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MP3 DJ Amerrickan - Pulse Pounding Poetry

DJ Amerrickan hits you with the electro poetics, to make your ears bleed and your speakers pound.

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Hey fans, friends, other musicians, DJ''s, anyone reading this.

My name is Brian P. Merrick. But my musician name is Amerrickan. Maybe you’ve heard of my music or maybe not. Basically I create electronic music and add poetry to it. Simple concept, amazing results. I’ve been published numerous times for my poetry, and my music has captured a semi-large following on the internet. A lot of people tend to like my poetry/philosophy and I have fans all over the world because of the internet.

I love making music and writing poetry, but my main goal is to help people with the gifts I’ve been given. I enjoy writing realistic, sometimes political and edgy poetry. And at other times I write poetry to express my own philosophy that is a mix of eastern religions. I became interested originally in Bruce Lee''s Philosophy, and I have gone on to develop my own style of philosophy that grows from years of martial arts training and eastern and western philosophy.

I believe everyone has a purpose in life, and to find that purpose equals beating the odds and showing to yourself who you really are. I have come to think this because I really think my purpose is to help others and try to help society as a whole. You might ask why? But I believe society is crashing and burning as we speak. No thanks to President Bush, MTV, Modeling, Movies, violent video games, advertising, and the enormous corporations that run our lives by controlling what we watch, taste, eat, smell and hear.

My biggest push right now is the need for more love in this world. Humans live off love, it is our soul food, our photosynthesis, it keeps us going when times get rough. We know love from friends and family is there. And the ones who have no love, no support, are the ones who are truly lost. I pray for those who do not experience love. We must become a society built on love or we will fail as humans.

Also there is a general shift in the way we perceive things. What we generally think is excepted. And in some way, the way our parents raise us. Not saying your parents, or my parents cause I don’t want to offend, but with the shift in mothers working, fathers working, it cuts down on time with kids, and more stress is put on both the parent and child or children, leaving the child to find other ways to interact (games, Music, internet, sometimes drugs, and gangs). I believe the way to fix this problem is to not allow the child to watch more MTV, or play more violent video games, but to sow the seeds of creativity. Reading, writing, art, music, design, anything to express their creative side. That’s just an opinion.

I believe religion at this point is at its lowest time, with Islam under fire. And Christianity being broadcast across the world like a pirate radio station. I believe Bush really believes what he’s doing, and is hell bent on change in the middle east. But he goes about it in the wrong way. I believe that religion should never enter top level politics. And that religion and state should always be separate.

I believe this world needs more love as I said, Love like you love your parents, your brothers and sisters. We should love our friends and neighbors and even enemies, like we love our parents and family.

Also, Just imagine the power of a smile to a stranger. Trust me, it is a chain reaction, a smile enters the mind, smile in mind appears, then in return a smile is cast onto another person. What if love could be spread like an internet virus or spyware. So much malware on the internet, yet we cannot spread love like a virus for we do not have the right "servers". Will you provide the bandwidth?

Finally I think we need to wake up and free our minds from illusions. The fantasy''s, the things we see, and touch, the advertising, the "perfect bodies", the perfect cures, the wonder bra and wonder drugs, the teeth whitening, the fake people, the plastic surgery. Those things are not real, they are thrust upon us by corporations, reality is a house, and food, and clothing, and family, and money, we have lost track of what is important because we live in America. Wake up, There is a world of hard core reality and truth out there and its waiting for us. Expand your mind through reading and listening. I suggest Taking the red pill and see what life has to offer you.

Heres some more food for thought.....

Some of you might want to know what this whole spread the love philosophy is for. So Ill go into that at first. Spread the love means to provide love to those who have none or are suffering from lack of love. We as humans are based on love, in theory, God created adam and eve through pure love in his image, and he has provided us this tool to reproduce and breed, to find affection, to make friends, to have love for family. Spread the love means just that, to spread all of the good things humans are capable of including kindness, compassion, warmth, giving, helping, volunteering, etc.

To spread love means to give all the good things you are lucky enough to have and give them to someone else. If your biggest gift is kindness, then spread your kindness to everyone you meet, do not be greedy with your gifts. If you are a athelete, use that status to multiply good thoughts and actions towards other people. Everyone has a voice, a smile, a wave, a laugh, a cry. Use your gifts to help those who need help. Make a new friend with someone you DONT know. Respect the elderly, open doors for strangers, watch your actions and words, speak the truth. Watch what you eat and drink. Give money to those who really really need it. Not some of those on the streets because alot of them have the opportunities to help themselves but choose not too. Not all, but some. Leave a penny in the penny jar at the store, leave money in the parking meter so others behind you may feel they are looked after.

Be creative in giving love, I have gave you many ideas, but there are some that are not thought up yet. Respect the soldiers who fight our battles when we cannot, even if they are unjust wars. Spend time getting to know your grandparents, there is plenty of knowledge and experience in the years they have lived. Respect your parents, respect police (when appropiate). Respect the fireman who save property and life. Respect the teachers who are undyingly determined to teach those who want to listen. Our schools are some of the worst in the world because we have no respect for each other, no respect for teachers, no respect for other classmates. Spread the love at YOUR school. If your the popular kid, make sure to make friends with the uncool people, screw what people think about you.

Spread the love means loving one another. True love can heal sickness, true love can cure cancer, true love can stop wars and turn back time. True love will solve the problems we will face in the future. The only true answer to a compassionate and peaceful world is through true love. We as humans are faced each day with many battles, MANY BATTLES. But with a open heart and desire to love yourself and others, life can get easier.

Love is the key. Love is the key.

We are too quick to judge knowadays, we fight wars based on egotistical desires, foreign oil and blood money. We fight civil wars based on race and gender. We yell freedom, but when freedom echos many years later, we yell uncivilized society. Religion is supposed to teach those about love, to love your neighbor and love your friends and enemies, but gets lost in translation. Religion is skewed. The key to religion should be love, but is more likely based on far off lands and disillusions of heavenly afterlives. Back to basics I say, jesus as he was as a person was all about spreading love, that was his main goal, he healed the sick and loved all men. He died for that cause, because people didnt understand him. They feared him, they judged him. Muhabbad was a prophet, a great man, along with many great men, but I can assure you his teachings were about spreading love and kindness. This was not his philosophy but gods.

Racism is rampid in america, but not only in america but all over the world. We are a rapidly growing crockpot of races, religions and sexes. We have to break down these battle hardened stereotypes, these stigmas, these falsefied ideas of grandour. White people are not the master race, and this was proven during the 3rd reich. We need to loose all the negativity towards all men and women. Blacks are unique in their own way, whites are unique in their own way, spanish in their own way, arabic and others in their own way. The only way to truely solve racism is through pure and unadultarated love. The next time you approach someone that is not your race, try to see your mother, or grandmother, or more deeply a inner glow of humanity. I know it is hard sometimes, but with practice and effort, you can accomplish anything.

We need to drop the negativity, more positivity cancels negativity. Positive feelings equal postive reactions and actions. Dont hate on those better than you, diffrent than you, we all are unique beings and we all have our own talents and gifts. Do not be angry with another if he or she has found their gift and you are still trying to find yours. Sometimes jealousy can build up, like a infected pimple, it bubbles and grows, waiting to explode, you need to be the sharpened sword to release the pressure, talk about it with who ever your jealous of. Find strength inside, you are the most important person and you are the strongest person around, you yourself can solve all your own problems if thought about deep enough, meditating on, self discussed. Life is not a roller coaster always on top, but varies from time to time. Find happiness in the little things, the things that make you happy are found through introspective thinking.

All things on this earth are important, from cats and dogs to trees and insects. They all have a lifeforce, do no evil upon others, even small creatures. Spread the love onto all living things. Open your heart, the truth is right in front of you. Open your heart. Open your heart. Love is all you see and hear and smell and taste. Pure love towards all things. Pure love towards all living things.

Love will end wars

Love will stop hate

Love will befriend millions

Love will help reproduce

Brian Patrick Merrick {DJ Amerrickan}

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