, in the
end, I'm no longer disgruntled with you...I'm telling everyone I know that
values their copy, to get IntraTrakker immediately.

I don't do a lot of testimonials but you can feel free to share this message with anyone that you'd like. Well done my friend:)

John Hostler

Dear Internet Marketer,

Don't worry, you won't have heard of me. I've been quietly working in the shadows... as a Covert Marketing 'Tactical Weapons' Expert.

I supply marketing intelligence to a select group of marketers. I've given those that have used my covert intelligence data the freedom that only real wealth will bring.

The trouble is, my cover as a covert operative has been blown, so I've been forced out of the shadows into the public glare.

This is not what I wanted... so I'm seriously upset!
As payback to the marketer who blew my cover, I've decided

to release one of my powerful, intelligence gathering tools to the
world. (this is where you benefit)

My aim is for the offending former client to have some serious opposition in his niche real soon.

Do my tools work?

Just ask Mr X.
In brief his story is this... He had a little ebook, selling on average $3500 per mth. Sort of respectable... for what it was.

So what's so special about Mr X?

He paid to get his greedy little hands
on a bit of covert intelligence about his market niche. Using
that intelligence, like any good covert operative, he changed strategy on how he sold his ebook.

He was able to infiltrate his market, gain their confidence and... 4 months later, he was selling a touch over $46,000
a month. That's nearly 1000 ebooks a month.

Can I prove this? Yes, most definitely....

Will I? No I won't... you can take my word for it or not... I
don't really care.

And I won't insult your intelligence by showing
fake Clickbank sales or Bank statements - either of which I could mock-up within minutes in Photoshop.

Neither will I reveal Mr X's name or product... I wouldn't
want his business to be compromised by a heap of wannabe's jumping into his niche. After all, he wasn't the one to blow my cover.

What I will say is this...
Mr X's results confirmed to me what I already believed... that the intelligence I gather works. It puts the marketer who uses it into a powerful position in their chosen niche.

Now... let me ask you, wouldn't you like to be the next Mr X?

Remember, intelligence about your potential market is your
marketing life blood.

You too can have a virtual fountain gushing forth
intelligence about your niche market... showing you your target market's likes and dislikes.

The product I'm releasing is IntraTrakker... an awesome weapon.
Let me explain where it fits into your arsenal.

As you know... any serious marketer will continually test their sales copy, offer and price.

You have to know what works best for your market at any given time... and you won't know unless you see how they react to your message.

With your copy of IntraTrakker testing is easy.
No more guess work!
No more wasted time
IntraTrakker is 'testing on steroids'...
And how smart is this...

You don't even have to go out to find your market and talk to them... they come to you and tell you what they think... every time!
IntraTrakker gives you get true, accurate and clear information on how your sales copy is received by your market place.

You'll know exactly what you should change and test in your copy because your market tells you.

Click here to see 20 minutes of video showing the product in depth.

The screenshot above shows the heat graph you get with IntraTrakker. A simple idea that requires complex algorithms to make it work accurately.

IntraTrakker users have said...
An Ingenius Tool
"IntraTrakker is an ingenius tool that gives you an ability to track your visitors like nothing I've seen to date.

... this is an invaluable feedback tool that will save a lot of time in comparison to traditional trial and error testing.
The support is fast, efficient, and friendly.

I'm sure all the experienced marketers out there will find this to be an invaluable testing tool for making better sales pages."

Jambhala Rinpo,
British Columbia, Canada

Just ONE Change led to 4 times as many conversions

"I want to write to tell you that I'm seeing phenomenal results with Intrakker. Using your software I was able to immediately see which parts of my sales page people were actually reading, and which parts they were ignoring.

I've made just ONE change to my sales page since installing Intratrakker and over the last week I've seen an increase of conversions from the less than 1% I was getting, to 4% - that's over 4 times as many conversions!

It's not often that I come across a piece of software that I get excited about, but Intra-trakker is an exception.

I'm convinced that this is one of the most powerful
pieces of tracking software EVER created.

Anyone selling products online needs this software. I now realize that I'm living in the dark by not having the data that Intra-trakker provides.

I'm in the process of loading all of my product pages into Intratrakker and I'm looking forward to a significant increase
in earnings in the coming months as a direct result of using this software."

Adam Short
It shows where people read... or didn't read... green shows most visitors read it, completely red means most either skipped over it or have left already. It also shows where people leave you page, either surfing elsewhere or clicking on a link.

You just combine the 'Heat' graph and and the 'Visitor Over Time' graph to pinpoint exactly where you need to change your copy or web layout to satisfy your potential customers.

And IntraTrakker lets you adjust your graphs to give you an easy to read result based on your copy quality and type of traffic.

And best of all... you only need 10 or so people to look at your site
to get good feedback on what you should change.

IntraTrakker just has to be in your arsenal. In this fast moving world... what worked 6 months ago, possibly doesn't even work now.

You'll be the next Mr X just months from now... when you buy today.

It's time you gained the upper hand in your niche.
This Tactical Weapon has been developed and improved for over 2 years. It runs on incredibly complex algorithms to produce simple, elegant, easy to read intelligence on your market.

What's it worth?
I've been told to keep this off the open market because it's too
powerful a covert tool. I've also been told to sell it for no less than $49.95, and $49.95 is what it will be selling in the near future.

However, if you're quick you get your License To Kill your opposition for only...

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