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CamStudio Screen Capture Software - Resell Rights + BONUSES!

Comes with FULL Resell Rights, and two Mystery BONUSES!

Special Edition for Internet Marketers!

Finally! Now YOU Can Enjoy The Benefits of CAMTASIA Without Having To Pay The $300 Price Tag!

I'm sure you've probably heard many of the internet marketing "gurus" recommend Camtasia. Camtasia lets you to make a video of your computer screen with you talking as the audio. Many successful internet marketers use Camtasia extensively - for example, to demonstrate a service or product that they are marketing.

What's the problem?

Well, it's a bit expensive at $300!

Thankfully, you don't need to pay the $300!

You see, an earlier version of Camtasia, called "CamStudio," was released under GPL, which means you can download it for FREE.

So, why doesn't everybody download CamStudio instead of paying $300 for Camtasia?

CamStudio would be fine for most users, except that there are two MAJOR FLAWS with the older CamStudio program...

1. Output Flash videos DON'T WORK in Firefox or Netscape.

This is a HUGE problem for internet marketers, who don't want to frustrate users or prevent users from watching their "video" sales letters! Considering just Firefox has had over 200 million downloads, you don't want this happening to your viewers!

2. There's no "redirect to URL" after playing option for your output Flash videos.

John Reese says he was the first internet marketer to use this awesome feature in (the $300) Camtasia. This feature will redirect the viewer of the video to the URL of your choice when the movie ends. So you can make a video demonstrating a product or service and redirect your viewer immediately to the URL to buy! (This greatly increases conversion rates). But the old CamStudio doesn't have this option.

Well now those two problems have been fixed. You see, I just managed to get resell rights to a new and improved version called:

CAMSTUDIO Internet Marketers Version

With CAMSTUDIO Internet Marketers Version, output videos can now be viewed in Firefox AND can be redirected to a custom URL upon the end of the clip!


BONUS #1: 261 Articles on Internet Marketing - with Private Label Rights:

261 Articles - 1,40,702 words!

This package contains the following articles:

1. 10 Creative Traffic Building Ideas

2. 10 Necessities For A Home Based Business

3. 18 Link Building Strategies

4. 3 Blog Writing Tips

5. 3 Common PPC Marketing Mistakes

6. 3 Tips To Make Your Forum Marketing Work For You

7. 4 Differences Between Websites And A Blog

8. 4 Tips On Using Forum Marketing

9. 5 Benefits Of Forum Marketing

10. 5 Common Types Of Business Blogs

11. 5 Easy Mistakes Article Marketers Make

12. 5 Ways How To Earn Quick Cash On The Internet

13. 5 Ways To Earn Extra Money At Home On The Internet

14. 6 Easy Steps To Separating Your Personal Life From Your Business

15. 6 Google Adwords Tips Just For You

16. 6 Tips On How You Should Be Making Money With Blogs

17. 6 Ways To Get More Visitors Who Are Ready To Buy

18. 7 Online Marketing Tips For Beginners

19. 7 Steps To Help Increase Your Google Page Rank

20. 7 Steps To Internet Marketing Success

21. 7 Tips To Getting Backlinks Without Asking

22. 7 Ways To Increase Google Adsense Money

23. 8 PPC Marketing Pros And Cons

24. About High Capacity Web Hosting

25. Adsense Information - Don't Miss The Boat On This Cash Machine

26. Adsense Information For The Curious Marketer

27. Adwords Cost - How-To Guide

28. Make Money with Adwords - 4 Steps To Campaign Success

29. Make Money with Adwords - Why Cash Is King

30. Affiliate Search Engine No-Holds-Barred Approach To Making Money Online

31. What Are You Missing Out On Without Online Marketing

32. Are You Ready To Become Self-Employed?

33. Are You Using Ezine Directories In Your Internet Marketing?

34. Article Branding and Your Online Business

35. Article Marketing Automation - The Time Oppressed Marketer's Answer

36. Article Marketing Blog - Share In The Wealth

37. Article Marketing Campaign - 5 Key Elements

38. Attracting Traffic With Banner Ads

39. Basic Information About Web Hosting For Beginners

40. How to Become A Website Hosting Reseller

41. Benefits Of Article Advertising Or Article Marketing

42. Benefits Of PPC Marketing

43. Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization For You

44. Best MLM Companies - 7 Tips For Your Success

45. Blogging Ethics

46. Making Money with Blogs - Can You Do It?

47. How to Build A System For Financial Freedom

48. How to Build A Website To Get Free Traffic

49. Can You Earn Cash Fast On The Internet?

50. Can You Make Money From Online Business Ventures?

51. Can You Really Earn Money Surfing The Net?

52. Can You Really Make Money Doing Nothing?

53. Will Your Business Survive?

54. Choosing Cheap Reseller Web Hosting

55. Choosing Your Keywords Carefully

56. Cost Per Action - CPA Affiliate Marketing

57. Common SEO Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

58. How to Build Your Company with The Help of Internet Marketing

59. Components Of Internet Marketing

60. Corporate Internet Marketing Strategy For Offline Business Development

61. Creating A Great SEO Website

62. Creating A SEO-Friendly Website For Small Business

63. Strategies For Social Network Marketing

64. Criteria For A Good Network Marketing Resource

65. The Definitive Guide To Adwords - Your Ace In The Hole

66. Designing Your Social Network Marketing Website

67. Developing Systems - A Good Internet Marketing Strategy

68. Did You Know Black-Hat SEO Can Destroy Your Business?

69. Do Free Money Making Opportunities Really Exist?

70. Dogpile Search Engine - Lighting A Fire Under Your Keyword Research

71. Ebook Internet Marketing Strategy - The Book, The Salesletter And The Delivery System

72. Effective Internet Marketing Begins With A Business Plan

73. Effective Internet Marketing Through Ezine Advertising

74. Essential Components For Online Affiliate Marketing

75. Ethics And Social Network Marketing

76. Examining The Online Internet Business Opportunity

77. Expand Your PPC Campaigns With Pay Per Click Formula

78. How to Experience Huge Success Online With Affiliate Marketing

79. Fast Spin On The CPA Affiliate Offer - Pay Per Email Programs

80. Faster Home Business Profits

81. Finding Good PPC Affiliate Marketing Programs

82. Finding The Best Rated Web Hosting

83. Finding The Right Business For You

84. Five Basic Rules For Blogs

85. Forum Marketing Etiquette

86. FREE Web CEO Wins As The Top Search Engine Ranking Tool!

87. Gaining The Edge In Niche Marketing

88. Generating Leads With PPC Marketing

89. Get Aggressive - Pay Per Click Affiliate Program

90. Get Started Online With Adsense Ready Sites

91. Global Internet Marketing - Is It Different Than Internet Marketing?

92. Targeted Traffic is BEST Traffic!

93. Google Adsense Sizes - The Types Of Adsense Ads

94. Great Tips For SEO Success

95. Help For The Home Based Business

96. Home Based Business Opportunities For Financial Success

97. How A Google Adwords Coupon Can Save Your Money

98. How An Affiliate Lead Can Be Your Bread And Butter

99. How Does Pay Per Click Work?

100. How Internet Marketing Is Defined

101. How Search Engine Marketing Can Aid Your Internet Business

102. How Social Network Marketing Can Improve Your Business

103. How The Financial Services Industry Benefits From Pay Per Click Marketing

104. How To Benefit From Money-Making Forums

105. How to Boost Your Profits With Forum Marketing

106. How To Choose A Home Business Opportunity

107. How To Choose A Winning Clickbank Product For Affiliate Marketing

108. How To Find Products For Affiliate Marketing

109. How To Find The Right ClickBank Product For Affiliate Marketing

110. How To Find The Right SEO Company To Build Your Website

111. How To Get A Google Adwords Promotional Code

112. How To Get Quick Cash Through Internet Marketing And Online Jobs

113. How To Increase Google Adsense Revenue

114. How to Increase Traffic To Your Blog

115. How To Make A Static Page with Wordpress

116. How To Make Money With Google Adsense

117. How To Prepare Your Website For International Internet Marketing

118. How To Promote A Clickbank Affiliate Program With PPC

119. How To Sell Online - Hit The Ground Running

120. How To Start A Computer Business From Home

121. How To Start Your Own Free Money-Making Websites

122. How To Start Your Own Handyman Small Business

123. How To Use Adwords Tutorial

124. How To Use PLR Content To Exploit Long Tail Keywords

125. How To Use Social Networking To Your Advantage

126. How To Use Wordpress To Your Advantage

127. How To Use Youtube To Boost Your Affiliate Sales

128. How to Utilize The Full Power Of Forum Marketing

129. How To Utilize Social Network Marketing With Social Networking Websites

130. How To Write An Article About Marketing

131. How To Write Your Own Ebook

132. How You Can Work From Home With Free Online Internet Jobs

133. How Youtube Affiliate Videos Became A Marketing Weapon

134. Importance Of Forum Marketing

135. Improve Internet Marketing Strategy By Offering Value!

136. Increasing Link Popularity - The Gateway To The Internet

137. Intermediate Internet Marketing Techniques

138. Marketing Online Works When You Do!

139. Internet Marketing Experts On How To Choose A Guru

140. Internet Marketing Statistics - How Important Are They?

141. Internet Marketing Trends - Will They Make Or Break You?

142. Internet Marketing With Pay Per Click Advertising

143. Internet Marketing With Twitter

144. Can You Really Get Paid For Taking Surveys?

145. Legitimate Make Money Ideas Abound On The Internet

146. Importance of Link Popularity For A Successful Website

147. Linking Strategy For Content Sites

148. Little Known Ways To Make Quick Money Online

149. Local Search Engine Marketing For Your Business

150. Are You Looking For A Youtube Alternative For Your Video Marketing?

151. Are You Looking For An Online Marketing Advertising Business?

152. How to Make Extra Money By Marketing Your Online Auctions

153. Make Money Scams Vs. Make Money Legitimate Opportunities

154. How to Make Money Surfing The Internet

155. How to Make Money With Affiliate Programs In 3 Easy Steps

156. How to Make Profits With Your Internet Business

157. Making Cash Fast Online - 4 Tips

158. Making Money With Adsense - A Beginners Guide

159. Making Your Site SEO Friendly

160. Management Leadership And Starting Your Own Small Business

161. More Ideas To Build Traffic To Your Website

162. Writing A Marketing Article Naturally

163. Need A Good Business - Home Internet Marketing Promotion Is It!

164. Network Marketing Books - Best Books On Multi Level Marketing

165. Network Marketing Business Journal Review

166. NeverBlue CPA Network - What's In It For You?

167. Online Marketing Campaign - A Jumpstart To Success

168. Pay Per Click Information - The Basics

169. How Pay Per Click Software Can Reduce The Hassles In PPC

170. Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs Will Put Cash In Your Pocket

171. PLR Content - Growing The 'Content Is King'dom

172. Popularity Of Blogs

173. PPC Advertising Services Are They Right For You?

174. PPC Marketing - Advantages And Rules

175. PPC Marketing Rules

176. Proficiency In Internet Marketing Leads To Being An Expert

177. Pros And Cons Of Forum Marketing

178. Quick and Dirty Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

179. Rating Web Hosting To Choose A Web Host Provider

180. Reasons For Using A Blog

181. Relationships And Forum Marketing

182. Review Of Traffic Exchange Programs

183. How to Save Money With Web Hosting Specials

184. Search Engine Marketing And Online Promotion For Your Business Website

185. Search Engine Optimization And Article Marketing

186. Search Engine Optimization And Pay Per Click Marketing Can Make You Money

187. Search Engine Optimization And Why You Need It

188. Selling Stuff On EBay - Is It A Business?

189. SEO Tips For Wordpress

190. Should You Consider Buying European Web Hosting?

191. Social Bookmark Traffic - Is It Useful?

192. Social Network Marketing And What It Can Do For You

193. Social Network Marketing Basics

194. Social Network Marketing - Give Yourself A Boost

195. Social Networking Websites And Marketing For Your Business

196. Sources For Funding The Start Of A Small Business

197. Starting A Small Business During A Bad Economic Crisis

198. Starting From Scratch - Article Marketing 101

199. Success For Your Business With Search Engine Optimization

200. The Basics About CPA Affiliate Programs

201. The Best Network Marketing Companies

202. The Best Network Marketing Tool Is YOU!

203. The Definitive Guide To Adwords By Perry Marshall A Review

204. The Drawbacks of PPC Marketing

205. The Importance Of Search Engine Marketing

206. The Important Aspects Of SEO

207. The Keys To Successful PPC Marketing

208. The Popular Websites For Social Networking Marketing

209. The Pros And Cons Of Microsoft Adcenter

210. The Purpose Of Email Auto Responders

211. The Truth About Multi Level Marketing Scams

212. The Truth About The MLM Scheme

213. Things To Remember When Optimizing Your Website For SEO

214. Three Blog - Basics For Building A Great Blog!

215. Tips For Starting Your Home Based Business

216. Tips On How To Create A Blog

217. Tips To Understanding Wordpress

218. Top Adwords Suggestion Research

219. Top Five Marketing Forums

220. Top MLM Companies

221. Unbiased Internet Marketing Reviews Divided Into Segments

222. Using A Traffic Exchange Program To Promote Your Business

223. Using SEO For Internet Marketing

224. Using WordPress For Your Small Business

225. Want To Set Up Affiliate Marketing Programs - Here is How

226. Ways To Make Money - Google Adsense For Publishers

227. Ways To Reduce Your PPC Marketing Cost

228. Ways To Utilize Search Engines For Higher Rankings For Your Website

229. Web Affiliate Program And How It Can Benefit You

230. Web Search Engine Ranking - How To Get To The Top

231. Web Search PPC NY Blast Your Business Into The Stratosphere

232. Web SEO PPC NY Can Capture Your Visitors

233. Web SEO PPC NY - Passive Yet Aggressive

234. Website Blogging - Why Not Take A Shot At It?

235. Website Marketing Strategy For Getting Targeted Traffic

236. Welcome To Adsense Online Magazine Publisher

237. What is Killing Your Advertising Business?

238. What's Your Website Marketing Strategy?

239. What A PPC Advertising Company Can Do For You

240. What Are The Top PPC Sites Today?

241. What Can Online Marketing Do For You

242. What Is A Blog?

243. What Is A Pay Per Click Affiliate Program?

244. What Is Pay Per Click Marketing?

245. What Is PPC Marketing?

246. What Is PPC Web Spy?

247. What Is The Definition Of Web Hosting?

248. What Is The MLM Secret?

249. What Is The Truth About Search Engine Optimization?

250. Where To Find The Google Adwords Promotional Code?

251. Why Are My Affiliate Marketing Efforts Failing?

252. Why Use The Internet In Marketing Plans For Business

253. Why Do You Want Cpanel Web Hosting?

254. Wordpress Blogs - Making A Great Business Site

255. Wordpress Explained

256. Wordpress - Security Tips Against Hacking

257. Wordpress Membership Site Plugins

258. Wordpress Plugin How-To Guide And You

259. You As An Associate Affiliate Can Change Your Life - Or Not?

260. The Essential Elements Of A Make Money Website

261. The Basics of A Pay Per Click Search Engine Submission Campaign

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