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Originally Posted by PeckhamPirate OK. Quick update to my review.

Getting this set up will take a few days, but I stumbled across one opportunity to go live immediately late last night.

Less than twelve hours later I just got my first order for 399 of your finest English pounds sterling.

I knew it! This rocks and I now have to get serious about my outsourcing because it can only get bigger. Bang goes my weekend.
But I hate cold calling
Good! So do I. This has NOTHING to do with cold calling.

But I dont have a a product
Even better! This package divulges multiple products that sell themselves and produce long term reoccuring income with offline clients.

Originally Posted by 1Constant Cash will flow. No doubt about it. The question is whether it will be streaming or gushing. The speed is really up to you. Once you get your bearings on this approach, there's many great options to play with. It's easy to scale up and out to have consecutive, concurrent campaigns.

Get that? Consecutive. Concurrent. Campaigns.

7-figures? Got entrepreneurial mojo? Then damn-straight and damn-right
6-figures? Done
5 -figures? Even by our shiny-object-challenged friends.

Shaun reports his own experience, refinements and success. He figured out how to create a referral stampede which then evolved to an enviable pool of steady, repeat business. Considering Mobile Avalanche and this package, Shaun is gifting us with his vision, integrity and can-do prosperity. Mark my words, he's the Warrior to watch.

Whatever he's charging, pay it. Done right, the ROI is the key to the bank!
"This is good, very good. It may be the best so far. Seriously."

Originally Posted by PeckhamPirate This is good, very good.
It may be the best so far. Seriously.

I live in Brazil, but I'm a Brit and my biggest problem with offline has been finding new customers and convincing them I'm their man, even though I'm thousands of miles away.

This is genius, it's 'the ultimate in', and like we know, all you need with most bricks and mortar businesses is an 'in'.

Easily the most original and viable 'in' I've seen so far. And the only one that puts the moolah in your pocket before you lift a finger.

I'll eat my pirate's hat if any Tradebit Viewers claims the refund on this!
"We all buy package's looking for one that "we can do" I gotta tell you that this one can be done by all...old, young, newbie, or tech challenged."

Originally Posted by allbeeg INSTANT CLIENT CRAZE...What a great read!

It is not only easy to read but easy to understand. You will find yourself saying "I can do that" We all buy package's looking for one that "we can do" I gotta tell you that this one can be done by all...old, young, newbie, or tech challenged.

All the typical excuses have been removed. There is no technical experience needed...so it is newbie friendly.

Prospecting...the customers call or email you...no more cold calls or direct mail

No upfront money is needed...so don't let the lack of funds stop you.

It does not take much time to set this system up...you can be up and running in hours...YOU can make money even if you only work it part time.

If you do have a question and need help...Shaun's response is the best!

In this package Shaun tells you what he did then goes on and gives you step by step details on how we can do it too.

Instant Client Craze is a system to Pull customers into your sales funnel. Again, it will drive customers to you. How busy do you want to be? This can be easily scaled up. I'll say it again...how nice not to cold call or spend money upfront!

I have to say that Shaun's "Instant Offline Avalanche" would compliment this package.
"If you want a roadmap to get your business to the next level (whatever level you're at), then this is definitely it."

Originally Posted by TheGreyling This really is a 'hit yourself over the head with a cricket bat [I'm British!] - why didn't I think of that' package. Very clever - and very simple - just like all the best ideas.

If you want to ramp your business up really fast and take away the stress of cold calling, mass emailing, direct mailing or whatever other form of prospecting you usually try - then this is the way to do it.

I bought Shaun's last package and loved his lateral approach to things. He has applied the same kind of thinking to this one.

In the interests of full disclosure I did receive a review copy. But like others have said, I would have bought it anyway based on Shaun's previous package. Always easy to read, easy to implement and full of those 'aha' moments.

Very few package's have ever made me think 'I can do that' - even fewer have actually made me take action on them. Both of Shaun's have done both those things.

If you want a roadmap to get your business to the next level (whatever level you're at), then this is definitely it.
"Anyone in any country can put this into operation and get not only business and money in the bank, but also build a strong customer base."

Originally Posted by Geoffnow Now I have been buying and reviewing package's for a long time and I have never seen this approach and to have it so step by step procedure without overpowering the reader.

Anyone and I mean anyone in any country can put this into operation and get not only business and money in the bank but will also build a strong customer base that they will be able to market to for years to come. You have another winner here. I hope it goes well for you and I know that those who buy will be just as pleased with their investment.
"Let me say that if you're into offline or just thinking about it, then go grab this package and you'll be just as amazed as me."

Originally Posted by balkina I just couldn't put this package down after I started to read it!

Shaun's new package has just blown me away. I thought I knew most strategies for offline business, but wow! This package is very different and so easy! I wish I'd known this earlier and got a heap more clients.

Getting clients for offline is much harder and the competition is getting fierce. But now you can have a literal flood of new prospects and clients coming to you. No wonder Shaun gave it the name that's exactly what it is! I've been in offline business some 2 years and I know what it's like cold calling to convince local business, but this is very different and takes the heat out of getting clients.

After reading it, my head was spinning with ideas and I couldn't wait to implement it. So, what you're getting is very well written and easy to understand package. Shaun provides a very thorough background of the strategies and full details, with screen shots and resources. Then he follows this through in a complete step-by-step process that anyone can follow, plus you get his swipe files. No hype or fluff here, just pure actionable content.

Let me say that if you're into offline or just thinking about it, then go grab this package and you'll be just as amazed as me. Shaun, you've come up with a real winner here - thanks for sharing it with us.

"If you take action it would be really difficult to NOT make any money."

Originally Posted by topcottage Instant Client Craze - A package that really delivers the goods. It contains well constructed and easy to follow instructions, that are actionable immediately.

After reading through this package I can easily see that this can be built into a long term profitable business model. It has to be one of the simplest, but fundamentaly robust ways to create a hungry client base, who pay upfront for your services.

If you take action and follow Shaun's instructions it would be really difficult to NOT make any money.
It will work for anyone who is prepared to take the action and can be implemented I believe in any country (as long as they have an internet connection!)

Anyone who is serious about having a "real" online business that will have clients in years to come needs to get this package - It is a unique and genius way to build an income online with offline clients.

Originally Posted by ConradDeas LOL... OMG... WOW... IS HE SERIOUS!!!... That's what I was saying as I was going through this package. I asked Shaun for a review copy because I made money with his last package and his support has been phenomenal.

Like others have said, I was thinking "Why in the world didn't I think of this before?" And then I got intimidated by the method, thinking "Can I handle the business that this could bring me?" I wasn't even sure the services I offered could even work with this model, but as I read on and ideas started floating around in my mind, the more I realized how awesome this method will be.
"This package got me excited with possibilities."

Originally Posted by theysawgold Full disclosure - I received a review copy but can remain honest about my feedback.

I went through this package pretty quick since it is around 37 pages. I believe that this package is definitely one of the better packages I have gone through recently as the method enables you to earn usually before a client even contacts you directly. Yes, your clients contact you without the need to cold call, email, in-visit, or anything of that nature.

This package got me excited with possibilities. You should love this package if you liked Shaun's last package as it is highly actionable like the last one. I highly recommend this package.
"This is a very solid and fundamental package. Plus the fact that it's evergreen in so many ways."

Originally Posted by pplicon Gotta give you the double thumbs up on this one. I think sometimes as marketers, we spend so much time figuring out what's "the best way" to prospect for business, that we forget that WE ARE MARKETERS. This 37 page of Greatness, challenges us marketers to put our money where our mouth is, and use our skills to generate business for ourselves.

Just like Insatnt Offline Avalanche, this is a very solid and fundamental package. Plus the fact that it's evergreen in so many ways. Again, great package, and this very newbie friendly.
"It was not what I was expecting, it was better."

Originally Posted by oleskool I received a review copy of Instant Client Craze...It was not what I was expecting, it was better.

I agree with all of the above reviews, they didn't leave me anything to say, its all true.

This is not new just an out of the box approach. You will get clients.

I purchased Shaun's last package which I am working. This package will also be put to work unlike so many others I have wasted my money and time on.

Great job. Thanks for letting me review your new package. You should be package of the Day when it is released.
Anyone who is familiar with my first package which sold over 1,000 copies called the Instant Offline Avalanche knows that I deliver the goods. I'll spare you with the long drawn out sales letter and get right to it.

This package takes it to the next level with a full business plan from A-Z with no fluff, no BS, just 100 pure content that MAKES YOU MONEY.

You'll get Clients. You'll get Services. You'll get PAID. And it won't cost you one...red....cent upfront.

But more importantly, this package will create you a long term business that subsequently gives you the financial freedom and time you desire.

This is far from the short term, quick buck loop holes like other offline packages I have purchased.

If you are currently in Offline marketing or thinking about diving in (and you should be), then this is an absolute must have Tradebit Viewers are leaving massive amounts of money on the table.

If only I would have taken my own advice when I started IM. Its difficult when you receive e-mails everyday touting the newest, hottest money making push button software.

It was only when I unsubscribed from all mailing lists, quit wasting time on IM forums, and started to create my OWN systems did I start to see major success. This is when my career really took off. With this package, you can earn more money than you thought possible.

- How you can transform your offline business with leveraging the power of technology for clients & cash. (Page 5)

-The Value of this system demonstrated with a Case Study and screen shots. (Page 7)

-The Powerful products that pull customers to gravitate to you for effortless sales & why this works. (Page 13)

-The actual resources & providers I use. It makes me thousands of dollars and saves me hours of time. No secrets here! (Page 15)

-The Ninja tactic that really makes this a game changer and creates long term income & value for YOU! (Page 20)

-Also, you get my personal e-mails I use with this system verbatim. You can literally copy and paste your way to success.

P.S. - You've got the opportunity laid out in front of you its time to make the decision and do whats right for your business and future. You will get full access instantly with full support.

Make the investment to get the success youre entitled to.

NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .
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