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Ultimate Traffic Generation Secrets Pack2+2 Mystery BONUSES

Get 12 HOT products on Offline Marketing, along with two Mystery BONUSES!

If you want to make money from offline marketing, then this package is for you! Listed below are the 12 products you will get as part of the package:

Product 1. Online Traffic Generation Methods - with Private Label Rights:

25 pages - 5,339 Words!

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

1. Introduction

2. Section One: Pay per Click Advertising

3. Section Two: Search Engine Optimization

4. Section Three: Blogging

5. Section Four: Getting the Most from Banner Ads

6. Section Five: Offline Traffic Generation

7. Section Six: Posting on Forums

8. Conclusion


Product 2. Surefire Traffic - with Private Label Rights:

Discover Surefire Ways To Increase Your Traffic - Starting Today!

7 pages - 2,072 Words!

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

1. How to Create an Interest

2. How to Write Content That Gets Attention

3. How to Submit Your Site to Directories

4. How to Participate In Online Communities and Forums

5. How to Ask Newsletters to Publish Your Article

6. Submitting Articles to Article Directories

7. Publishing Articles on Your Site

8. How to Syndicate Your Material to Other Sites

9. How to Write Testimonials for Products You Love

10. Free Software Tools Provided With Required Link Back To Website


Product 3. 77 Social Media Traffic Tactics - with Master Resell Rights:

In this special report I share 77 of my best social media tactics for generating MORE traffic, leads, and sales!

Simply take a look at one or more of the 77 tactics, implement it, and get results!

Inside this special report you'll discover powerful social media tactics like:

* Creating a Facebook Fan page for your business for more exposure.

* Using YouTube to generate tons of traffic to your websites.

* How to improve your search engine rankings using LinkedIn so you can generate tons of traffic.

* Linking up with seasoned experts to gain credibility in your market.

* Getting others to promote your Twitter and Facebook page.

* Using https://www.tradebit.com to save time.

* How to use Twitter to conduct market research.

* Integrating your twitter feed with your homepage.

* Creating your own blog using Wordpress.

* How to use your Facebook fan page to send out information.
* Creating a free discussion forum on your Facebook fan page.

* Creating an iPhone application that features your feeds from various social media accounts.

* How to create a "Tweet This" or "Post This to My Facebook Account" button.

* How to use YouTube to talk to your viewers directly so you can gain trust from your prospects.

* Starting a conversation to get your readers involved.

* Adding a "Google Buzz" button to your site.

* Using Twitter to grow your email list so you can send out your promotional offers.

* Referring new friends to your fan page.

And much, much more!

Once you get your hands on this report, you'll always use it as a reference to make the most out of any social media website.

These concepts will help you gain more loyal customers, increase your sales, and generate tons of traffic to your sites.

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:


Tactic #1: How to Be Consistent with Your Social Media Identity

Tactic #2: How to Create a Coherent Social Media Message

Tactic #3: How to Create a Twitter Profile

Tactic #4: How to Create a Fan Page for Your Business on Facebook

Tactic #5: How to Track Your Twitter Results

Tactic #6: How to Think in Terms of Social Capital

Tactic #7: How to Use the Twitter Search Engine

Tactic #8: How to Use Twitter to Conduct Market Research

Tactic #9: How to Create a Tutorial Series on YouTube

Tactic #10: How to Create a https://www.tradebit.com Profile

Tactic #11: How to Put a Thumbnail Photo in Your Social Networking Site Profiles

Tactic #12: How to Lure in Followers by Posting Free, Useful Information

Tactic #13: How to Promote Your Business Through Blog-Commenting

Tactic #14: How to Encourage Existing Customers to Use Your Facebook Fan Page

Tactic #15: Use Your Own Judgment Over That of Experts

Tactic #16: How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking Position with https://www.tradebit.com

Tactic #17: How to Integrate Your Social Media Marketing Efforts with Everything Else

Tactic #18: How to Use Forums to Pull in Site Visitors

Tactic #19: How to Link Up with Seasoned Experts

Tactic #20: Remember that Social Media Marketing is Still Marketing

Tactic #21: How to Join Networks Related to Your Niche

Tactic #22: How to Link Your Twitter and Facebook Accounts

Tactic #23: How to Use Your Facebook Fan Page to Give Your Customers a Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Tactic #24: How to Encourage Others to Promote Your Twitter Account and Facebook Page

Tactic #25: How to Avoid Engaging in Flaming or Fights

Tactic #26: How to Participate in Discussions with Visitors

Tactic #27: How to Let Customers Contribute to Your Fan Page

Tactic #28: How to Use Your Site to Demonstrate How Your Business Helps Others

Tactic #29: How to Provide Angry or Upset Customers with Compensation

Tactic #30: Carefully Consider Trade-Off between Customer Engagement and Your Time

Tactic #31: Don't Let Privacy Concerns Stifle Your Marketing Campaigns

Tactic #32: Don't Live in Fear of Making Mistakes

Tactic #33: How to Use https://www.tradebit.com to Save Time

Tactic #34: How to Integrate Your Twitter Feed with Your Homepage

Tactic #35: How to Use https://www.tradebit.com for Longer Tweets

Tactic #36: https://www.tradebit.com vs. Other Blogging Platforms

Tactic #37: How to Select a https://www.tradebit.com Theme

Tactic #38: Alternatives to https://www.tradebit.com (https://www.tradebit.com)

Tactic #39: How to Use https://www.tradebit.com for Music-Related Businesses

Tactic #40: How to Use Your Facebook Profile to Refer People to Your Business's Fan Page

Tactic #41: How to Pull Your Email List from Your Autoresponder to Find Buyers Who Use Facebook

Tactic #42: How to Refer Your New Friends to Your Fan Page

Tactic #43: How to Use Your Email List to Find Customers on Twitter

Tactic #44: How to Put Your Latest Updates in Your RSS Feeds for Those with Readers

Tactic #45: How to Truncate Your RSS Feeds to Hook Readers

Tactic #46: How to Add a "Find Use Elsewhere" Box on Your Website

Tactic #47: How to Use https://www.tradebit.com with https://www.tradebit.com

Tactic #48: How to Use https://www.tradebit.com (Or Other Services) to Allow People to Comment on Your Site

Tactic #49: How to Create a Discussion Forum for Your Website

Tactic #50: How to Populate Your Discussion Forum

Tactic #51: How to Make Money from Your Discussion Forum

Tactic #52: How to Use PHPFOX to Create Your Own Social Network

Tactic #53: How to Populate Your Social Network

Tactic #54: How to Generate Revenue from Your Social Network

Tactic #55: How to Promote New Products Using Twitter

Tactic #56: How to Use Twitter to Promote a Firesale

Tactic #57: How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Email List

Tactic #58: How to Create a Wordpress Blog

Tactic #59: How to Use Your Facebook Fan Page to Send Out Information

Tactic #60: How to Use Your Facebook Fan Page to Request Information & Pictures

Tactic #61: How to Use Event Invitations on Facebook

Tactic #62: How to Create a Facebook Application

Tactic #63: How to Create a Free Discussion Forum on Your Facebook Fan Page

Tactic #64: How to Make Your Fan Page Open to a Splash Page with Discounts and News

Tactic #65: How to Cross-Promote Your Social Media Accounts

Tactic #66: How to Create a Twitter Contest

Tactic #67: How to Create an iPhone Application that Features Your Feeds from Your Various Social Media Accounts

Tactic #68: How to Modify Your iPhone Application for Use with Smartphone Operating Systems

Tactic #69: How to Use Twitter to Promote Recent Updates to Your Website

Tactic #70: How to Add Digg/Reddit Buttons to Your Website

Tactic #71: How to Create a "Tweet This" or "Post This to My Facebook Account" Button

Tactic #72: How to Use YouTube to Talk to Your Customers Directly

Tactic #73: How to Use the "Insights" Feature on Your Facebook Fan Page to Monitor Your Traffic

Tactic #74: How to Use Your Facebook Fan Page to Promote Your Fan Photos and Testimonials

Tactic #75: How to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page with a Facebook Ad

Tactic #76: How to Add a Google Buzz Button to Your Site

Tactic #77: How to Start a Conversation and Get Readers Involved


BONUS: This product comes with MASTER RESELL RIGHTS! Here is the "extra" stuff you would get, along with the product:

a) 2 minisites, with graphics, salespage, and download page, to help you sell the product

b) 3 squeeze page templates


Product 4. Outsourcing Your Traffic Department Video Course - with Master Resell Rights:

Discover The Secrets To Generating Everlasting Sources Of Traffic Of Targeted, Hungry Buyers To Your Websites Like There's No Off Switch - It's As Easy As Plug-N-Play But Only If You Know How To!


"Your Next Breakthrough In Traffic Generation - Outsource Your Traffic Department!"

Here is what you will learn in this video course:

Video #1: Introduction and Brainstorming (6 minutes and 22 seconds): There many types of traffic that you can outsource, but before you jump out and start investing in all the different types of traffic you're about to see in this video series, it's very important to figure out what traffic types would most benefit your business. In this video, you'll learn how to brainstorm before you invest too much and dig yourself into a deep hole and what we'll be talking about in the future videos.

Video #2: Social Bookmarking (3 minutes and 23 seconds): Social bookmarking is a powerful way to promote a website because these types of sites allow people to share valuable sites they have found with people of the same niche; in this case your niche. Now it can become very tedious and time consuming to submit to many Social Bookmarking sites, so you'll need people to do it for you, so you can focus on the more important parts of your business. You'll learn about a great site that we'll point you too; and other sites you can use to get people to do the hard labor for you.

Video #3: Press Release Writing and Submission (9 minutes and 27 seconds): Not using Press Release Marketing to promote your business? Press releases are more so news based items, but anytime you launch a new product, a new service, and anything that can be related to news, you should be using Press Releases or else you are missing out big time. You'll learn how to find good press release writers and people to submit them manually to PR sites, so you can get hundreds of links back to your site; gaining better search engine ranking and traffic.

Video #4: Article Submission (5 minutes and 27 seconds): Content Content Content! Article Marketing allows you to spread valuable content around the 'net and as you know good content builds trust between your prospects and your business. This method can be used to spread your article to thousands of sites, therefore bringing in tons of targeted traffic. Now writing an article can sometimes take 15-30 minutes, but if you want to write many articles on a constant basis, it can take up lots of your time. Why not just outsource it?

With that said, you'll learn a specific method that will allow you to setup a system where you may outsource some of your submission in the beginning, but you will be able to submit articles yourself w/o any future costs.

Video #5: Blog Creation & Blog Comments (8 minutes and 6 seconds): Search Engines love blogs; that's all there is too it, but maintaining blogs can become very time consuming. There are ways you can split up the jobs so you can save time and money. Blog Comments is a method of marketing where you go to Blogs of your niche and respond with "legitimate" comments to the blog posts.

This method is white hat and allows you to stay on those blogs for a long time; reaping constant traffic back to your site. You'll need to find someone who is very reputable when you're doing blog comments and who actually reads them; so you'll learn more about that in this video.

Video #6: Social Networking (4 minutes and 33 seconds): You've heard it all; everyone is using Social Networking to spread the word. Social Networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and many more have become part of many people's lives. Being able to use these sites to market yourself and market your products is a must. But just like the traffic types as above, they take time.

However, since you are dealing directly with building relationships with Social Networking, you must decide what part of Social Networking traffic you will outsource and which you will not. You'll learn more about that in this video.


Product 5: Instant Affiliate Generator Script:

Are you interested in a brand new way to increase the traffic to any website for about 5 minutes easy "work"?

Introducing the "Instant Affiliate Generator" System!

Here is How You Can Use "Instant Affiliate Generator" to Start Getting More Traffic, More Subscribers, More Sales and More Profits Every Single Day:

-Increase Your Traffic - Using this system will multiply your traffic exponentially! The more people visit your site, the more get sent to your site by others. The technique is so viral I was shocked to find how underutilized it actually is.

-Boost Link Popularity - With more and more people linking to your site almost every day from all over the internet, your link popularity will explode helping you to effortlessly achieve great search engine rankings!

-Get More Subscribers - Simply add a subscribe form to the same page as your Instant Affiliate Generator code and watch as your opt in list grows more and more by the day, virtually hands free!

-Increase Your Sales - If there's one thing that is guaranteed to increase your sales, it's more traffic right? Well with 'Instant Affiliate Generator' you'll get plenty of it!

-Add Visitor Interaction - With all the hype around 'web 2.0' more and more people are expecting to be able to get involved in your websites in some way. This allows them to do just that and get great rewards for their efforts!

-Gain Repeat Visitors - It's well known that it can take 7 or more visits to your site before someone decides to buy. 'Instant Affiliate Generator' brings people back to check their referral stats giving you another chance to offer them your products.

-Unlimited Domains - The simple code can be added to as many domains as you want or as many pages on the same domain as you want. You can instantly increase the profits of literally every page on every domain you own!

-Collect Affiliates Details - When someone sends enough traffic to get their reward, simply send them to a subscribe form to collect their gift. Now you'll build a list of partners who can send traffic to any of your other products or future product launches.

-Works On Any Page - Designed to be compatible with any webpage regardless of what language it's coded in, html, php, asp or anything else.

-A Breeze To Setup - Can be up and running on your site in minutes by following the simple 'no brainer' style setup process.

The beauty of this system is that it works just as well even if your visitors aren't webmasters, which almost makes this like a super powerful tell-a-friend script. Just tell people to send x amount of people to your site and they can get your product for free, or any other bonus you want to give them.

This will encourage regular surfers to start advertising your website for you in forums, video sharing sites, social networking sites and anywhere else they can.

Even if you already have a regular affiliate program you can still plug this in along with it. It will not affect your regular commission based affiliate program! So you could effectively have two affiliate programs running for the same site and the same product. You've just doubled what is already the most effective form of free advertising you can get!

Here are some of the features you get with "Instant Affiliate Generator":

* Control how many unique referrals are required to get access to each of the rewards.

* Can be added to as many pages you want, and each page can have a different bonus.

* Easy install procedure has you up and running in just a few minutes.

* Install just one time, and use across all of your domains and websites!

* Easily edit the options for any campaign at anytime 'on the fly'.

* Control and manage all your campaigns from one easy and secure admin panel.

You can have a new campaign setup in literally one minute, and it will continue to send you new free traffic everyday for life!


Product 6: Killer Video Conversions - with Master Resell Rights:

Discover The 7 Brutally Effective, Secret Video Techniques That Literally Force Viewers Away From YouTube And Straight To Your Website...Time After Time!

If you want to:

-'Cash in' from the YouTube gravy train...

-Turn casual viewers into frenzied, wallet-waving buyers...

-Learn about a simple step-by-step formula for cranking out winning, profitable videos every time!

Then the solution is simple:


"Killer Video Conversions"

Here's what else you'll discover in this report:

* How to Correctly Craft Your Title: It stands to reason...You won't get any visitors if nobody watches your video. Copy the psychological strings I pull to suck people in...fast (page 9)

* Don't Fight _____ ______, How To Use It Your Advantage: One of the simplest, yet brutally effective ways to increase your conversions is to make your visitors ______! (page 11)

* A Criminally Under-Used, Yet Strikingly Powerful Technique: Force viewers to your website...easily...by stealing this method, dating back to the silent picture era (page 12)

* 3 Reasons Why 'Watermarking' Your Videos Isn't As Effective As You Might Think, And What You Can Do About It: Willie Crawford called this 'Brilliant' when he saw it... (page 13)

* Using _________ Gets Eyeballs. Lots Of Them: Apart from a slideshow of semi-naked Swedish models, this is just about the quickest way to get people talking about your videos! (page 14)

* Why You Should ______ The ______ From More Popular Videos: This is a no-brainer. Don't even think about uploading a video until you do this (page 16)

* I Even Talk About Some White & Grey-Hat Ways To Improve Your Traffic: Do they pass the test? (page 20)

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

1. Killer Video Conversions - The Seven 'C's
- Killer Tactic #1 9
- Killer Tactic #2 10
- Killer Tactic #3 11
- Killer Tactic #4 12
- Killer Tactic #5 14
- Killer Tactic #6 15
- Killer Tactic #7 17
2. Killer Tools & Resources

3. Wear The Grey Hat If You Dare


BONUS #1: Videos Into Cash:

You get 2 stunning MP3 Tele-Seminar recordings with PDF transcripts lifting the lid on creating and producing high performance sales videos for your websites. Also included is a red-hot 'tell all' audio, running at over 96 minutes, that'll have you cranking out winning, sizzling videos for your sales or squeeze pages in no time!!

BONUS #2: Creating Your Own Videos

Discover how you can take advantage of the video boom by showing you how to create your own high quality video products...A neat little report giving you tons of handy tools and tips. Find out the best hardware and software you should use, how to create, edit and upload your videos.

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

1. Introduction

2. Chapter 1 - The Tools You Will Need

3. Chapter 2 - How to Choose the Right Webcam

4. Chapter 3 - Creation and Editing Software for a Video Product

5. Chapter 4 - Plan Before you Start Shooting Your Video Product

6. Chapter 5 - How to Edit Your Video Product

7. Chapter 6 - How to Create a Video Tutorial for Your Customers

8. Chapter 7 - How to Put the Finished Video on Your Website

9. Chapter 8 - A Video Product Can Help Boost Traffic and Sales

10. Conclusion

11. About The Author

12. Recommended Resources

BONUS #3: Viral YouTube Traffic

Discover how to get unlimited new visitors to your websites without paying a single penny for traffic. A terrific report, which include 5 video case studies, and showing you what made them 'take off'. It covers a wide range of traffic generation methods that just plain work.

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

1. Welcome

2. Chapter 1: What Is YouTube?

3. Chapter 2: Researching YouTube

4. Chapter 3: What Type Of Videos Work

5. Chapter 4: Case Studies

6. Chapter 5: Equipment

7. Chapter 6: Video Editing Software

8. Chapter 7: Uploading Videos

9. Chapter 8: Planning A Video

10. Chapter 9: Specific Tactics For Marketing

11. Chapter 10: Conclusion

12. Other Video Sites

13. Resources List


Product 7: LikeList Facebook Viral Traffic Script - with Master Resell Rights:

I'll explain it simply. What this does is to help you easily create a quotes website that Facebook users can "like" and that is heavily focused around this. Since the stuff they like show up in their Facebook profile and consequently in the news feed of their friends, this makes the whole website EXTREMELY viral! Except of text quotes, there can also be pictures and YouTube videos! Also, websites created with LikeList are sentenced to live and grow on autopilot because users add their own things!

Top benefits of using LikeList:

-After you set up your site and with literally next to zero promotion, by the time the first users start using your site, more users will follow, that will bring even more, and then EVEN MORE, etc, while you sit and watch your earnings skyrocket!

-The other huge part of LikeList is that all the entries of your sites are actually FACEBOOK PAGES. This means that if the top 50 entries have been liked by 100.000 people, then you have also 50 PAGES WITH 100.000 FANS, that you can send updates AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! And since the whole website is built around liking things, these numbers are easily achievable! You'll have a HUGE user base in no time!

-There is an integrated CMS with a full WYSIWYG editor, with which you can easily create pages integrated in the website (that can also be liked and be virally spread over Facebook!).

What, even THAT isn't enough for you? Well, there is even an integrated feature to add an e-mail sign up form with an "export as .csv" option.

-There are also features such as daily trending quotes, an integrated ad manager, full integration with other Facebook functions, and many more (check below)!

-On top of all these, you get the options to add social features to your site, like a comment box feature, or an activity feed that shows the users that did the latest likes. With all these, your visitors will not want to leave the site and will make it a money generating machine.

-Finally -and maybe the best of all: you can make a NETWORK of INTERCONNECTED sites, that grow on top of each other, and work as a really big automated site! My 3 TEST sites together get MORE THAN 50.000 daily visitors in a small country!

-LikeList is virtually bug free, it's fast and light for the user AND the server, it's easily customizable, it's REALLY secured, and the design and architecture are tweaked so to give the best feeling when browsing the site.

Most important and unique features are:

* Easy and efficient design.
* Supports Text, Image, YouTube likes.
* Practical admin panel providing many useful tools.
* Pinning feature - You can put a specific entry on top of all others, which can be a up as suggested in each page load (this can also be a text link or a banner!)
* You can add FULL HTML CUSTOMIZATION on any entry you enter from the admin panel.
* CMS with a fully functional WYSIWYG editor (so you can easily create additional pages for whatever you want).
* Integrated ad manager.
* Show trending, latest, top and random quotes, and the ability to sort these as you like.
* Optional "Add your e-mail" form.
* SEO friendly URLs.
* Social activity feed to show latest people that have liked something.
* Facebook comments on every page - your users can comment on each page, and it will also show up on their FACEBOOK profile, making this even more viral!
* Optional Facebook comment box - this works like a shout box, letting your users talk about anything.
* Security from spambots using Google's ReCaptcha technology.
* RSS feeds, to be used for SEO as well as anything else you could use them in!
* Ability to like whole pages.
* Adding and deleting entries.
* Users can report entries that should be deleted
* EVERYTHING you read above is easily customizable.


Product 8: Black Belt Web Marketing - with Master Resell Rights:

Get Tons Of Visitors To Your Web Site Now!

Would You Like To:

*Get More People To Your Web Site?
*Get More Sales?
*Stop Wasting Time On marketing That Does Not Work?
*Work Smart Instead Of Work Hard?

Then BlackBelt Web Marketing is For You!

Here is what is covered in Black Belt Web Marketing:

* Lesson 1 - Developing a Plan for Increasing Web Traffic.
* Lesson 2 - Registering Your Web Site
* Lesson 3 - Announcing Your Web Event
* Lesson 4 - Increasing Web Traffic with Classified Ads
* Lesson 5 - Populating the Internet with Links to Your Site
* Lesson 6 - Developing a Database of Content-Rich Resources
* Lesson 7 - Participating in Internet Discussion Groups
* Lesson 8 - Using Email to Generate Web Traffic
* Lesson 9 - Publicizing Your Event to the Media
* Lesson 10 - Advertising Online
* Lesson 11 - Achieving Long Term Success
* Appendix A - Glossary of Terms
* Appendix B - Additional Resources
* Appendix C - Media List and Site Reviewers
* Appendix D - Search Tips
* Appendix E - Extra Exercise Forms
* Appendix F - Web Traffic Idea Generator
* Appendix G - Web Traffic Plan Presentation


Product 9: Exponential Profit Multiplier - with Master Resell Rights:

Exponential Profit Multiplier is an easy-to-install traffic generating system that is guaranteed to bring you loads of traffic from every visitor. Ok, let me explain it in detail.

Picture this:

You are visiting a website (which already has the Exponential Profit Multiplier installed in it) as an affiliate. Now, you are taken to "Tell 2 Friends" page. All you have to do is refer two of your friends to this site. (And I am sure like everybody else you too have at least 2 persons in your life with whom you would like to share things.) So, referring two of your friends is not a big deal. Right?

Ok now it is the reward time. By your simple act of referring two of your friends, you are going to get all the below benefits:

Benefit 1 - Get Commission You will get a commission when both of your friends visit the site.

Benefit 2 - Your Friend Will Get Commission When your friends visit the same page and both of them refer two of their friends. They will also earn a commission just like you did!

Benefit 3 - Get Commission on the Referral of your Friend! Yes, here is the twist. You will get a commission for the first referral of both of your friends.

Benefit 4 - Get Commission on Your Friend's Referral's Referral and you know what you'll get a commission for the first referral of your friend's referral's referral.

Benefit 5 - Get Infinite Commission! Excited? Then, let me add it to your excitement that: your commission will not stop here. You will continue to get commission at every level for the first referral.

"Is It Possible To Refer More Than 2 Friends?"

Certainly You CAN! After all the more the number of referrals, the more your affiliates are and the higher your commission will be! So, the more - the better! Is not it better than any two or multi-tiered affiliate programs? Perfect Tool for Your Site!


Product 10: Super Forum Marketing Videos - with Private Label Rights:

Your marketing efforts through Forums can easily be mistaken for spam. However, the trick of the trade is to insert your marketing objectives into the Forums strategically. You may be wondering how in the world can you do that?

In these videos, you will quickly learn:

1. The importance of a proper signature,

2. The sway of the avatar,

3. The ways to word your post for optimum performance . . .

Plus many more revealed in these Super Forum Marketing Video tutorials

And the best part is that you do not even need to be a computer genius to benefit from this traffic generating techniques. You will discover step by step, what to click and what to type making you a reliable source in any given niche!


Product 11: Parasite Hosting Video Course - with Master Resell Rights:

If You Aren't Taking Advantage of Parasite Hosting, You are Missing Out on a HUGE Opportunity!

Parasite Hosting, when used correctly, will propel your website to the top of the search engines - And Yet, Only A Small Percentage of Internet Marketers Are Taking Advantage of This!

Here is What is Included in This Video Course:

* A Collection of 13 Professionally Recorded Videos-This complete video series will teach you everything you need to know about creating, optimizing, publishing, and promoting pages on parasite hosts.

* The Importance of Parasite Hosting- Before you actually start taking advantage of parasites, you need to understand why it is so important and how this all works.

* The Power of Keyword Research- If you aren't creating pages that are focused on specific keywords, you are literally taking a stab in the dark at achieving natural search engine rankings. Let me show you how to perform effective keyword research.

* The Best "Parasites" to Work With- There are literally hundreds of parasite websites out there. Let me show you how to maximize your time by only working with the cream of the crop.

* How to Sign up with a Parasite Host, and Personalize Your Account- You will get to watch me, over the shoulder in my video series as I sign up for and personalize my very own account on a very popular parasite host.

* How to Create and Optimize Your Content- Creating your very own pages will be a breeze with my content suggestions. I will also show you how to tweak your content to optimize it for the search engines.

* How to Submit and Post Your Pages- Watch as I create an actual page online, and give you advice on how to duplicate my results in the easiest way possible.

* How to Promote Your Pages- After your pages are live, let me show you how to promote them to achieve high traffic and rankings. I will supply you with specific recommendations on how to promote your parasite pages.

* How to Dominate the Search Engines with Parasite Hosting- I will show you how to combine effective keyword research with parasite hosting to capture multiple listings on the search engines. Just imagine being able to literally dominate the search engines for your targeted keyword phrase!


BONUS#1: Taking Advantage of Parasite Hosting Report:

This 16 page book is jam-packed with tons of great information on how to master parasite hosting. It supplements the videos.

BONUS#2: Profiting After The Sale Ebook:

Is There Only One Buy Now Button On Your Page? If You Think So, You Are Flushing Good Money Down The Drain!

Profiting After The Sale Will Help You:

- Implement The #1 Tool Every Successful Online Business Uses!

- Make Sales You Never Thought Possible Before!

- Create A Cross Selling Bonanza!

- Use OTO's, Upsells and Downsells Just Like The Pro's!

- Sell To Each Customer Not Just Once, But Twice, Three Times...Even Four Times!

- Understand How To Squeeze Every Last Penny Out Of Each Purchaser!

Don't Be Left Struggling To Make Money - This Is Your Chance To Hit It Big!


Product 12: High PageRank Videos - with Private Label Rights:

Here is what you are going to learn in this step by step video course:

Video 1 : Introduction - 9:38 minutes long

* What is Page Rank
* Why you need a high Page Rank
* What the benefits of a High Page Rank are
* How a high Page Rank will increase your earnings

Video 2 : The Importance of Keywords - 34:15 minutes long

* Why keyword research is the secret tool of the successful
* Free tools for powerful keyword research
* How to quickly find long tail keywords in your niche
* What to do with your keywords when you have found them
* See live demonstrations of how to find keywords and what to do with them

Video 3 : The Domain Name Conundrum - 15:03 minutes long

* How the right domain name can make or break your website
* How to select a profit pulling domain name
* The best places to buy your domain names from
* How to set your domain name up

Video 4 : The Power of Articles - 10:30 minutes long

* Learn exactly what articles are and how to use them
* Why they are vital for your business
* How to submit your articles to the article directories
* The real power of articles

Video 5 : Resource Box Secrets - 5:56 minutes long

* What a resource box is
* How to make people click on your resource box
* Making your resource box compelling

Video 6 : How to Use EzineArticles - 5 minutes long

* Why this is the number 1 article directory
* How to use EzineArticles to get a horde of traffic
* A guided tour of all the features of EzineArticles

Video 7 : How to Promote Your Website - 14:56 minutes long

* What website promotion is and why you MUST do it
* How to use link exchanges so they promote your website rather than penalize it
* The best ways to use Web 2.0 technologies to raise your Page Rank
* Powerful techniques to get a flood of traffic to your website within minutes

Video 8 : Onlywire Secrets - 8:10 minutes long

* What is https://www.tradebit.com and why you need to use it
* How to use https://www.tradebit.com to increase your Page Ranking

Video 9 : StumbleUpon Secrets - 8:15 minutes long

* What is https://www.tradebit.com
* How to use https://www.tradebit.com to get a flood of free visitors in minutes

Video 10 : Digg Secrets - 9:46 minutes long

* What is https://www.tradebit.com
* How you can increase your Page Rank with Digg
* How to unleash a flood of Digg traffic within minutes

Video 11 : Squidoo Secrets - 41:55 minutes long

* What is https://www.tradebit.com
* How to use https://www.tradebit.com to increase your Page Rank
* Increase your traffic for free, with Squidoo
* See a step by step demonstration of how to set up a Squidoo Lens

Video 12 : Endnote - 5:51 minutes long

* Summary of everything you have learnt
* A recap on how Page Rank will increase your profits

All the videos come in the form of .SWF files embedded in HTML files. The videos can be viewed even with a 640 x 480 screen resolution!

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Product 5. Instant Affiliate Generator Script

Product 6. Killer Video Conversions - with Master Resell Rights

Product 7. LikeList Facebook Viral Traffic Script - with Master Resell Rights

Product 8. Black Belt Web Marketing - with Master Resell Rights

Product 9. Exponential Profit Multiplier - with Master Resell Rights

Product 10. Super Forum Marketing Videos - with Private Label Rights

Product 11. Parasite Hosting Video Course - with Master Resell Rights

Product 12. High PageRank Videos - with Private Label Rights

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