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How to make almost 2500$ in JUST 7 Days while DOING COPY and PASTE

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Introducing How to make almost 2500$ in JUST 7 Days while DOING COPY and PASTE DOWNLOAD
Note: If you've been working your @$$ off online with little to show for it...

If you HATE waiting weeks or months for sales to come...

And if you want a simple "copy paste" method to put hundreds of dollars in your bank account quickly...Then this is the package you need...

"How I Made $2,414 In A Single Week Selling "Cookie Cutter" Websites That Take 20 Minutes to Make!"

What if I told you there's a way to build websites in less than 20 minutes... and sell those for over $500 a pop on Flippa?

What if I ALSO told you I used this VERY method to sell only 4 sites, making $2,414 on Flippa in a single week?

Yes, it's possible!

In this package, I'll show you EXACTLY how to create these types of sites and how to sell them on Flippa for $499, $599 or even $799.

"Very Clever System and Unlike ANYTHING I've Seen Before"
Originally Posted by The Chris I have to say that I'm impressed! I thought it was another "Sell 5 minute websites to local businesses!" package, but it's not.

Totally not what I expected and you might even want to hold on to some of those sites since they do make money. Very clever system and unlike anything I've seen before. The method can also be scaled up to make even more money than Tony did.

The package is very well written too. The instructions are clear and he didn't pad it with a lot of nonsense just to make it long. I'm super busy with my own projects right now, but I'd like to have a stab at this soon! "Ingenious..."
Originally Posted by Johnno I've never sold a site on Flippa, because I thought a site had to be already earning decent money to be able to sell.

Tony's package throws that thinking right out the window. His method for creating value for a completely new website is ingenious and justifies the purchase price on it's own.

...and this package well and truly overdelivers on value for money.

Excuse me while I go and register my cheap domains and prep them for sale! "Just Got My First Sale"
Originally Posted by Catapult
Originally Posted by orraao This is great, big vouch, in my first 7 days I made about 100$.
I could've made a lot more, but I didn't put the time into it. "Sucker-Punch Technique That No Buyer Will be Able to Resist"
Originally Posted by williamspd Starting with the title - 'Cut Copy Cash' - I soon realised that the promise of this title was entirely genuine, and very doable. This is due entirely to Tony's excellent step by step guidance on a simple and effective process that those 'in the know' have been using for some time to make good money on sites like Flippa.

What kinds of sites will you be making? Sites that people want and need. Sites that are so attractive to buyers that you'll actually get people contacting you asking to buy a site 'just like that one'. I don't think you need to be told how valuable this is.

Tony has fine-tuned some crucial aspects of the site flipping process and revealed them in this package. The result is an easy-to-follow step-by-step newbie-friendly killer combination of solid traditional flipping methods, coupled with clever techniques to create value fast and a sucker-punch technique that no buyer will be able to resist.

When Tony says early in in his main pdf that you should 'Be completely assured that I know and do 100 of what I'm teaching you.' he backs up his steps with examples of his own sites that he has built, added value to, and then sold using the exact same techniques that he shows us in this product. That should be a big clue to you that this product works, and when you look at the numbers and the prices his sites are selling for you can't really delay purchasing this package. Using yourself as a case study is such powerful proof and Tony shows us how profitable this method is and how easy it is to make it earn you money too.

I looked at this package with one eye on the question 'Could this method get saturated and lose its value?' and I have to say that I don't think it will - there is a huge demand for the kinds of sites that Tony walks us through creating and selling. But even in the unlikely event that it did become saturated, well then you'd just switch to using these excellent techniques on other types of sites. Yes that's right, the techniques are transferrable to other typs of sites and business models. I'm impressed, very impressed.

All in all, this package opens up a highly profitable business model for anyone from newbies to veterans. Add this one to your portfolio of businesses- it works!

"This Man Is An Expert On All Things Flipping"

Originally Posted by michaelmac If this is anything like Tony's previous releases on the subject then we are in for a treat!

This man is an expert on all things "site flipping"
, from what i have read of his on the subject, and i for one listen to what he has to say on the subject.

Michael "...Make A Legit Living Off A Secondary Stream Of Income..."
Originally Posted by Kenji Definitely, this is one of the better packages on site flipping and it offers a step by step approach to be make it all easy, even for a newbie. If you want to make a legit living off a secondary stream of income, this could well be your rainbow at the end of your tunnel. "Definitely Newbie Friendly"
Originally Posted by Cy Price Excellent!! Tony gets right to task showing the fastest and most effective way to build sites that will flip for profit. I'm NOT a newbie but this method is definitely Newbie-Friendly.
But first, I'm sure you want some proof I'm not BSing you. Here's a quick screen capture video that shows me setting up one of these "cookie cutter" sites in 16 minutes and 28 seconds...

(Sped up to save you time)

Cut Copy Cash Video Proof - YouTube You can clearly see that the site (exact domain revealed in the guide) 3 days later on Flippa... sold for $799!

That's $799 in only 17 minutes of work. About $47 per minute!

And no this isn't a fluke... I've repeated this process over and over again, making hundreds of dollars every time. This is my Flippa account:

Many internet marketing business models require a great deal of laborious work before seeing ANY sales.

I know this from experience.

I have sites where I put in endless hours researching the niche, creating content, getting traffic, getting ranked in the search engines, growing my list, monetizing my traffic, etc.

...only to make a few bucks in sales...2 months down the line...

I saw site flipping as an opportunity to make BIG SALES that would make the work I was putting in actually worth it. However, these involve sites with established traffic and revenue, meaning you need to wait months or years to build their value, before they're ready to be sold.

... until I found the method to quickly build BRAND NEW websites that can be sold for a healthy chunk of money...

"I'm Going to Reveal To You My Secret Method of Building Brand New Websites in Under 20 Minutes and Selling them for $500 and Up... and How You Can Do This Over and Over Again!"

You might think these are crappy websites and I'm scamming the buyers. Nope, these are sites that add value and buyers are HUNGRY for. Here's a screenshot of my Flippa feedback page:
. There are an unlimited number of ways you can build these sites to guarantee interested buyers!

Once you learn this strategy, there are 2 ways you can go:
  1. You can apply this whenever you need "fast cash", literally turning Flippa into your personal ATM. -OR-
  2. You can go hardcore with this method and turn it into a business, like I did when I was testing this. I listed 4 of these "cookie cutter" sites in a single week and guess what happened?
whopping $799 (the site I made in the proof video)
  • From July 25- August 1, I made $2,414 with this method!
  • After that week, I got super caught up on an SEO project and started making and selling only 1 new site per week..

    There is only one real conclusion we can come to...

    "If you Aren't Using This Tactic, You are Leaving Piles of Cash on The Table!"


    , so you can quickly modify it and make bank with it right away!
  • You will be able to look over my shoulder and see me create and list one of these sites, step by step!
  • YES, I WILL hold your hand and walk you through the entire process from start to finish, with checklists, screenshots, and video...

    Even if You Are A Total Newbie, If you Can Click A Mouse...

    You Can Have Interested Buyers Bidding On Your Site Listing Just 30 Minutes After You Read This package!

    My entire Flippa blueprint is laid out in crystal clear detail. You cannot fail with this system!

    Here's what Piper Anderson, creator of "A Flip A Day" has to say...
    Originally Posted by Piper Anderson I read Tony's package this weekend, and I must say, it's an interesting and valuable read. It takes a common, often talked about method of flipping and gives it a twist that improves upon it greatly and makes it much more likely you'll see success with the method.

    He also talks about a unique way you can increase your asking price. It's a method I've already used on some of my own previous Flippa auctions, so I can say with authority that it definitely CAN raise your asking price considerably (it's worked for me!).

    This package is definitely something you haven't seen before, and you can for sure make money with it if you apply it as directed in the package. I highly recommend it! "Start Living the 4 Hour Workweek"
    Originally Posted by bamsgt ..Making and selling these reseller sites are brilliant. The sites offer other business owners services that they need. These type of sites will always get business. Make a few reseller sites to flip on Flippa and then make a few sites for yourself to make continuous money with.

    If you decide to keep a few sites for yourself, you'll soon develop more and more repeat business, which could easily turn into a continuous 5 figure a month machine. The reseller business is mostly hands off, as most of the grunt work is handled by others. All you do is connect the demand to the supply, and start living the 4 hour work week...

    "Shows How to Get the Maximum Money When Selling Sites on Flippa"

    Originally Posted by davidjames42973 Tony shows exactly how he uses what he calls his "cookie cutter website development" and turns around and sells them for good money on Flippa.

    I've always been interested in getting started with Flippa and this was definitely a great place to start for me. Not only does Tony show how to build websites quickly, but he also shows how to get the maximum amount of money when selling sites on Flippa.

    This package is highly recommended
    . "All That I Can Say is WOW!"
    Originally Posted by Alessandro Brunelli
    All that I can say is wow! This package rocks! Everything is included.

    I, too, was expecting a tutorial on how to sell sites on but this is a business-in-a-box! Really!

    The main idea of providing an extra service (explained in the package) is totally new to me and I can see the value of this package just with that! But you over-deliver, literally. Instructions are clear. I only need to implement what you say. You also provide clear help on how to sell sites on Flippa which is what I was expecting in the beginning. And the package doesn't stop there. The attached bonuses are perfect matches. Bonus 3 (proved outsourcing staff to contact) is IMHO a real time saver and makes this package pay for itself alone, once more.

    One of the best and rich-content package of the last months! "This package Will Make You Money!"
    Originally Posted by davidtaras As always, Tony delivers the goods with another high quality product that is from HIS own personal experience.

    ...Everything is laid out step by step so it doesn't matter what level of knowledge you have with internet marketing (you can outsource all of this as Tony lists his contacts - Great value alone). The beauty of these websites is that there is always a high demand on Flippa for them so this package will make money! "Start Making Money Online With Little or No Effort"
    Originally Posted by Deflo Dear Tony you've made an excellent work with this package! I'm really impressed by the amount of information, screenshots and that great bonuses!

    This is a very good package, I recommend buying it at all of people that need to start making money online with little or no effort and all people that want to makes money selling sites on Flippa or similar services.

    The main pdf is a step by step guide that cover all the procedure to create (and duplicate!) your first site, making your first sales and then explain in details the filpping process to boost the sale!

    All aspects are well described: technical for wp and for adwords, the process for the sale and the duplication of the sites.
    Let me know of your next package Tony!
    "Very Easy to Follow...Stop Thinking and Start Doing"
    Originally Posted by latinkreation This package is great! It shows you step by step how to make money by flipping simple websites that he shows you how to create. I am very new to this forum, and very new to Internet Marketing and I found it very easy to follow. He even shows you how to outsource everything if you want. If you are a newbie like me and not sure of getting this package I suggest you stop thinking and start doing. "Truly a Business in A Box"
    Originally Posted by AmericanWoman888 Hi Tony,

    Just bought this today. Wow! This is truly a business in a box. I can't wait to implement it. Your surprise bonus you mentioned to me sounds very intriguing.

    What I liked most about this package is the fact that I can tell for certain you are doing this business now. You exude confidence in your writing and leave no stone unturned when it comes to building the site, putting it up for sale, maximizing revenue per site and, of course, the transfer process. I have complete confidence that I can do all of the steps you showed us. I enjoyed your detailed discussion of what to charge based upon certain elements being in the sales package or not.

    Great product - well written - succint - doable - huge money waiting for smallish amounts of enjoyable work.

    AW888 "Practical, Profitable and Based on Experience"
    Originally Posted by realestate1022 Have you ever bought a package and all the it does is take up space on your hard drive? Most of the time? As someone famous said alot "I feel your pain." There is a reason why I don't leave reviews for most package products - they are crap. Usually they are poorly written, ideas based in theory and are techniques that will only work for the short term because the idea will quickly become over-saturated.

    Any course that has a title like Cut, Copy, Cash is going to be at best seen with a skeptical eye. Sort of like thinking you'll get rich buyng a $2 reprint rights report off Ebay for $2. Here's the thing. I read this package and liked it. Why? It's practical, profitable and based on his experience rather than an idea he once had.

    After reading more and more of his ebook, I realized that this could easily be ramped up and be completely outsourced. The best part is that he has that mindset and shows you how to outsource the work.

    "One of the Best packages"
    Originally Posted by rmholla Review:

    I've been a Warrior since the beginning of Warriordom and I have to say that for the money this is one of the best packages I have ever come across. It isn't filled with BS fluff. It does detail a very practical way to turn a quick profit building websites and flipping them.

    Well documented step by step directions that qualifies it as "very newbie friendly" so if you think it is "too techie" I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised... "Great Product and Great Support"
    Originally Posted by mariok This is a great product and one that I see huge potential in. I had a question and Tony answered and helped me within 30 minutes.
    NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .

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