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How to Generate High Quality Content and Products -- COMPLETE SECRETS REVEALED

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Introducing How to Generate High Quality Content and Products -- COMPLETE SECRETS REVEALED DOWNLOAD
Attention: Calling all struggling internet marketers.
IF you are feeling burnt and left-out of the make-money-online game then you need to read this...

How A New-Zealand Dwelling Publisher Discovered The Secrets To Write 2 Amazon Kindle Bestsellers In Less Than 3 Days... In A Row.
And How You Too Can Build Your Very Own
Kick-Ass Information Empire, Almost Overnight,
Even If Your Last Attempt At Writing Something
Was A Failed English 5th Grade Assignment...

Clench On VERY Tight To The Person Next To You,
Even If You Are In A Public Library Full Of Strangers..
What I Am About To Reveal In the next 4 minutes
Is Going To Rock Your Horses.. Guaranteed!

From the desk of: Liam Naden

Dear aspiring product creator,

If you have ever dreamt of creating sales shattering ebooks without having to feel like writing was the most abominable torture you could ever endure then you are about to be extremely happy with what I am about to share with you.

In fact, give me a little time and I am going to literally force you to get so good at writing that you'll be able to hit best seller status in no time while sipping Pina colada on a beach near you (the last part is optional).

But first... Can you tell me if any of these apply to you?

-Are you FED UP with buying products after products and wished that, for once, you sat on the other side of the fence (as the one who actually GETS PAID from the products)?

-Did you ever spend hours hunching at your laptop only to come up with no more than 10 lines of very average content and give up on your budding product creator career the very same day?

-Are you just plain sick of spinning in circles and NOT making any money online despite the INSANE amount of hours you have put in these past months?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, then you are going to get a lot of value from what I am about to share with you. In fact

This Is Your Chance To Discover The Sales-Shattering,
Take-No Prisoners Secrets Of A Renegade
Underground Bestselling Author!

You see, I am no Pie-In-The-Sky wannabe product creation theorist.

My name is Liam Naden and I earn a significant amount of my income from writing online.

And besides writing and publishing my own information products, I am also a paid writer for as the official New Zealand Travel Guide (my website is:

Now I am not telling you this to brag or anything. This actually means that every week I have to churn out a LOT of stuff for my various online and offline ventures.

And over the years I have spent writing content that people genuinely love reading (and more importantly, BUYING), I have unearthed some of the most guarded secrets of the trade.

The same secrets that I know all the superstar producers use to put out high-quality products, week by week, like clockwork.

I know this might be hard for you to believe... especially if you have never sold a single product online... yet. And trust me, if I were you, I would be very skeptical too.

But here's exactly what I have discovered.

-It is possible for anyone to create an Amazon Kindle best-seller in less than 3 days - flat. And I am going to show you exactly how

-Contrary to what self-proclaimed Gurus might be telling you, it's actually cheaper, quicker, and MUCH easier to create your own product and NOT to use a ghost writer (this one might surprise you)

-Simply put, a writer is like an architect: he needs a PLAN to create a structure that holds together. And attempting to write a book without a plan is very similar to trying to build the pyramids without one: I would call this one semi-conscious suicide..

I know you must think that this sounds very wild but it truly does work that way.. But don't just take it from me...

Here's What REAL People Say:

Originally Posted by arrow77 Wowza!
What an amazing all inclusive product for creating Kindle eBooks...or any kind of book. I do believe this is the last Kindle anything I will ever have to buy again. It covers everything in a clear to understand manner even for Newbies. For more Advanced users the templates will get your ebooks created faster by keeping everything on track in a step by step method.

I have bought Kindle programs costing hundreds of dollars that can't match this for value, simplicity and ease to use. Oh how I wished I'd found this one first.

Great Product! Great Wso! GREAT PRICE!

Casey Originally Posted by Tristan Bull This is an awesome product.
Product creation is by far the best way to make ridiculous money in the IM world but so many people struggle with it.
Liam has provided a simple step by step system that anyone can put to use and start creating number one best sellers!
Awesome stuff Originally Posted by Peter Clark With so many WSOs these days, you just don't ever get what you pay for...there is always so much hype and not enough actual delivery...

This is NOT the case with this exceptional WSO. Liam really under-promised and over-delivered here, and I learned a ton about creating ebooks, something which I am currently pursuing. The great part is that he not only TELLS you what to do, but he also SHOWS you. You even get a template for a finished ebook, which really help solidifies things in your mind and lets you know that this process does not have to be very difficult, and it can be very lucrative.

This will be a great WSO for anyone who wants to create or market their own information products, and do it with ease. Definitely recommended. Originally Posted by mastermind50 This course is literally outstanding. This book helps you not only to learn the secrets of the most successful authors today by entering into their minds but also teaches to
how to market your eBook so it's successful. If you want to know what really works
in the world of online publishing, how to overcome the major obstacles any author
will face & how to write and manage your time so you get it done then this course
must be your first choice.

I am really amazed the topics covered about eBook creation. I never thought about

The "Template & Mind map" are masterpieces.

If you really wanna make BIG from eBook creations, Go get it!! Originally Posted by KarenConnell I found the book to be very well written and an easy read.

It contains lots of ideas to help motivate you to get you started writing - which is a big problem for a lot of people.

There is an easy-to-follow template to make the formatting of your book simple that includes a clickable contents page (I've never known how to do this). Originally Posted by Mark Lee I got a copy of Content Creation Blaster and I am pleasantly surprised.

Everything I've ever received from Liam has been excellent but I am particularly impressed with this. It was a very easy read with actionable steps and very helpful writing exercises and content creation strategies.

I written plenty of my own material but always felt I could improve. I began implementing Liam's words, and dare I say, nearly doubled my productivity so far. I was no slouch creating content before but I've been a machine the past week.

This WSO is particularly useful for the following people:

1. Those just starting out and have never created their own content

2. Those struggling with creating their own content. Particularly those who procrastinate or feel they lack the skills.

3. IMers and Tradebit Viewers who have high refund rates on the products. This WSO will show you how to create quality content

4. Those who outsource content creation. I really think this WSO will help writers to create an entire product for you with a simple email.

Thanks for the helpful strategies Liam! Originally Posted by AudreyHarvey Liam has created one of the best products I've read on how to create your own ebook.

He's a great writer and the ebook is easy to read and flows well from one section to the next. It covers both the physical act of writing as well as how you can get your head into the right space to be productive.

I certainly benefitted from it and I'm sure others would too. The inclusion of the ebook templates for Word and Open Office is a nice touch. Excellent product and highly recommended. Originally Posted by bertranddo I had the chance to get a early copy of Content Creation Blaster. All I can say is that is one of the most solid guide on content creation (one of my favourites with Instaproduct

The ebook creation template inside ONLY is worth the price of admission. I can comfortably recommend this product and say that anyone who uses Liam strategies for product creation will make a big leap forward in his/her business.

I have myself incorporated a number of Liam techniques in my own business (especially the "what should I do next" technique) and it has been helping tremendously with my own productivity.

Definitely a 5 Star course!
Bertrand. Here's Why It Works So Well

As you must have noticed by now, 90 of the stuff you might have 'learnt' about making money online is utter garbage.

Simply put it will NEVER work. You know that, and I know that. We wouldn't be right here right now if it did.

But there is a solution it's not what most people think and it doesn't involve any kind of magic bullet or push-button software.

It involves working with your best asset, the one nobody will ever take away from you...

Your brain!

Here's what I mean:

Creating your own products is the only thing which will fast-forward you to overnight superstar status in your market and allow you to regain total control over your own destiny.

The hardest part is to get started, and without a roadmap, years might pass before you start selling your own information products.

Now I have been there, and done that. So I am literally going to hand you over the exact blueprint that I personally used to create my own information empire.

All you have to do is to take my formula, open your best word processor and start filling the blanks...

I couldn't have made it any easier even if I wanted...

You will soon find that writing your own products that affiliates fight over to promote, will become literally effortless, overnight.

Pretty cool, right?

I know this might sound like a lot to take in, but you haven't got to worry about that.

I have actually decided to put everything together in a detailed, step-by-step program that you can take advantage of today.

I know you want to cure procrastination and get your own stuff out there... and so I wanted to do my best to help.

Introducing... Content Creation Blaster!

The deadly art of auto-writing: a technique that all great writers use which will get the words flying out of your head and onto the page with amazing speed - effortlessly!

The strategies you can use today to generate unique content from your mind much more quickly and easily than cutting and pasting, spinning or any of those things that numb your mind to do and which give your rubbish results

How to create a winning title (getting this right will increase your sales by up to 400)

The dream-shattering hidden time killers that you're probably not aware of which might robbing you of your wealth and your LIFE - and how to eliminate them today

My Jedi mind 'trick' that will put you in the mood for productive writing any time you want (or need) to - at the snap of a finger

Now I really wanted to overdeliver on this one and really blow your mind with Content Creation Blaster.

So to make it even more of a no-brainer I have included the following high-value bonuses...!

BONUS #1: The Content Creation Blaster Mind Map

My entire Content Creation system on your screen at a single glance. This will give you an overview of the action steps needed to get your own products on the market, from conception to publishing... FAST!

BONUS #2: 4 Amazing Training Videos

Now I know that you might be one of the visual people out there, who would rather watch a video than read an ebook.

If that's your case then you'll be happy to know that I have created 4 additional training videos to accompany the main PDF course.

BONUS #3: My Ultimate Content Creation Master Template

I like to call this one "eBook creation on steroids"...

This template is one of my biggest secrets to unleashing fast-selling eBooks in record time.

You simply enter your ideas into the template - and it will format your book for you... AUTOMATICALLY!

It will also instantly create an index, number your pages and give you all the sections you need (including Copyright Notice, Disclaimer and Foreword)

BONUS #4: Content Creation Training Live Webinar

In this live webinar I'll give you some advanced techniques for super content creation that I have never shared with anyone before. You'll also get the chance to do some live Q&A as I help you eliminate any stumbling blocks to your personal success.

And although it might seem like your investment is going to be a ton of money let me reassure you, it won't!

Access To Content Creation Blaster Is Incredibly Low!

I know you might be wondering what's the catch?

I could easily charged a leg for this package but I won't do that today.

After all, I have worked hard on creating this blueprint that you can take advantage of. And I could easily keep these product creation secrets for myself and carry on cashing in on profitable niches on my own.

But you see, I actually like to help people succeed. It's good for my karma, it helps my reputation and it makes me genuinely feel good when people get value out of my work.

This said, I am not implying that I won't ever raise the price of this product. In fact, to some extent..

You Decide What Price You Want To Pay

I am running this WSO as a dimesale.

So this means that you decide what price you want to pay to some extent.

In fact the price will rise by a dime for every sale, so in order to get this offer at the best price for yourself make sure you click on the order button as soon as possible.

The price might actually have increased as we speak. So go ahead and grab your copy now before this product gets out of reach.

Actually, wait a second, there is one more thing you need to know.

Your Purchase Is 100 Risk-Free!

Here's What To Do Now

As you can see, I tried to make this as easy as possible for you.

As soon as you sign up you will get instant access to everything I mentioned - this includes the
Content Creation Blaster main PDF, the Mindmap, 4 training videos and the Master Ebook Creation Template.

The process is extremely simple, and you can look forward to having your own products out there in 24 hours from now - if you decide to take action on my techniques.

So go ahead and fill out the order form now and I'll look forward to seeing you on the other side.

P.S - I have no idea when I'll pull this from the market, but I do know it won't last forever. If you really want it, please don't wait. Click the 'DOWNLOAD' button now.

P.P.S. If you are still here this obviously means that you understand that creating your own products is the only effective way for making any money online. Imagine publishing your own product online, 24 hours from now, using my deadly simple fill-in-the-blanks ebook template that anyone can use today. But to be honest the information I reveal inside is very powerful (maybe too powerful) and I'll understand that you may want to pass on this if you are not ready for all the success you deserve.

If you are ready to start treating your IM business like a real business and jump on the other side of the fence, make sure you read the Warrior reviews and then click on the order button below:

Originally Posted by TimNesbitt This is by far one of the BEST DEALS I have seen in quite a long time. I think it is pretty well known that if you want to make the BIG BUCKS then you have absolutely got to create your own product and this WSO shows you how to do just that.

The Templates that he provides are going to help a lot of people go from the wanting to create a product to actually creating a product. This is definitely going to be a GAME CHANGER for those who are wise enough to purchase it.

Tim Originally Posted by Mary Greene Here's my suggested subtitle for Liam's Product Creation Blaster WSO: The 3-Day Fast Track to Your Nonfiction Kindle Bestseller!

No, that's not hype. Really.

I wonder how many smart Tradebit Viewers will discover Liam because his presentation--aside from the multitude of testimonials--is so simple. If your definition of writing is prolonged agony, you really need to buy this WSO.

Like all good writers and writing mentors, Liam knows a positive mindset and simple strategy are the only secrets behind easy content creation. He even provides a simple bestseller template to capture our nonfiction brainstorms. Did I mention the mindmap and explanatory short videos about titles, covers, and using his template?

Liam will make a believer out of you--a believer in yourself.

Mary Greene

P.S. Product Creation Blaster will help with any kind of writing, not just Kindle books.

P.P.S. Shoutout to Pennsylvania Good Guy Mark Hess who recommended Liam's WSO to all his subscribers.
Originally Posted by SimpleSimonDotCo Everywhere I go, metaphorically, I read comments such as "make your own product", "write your own WSO", "you'll make more money with your own product than you ever will as an affiliate".

Even this week I have signed up for Kenster's WSO Six Figure Alliance One-On-One Coaching Program and in the first video he said that the aim of the coaching program is to get all students to do their own WSO by the end.

Well, today, and for only $7 I've been given the keys to the kingdom. So, thank you Bertrand for letting me know about this and for saying such good words about it that I didn't even need to read what other Tradebit Viewers had to say. Or even the sales copy, for that matter.

Not only have I been shown the way, as it were, but also I've been fired in to action by the enthusiasm of Liam Naden.

I watched the four videos first and was most impressed. In them he covers: (1) How to create a winning book title, (2) How to create a great book cover, (3) Content creation blaster mind map, and last but now least (4) How to use the content creation blaster template. Total playing time 26 minutes.

With the videos Liam provides 2 PDFs. One is a single but very detailed page showing a mind map for content creation. Very helpful indeed. And then there's the main part of this WSO and that's his PDF titled Content Creation Blaster. It's a 60 page guide full of ideas, tips, techniques and enthusiasm.

In this guide Liam covers all the essential topics and shows you how you can produce your own book ready for market within around 3 days from start. After that you can enjoy the passive income it will generate for you, as well as all that comes from your newly enhanced reputation as a book publisher for, possibly, the rest of your life.

Or, you can, with a huge smile on your face from your first success, go on to write another and then, maybe, another! Why stop at one?

If you're mildly interested in writing your own book/wso then you won't be mildly interested after reading Liam's guide. You'll be extremely interested! So, go for it.

Easy to read, and watch. And very practical. The Word (or Open office) template included will save you hours. It's still a dime sale so, to coin a much used phrase, it's a no-brainer!

Thanks Liam. You've made this seem so much easier than I ever thought possible.
Originally Posted by Mark The Content Creation Blaster (CCB), in my opinion, is pure genius. If there is one thing I have always wanted to do for my business (but secretly despise) is write eBooks. Why I hear you say, would you want to write eBooks if you despise them? Because I understand how popular they are and if anything is going to go viral and get you A tone of targeted traffic (and by proxy higher earnings) its an eBook.
The CCB eBook is written in such a way that explains everything you could possibly need to know about writing your own eBooks in a very clear and concise fashion.
There are also some life lessons in the eBook which help with those little meddling gremlins who are always attempting to talk you out of doing such a crazy thing like writing an eBook.
Just follow the steps in the eBook and the Gremlins will suffer the shock of sunlight appearing on the horizon, melting them away instantly and inspiring you to get a move on and stop procrastinating and to JDI! Just Do It!
The eBook template is another stroke of genius, as soon as I saw it ideas where popping off inside my head, I could almost hear the synapses firing with new and creative ideas, I couldnt wait to get started.
If you want to learn how not only to write eBooks quickly, efficiently and correctly (no copy and pasting techniques here) and some excellent life tips too then get yourself a copy of this eBook and Template NOW! You would be crazy not too!! DONT! Let the Gremlins win! Originally Posted by Des Lau "Ok, I have to admit, Ive always shuddered at the thought of content creation, and selling my own ebooks, but in the space of a few hours reading and watching Liams content, I am absolutely blown away and convinced that it is not as hard as it seems and he has laid it all down for us to masterand capitalize!

The videos are so straightforward and Liam teaches the fundamental aspects of getting you started with title creation and what is the most effective cover for a prospect to be interested.
The template alone is worth the price, and I wouldnt think twice if you are interested. Jump on it now! Originally Posted by Imaveryluckyman Hi Liam,
Great product! Thank you. The template alone is worth it's weight in gold. I've been looking for something that is a cut about the traditional templates that are available like those in Create Space or elsewhere. This one beats all of them hands down.

The biggest obstacle in putting your ebook online is formatting. If books are formatted correctly then reviewers complain and book sales plummet. Your template solves that problem straight away.

I purchased it and love it!
Thanks again

NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .

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