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Ultimate Outsourcing Secrets Pack + 2 Mystery BONUSES!

Get 8 HOT products on Outsourcing, along with two Mystery BONUSES!

If you are interested in outsourcing some or ALL of your tasks, then this package is for you! Listed below are the 8 products you will get as part of the package:

Product 1. Outsource Explosion - with Master Resell Rights:

There will come a day in your business (if it has not already arrived) when you realize that you only have two hands and 24 hours in a day.

What I mean is you cannot do everything that your business needs yourself.

If you try to do everything yourself, your business will at best grind to a halt, and at worst, GO UNDER.

Outsourcing is not about status or "being the boss"

It is about recognizing what is best for your business and your profits.

Outsourcing is easier than most people think...

...and I am about to show you exactly how to start outsourcing in the most painless way possible, and avoiding many of the fatal mistakes most would-be outsourcers make....


Outsource Explosion

You will learn:

* How to increase your business to a six or even seven figure enterprise using outsourcing

* What you SHOULD outsource whenever possible

* What you should NEVER outsource

* The SEVEN MAJOR outsourcing mistakes

* The biggest single factor that can ensure your outsourcing is successful

* The 3 outsourcing "categories" and priorities that you MUST know about

* The top outsourcing techniques of the gurus

* The "secret" new emerging country for finding top quality, incredible value workers



Product 2. 20 Articles on Business Outsourcing - with Private Label Rights:

20 Articles - 8,675 words!

This package contains the following articles:

Benefits Of A Request For Proposal When Business Outsourcing

Top Six Benefits Of Business Outsourcing

Are Your Business Hands Tied? Try BPO!

BPO Companies - The Latest Business Trend

Saudi Arabia: The New BPO Kingdom

How Business Process Outsourcing Fares In India Today

Business Process Outsourcing

How To Design An Effective Call Center Business Outsourcing Plan

Should You Be A Emphasys Advanced Outsourcing LLC Business Associate?

Outsourcing Your Marketing Needs

Communication Problems With Business Outsourcing

Dangers Of Business Outsourcing

Business Outsourcing And Verifying Employees

Business Outsourcing For Risk Management

Business Outsourcing Labor Criticism Issues

What Is Business Outsourcing?

Reasons You Might Consider Business Outsourcing

Maintaining Quality Of Service When Business Outsourcing

Business Outsourcing Contracts

Why Outsource Any Business Process At All?

This product comes with PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS! License terms are as follows:

[YES] Can Be Sold
[YES] Can Be Packaged
[YES] Can Be Offered As a Bonus
[YES] Can Be Added As Web Content
[YES] Can Be Used For Product Creation
[YES] Can Be Added To a Paid Membership
[YES] Can Be Used As Autoresponder Series
[YES] Can Be Converted into Audio or Video Formats
[NO] CAN Be Given Away
[NO] CAN Be Added To a Free Membership


Product 3. 20 Articles on Call Centers - with Private Label Rights:

20 Articles - 8,697 words!

This package contains the following articles:

Being A Successful Call Center Agent

Philippines Call Centers - Reinventing E-Commerce

Quality And Quantity - The Call Centers Of India

Quality Service Through Customer Satisfaction

The Basic Knowledge About Call Centers

The French Connection - Call Centers Of France

The New Way Of Helping Consumers - Customer Service Call Center

There is No Place Like Home - The Home Call Center

What You Need To Know About Inbound Call Centers

What You Need To Know About Virtual Call Centers

Improve Sales By Outsourcing Call Centers

Call Center Careers

Call Center Challenges

Call Center Managers

Call Center Supervisors

Dealing With A Bad Call

Keeping Fit With A Call Center Job

Learn To Laugh

The Call Center Job

Tips For Call Center Reps

This product comes with PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS! License terms are as follows:

[YES] Can Be Sold
[YES] Can Be Packaged
[YES] Can Be Offered As a Bonus
[YES] Can Be Added As Web Content
[YES] Can Be Used For Product Creation
[YES] Can Be Added To a Paid Membership
[YES] Can Be Used As Autoresponder Series
[YES] Can Be Converted into Audio or Video Formats
[NO] CAN Be Given Away
[NO] CAN Be Added To a Free Membership


Product 4. Outsource Tactics Unleashed - with Private Label Rights:

47 pages - 8,336 Words

The Contents of This Ebook Are Below:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Outsourcing

- Outsourcing - What it is and How it Benefits the Internet Entrepreneur
- Outsourcing: Now or Later?
- Full Time Staff versus Outsourcing to Agents - Pros and Cons

Chapter 2: Tasks You Can Outsource

- Outsourcing Your Advertising and Marketing Needs
- Why Outsource Your Content Writing?
- Finding a Competent Graphic Designer for Your Next Project
- Finding a Great Virtual Assistant
- Getting Help with Your Blogging
- Outsourcing Your Copywriting Projects
- Programming Needs and How to Outsource Them
- Need a Book Ghostwriter?
- Farming out Editing Jobs
- Going the Agent Route with Your Sales Initiative

Chapter 3: How to Negotiate Outsourcing Deals

- Negotiating Your Outsourcing Deal
- Outsourcing Definitely Shows Company Benefits
- Choosing an Outsourcing Company to Handle the Your Phone Needs
- Even Online Businesses Use Outsourcing
- Outsourcing Contracts Can Be Confusing

- Outsourcing - Tips and Tricks
- Outsourcing Tips and Tricks
- Outsourcing: Project Planning and Completion

Chapter 4: Recommended Resources

Sample extract:

Outsourcing various functions with your company can be a great thing, given certain circumstances. Here are a few examples of when outsourcing may be to your advantage, as well as some ideas of when you might be better off with a full time staff.

For businesses that have a national or international client base, outsourcing such functions as customer care and sales only make sense.

This allows you to engage the services of persons in a number of different locations that can speak to the needs of a growing clientele in various geographic locations without the need to actually open a branch office there.

If your business is more of a local nature and there is a chance that...


Product 5: Outsourcing Secrets - with Master Resell Rights:

Here's a sneak preview of what you'll discover in this amazing guide:

* The main benefits of hiring freelancers over having perm staff

* The various flexible methods of paying your freelancers that could save you a fortune!

* The little communication issues that need to be resolved if you want to find a good freelancer

* Some unusual but effective methods to gauge if a freelancer is the right person for the job

* Places you can easily find affordable and top notch freelancers

* Factors to consider when out sourcing your business to a capable virtual assistant

* Simple tricks and tactics to keep your outsourced team motivated to give their 110 for you

* Where to find good content writers and how to have them produce exactly what you want.

* Why programmers are harder to hire and important points to keep in mind when hiring them

* One method to make sure you don't lose money and time if a programmer messes up on you

* Digging the right places for quality, top notch copywriters to hire at an affordable price!

* An organization your designer needs to be familiar with before he gets your contract...

Chapters Covered in This Report are as Follows:

1. Introduction To Outsourcing Secrets

2. Outsourcing 101

3. Creating Your Freelance Team

4. Outsourcing Virtual Assistants

5. Outsourcing Content Writers

6. Outsourcing Programmers

7. Outsourcing Copywriting

8. Outsourcing Graphic Design & Development

9. Outsourcing Swipe File - Resources


Product 6: Outsourcing Your Traffic Department Video Course - with Master Resell Rights:

Learn How to Outsource Your Traffic Generation Chores, Get Thousands Of Visitors To Your Websites Every Month... And Bank In Hard, Cold Cash Like Clockwork!

Finally... Discover The Secrets To Generating Everlasting Sources Of Traffic Of Targeted, Hungry Buyers To Your Websites Like There's No Off Switch - It's As Easy As Plug-N-Play But Only If You Know How To!


"Your Next Breakthrough In Traffic Generation - Outsource Your Traffic Department!"

Here is what you will learn in this video course:

Video #1: Introduction and Brainstorming (6 minutes and 22 seconds): There many types of traffic that you can outsource, but before you jump out and start investing in all the different types of traffic you're about to see in this video series, it's very important to figure out what traffic types would most benefit your business. In this video, you'll learn how to brainstorm before you invest too much and dig yourself into a deep hole and what we'll be talking about in the future videos.

Video #2: Social Bookmarking (3 minutes and 23 seconds): Social bookmarking is a powerful way to promote a website because these types of sites allow people to share valuable sites they have found with people of the same niche; in this case your niche. Now it can become very tedious and time consuming to submit to many Social Bookmarking sites, so you'll need people to do it for you, so you can focus on the more important parts of your business. You'll learn about a great site that we'll point you too; and other sites you can use to get people to do the hard labor for you.

Video #3: Press Release Writing and Submission (9 minutes and 27 seconds): Not using Press Release Marketing to promote your business? Press releases are more so news based items, but anytime you launch a new product, a new service, and anything that can be related to news, you should be using Press Releases or else you are missing out big time. You'll learn how to find good press release writers and people to submit them manually to PR sites, so you can get hundreds of links back to your site; gaining better search engine ranking and traffic.

Video #4: Article Submission (5 minutes and 27 seconds): Content Content Content! Article Marketing allows you to spread valuable content around the 'net and as you know good content builds trust between your prospects and your business. This method can be used to spread your article to thousands of sites, therefore bringing in tons of targeted traffic. Now writing an article can sometimes take 15-30 minutes, but if you want to write many articles on a constant basis, it can take up lots of your time. Why not just outsource it?

With that said, you'll learn a specific method that will allow you to setup a system where you may outsource some of your submission in the beginning, but you will be able to submit articles yourself w/o any future costs.

Video #5: Blog Creation & Blog Comments (8 minutes and 6 seconds): Search Engines love blogs; that's all there is too it, but maintaining blogs can become very time consuming. There are ways you can split up the jobs so you can save time and money. Blog Comments is a method of marketing where you go to Blogs of your niche and respond with "legitimate" comments to the blog posts.

This method is white hat and allows you to stay on those blogs for a long time; reaping constant traffic back to your site. You'll need to find someone who is very reputable when you're doing blog comments and who actually reads them; so you'll learn more about that in this video.

Video #6: Social Networking (4 minutes and 33 seconds): You've heard it all; everyone is using Social Networking to spread the word. Social Networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and many more have become part of many people's lives. Being able to use these sites to market yourself and market your products is a must. But just like the traffic types as above, they take time.

However, since you are dealing directly with building relationships with Social Networking, you must decide what part of Social Networking traffic you will outsource and which you will not. You'll learn more about that in this video.


Product 7: How To Outsource Anything To Anyone - with Private Label Rights:

How To Outsource Anything To Anyone! 43 Pages, No Restriction PLR!

10 Tips On How You Can Find The Right People To Build Your Business For You!

Target Market/Demand: Entrepreneurs who are short of time or are looking for the best ways to leverage on other people!

Product Description: Gone are the days of the "one-man show". If you really want to get things done, you must leverage on a team of people. This book will teach you how to find all the best people to build your business and your profits for you!

You Receive The No Restriction Private Label Rights To This Book In PDF Format, Raw Word (DOC) File And Editable Photoshop Source Document To The E-Cover!

What Can You Do With The NO RESTRICTION Private Label Rights To This Product?

Well, you can do VIRTUALLY ANYTHING YOU WANT with it! Let me offer you some money-making ideas:

-You can use the product for personal use.

-You can put your name on the product as the author!

-You can edit the contents, change the E-Cover, re-title the product, and include your very own back-end affiliate links!

-You can break the E-Book contents down to articles for your viral article submissions, blogs or even e-zine!

-You can sell the product, individually or in a package at any price you wish! The profit potential is yours to decide!

-You can add the product into your (free/paid) membership site for your members to enjoy and increase the perceived value of your membership content!

-You can use the product as a bonus to another product you are selling!

-You can include this product into a paid package and sell at a higher price!

-You can sell the product through auction sites!

-You can offer the (Master) Resell Rights - to the product - and sell at a higher price!

-You can resell the Private Label Rights to the product at an even higher price!

-You can give the product away - with or without Private Label Rights - and use it as a lead collector to build your mailing list!

-You can change and publish the product offline!

-And so much more!


Product 8: Guide to Finding and Working with a VA on Any Budget:

If you have been looking for a way to reduce your workload, stress and want to be able to focus on the business-building aspects of your online business, this report will show you exactly how to do that.

"Guide to Finding & Working with a Virtual Assistant (VA) on Any Budget" is your guide to leveraging the skills of others to boost your productivity and profitability.

In this report, you will learn:

* The benefits of hiring a VA (Think more time, more money, more stress-free days and nights)

* How to decide if your business could use a Virtual Assistant (Hint: If youre struggling to complete day-to-day tasks or havent been able to grow your business as much as youd like, the answer is likely YES!)

* 122 things your VA can do for your business - and this is just a starter list.

* How to decide which tasks to pass onto your VA.

* Tips for hiring help on a budget.

* Finding the right VA for your unique business needs and budget.

* Training your VA and creating a mutually-beneficial working relationship.

At only 14 easy-to-digest pages (or listen to the audio if you prefer), its easy to whip through and start getting the help you need for your online business. No sense in reading all day, when you can be reducing your workload, minimizing your stress and boosting your profits instead!


Here is A Summary of Everything You will Get in This Package:

Product 1. Outsource Explosion - with Master Resell Rights

Product 2. 20 Articles on Business Outsourcing - with Private Label Rights

Product 3. 20 Articles on Call Centers - with Private Label Rights

Product 4. Outsource Tactics Unleashed - with Private Label Rights

Product 5. Outsourcing Secrets - with Master Resell Rights

Product 6. Outsourcing Your Traffic Department Video Course - with Master Resell Rights

Product 7. How To Outsource Anything To Anyone - with Private Label Rights

Product 8. Guide to Finding and Working with a VA on Any Budget

To make the deal even sweeter for you, we are even including two announced bonuses with it! Only those who purchase this product from us would be able to get the bonuses at NO cost!

So what are you waiting for? Order today.

30-day money back guarantee!

In case you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund every penny! No questions asked!
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