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MP3 Jerry Engler - Very Jerry

Pop,Country,, Jazz. R&B, Instrumental, Humorous Rockabilly,Semi Classic, Romantic, Patriotic, Gospel

54 MP3 Songs
COUNTRY: Country Pop, ROCK: Rockabilly

Set of 3 CD''s

Jerry Engler is a unique talent that draws upon his love of country and 50''s rock to create lyrically and musically memorable originals. His songs have the warmth of a country heart and the drive of a rockabilly soul. In his material, one can easily hear the influence of the musical idols of his youth: Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Elvis, Buddy Holly, a touch of Jim Reeves and a splash of Burl Ives. Yet, echoes of more recent artists, the likes of Chris Isaac and Bruce Springsteen, can be heard as well.

Jerry''s versatility as a writer and singer have brought forth comparisons of him to all of these historical greats and have garnered him the moniker of being ''the man of many voices.’ But, despite any similarities to other artists one may hear in Jerry''s songs, he is a true original in every sense of the word.

The man has proven himself to be a great storyteller and a balladeer extraordinaire; crafting songs with lyrics that are witty, clever, poignant, thought-provoking, and inspirational. The depth and breadth of his thoughts and feelings on love and life are laid bare in song and he delivers his message with passion, in a voice that is strong, clear, and unmistakably his own. To hear his songs is to know the man himself; the mark of a true songwriter and performer.

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Here we go full steam ahead, with a catalog of many different styles of writing and performing and I think that makes it unique.

I have been blessed with some good friends who are also great musicians and they indeed helped the old man to shine. I owe a great debt of gratitude to my friend Gil Vignal in France who re-mastered the album and did the album cover inside and out as well. I look forward to laying down a new album for the year 2007 and will have some of my new friends as well as my old friends help me to do some cover tunes. I have never put an album out with other Artists material but I really want to do that now and I’m really excited about the prospects of singing material other than my own.

John Ingman (Buddy Holly Historian) in the UK liked the version of “Bayou Baby” from the “Win Some Lose Some” tape album, so John here it is.

The TV Morning Break Theme was written for a daily one hour morning show on channel 13 here in Rochester, NY. The show ran for about six years and played the theme on all breaks.
I put my “Sputnik” and Buddy Holly recordings on this set of CD’s for the benefit of my new fans.

Songwriting has been a large part of my life. I have written songs and worked on them laboriously and then recorded them and moved on to the next. It is in the process of writing songs that excites me, what with all that churning of ideas in my mind and trying to get the right rhymes in place and tell the story with some degree of intelligence that gets the juices flowing and then viola you have created another song for your catalog. And you’ve got a big chunk of my catalog right here in your hands, enjoy.
Jerry Engler

Credits: and many thanks to all the good folks who participated in the making of this album.
Words and music by Jerry Engler
Vocals - Jerry Engler
Back up vocals - Valerie Short, Scott Pavone, Stew Love, Four Ekkos, Jerry Engler
Lead guitar - Buddy Holly, Al Keltz, Dale Masters, Harvey Possemato, Stew Love, Jerry Engler.
Rhythm guitar - Jerry Engler, Dale Masters, Stew Love,
Bass - Harvey Possemato, Dale Masters, Jerry Engler, Chuck Parnell, Phil Ryan, George Atwood, B. Williams
Steel guitar - Al Keltz, Jerry Engler
Drums - Dave Accorso, Harvey Possemato, Jimmy Symonds, Bo Clark, Dick Englerth,
Saxophone – Art Whitfield
Fender Chroma Polaris – Jerry Engler, Fiddle, Bass, B3 Organ, Brass, Percussion, Strings, Harp, Piano
Piano and Synth. – Jerry Brongo, Al Germano
Digital Re-Mastering – Gilles Vignal my good friend in Nantes, France
Cover Photo by Ken Riemer Productions (courtesy of Preferred Care Gold). Many thanks.
Cover and inside Graphics by Gilles Vignal, Nantes France
Additional Graphic Design and Manufacturing by https://www.tradebit.com
Producers- Jerry Engler, Dale Masters, Buddy Holly, Harvey Possemato, Dave Kaspersin
Engineers – Jerry Engler, Dale Masters, Harvey Possemato, Norman Petty, Dave Kaspersin
Special thanks to: Gilles Vignal, Scott Pavone (Liner notes), Dave Ravenscroft, LONNIE, Al Keltz, Dale Masters, Harvey Possemato, Stew Love, Dave & Jackie Kaspersin, Nancy Englerth, Ken Riemer, Elaine Fallenson, Jill Wilkinson, Edie Buxton, Barb Pisano, Cliff Thigpen, the Sputnik blast-off, The Rockabilly Hall of Fame, and all the Buddy Holly sights around the world.
E-mail comments to Jerry Engler at –Jerrycme@https://www.tradebit.com

" Clovis Bound "
By Jerry Engler

I’m here to tell you that some of your dreams can and will come true if you just keep at ‘em. I was told after doing a Rock and Roll show with Buddy Holly to go out to Clovis, New Mexico and make a record with his manager in the Norman Petty Studio. Well as fate would have it I met Norman in Detroit while we were both on a tour for Brunswick records in the late ‘50’s. I was promoting my single “ Sputnik” . He also invited me to come on out to Clovis and so I said ok.
I had to borrow the money for the session and for the plane fair and grabbed my 1950 D-28 Martin guitar and took it on board with me for the 747 flight to Dallas, Texas. From Dallas to Clovis I flew on a very small plane because I was told that Clovis Airport was a small airport and that it was the only size plane it could accommodate. Man, they weren’t kidding! I was greeted by two young men who were friends of Norman and taken to Norman’s home. We took a tour so I could not only see the front of the studio, but the Nor-Va-Jack Publishing Co. as well. We then drove around to the back where the Petty’s home was. Vi Petty came out and introduced herself and said Norman would be along shortly. When Norman came into the house he said he was glad to see me and apologized for not meeting me personally, but that something had come up and he needed to attend to it. Vi invited me to sit down for lunch and Norman offered to take me for a tour of Clovis later that afternoon.
I loved being out west again since I had spent four years in Phoenix, Arizona as a kid and loved and missed it very much. We toured the town which was fairly small and then drove out into the desert. It was absolutely great. We talked a great deal about the business and he told me all about Buddy’s career so far. Needless to say, the both of them were doing quite well in terms of success. Back at the studio he gave me the tour which included seeing the echo chamber built in a big room in the attached building. He said Buddy’s family had tiled it for better effect and that I would be using it that evening for my session. I got to see the record pressing machine he had just received from Germany and said he would be able to professionally press records himself for his customers. I was impressed and thought the record press was pretty neat indeed. Norman said he had a surprise for me and proceeded to tell me Buddy Holly would be playing on my session. I was ecstatic to say the least. He also said George Atwood would be on bass and Bo Clark on drums. I didn’t know of either of them, but learned that George, who was much older than I, had one heck of a career playing bass in some really big bands and had made a lot of recordings as well. Bo was maybe a little bit younger than me, but had played with Buddy a lot and had session experience with Norman. Well it all sounded good to me.

Later that afternoon Buddy showed up with his honeymoon wife and his brand new Caddy, it was beautiful and so was Maria his wife. It was good to see him and my dream was now coming true. I would be in the hands of a great guitar player who would help to produce and arrange my session. With any luck I would maybe have a hit as good as one of his. That was a big maybe. I played maybe twenty or twenty five songs I had written including one I wrote with him in mind. He picked that particular one titled “What A’ You Gonna Do? and another one “I Sent You Roses”. Vi Petty and I were pushing for “Bayou Baby” which both of us liked a lot with Vi playing the piano. Buddy passed on it and to this day I wish I had stuck to my guns.
It was great sitting knee to knee playing guitars with Buddy and shooting the breeze with him. When we did “ I Sent You Roses” he asked if I could lower the key and told me that he recorded singing sometimes in a voice no louder than speaking and that it worked great. Before I could try it a voice came from the control room saying “Buddy leave Jerry alone and let him sing in the key he feels comfortable with”. I was singing in what you call an open throat and had never tried it in a closed throat before and wish I had. I felt I could put more feeling in it with an open throat. Today I have a version of it recorded in a much lower key and I like it. Buddy came up with the arrangement for “What A You Gonna Do? and Norman and Buddy both worked on “I Sent You Roses”. For the recording session I used all the same equipment including microphones etc that Buddy used and that also was wonderful. All the musicians were in the main studio and I was in the reception area where it became a vocal booth. I really couldn’t see them playing and that was something I feel I missed out on. However, I did enjoy the rehearsals immensely and have treasured memories of that. After laying down the songs I thought we were through for the session. Buddy came up to me after hearing the playback of “What A’ you Gonna Do?. He asked if he could add some bells to it and I said we’d have to do it all over again. He said no we can overdub them. He went on to explain and Norman showed me how he would do it . I then agreed and Buddy laid down the bells.
Since this was a paid for session, I own the masters. Both songs will be published on my new CD in 2005 as a bonus with Buddy on guitar and…on bells. The recording session was completed on September 7, 1958. For all you Buddy Holly fans this was Buddy’s birthday.

My dream is that all the worlds children will learn and sing this song. For all our childrens future will depend on making this a better world in which to live.

Words and Music by Jerry Engler

We will change the world today
We will banish war
We will outlaw greed and hate
Peace will be restored
We’ll let everybody see
The very best of you and me
And we’ll live in harmony
Because we''ll change the world

We will change the world today
We will feed the poor
Help them in their time of need
Open every door
From a thousand points of light
Representing what is right
They’ll be housed and fed tonight
Because we’ll change the world

We can change our world
But let’s not take our time
‘cause we need to do it now
For all of humankind

We will change the world today
And we’ll have clean air
And polluting toxic waste
Won’t be anywhere
All the water in the sea
Will be clean and poison free
We’ll respect ecology
Because we’ll change the world
Repeat Bridge

We will change the world
Love will reign supreme
Every girl and boy will learn
What love really means
We’ll let everybody see
How wonderful this world can be
We will live in harmony
Because we’ll change the world
We’ll let everybody see
How wonderful this world can be
We will live in harmony
Because we’ll change the world

Copyright 1991 Jerry Englerth – All rights reserved

To Alan Johns:
Thanks for the review on CD #1 Alan. Here is the next Cd you''ve been waiting for. It is a set of three (3) discs and I hope you enjoy it. God Bless. Jerry

Reviewer: Alan Johns
Man oh man... you know that super-rare goose-pimply feeling you get once in a blue moon... the hair stands out on your neck, a chill runs down your spine and back up again, and you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that what you''ve just heard will be a top hit? And not just one of those top #40 jobs that come and go, but something destined to last for all time. THAT is the feeling I got when I cycled through the tracks on Jerry Engler''s album, "A Whole Lotta Years, A Whole Lotta Music." Did you know that chill bumps can have chill bumps?!? I purchased the CD for two reasons: the tracks with Buddy Holly. I got much more than I bargained for. If you enjoy the best of Hank Williams (Sr.), Johnny Cash, Roger Miller, and a bit of Elvis, you WILL love this CD. If Nashville doesn''t beat this man''s door down, they''re bigger dunderheads than I take them for. I''m waiting for volume 2!

Copyright 2005

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