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Learn How A Complete Slacker Makes a Fast Killing with his Secret Product Building Method!
and how you can do it too...

Hey Warriors!
Dr. Ben Adkins here again and I've been hearing alot about how hard it is for alot of you to make money online. Now I'll be 100 honest with you...I'm not the kind of guy that likes working his butt in the Internet Marketing field...

I do enough hard work through the week at my practice. I started doing this whole "Internet Marketing" thing as a way to relax...and it worked.

I've been building awesome products for the last several years and, as I jump around reading this forum, one thing always hits me:

99 of You Are Making This "IM Thing" Too Hard!

If you're reading this post right now, you've actually stumbled onto one of the most amazing places to make money on the internet today.... The Warrior Forum.

This Very Forum is responsible for making people hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, but for some reason.... Alot of Warrior Forum Members are still
Struggling to Even Make Ends Meet.

Wanna Know The 3 Reasons You're Still Struggling?
  1. You're Not Focused.
  2. You Don't Have Your Own Product.
  3. You Don't Have A Core Product Building System.
All The IMers that I know that are struggling to make it are caught up on those three things. They jump from system to system with no product of their own.... and as a result.... They never stay focused on anything long enough to make any real money.

People Fail at this business because they don't know how to focus on a single money making system... and grow from there.

Would you like to see how I
(The King IM Slacker...lol)
finally overcame the 3 Problems above?

Take a Look at the Questions Below:
Q: How in the World Does that Slacker Have a Successful Information Product Business and You Don't?

(A: I screwed up enough to figure out how to succeed... In Short, I finally found "Focus via A Simple System")

  • I wrote the book in my hand in 5 Hours (Just Like the Title of this package)
  • This Simple System boils everything down to complete simplicity (something I'm known for)
  • I don't Stress Out Trying to Do A Million Things...
  • I Just Follow a System to Write Awesome Products fast... Sell Them Fast... And Customers Come Back for More...
This Book Shows Your How to Do it Too!

Want to Learn How to Break The Cycle and Create Your Own Product that you can sell in any Niche ?

My Ebook is The System to Writing Amazing Products at Lightning Pace
(Even if You're Not An Expert in Anything)

I mastered this "5 Hour System" a long time ago and it's been very profitable for me. I finally decided that I couldn't hold onto it any longer. There are just too many Struggling Internet Marketers out there that don't see that:

The Big Picture = Simplicity

The "5 Hour Product" Consist Of:

Intro: The Slacker Mindset: Stop Making it So Hard!

Hour 1: Finding a Hungry Audience to Feed!

Hour 2: The Money Test: Will it Sell?

Hour 3: How To Create Your Killer Product, Be A
Slacker, and Not be a Dick. (Slacker doesnt equal

Hour 4: Tricking others into Researching Your
Book For You.

Hour 5: Putting it Together and Making Some Cash.

What Other Tradebit Viewers are Saying:

Originally Posted by MikeLantz As many of you know, I do not often post reviews in package threads. But today, I can't help myself...

I LOVE Dr. Ben's "5 Hour Product" course so much, and think it is such an important piece of information for a marketer to have, I HAD to share...

First, let me say that I had my doubts about this product when I first saw it. But, as soon as I opened it up, saw the table of contents, and dove into the course, those doubts disappeared.

The course is EXTREMELY well put together. It has all of the features that make for a great ebook - it is laid out very nice, it contains lots of screenshots, it doesn't waste time with fluff, and is written in a VERY easy to follow format.

In fact, just to see how this ebook is put together is EASILY worth the cost of admission. EVEN if it was about knitting or basket-weaving, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment in recommending it to you as a REALLY IMPORTANT piece of internet marketing knowledge.

Ben truly shows us that MOST of us just might be making this "IM thing" a bit too hard, and how LESS is really MORE. One of my favorite paragraphs in the book says this:

"Your Slacker Mission (Should You Choose to Accept it) is to provide insane value from your information product while putting in the least amount of work possible. More work does not equal more quality. Get that out of your head right now and get ready to learn how to crank out something amazing in as little as 5 hours."

Well, that is EXACTLY what Ben has done here - created something AMAZING in just 5 hours.

And, if you can get it OUT of your head that because it only took 5 hours to create it is of NO VALUE, you will find yourself VERY happy you picked this one up.

Bravo, Ben. GREAT work.

Mike Originally Posted by omac I have been hoping to find something in this price range that would stimulate me to get off my duff and do something.
Haven't got off my duff yet but when I do this provides me the tools to finally go from start to finish.
The only thing missing is what to do after I have the product, hoping that will be forthcoming.
I need to go now and do something.
Thanks for an excellent product at a very affordable price,the only thing missing is me getting
started, but that's up to me, I now have the tools and I'm out of excuses.
Thanks Slacker Originally Posted by Mechatronix A simple and straightforward method to getting a product on any niche up and running. Thank you for the product, ideas and inspiration. I can't wait to start writing and eventually selling my own product! Originally Posted by munstersg01 What's up doc? Sorry couldn't resist doing a Bugs Bunny.

The information is provided in a simple and concise way that motivates you to immediately take action. I really think this is a good course for those who are beginning to create small reports and ebooks.

It does take practice to reach a 5 hour product creation, I somehow believe I may never reach 5 hours a book but it is always better late than never.

I look forward to the sequential "Sleep and Grow Rich: The Slacker's Guide to Selling Online" Originally Posted by justinw I have written a few guides and reports and they invariably take me a lot longer.

This has some techniques in it that may be second nature to experienced product creators, but for me made it well worth every cent.

As Mike Lantz says in his review above the book is well presented and fluff free.

Be great if the slacker book structure bonus also covers some layout tecnhiques as yours was refreshingly presented.
How About a Few More!

Originally Posted by mathewsps Hi Ben,

You had really shown the real and simple method of product creation with no fluff with enough screenshots so that even a newbie can do within 5hrs. The Only thing pending is the Slakers method to make the selling of the product. If you add that then this will be the best package of this year. Really simple menthod. Those who are struggling to create your own products should grab this before the price goes up. Originally Posted by dejoliet31 Great product. Concise but thorough. I give it a 10/10.

Thanks for pouring out another masterpiece. You make the steps so clear the even newbies can follow them with no problem. This is one of the best package's I have purchased.

Ed Originally Posted by RichRecluse While I love those "Interview an Expert" concepts, I was on the edge about whether I needed to purchase yet another how-to ebook this soon before Christmas. Mike Lantz pushed me over the edge and am I glad he did. It was too late to ask Santa for this anyway. Originally Posted by Hereandthere I just paid $15 and that is what the button said. Looks like the person who paid a buck more maybe got aced out by some other purchasers.

I had recently decided to make 2011 the year of my own products so this should move me right along! And How About Some More...Again!

Originally Posted by HouseDawg Thanks Dr. Ben!

I picked up this package and I can see it easily working with video products as well.

If there's anyone on the fence with this product, I can say that it delivers exactly as promised.
I look forward to more slacker products like this in the future.

Happy Holidays!
HouseDawg Originally Posted by evergreengirl Hi,
I just bought the book. I'm totally new here. It is very straightforward and understandable. I know what to do and am taking action as I write this (totally lazy, slacker-style action, that is) and I am fully confident I will make money with this.

Now I can't wait for the next installment. I think I am really going to like being a slacker. Originally Posted by cebuana Great book on how to quickly make a product.
sorry, gotta run, got some products to make.
Seriously it is cheap and the best i have seen
on making quick products.

The technique could be applied to making websites also

I liked his stuff so much i got his other package
Simple direct and not a time waster
like so many videos are! Originally Posted by ted Hi,

Just purchased 5 Hour and I'm glad I did. This is super easy to follow and really breaks down the ebook process step by step. This is perfect for anyone who wants to get going now! No excuses for not starting after reading this book. Thank you Dr. Ben!

Ted C Originally Posted by rogerfung Bought it, read it, and kicking myself for making life so hard! Thanks for your book. Now I can't wait for your next offer.
Pick Up the "5 Hour Product" if:

  • You're Tired of Being Overwhelmed with the amount of work this IM thing (supposedly) involves.
  • You want something simple that is easy to carry out.
  • You'd like to learn how to make Great Products for people that really need your help (that's the secret... why do you think I wrote this book?).
  • You Need to Get out of the "IM Dip".

The "5 Hour Product" if:

  • You'd Like to Keep Running Around In Circles with no Clear Plan to Succeed.
  • You like spending day after day doing SEO, Website Creation, and other extremely tedious stuff.
  • You Don't Like to Write (Sorry... Can't help you if that's the case)

NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .
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