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How to make Almost 3300$ In 7 Days And Do it Again And Again .......Only using FREE ways

Introducing How to make Almost 3300$ In 7 Days And Do it Again And Again .......Only using FREE ways DOWNLOAD
package OF THE DAY 01/26/12!

Sick of making peanuts from your content and products?

Want a secure monthly paycheck that comes on autopilot each month?

Then listen up, because I'm about to show you how to...
$3,226.17 In Just 7 Days .. Here's A Sneaky Way To Generate Cash From Basic Wordpress Blogs
Fellow Warrior:

Are you tired of...
  • Making peanuts from Adsense clicks?
  • Scraping pathetic commissions from greedy affiliate networks like Amazon?
  • Trying to beat people over the head to buy your eBooks?

Screw that.

Did you know that you can easily be making a fat monthly income doing less work than you're already doing now?

How? By creating membership websites.

I should know, that's how I created $3,226.17 last week, on total autopilot (...proof below)

And now it's your turn...

Not only am I going to show you how to create stunning membership websites yourself, complete with sales pages, squeeze pages and protected members areas in just 53 minutes flat...

... but I'm also going to show you how to do this with no start up cash... using a secret combination of FREE plugins.

... no need to buy software, premium plugins or scripts, and no need to hire experts.

Better yet:

I'm also going to show you exactly:

  • How to target the perfect niches for a monthly membership website...
  • Where to find killer content that you can legally steal from other people...
  • How to drive traffic to your site in hours, for FREE.

OK, enough of the chit chat, here's the skinny...


In fact, last week, my sales hit a new record of $3,226.17 in just 7 days...

Let me tell you, it's very possible for you, when you start creating...


You see...

Membership sites KICK serious ASSE...

It's a fact: Selling to existing customers is WAY EASIER than trying to find new ones all the time.

Think about it like this...

Why spend all your time and money chasing new customers, over and over again?

With membership sites, you don't have to keep chasing customers and persuading them to buy over and over.

Once they're in, they're gonna keep spending.

The end result? You bank cash like clockwork, and your income gets fatter each month.

I think you can see where this is going...

And that's with only ten extra customers each month... more than doable with my advanced tactics included in this package.

Problem is, membership sites are usually too expensive and too complicated to set up, right?


In the past, to create a membership site, you had to shed blood, sweat and tears over stuff like:

  • Hiring programmers and designers
  • Buying software and plugins
  • Learning complicated code yourself

And that's before you've figured out what to put in your membership sites, or how to get traffic to them!


Before I devised this NEW system, I was paying out thousands to get my membership websites set up the way I wanted them to look and work...

First I'd plunk down hundreds of dollars for plugins and templates... then I'd have to to go back and forth with programmers and designers all day long.


Today, things are different. Which means you can...

Stop pulling your hair out, and use this simple Wordpress hack to create membership websites using completely FREE plugins...

My mission over the past few years is to find an easier, faster way to create money making membership sites... using 100 FREE plugins.

And it was worth it, because now I've found a fool proof way to create membership sites complete with squeeze pages, sales pages, member's areas and more... without any paid or premium Wordpress Plugins.

And now I'm passing these secrets onto you, inside a complete step-by-step training system that is guaranteed to work for you, or you don't pay a single penny for it.

It's called...
WP Cash Cow

WP Cash Cow shows you exactly how to create membership sites, squeeze pages, sales pages, secure download areas and more...

... using completely FREE plugins!

Originally Posted by Shawn Anderson I'm gonna have to say, membership sites DONE RIGHT are where it's at.

The recurring billings I get every month are some of the most rewarding earnings I get because, well, the $ just keeps coming in.

Nice work putting this together

-Shawn Originally Posted by Daredevil Marketing Great work on this, Matt!

There's no more important lesson for marketers to learn than that existing customers are far, Far, FAR more likely to buy from you again and again and again as long as you keep providing them with value.

In the past, it used to be tricky to do this (I know it was for some of my older membership sites & recurring products!)

But Matt makes it easy with this.*

Unless you like scratching and hustling every day for your next online payday, you need to grab this so you can leverage the power of 1) repeat customers and 2) recurring membership payments.

Both of those together equals online success in a BIG WAY! Originally Posted by Heidi White Hey Matt...

Just bought this product & I'm really excited about digging into it.

Right off the bat, I'm super impressed with how well the training is laid out.

I did my 'speed reading' on the part of the course I was really keen on learning about, basically - how do you pick your niche - and I can see already that you nailed it.

The ability to add a forum is another golden feature.

No brainer for sure on this one. I even jumped on the OTO - because it's worth that tiny extra chunck of change to get to $500 plus daily income that much sooner. I'm not a very patient person.

Well Done.

Heidi White Originally Posted by mike-seo I just bought this and jumped into the member area. Sorry guys, but being there is difficult to leave.

However the nature instinct is calling me to pay a super visit to the washroom , otherwise I would vacuum all information in one shot if is possible
Thanks for this ! Originally Posted by Jarrett this looks freakin' BAD ASS!*

I'm in.

seriously you guys. I've had the pleasure of knowing Matt for a long time.. and let me tell you, Matt is as real as they come.*

Setting up membership sites can be a pain in the bum. believe me. I know. I've got a ton of them. So I'm really interested in seeing what this is all about.

You've 'tickled my fancy'. lmao

But for SERIOUS.. if you guys are interested in doing membership sites. GET THIS.
Matt is one of the smartest guys I know when it comes to wordpress + membership sites.

He also happens to run one of the most successful WP training membership sites out there.. so he knows his stuff =) Originally Posted by Dan Briffa Looks like a great product Matt and knowing you it's probably well over-delivered!

Guy's you need to grab this while you can.. Matt is a VERY ethical marketer and knows what he is talking about when it comes to creating income online.

Dan Originally Posted by kthom117 Hello Matt I Just purchases your training material and I must say that I am soo thankful that I bought it because it has taught me a ton of information that I was not clear about. For example I knew about Market Samurai, but I never realized how powerful it really https://www.tradebit.comnks. Also I would like to https://www.tradebit.comt for the longest time I have been wanting wanting to know how to create my own squeeze page but never knew how...I can go on and on...anyways thank you and I look forward to learning more from you. I think also the biggest ticket for me was how to create free traffic by just simple "taken for granted" methods... Keep up the good work!! Thanks

Kenneth Originally Posted by popsdeals4u Hey all,
I wanted to come on here today and leave a comment, which i do not do unless it is deserved.

Well i have been spending the last couple hours setting up a membership site with this package from Matt and i have to say that i am not a wordpress expert by all means.

I was able to follow Matt's video's easily and had no problems with any of it.

My membership site is done except for the fine details that i have to set up at WB Marketing Membership Site | Your One Stop Membership For All Your Marketing Needs .

I don't know if i can put that link in here or not, but it is only a subscribe link to a empty membership site.

I really have to say that Matt's training is the best that i have ever used. It is so clear and precise, he doesn't miss anything. I will be going to him for all my wordpress questions.

Also i learned stuff about wordpress that i would of never knew if it were not for Matt.

Thank you Matt for a great package and all the great training.

And congratulations on package of the day, you very well deserved it.

Thank you,
popsdeals4u Originally Posted by wrixbiz Just finished watching all the videos in WP Cash Cow--in one afternoon. An amazing amount of information shared here in perfect-sized bits to keep my attention and not be overwhelming. I took notes as I watched so I don't have to re-watch the vids to get my membership site(s) up and going (I'm one of those people who normally can't stand watching vids--I'm a reader!).

I have to compliment Matt for presenting the material in such a way that I was able to get through everything in pretty much one sitting--not my normal MO with videos, to say the least! I'm excited to be able to put what I've learned into action so quickly... thanks Matt! Originally Posted by AWT4Marketing Matt your training videos are put together very well, informative and complete for the subject. Originally Posted by Debtkiller Matt, Jeff et al
Right after I made my comment before I went ahead and purchased.
Building a simple membership site for niche pages is dead simple using your plan.
well...there is one way you could make it more simple...DO IT FOR ME!

After watching and making one new niche site, I turned this over to my wife...(she is great at writing copy...but building https://www.tradebit.comdpress etc she is clueless). Anyway...37 minutes after watching the videos, she had her 1st ever membership site done...finished...complete...
I was amazed.

You have a great product!

Thanks for a great product. Originally Posted by DoubleOhDave Since my time on this forum I have bought around 30 packages.
In the early days I bought everything that looked good but i ended up with piles of crap!
In fact some were so bad that I asked for a refund. I got refunds for about 3 that were just utter drivel and a further 3 that didn't do what they claimed they would.
Of the remaining ones there are about 5 that I value highly and this one just made it into the top 3!
This - if the niche is picked correctly - is probably only the 2nd or 3rd package I have seen that has a high probability of making an income from scratch with very little effort, and without having to 'sell'.

As with everything, it's what you do with it that counts but personally, I don't think I could ever have figured out how to do this and if I did it certainly would never have been as smoothly and quickly as this!

I highly recommend this package! Originally Posted by DoubleOhDave Thanks pops!
I was on the fence till I checked out your link and that swung it for me.. as basic as it is/was when I saw it, it showed some of what to expect. The package has added more to it that I am really happy with. Here's what you get inside:

  • 6 Step By Step ìOver My Shoulderî Videos, showing you how to turn your WP blog into a fully functional, secure membership site in less than 60 minutes. (running time 53 mins)

  • 5 Step By Step ìOver My Shoulderî Videos, showing you how to turn any WP page or post into stunning squeeze and sales pages. (running time 35 mins)

  • Secret FREE Tools: My 5 secret FREE plugins that you'll need to use to turn your site into a membership site with squeeze and sales pages, plus download and members areas.

  • Quick Start Guide & Bonus Resources

Giving you everything you need to create ìgeek freeî membership sites that not only look professional, but actually do what you want them to do.

Plus, these sites...

  • Can accept Clickbank or Paypal payments
  • Work with Aweber and Get Response email autoresponders
  • Have 100 secure members areas


WARNING: You Don't Need This If...

  • If you like spending hundreds on premium Wordpress Themes
  • If you like spending hundreds of dollars or monthly fees on membership software, plugins and scripts
  • If you like spending hundreds of dollars on programmers and designers
  • If you like spending countless hours learning how to tweak your blog
  • If you like spending months setting up websites before you can start making sales
  • If you like worrying about where your next sale is coming from
  • If you like worrying if your products are going to get stolen

If any of the above apply to you, then you should definitely not buy WP Cash Cow.

However, if you're still here, then...


But don't wait too long, they're coming for me, and this won't last forever!

You see, there are lots of people who are selling membership plugins, scripts and plugins for Wordpress for as much as $499 a pop...

There's also thousands of programmers and designers who charge hundreds of dollars to set up membership sites, squeeze pages and sales pages...

Not to mention all the premium membership training programs out there that teach you how to create content and get traffic.

And that puts me in danger, because...

Once they find out I'm showing people how to create stunning Wordpress membership websites...

... without paying crazy money for their software, scripts, tools, plugins, training, or expert teams of staff... they're gonna come after me.

So my advice is, get in now before they boycott me!



OK, then you're probably screaming...

ìSounds great Matt, but nothing this good ever works for me!î

I hear ya'. In fact, I'm the same.

It's amazing how I managed to start making money online, considering I practically screwed everything else up... and I was always the one left scratching my head after buying a product.

Listen, there's a ton of great products out there, if you know where to look, but there's also a lot of stuff that is downright confusing, misleading and incomplete.

(If stuff hasn't worked for you in the past, then that's probably why.)

And if you're a bit ìspecialî like me, then you can relax, because I've created WP Cash Cow so it works for anyone who follows my simple steps.

Which means...

  • You don't need any technical skills
  • You don't need any big wads of cash
  • You don't need to learn complicated systems
  • You don't need to be creative
  • You don't need lots of time or energy

I rarely create products or sell packages, but when I do, I make them simple, easy and deadly effective for anyone who takes action.

So c'mon in...


But I have to warn you, this package is so deadly effective, you might piss people off...

Friends will get jealous of your bank account.

Colleagues will get jealous of your lazy lifestyle.

Your designer will be pissed that you're firing him.

Your membership software provider will be pissed that you cancelled your monthly subscription.

So if you can't handle that, then this probably isn't for you.

And you wouldn't be the first, here's just some of the recent success stories sent to me after people have starting using it:

But wait, I 'aint buyin a stinkin thing from you Matt, because you could just be another one of these ìdrive by marketersî who sell crap and con people...

Hey, I'm just as skeptical as the rest, so with all these big claims, I understand that you might be finding it hard to believe.

I can show you income screen shots until the cows come home...

I can show you stories and case studies from hundreds of people who have already started making a monthly income from these exact same strategies...

... but you may still find it hard to believe this will actually work for you.

I don't blame you.

Most stuff out there never seems to work as they promise, does it?

But here's something you should know about me...

I worked a day job that I hated for a boss that was an absolute asshole. I dreaded going in to work every day.

In the evenings I would come home and work on building blogs with adsense. I built a whole bunch of them to the point that I was making decent income from them. I went in to work one day, got in a big fight with my boss and told him to shove it (true story.)

I came home, looked at my online business and thought ìcrap, this isn't enough.î

After a long call with a seasoned marketing friend, he suggested that I teach how I created these niches blogs that generated an income.

I built a membership site at the WordPress Classroom and started creating training videos. This was almost three years ago now and I've been adding new content to the membership site ever since and grown it to well over 4,000 members.

Bottom line? I've made a solid name for myself as a top WP expert... and I actually walk the walk.

WP Classroom members pay $297 per year for the kind of information I'm sharing with you for mere pennies here today.

I'm not messing around here. You're in good hands, and I'm going to completely remove the risk for you with this by giving you...

I promise that you'll be able to follow and implement the secrets I walk you through inside these videos... and that you'll have your first secure membership website up and running within 24hrs or less.

If you don't, then I refuse to accept your money. I'll return every last penny to you, on the spot.

Even if you poke around and don't take action... even if you just don't like the wallpaper... just tell me to shove it and I'll put your money back into your Paypal account immediately.

Sound fair?

Then what are you waiting for? Click the order button right now and get your membership website up and running in 60 minutes or less...

... without paying a single penny for tools, software or freelancers!


This could be the smartest investment you make in 2012, here's why...

Why pay for some PDF that just tells you to go and buy expensive software or plugins? With this system, you'll be shown how to save thousands in set up costs... and how to turn any WP site into a monthly cash machine... within days, or even hours.

For just a few bucks, you could set yourself up with a monthly income that most 9-5 employees can only dream of.

And instead of spending months or years learning the hard way, or paying thousands to get the same results, you'll be up and running within hours instead.

And when you consider that people are already paying me $297 for basic Wordpress advice, then it suddenly puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

Order now, before it's too late...



Are these membership sites really secure?

Yes, they're really, really secure! Once someone pays they will be able to generate unique login details. No one can access the site without login details. Since it creates a new account on your WordPress site, members can request a lost password and it will be completely hands-off for you...

Is this beginner friendly?

Yes! Unless you're the type of person that gets confused after watching a Justin Beiber Youtube video, then you'll find this entire training system a total walk in the park. People have praised me on my ability to break down the technical barriers so anyone can just get it, first time around.

Are there any hidden costs?

No way! The whole point of this system is to save you money on all the expensive tools, software, freelancers, subscriptions, training packages... so you can quickly set up stunning membership sites, sales pages, squeeze pages and download areas within hours, not months.

Can I really make good money from these sites?

Yes! Not only will I show you how to set these sites up for free (minus your domain name and hosting of course) but I'll also show you how to get it filled with content that people will want to pay you for each month... and how to pile in hundreds of members too. After you know these simple secrets, you'll be cashing in monthly checks that completely dwarf the old ways to make money online.


But you need to hurry, because...

They're after me. I'm getting paranoid!? I can't keep this page up for much longer...

Seriously, I'm pissing a lot of high rollers off with this.

I'm putting people out of work.

I'm killing their sales.

They're not going to take it for much longer... and some big companies will try any dirty tactic they can to shut me down.

Once they find out I'm showing people how to create stunning Wordpress membership websites without paying crazy money for their software, scripts, tools, plugins or expert teams of staff... they're gonna come after me.

So my advice is, grab this now, before it's too late.

This could be your last chance...


Besides, how much longer can you keep chasing occasional sales, without a secure monthly income coming in instead?

How much money can you afford to waste on software, plugins and tools that you don't even need?

How many more late nights can you afford to spend learning how to code, how to design, and how to market your sites the hard way?

Life's too short...

P.S ñ Thanks to simple, free to set up membership sites, I banked $3,226.17 last week, and continue to pocket an average of $557 per day. Now I'm going to remove the biggest roadblock so that you can do the same. Try my system today and see how easy it is to create membership sites for FREE.

P.P.S ñ The way I see it, you've got three choices...

  1. Stick to what you're currently doing, never knowing where your next sale is coming from, keep working to find and sell to new customers.
  2. Create a membership website the old way, and keep wasting money on tools and services that you don't actually need.
  3. Try my WP Cash Cow system today, and create stunning, secure membership websites for FREE, and sit back as hundreds of people automatically send you cash every single month.

Can you say ìn-o b-r-a-i-n-e-rî?

NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .
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