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*NEW!* Guide to Private Label Rights V.2 - With Resell Rights | Cash In On The Private Label Rights Phenomenon!

How YOU - Or Anyone For That Matter - Can Profit From The Abundance In The Private Label Rights Opportunity - Whether You Are Buying Or Selling!

If you want to take advantage of the Private Label Rights mania which is taking the Internet Marketing world by storm and also here to stay, this is the MOST important message you will ever read!

From: Edmund Loh
Date: Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dear Friend,

Please check any of the following boxes that describes your current challenge:
I don't know what Private Label Rights really is. I have heard of it so many times and probably in many versions as well. What's with the Private Label Rights hoo-hahs lately?
I want to make money from selling Private Label Rights. I want to take advantage of the Private Label Rights opportunity as I can see there is a niche to be filled here but I don't know how and where to start.
I am looking for an additional income stream from my product. I have already created my own digital product, but I am looking for an additional income stream which I can make my money from.
I want to have my own product which I can call my own. No, I am not talking about the usual Resell Rights. I want to have my OWN product - which means I get to put my name on it. I understand that Private Label Rights is a better alternative than hiring my own ghostwriter whatsoever in many instances, but what should I look for in a Private Label Rights product? I am sure that there more to a Private Label Rights product than just the benefits of putting my name on it and changing its contents.

If you have checked one or more of the boxes above, then I have the answers you are looking for. To learn why this is the case, read more below!

Private Label Rights Explained.

My name is Edmund Loh, and I have made a discovery on Private Label Rights that can spell P-R-O-F-I-T-S to you.

In a nutshell, Private Label Rights is a type of rights that allow you to make your own changes to specific or all parts of a digital product.

Okay, fine... but what is with the hoo-hah's with Private Label Rights, especially just lately, you may ask?

Having sold and bought Private Label Rights products myself, I have learned that Private Label Rights is one of the few genuine win-wins for everyone - buyers and sellers alike.

Whether you are buying or selling Private Label Rights products, there is always a goldmine for you to make your money from.

While that is all music to the ears and makes math a very interesting subject especially when you throw the dollar signs in, but...

Do YOU Know And Have What It Takes To Tap Into The Private Label Rights Market?

Private Label Rights is relatively new to Internet Marketing. Although I believe that it has been practiced for some time already, Private Label Rights has just received its share of the limelight only lately.

Having said that, chances are that you are of the many people who are still wondering:

How and where savvy Internet Marketers acquire quality Private Label Rights products,

What do savvy Internet Marketers look in a Private Label Rights product before purchasing,

How Private Label Rights sellers make their money from selling Private Label Rights in the truckloads,

What the Pros and Cons of Private Label Rights are, and

* even more questions that are ready to make your brains fuse!

Whether you are going to buy or sell (or even both) Private Label Rights products, you wish you don't have to guess because guessing can be very expensive in terms of time, effort, and it may cost you your money, too, if you make any mistakes, and HUGE ones at that.

Whatever it is, you need a guide. A guide you can safely follow. A guide written by someone who has been there, done that.

Now, for the good news. For one, the guide is just one page away from here. And secondly, I AM that "someone" who "has been there, done that".

Get Your Hands On:
Edmund Loh's
Guide To Private Label Rights

51 Pages, Letter-Sized, PDF Format

Here Are What You Will Discover In
Edmund Loh's Guide To Private Label Rights:


* What Private Label Rights is all about.

I describe to you what Private Label Rights really is all about in simple English using real-life examples that I have personally studied and followed (so you don't have to).
* Why people will buy Private Label Rights.

The powerful reasons revealed on how Private Label Rights is the next buzz in Internet Marketing and why it is here to stay!

For Private Label Rights Buyers, discover:

* The Pros and Cons of buying Private Label Rights.

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of buying Private Label Rights and how you can tackle the challenges.
* What to look for in a Private Label Rights product before purchasing.

I highlight to you 3 common product sourcing mistakes that you will do very, very well to avoid!
* The best ways to source for Private Label Rights products.

I show you how and where you can get premium, quality Private Label Rights products for your own Internet Business use.
* And much, much, more!

For Private Label Rights Sellers, discover:

* The Pros and Cons of selling Private Label Rights products. Learn what the ups and downs of selling the editable rights to your product and how you can tackle them smartly without having to burn your pocket or lose your hair in the process!

* The 2 Profit Centers in Private Label Rights where you can make your money from. There are two ways you can make your money from selling Private Label Rights to your own product, one of which you probably have not even thought of!

* What you need to get started. Find out all of what you need to start set up your Private Label Rights business without having to guess or be surprised later on.

* How to set up your Private Label Rights business. I describe to you, step-by-step, on how you can set up your business in a proven manner and the good news is that you don't have to have the brains of an 'A' student to understand them!

* How you can pitch your sales letter effectively! I share with you some of my copywriting tips and strategies when it comes to making your Private Label Rights product appealing to your prospects.

* How to market your Private Label Rights product effectively! While there are many ways to market and sell the Private Label Rights to your product, I show some of the most effective ways you can use for your own.

* And much, much more!

After I started cashing in on Private Label Rights, a lot of my business associates and friends have come in to ask me on how they can do the same.

Now, I am a busy person and I have my own projects and Internet Business to run. Therefore, I don't have the time to repeat the same answers to everyone, as much as I would like to help out.

As you can see from what you will discover in my guide, it is NOT a simple yes or no, right or wrong answer that I am going to give.

Which is why I have decided to create this guide to answer - once and for all - the common questions on how one can tap into the Private Label Rights market.

But before anything else, let's get a few facts straight here:

This Guide Is A Must-Have For You IF:

You are new to Private Label Rights.

You want to know what Private Label Rights really is all about and how you can tap onto this particularly wonderful Internet Marketing niche.

You are looking for an additional income stream from your digital product.

You already own a digital product of your own and are looking for another way you can earn money from the same product without exerting too much extra effort in the process.

You want to know how you can make your money from Private Label Rights.

I show you how you set up and market your Private Label Rights business, A-Z.

Warning! This Guide Is NOT For You IF:

You are lazy and expect the guide to do the money-raking work for you.

I offer you the map to making your buck, and nothing more. I am NOT going to offer you a lift there financially, and that is for sure. How many tourist maps did you find in a convenience store that comes with a car? On the same anology, don't expect yourself to be a dollar richer tomorrow just because you own this guide. You will have to do the walking. If you hate to hear this, you will do well to turn away from this page, now.

You are expecting to make a quick buck from my guide.

You may make more than $3,000.00 in a shorter period of time, or you may make less money than you expect in the long run. I don't know you, your work ethics or your attitude towards success and business. But if you are expecting fast money, I am sorry to disappoint you but you would not find it in my guide, nor my approval on that for that matter.

Got all that clear? Okay...

But Why Should You Believe Every Single Word I Say?

After all, you probably have never heard of me until you visit this page. I can keep on telling you what great a product - packed with all the Private Label Rights solutions - you are looking at right now but I doubt you will be convinced anytime soon until you check out the following endorsements:
Hi Edmund,

Great stuff! Frankly, there are not many guides written on how one can take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

But your Guide to Private Label Rights is a true, essential resource I - or anyone - can count on when it comes to buying or even selling Private Label Rights content!

Kind regards,

-- Joe Tiew,

Dear Edmund,

Your Guide to Private label Rights is simply amazing! This is a "must-have" guide for anybody who wish to uncover the true profitability of Private Label Rights.

I like the way you present the info, in an organized and easy-to-understand manner. Not only do you explain A to Z on Private Label Rights, you have also included the real-life case studies that make Private Label Rights more business and common sense!

To top it up, The buyer and seller tips are sparking new ideas that I have never thought of earlier. A great guide and my highest recommendation!


-- Ben T.,

Anymore room for doubts?

That said...

How Much Is This Guide REALLY Worth To YOU?

Consider the following:

At this time of writing, I have made approximately $3,000.00 in sales from selling Private Label Rights - alone. Obviously, the figure is NOT theory. It's real. What would you do with an extra $3,000.00? And the best part is that this is not my main and only income stream and that the money was made in a short period of time - one month, that is. I can teach you how you can do the same and earn more... if you want to!

I have spent almost 70 hours in writing this guide out for you. A ghostwriter would have charged at least $1,000 for this guide done.

* If you don't know what to look for in a Private Label Rights product, good and bad deals look the same and when you make an investment mistake, it will definitely cost you money. Not a good thing to happen to someone who is on a tight budget and if you have extra money to spare, shouldn't it go into something more worthwhile?

You Have Full Master Resell Rights To My Guide To Private Label Rights!

Your purchase of my guide comes with Full Master Resell Rights, which means you can resell the product and keep 100% of the profits to yourself. You DON'T have to share a single cent with me!

In order to get started as soon as possible, you will get the Reseller's Pack where you will find the Reseller's Guide, this Sales Letter, Follow-Up Letters, Thank You Page, and Sample Product.

If you are a reseller, this is naturally an appealing offer to you. Since there are many Internet Marketers who are searching for information on Private Label Rights (which I happen to have right here), this spells yet another income opportunity for you.

Just be sure that follow the Resell Rights terms and conditions below, so you can enjoy the profits guilt-free.

P.S. Finally, you can stop wondering how people cash in on Private Label Rights because I have done all the "wondering" and "testing the water" work for you. All my Private Label Rights knowledge, case studies, insights, and strategies are packed into one ultimate guide and you can read literally overnight so you can apply the information within as soon as the next day!

P.P.S. Warning! This guide is NOT for you if you judge the value of the guide by its number of pages! This guide is only 51-pages long, because it is hype-free and there are no repeats nor fillers in between the pages. I deliver my knowledge to you precise, concise, and in simple English. In addition, I use real-life examples and case studies, some of which are my own, so you would not be finding any theories or even me spewing hot air for that matter.

P.P.P.S. Because I have been making my money even before this guide was written, whether you choose to invest to in this guide or not does not make any difference to me. Really. But it will for YOU. Think about the additional income stream and saving time, effort and money you can get from investing in my Private Label Rights guide.
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