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*NEW* Viral Friend Generator - A New Viral Marketing Breakthrough

If you're finished with all those over-hyped list building techniques and want to grow your subscribers three-times faster and easier than with any other method, try this...

"At Last -- A New Viral Marketing Breakthrough That Sends 300% More Visitors Rushing to Your Web Site and Builds Your List Automatically!"

From the desk of: Mike Filsaime
Date: Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dear Viral Marketer,

hat if you could push a magic button and suddenly have a massive landslide of targeted visitors rushing to your web site and whipping out their credit cards to buy your product or service on the spot?

In a perfect world, maybe... but unfortunately this "magic" solution doesn't exist. Yet, that's exactly what the majority of people are still looking for... that one-button-does-all solution to end their web site woes forever and make them rich, famous and even better looking.

How many times have you seen promises like this:


"Get Rich in 30 Days without Even Trying!"

"Slam Your Web Site with 50,000 Visitors in Only 10 Days!"

"Give Me 6 Weeks And I'll Make You A Multi-Millionaire!"

Most copywriters are actually taught to sell the "magic pill" that instantly and effortlessly cures all the prospects' problems and provides a one-size-fits-all solution to reach their dreams. However, aren't you getting just a bit tired of guaranteed results that deliver almost nothing in the end?

Which of These List Building Methods Are Wasting Most of Your Time and Money?

Classified Advertising - Once a golden ticket for bringing in tons of fresh, new subscribers and sales, promoting your products in online classifieds isn't near as profitable because the level of ads competing for your prospect's attention is suffocating and leaves them un-reached.

Ezine Advertising - Blasting your ad across thousands of online publications used to draw in new subscribers by the boatload, but now most readers simply ignore the ads while scanning the issues for content.

Pay Per Click - For those with deep pockets, paying for every visitor to your web site may seem like a good idea. But this method can take many hours of hard testing and thousands of dollars just to break even.

Link Exchanges - In the old days of internet marketing, the number of quality links you had pointing to your web site determined how many visitors, subscribers and sales you could expect. However, although links still hold great value to the search engines, the time required to generate the number of links you need to rank high is a full-time job unto itself.

Writing Articles - This could be one of the best methods to generate steady streams of responsive traffic and subscribers, only it takes either an unreasonable amount of time or money to get these lead generation magnets submitted and ranking high enough in the search engines and directories to see a considerable difference.

Co-Registration - If you're a seasoned professional copywriter, email marketer and advertising specialist, co-registration can prove to be a powerful ally... however, miss any one of these crucial elements and it could put you out of business and filing for bankruptcy!

Even If You're Using Any or All Of These Marketing Methods, You Are Still Missing Out On One of the Most Instantly-Profitable, Time Tested and Proven Methods of All Time...


This incredible method has already been used to generate billions of dollars for huge companies like hotmail, yahoo and gmail...

I've used it personally to create over $700k in sales within the first 24 hours of launching just one of my products...

Two well-known juggernauts of marketing actually used the very tool I'm about to reveal to come in 2nd place in the affiliate contest for the giant $897 per month StomperNet Training Program!

The method I'm speaking of is called word of mouth advertising.

The revolutionary new marketing tool I'm about to reveal
is none other than the Viral Friend Generator.

Case-Study #1 from Brad Fallon of StomperNet

Brad Fallon

Mike Long

Andy Jenkins

"Brad, listen, I got something from my friend, Mike Filsaime that we can basically 'plug in' to this launch—but there's a little problem…"

Here's what's going on:

I get a lot of emails from people looking for a 'low cost' way to get an "unfair advantage" when it comes to getting tons dozens of *FREE* visitors to their site…

Well, about 4 months ago, I was in the same position…

Here's the story:

Back then, I was caught up in the whole 'StomperNet' launch—and I've gotta tell you, things started getting pretty crazy…

But what a lot of people don't know is that we had a 'secret weapon' on our side when it comes to figuring out this whole "launch" thing…

Mike Long is a guy who guys like Jeff Walker and John Reese go to when they are going to put out something really big, so I tracked this guy down and transferred some obscene amount into his account…

Well, Andy and I didn't know what we were in for!

The next thing you know, the little 'Stomper,' project that we've been developing in secret for the last couple of years is *FRONT PAGE NEWS* and everyone is beating down our doors…

Well one day, Mike calls me up and says, "Brad, listen, I got something from my friend, Mike Filsaime that we can basically 'plug in' to this launch—but there's a little problem…

I laughed out loud when Mike told me that the *PROBLEM* was that we might get 'too much attention' by making this little move…

After all, what's the worst thing that could happen?

Hours later (after we had 'melted down' two servers, and caused what was described to me as a 'major bandwidth scare'), I realized that this thing was *POWERFUL!*

(I even got a call from one of my hosting companies demanding to know how I was getting so many 'white hat' visitors to my site—and they accused me of dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into a major marketing campaign. Ha!)

The funny thing about this little 'hack' is that it's so simple to use that even a total newbie could figure it out.

What is it?

A new (cheap) tool—it costs less than a hundred bucks— that can FILL your list with cash-ready prospects who will DEMAND to "take action…"

Mike's new tool:

*Turns the average "off the street" prospect into your hungry affiliate partner.

*Provides so many new leads out of your exisiting traffic that your friends may accuse you of running an EXPENSIVE MARKETING CAMPAIGN.

*Is so easy to use that even a total non-technical guy like me can learn it and use it in 10 minutes. (Just remember how POWERFUL this thing is before
you 'plug it in' to your business!)

Brad Fallon, Co-owner of StomperNet

Case-Study #2 from Rich Schefren of StrategicProfits
Rich Schefren
"...within the first two weeks of launch VFG had already produced more than thirty-thousand dollars in pure profit!"

On January 17th 2007 I used an earlier beta version of the Viral Friend Generator on one of my marketing campaigns called the Internet Business Manifesto - I was incredibly surprised to find out that within the first two weeks of launch VFG had already produced more than thirty-thousand dollars in pure profit!

Who would have thought that a little tool could be so effective in pulling that many new leads and customers, and in such a short time. You'd have to be virtually brain-dead not to use this powerful tool in your own business, right away.

Could I have pulled off a successful campaign without using VFG? Of course.

But what makes a marketer truly successful is his or her ability to find those golden nuggets that make life (and marketing) much easier, and deadly effective. I've saved loads of time over using other campaign strategies and pulled in over $30,000 thanks to this killer little tool called the Viral Friend Generator. Thanks again Mike.

Rich Schefren, Owner

How A Drop-Dead Simple Five Minute
Adjustment to Your Web Site Can Bring
You Hands-Free Referrals Overnight

Viral Friend Generator is the next evolution in tell-a-friend technology. In less than five minutes (the time it takes you to fill in the form and upload to your server)... you can literally multiply the number of visitors and subscribers your web site receives by 300% or higher!

That's a bold claim, I know. But here's some unsolicited testimonials I just received today that backs up these claims clear as crystal...

mark joyner

"Hi Mike,

I just wanted to let you know that your Viral Friend Generator is my new best friend!

The same day you sent VFG to me I set it up and began testing it on one of my squeeze pages. The very next day when I checked my stats my opt-in rate had increased by over 300%. At first I thought there might be an error but after further study I realized to my delight that there wasn't.

Then I started to think that maybe it was just a fluke. But it wasn't a fluke either...

After 3 solid weeks of testing, each and every day I continue to see an increase in opt-ins to the tune of over 300% !!

VFG has quickly become one of my favorite list building tools.

Thanks for sharing it with me Mike!"

Glen Hopkins
#1 Best-Selling Author of Lucrative List Building

mark joyner"Hi Mike,

Your 'Viral Friend Generator' software is my new secret weapon for building my list much more rapidly. It's definitely one of the most effective software products to hit the market this year.

I love how it creates a reward system for you that allows your existing visitors and readers to grow your list FOR you, without having to lift a finger.

That's about as close to effortless money
as you can possibly get. :-)

Michael Rasmussen
Internet Marketing Expert

"Hi Mike,

Hey Mike, I installed VFG on one of my niche sites the night after I got it, and I've been tracking the results. The bottom line is I'm getting 119 more subscribers per day for the same PPC spend. Since each signup is worth $.76 to me over a three month period, this translates into and additional $90.44 per day in pure profit for this one niche.

Marc Quarles
Software Producer

"Hey Mike,

I have sent out some emails and a friend of mine will be doing the same tomorrow but the initial results look quite good.

I sent out the offer to a small list of around 400.

24 hours after launch:

I have had 187 people sign up for the offer, and subsequently I have had 137 emails sent to friends.

Of these friends around 50 additional have joined in just 1 day.

Therefore, despite only around 200 emails having been opened so far, I already have 50 new subscribers.

If I were to test this on a large list, I am confident that the results would remain the same.

Also, technically, the viral effect should continue for some time.

James Cumner

"Hey Mike,

I just wanted to let you know that the viral friend generator rocks!

Within just two days of setting up your script on one of my sub-campaigns that I have created just a few weeks ago, the opt in rate had increased by over 400%! (425% to be precise)

At first, I thought it was some sort of error, before logging into my viral friend generator account and finding out that it was my subscribers who were doing the referring.

Viral friend generator has now become my favorite list building software of all time.

Thank you for sharing this excellent software!

Now I am going to install this on my main squeeze page, and hopefully see my subscriber list explode!"

Best wishes,
Stanley Tang

"Hey Mike,

Wow! Viral Friend Generator is a killer program. Mike you have put together an absolutely necessary resource for all marketers. No more clunky PHP scripts to install and test.

With VFG it's just copy and paste.

The ability to track how many visitors are referring friends is just brilliant. Also, the options for VFG are endless, but using VFG is as easy as Step-By-Step. Giving your vistors free gifts for referring a certain number of people is what sets VFG apart from other Tell-A-Friend scripts. When we launched our latest campaign incorporating VFG was a no-brainer.

As with anything Mike releases, the quality is impeccable and the software is easy to use. Adding VFG to your arsenal will only increase your bottom line and leverage your online marketing efforts. Viral Friend Generator is a must-have for any internet marketer."

Brandon Hall
Affiliate Manager

You might be wondering how this is possible. For example, let's say that every visitor to your web site is worth ten cents.

Each visitor arrives and either subscribes or leaves the site without making a purchase or taking any action. Every time you get one hundred subscribers to your web site, you make an average of $10.00...

Now here's where it gets interesting.

You download and install a copy of Viral Friend Generator to your site, take five minutes to fill in the user friendly form and upload the html code you're given to your web site. Now, instead of making ten cents for every visitor on average, you're instantly making thirty cents per visitor!

This happens because Viral Friend Generator is working in the background and rewarding your visitors for getting new referrals to visit your web site.

Unlike any other tell-a-friend software, the Viral Friend Generator gives you the ability to require those who submit referrals to actually persuade their friends to visit and even join your list of subscribers in order to be rewarded with your free offer!

Here are just a few of the features that make Viral Friend Generator unique and the best of its kind in the marketplace today:


You choose the amount of friends you want each visitor to enter into the form before they can gain access to your product. For instance, you can have visitors tell three friends to download a report, or even ten friends to win free tickets to a teleseminar!

The user-friendly control panel allows you to easily access and manage all of your Viral Friend Generator campaigns across all your web sites at a glance in one central location.

Never feel cheated on friend submissions again! You can set a minimum number of friends required for your visitor to gain access to your product. If the visitor doesn’t fill in the required amount of friends, they’ll get a warning telling them to refer more friends before they can get access to receive your product.

Track the number of people who tell their friends and even the number of friends who click the link inside the referral email to join your site! You can also see valuable statistics for each campaign, including your conversions of visitors to subscribers.

You can use our pre-written email to tell your visitors’ friends about your web site, or write your own. Additionally, your visitors can edit the pre-written email and inject their own voice and personality into each message.

Keep your list clean by adding a “do not mail me again” link to the end of the welcome message your subscribers get after submitting the form… This ensures people who do not want to receive messages will never be added or sent an email from your server again.

Redirect your visitors to any web page you want after successfully completing the form – this could be your sales page, an affiliate link or access to download your free product!

The sender receives a confirmation email after they submit your form, giving them peace of mind in knowing their submission was successful and their download is on the way.

The sender can also be notified every time one of their friends clicks on a link inside an email. You get full statistics of each visitor’s activity from inside your control panel so you'll know every action your visitors are taking on your web site, including their friends!

With Viral Friend Generator, you're in complete control of how many extra visitors you're able to generate. Raise the number of friends required to access your product and experience a sudden increase in traffic...

Change another option to reward only those senders who get their friends to subscribe to your list and you've just multiplied your subscribers!

Sure, this may turn off some visitors (what doesn't) but the end result is that your conversion of visitors-to-subscribers will skyrocket and the amount of actual subscribers you receive is dramatically increased!

So in our example, your thirty cents per visitor has just taken you from $10.00 per one hundred subscribers all the way up to $30.00 with this one simple adjustment to your web site... and it happens overnight because Viral Friend Generator automatically leverages the traffic you're already getting and multiplies it by 300% or higher!

By now, you might be wondering how much the Viral Friend Generator is going to cost you... before you scroll down and skim the most important part of this letter, I urge you to consider the following...


If you were to hire a top marketing consultant to increase your bottom line profits, it'd probably cost you around $1,000 - $10,000 or more, plus a certain percentage of your increased profits would go straight into his or her pocket each and every month.

Let's say you bought tickets to a seminar that promised to teach you ways to increase the conversions on your web site, thereby maximizing every dollar per visitor and minimizing your advertising costs. That's a wonderful thing to know, but that knowledge would cost you around $597 - $2997.

Or what if you purchased the platinum-level in every third party list building program that gave you the ability to mail out to tens of thousands of prospects every few days... just one of them would easily cost you $197 or more for the privelage and those subscribers still don't know you. It takes a lot of work to get them to become responsive and that doesn't guarantee you any sales!

You could continue to utilize the power of squeeze pages to generate leads for your internet business, but the most you'd be generating is one lead at a time. With the Viral Friend Generator, you can explode the power of any squeeze page and instantly generate 300% more leads while using the same amount of traffic you've got coming to your web site right now!

Absolute Top Five Viral Tell-A-Friend Internet Marketing Myths Exposed!

Absolute Myth #1 - "Tell-A-Friend software is old and outdated technology, and doesn't work anymore."

FACT: To completely dispel this myth once and for all, here's what one of the greatest marketers of our time says about viral marketing and Tell-A-Friend software...

mark joyner
"Even if it doesn't give you what I call a '1+ copulation rate' (my technical language for 'viral like the flu') you're still crazy not to sprinkle tell-a-friend through your marketing process liberally (and appropriately)...

If it resulted in one new customer a day even - what would it mean over a year?

Do the math.

Just word the emails that are sent out honestly and you're unlikely to run into spam issues."

Mark Joyner,
#1 Best-Selling Author of "Simple-ology"

Absolute Myth #2 - "Someone could get a virus or trojan planted in their system using Tell-A-Friend software!"

FACT: Many people who don't know any better have a pre-conceived idea that "viral marketing" has something to do with viruses and thereby miss out on one of the most powerful methods of marketing ever discovered. It is impossible to receive or send a virus or trojan using Viral Friend Generator.

Absolute Myth #3 - "After submitting the names and emails of your friends and colleagues, you're subjecting them to a lifetime of email spam and follow-up sales messages."

FACT: Your friends and colleagues' names and email addresses are never added to any mailing list and can never receive follow up messages. Viral Friend Generator only adds the sender's name and email to the mailing list at their request, which they must confirm in order to be added.

Absolute Myth #4 - "You could get a spam complaint for sending Tell-A-Friend messages from your site."

FACT: Anyone sending email can get a spam complaint. But Viral Friend Generator automatically keeps you in the clear because every message sent from your web site is personal one-to-one communication between the sender and his or her friend or colleague. This means no mass mailing is involved.

Sidenote: I have personally used tell-a-friend technology over one hundred thousand times and have never once received a spam complaint through them.

Absolute Myth #5 - "It's too easy to get cheated with Tell-A-Friend software."

FACT: Actually, this myth is true. The visitor can get whatever bonus is being offered simply by inserting a bunch of bogus emails. But that's also what sets Viral Friend Generator lightyears ahead of ordinary Tell-A-Friend software.

With Viral Friend Generator this problem is completely eliminated because the senders' friends and colleagues are required to visit your web site before they can be credited and sent the email to download your free bonus!

Viral Friend Generator guarantees that your bonus offer remains protected and only available to legitimate prospects who tell real friends and colleagues about your offer, keeping your list clean and responsive to serious potential buyers!

In Our Earlier Example, You Were Shown How Viral Friend Generator Can Instantly Increase The Value of Each Visitor From An Extra $0.10 to Over $0.30 Per Visitor...

If you're selling a $47 product on the back-end and offering a free report to visitors who convince their friends to sign up themselves, with a one percent conversion rate you'd already be making $0.47 per visitor...

Using the Viral Friend Generator, you'd now instantly be averaging 300% more visitors and subscribers, which brings you up to $1.41 per visitor -- now you're generating an average of $141 for every hundred subscribers!

What's amazing is that every new subscriber also generates 300% more visitors and subscribers for you on complete autopilot... when three subscribers each tell three of their friends and those friends become subscribers you're looking at an instant increase of $423 in profits!

mark joyner

"Mike shared a very valuable tip with me before the launch of my 6M Profit Method.

He showed me how to use a viral friend program to increase my opt-in rate of new subscribers.

Since I consider Mike to be one of the foremost authorities on generating traffic I followed his advice and implemented the viral friend tool in my opt-in process. To say the least, I totally underestimated the results! I had an additional 17,083 prospects included in my launch because of this one simple, totally automated tip from Mike Filsaime.

This is a must-have for any serious marketer."

Lisa Diane,

Viral Friend Generator can be used on any web site offering a free product in exchange for some kind of action. Normally, you'd entice your visitors by offering them a free report in exchange for their first name and email address, but now you can also reward them with an additional bonus for telling a few friends about your site and getting them to sign up now.

The possibilities are endless and the your potential to generate real, interested subscribers using Viral Friend Generator is only limited to your imagination... Try it today... Take five minutes of your time to fill in the form to tell the software how you want it to work, and upload it to your web site. Then watch Viral Friend Generator increase your visitors and subscribers by 300% or more, overnight. Guaranteed!

P.S. Remember, this is the introductory price of this software. After the introductory period is over (that could be this week or even today,) we may raise the price to the normal price of $197 so make sure to lock in the lowest price ever by downloading today!
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