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New! The Google LSI Handbook -Cool Ways To Boost Conversion

Dear Webmaster,
Ever wonder why some sites always seem to top the rankings? What exactly do they know that we don't? If you'd like to figure out why only the few dominate the search engines, and why Google simply cannot get enough of them, then this could be the most important letter you read today!
Every webmaster's dream is to sit pretty at the top of the Search Engines, enjoying free traffic, and you could be thinking at this very moment that you are doing everything that you can to optimize your site, but....

Ask Yourself This Question.....
Is My Website Headed In The Right Direction?

YOU’RE WRONG! Sorry, harsh but true.

Most websites index their keywords thinking they are on the right track. Little do they realize that their approach itself is wrong!
Webmaster's scream “Content, Content, Content!” but Content is only part of the puzzle when trying to top Google, you need to explore every possible path to reach those heady heights of number 1.
You could be losing out on traffic right this minute! Why?
Simply because you’re not indexing keywords the right way!
Let's face it, most people don't even browse past the first page of search engines, but you want to own the top spot at the Search Engines and never be dislodged, right?

Well here is your chance… but first…

Here’s an example. XYZ is an online website that sells books catering to a wide range of categories right from academic books and scientific journals to sports and entertainment. You name it – they have it!
Now look at Matt. He’s is a scientist at a laboratory in Idaho. He needs the latest journal in stem cell therapy. So he logs in to Google, does a search on ‘stem cell therapy books’. XYZ doesn’t feature anywhere in the listing. As far as Matt is concerned, XYZ and all its million books, doesn’t exist.
You May Have Great Products and Services But What If No One Can Find You? No customers = No sale = No profit. You don’t need math to figure that one out!
But before you spiral downhill, there’s good news!

There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Business, It’s Your Approach!
Keyword Indexing Is CRUCIAL To Online Success!
With a few simple steps you can transform the way you attract traffic!


The Google LSI Handbook

"Learn How To Play The Google Game, and How You Can Improve Your Keyword Indexing!"

Search engines like Google are smart. Very smart. They like to tease us a little by changing their tactics every now and then. So what do you do?
Answer: Reinvent your keyword indexing. Don’t use old strategies that don’t work.
Do the terms LSI and LSA sound alien to you? LSA and LSI are commonly used interchangeably – but fact is both are very different.

What’s the big hype about LSA/LSI?

LSA is an acronym for Latent Semantic Analysis. This is a term used to describe a technique for clubbing similar documents together based on their classification, language similarity and the relationship between their synonymy and polysemy.
If that sounds way too complicated, here’s what these mean. Synonymy is when several words describe the same idea while polysemy means when the same word can have different connotations. Did you know the word ‘tree’ means different things to a computer scientist, a botanist and a genealogist?

Imagine – If One Word Can Mean So Many Different Things, How Many Combinations Can Exist For Your Website!!

So how do you make your keywords – really stand out?

So instead of taking just the word ‘tree’, your keywords also need to consider the context of the word. It can do that by taking into account a larger chunk of text.
So let’s say if the phrase is ‘genetic family tree’ then it would appeal more to a genealogist as opposed to a computer scientist or a botanist. On the other hand while LSA takes into account the context and similarities of search engine phrases and keywords, LSI is a by-product of the analysis. In other words it performs the search engine indexing based on the results of the analysis.

How do all these technicalities relate to you?

Google uses LSA and LSI to index the most relevant websites!

And yes! That affects where your website features on their results page

If you want top rankings you need to figure out how indexing works

This is where The Google LSI Handbook steps in. This simple step by step manual will take you by the hand and tap into Google's brain to expose what it really looks for when it indexes your site.

The Google LSI Handbook covers the following topics:

Latent Semantic Indexing and Latent Semantic Analysis: Differences & Similarities

Latent Semantic Analysis Functionality

The Importance of Latent Semantic Analysis

Latent Semantic Analysis’ continued importance

The Future of Keyword-Driven Web Pages

Latent Semantic Indexing and SEO

Latent Semantic Indexing and the Future of Your Website

Latent Semantic Indexing and Search Engine Results

Latent Semantic Indexing Websites

Latent Semantic Indexing and Your Business

Build Your Website using Latent Semantic Analysis

Tips for Effective Keyword Research using LSI

Inbound and Outbound Links for SEO

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