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How to win the OFFLINE GAME and score UPTO 100k$ OFFLINE while STARTING FROM Scratch

Introducing How to win the OFFLINE GAME and score UPTO 100k$ OFFLINE while STARTING FROM Scratch DOWNLOAD

Originally Posted by lambkr01 Fantastic package, Bradley! I've seen a lot of package's, but this is the first I've ever bought and I'm glad I did. It's jam packed with great content... no fluff. I love the ideas you present. There are a lot of interesting new ideas and new takes on the stuff a lot of us already use. Thanks! Originally Posted by dcnjlolley I am one of the students that Bradley mentored in marketing to offline businesses. I can testify that the extensive knowledge that Bradley poured into each of us is unmatched!

His dedication to our success was escalated to a personal level to make sure we succeeded; offering additional webinars and teleseminars when we needed them, and providing script and marketing examples that actually worked!

Even with the training that I've already learned from Bradley, I purchased this package, because he always over-delivers and provides an approach that is proven to work.

Bradley goes into great detail in any course or bit of information that he offers, and you're missing a gold mine if you don't take advantage of this offer! There Are More Testimonials At End Of Page

If You're Selling Any Products or Services To Offline Business, Here's How You Quadruple Or More Your Business!
If You're Struggling, Your Struggles Will Be Over With This Course!

Welcome Warrior.

In this package, I'm pulling up my sleeves and am giving you my most successful business development strategies of today, $1,000 worth of training and education at an incredible Christmas price.

I love the Christmas season. It's a time for family, love and giving back to others. This time of year represents so many things good.

For businesses, it's also a time to reflect over the past year of your successes and failures, and then to strategize your plan of attack for the coming year. What will you do differently in 2012 to insure your success?

In the course I'm going to show you how to absolutely 100 guarantee your success in this business and then how to build a $100,000+ per year business.

What I've put together in this course I could turn into a full offline marketing course and could easily charge $1,000 for it. And I can promise you, everyone would say $1000 is a bargain.

Nobody is teaching what I'm going to be teaching you here.

This package Will Teach You Two VERY IMPORTANT Lessons, Both Of Which Are Key to Your Success!
This package is going to teach you two very important lessons to your success ...

1) You're going to learn the strategies to guarantee your success selling to offline businesses, and

2) How to build a huge business that will be making you within the next 12 months a 6 digit, $100,000 per year income!

This is a blueprint to building a business from startup to tremendous success regardless to what products you're selling. 2012 will be your year with this course.

In fact, your biggest fear should be that too many people will purchase this package and get the jump on you. This is ground breaking, business changing training!

So who am I to be teaching you this business changing information?

With 25 Years Of Marketing To Offline Businesses, I'm More Than Qualified To Teach You This
For 25 years I've been working with offline businesses helping them increase their profits and showing them the most innovative marketing strategies of the time. I've experienced a lot and have learned a lot over the past 25 years.

I never stop learning. My first mentor and teacher was Jay Abraham. I had the rare opportunity to be participate in one of his exclusive Protégé in person training workshops. It was worth every penny of the $5,000 I spent to attend and the 12 hour days to learn from the greatest marketer this world has ever seen.

He was just the beginning of a long list of mentors and trainers I've had over the years. That's because I believe when you stop learning you stop growing.

Plus, with the constant changes in the market place and the explosive growth of the internet and online marketing strategies, to stay on top of everything you've got to keep learning, you've got to continue investing into your knowledge and skills.

Because of the highly advanced offline marketing skills I've learned I've had the exciting opportunity to help a lot of businesses grow and prosper, and to turn businesses that were failing into successes.

I've even almost ruined a few businesses by burying them with more leads than they could handle causing them to get a reputation of being non-responsive. Now that was quite a lesson learned!

11 years ago I started adding to my portfolio online products and services. I was the first marketer in a number of industries in the circle of businesses I worked with to put in place online strategies to help their business grow. This included things like video testimonials on websites (huge success) and strategically designed email marketing strategies.

Back then with the internet being so new and a fascination to people, we were able to capitalize on its newness.

Since those glory days we've continuously made adjustments to the strategies we recommend by striving hard to stay current with their market place and as new strategies are introduced to the market place, and we've continuously had to adjust the strategies we've used to courtship businesses to work with us.

Adjusting our own lead generation marketing strategies to adjust to the market place, just like we teach offline businesses to do, has been an important key to our success and to the success of other consultants we've helped in this business. You MUST adjust to the market place, or you'll become yesterday's news!

Because I'm responsive to the market place, I've helped businesses double their sales and even helped a business go from $20,000 of business in a month to over $1,000,000 of business per month in just 6 months. That had a nice pay day!

Last year in September I took 62 struggling people in this business of marketing to offline businesses and in a private training course I helped them build their business. Watching them go from frustration to making thousands of dollars a month, some even making tens of thousands of dollars per month in a relatively short period of time was extremely rewarding.

In the midst of all of this I continued to work my own business and manage my sales team. That's why I don't do very many package's or courses ... I'm just absolutely swamped with my own sales team, building my own business and making sure we're staying ahead of trends and strategies.

In September I did do my first package on Lead Generation Mistakes & Strategies. It got rave reviews, and for good reason ... most people do lead generation marketing completely wrong and I showed how to do it right. By the way, I didn't have a single refund. NOT ONE!

This course here ups the ante and takes everything to a whole new level. This is the course of courses because here I unravel and reveal the key strategies to build a big business and the secret to building an offline business in today's extremely competitive market place.

If you're struggling at this business, your struggles will be over.

If you've got customers and want to learn the strategies to build a high six digit business, this course shows you how.

You must remember, when marketing to offline businesses you're playing ball in their playground and you must play by their rules.

So let's dig a little deeper into what you'll learn in this course ...

The Details Of This Business Changing And Life Changing Course That Will Put You On The Road To A $100,000+ Per Year Business!
I start teaching right in the introduction. That's because I used the introduction to share two very important things you need to know if you're going to sell marketing strategies to offline businesses...

1) One Of Your Biggest Challenges You'll face Is Local Businesses Are (get course to learn)!

2) Two Different Marketing Groups Of Consumers Which People In This Business Don't Understand Which Is Causing them to Market To Them Wrong

Not only do I introduce these problems to you, I show you how to overcome them.

After covering these two ground laying topics, I show you ...

6 different guaranteed ways to generate leads. You absolutely cannot fail if you follow these strategies.
I don't care if you don't have a single customer and are brand new with no creditability, follow these 6 strategies and you should have a client in 7-14 days depending on what you're selling. I've watched brand new people create sales their first day!

Then, as part of strategy #5, I show you a business building strategy. We're talking $0 to $100,000 in 6 months to a year. Sooner if you kick up your lead generation strategies.

Want to hire sales people?

I also show you the absolute best sales and marketing strategy for outside sales people. What you have to understand about commissioned sales people is if they can't make any money within a few weeks, they'll start looking for something else.

What you'll do is teach your sales people Strategy #2. You can certainly teach them the others, but at minimum you want them to do Strategy #2 because that will guarantee their making sales within 14 days, usually in the first week.

I even talk about how to strategically price your products, especially when you're new and just getting started. You don't want to miss this gem of information. And just wait until you see why I teach you to do it the way I do ... wow!

I even provide you with numerous additional ways of making money in Strategy #1. What a great way of increasing the value of this strategy!

Then, if all of that isn't enough, I show you two different extremely effective business development strategy!

The first is in Strategy #5. I explain why it's so effective, how to do it and teach the strategy behind it. Many people have built a very successful business with this very strategy.

But it's when you combine everything up to this point, with Strategy #6 and the special bonus video I have for you where you will at minimum quadruple your business!

Just remember, this package will only be available for 3 days! Then either the price will go up significantly or I will remove it completely!

Special Bonus Video: Here's The Clincher -- You're Going To Learn The Most Powerful Business Development Strategy In Existence! Quadruple or More Your Business Immediately.
As the clincher to all of this, I'm going to give you access to a 60 minute video. But, this isn't just any video. It's a video jam packed with the most powerful and effective business development strategies in existence.

It's how to truly get rich in business! Guaranteed!
Just a handful of people have had the privilege of viewing this business changing training video. Those that have watched it have all commented how this was their ah-ha moment, and how this video put all of the pieces together. Finally, it all makes sense. And the dollar signs rolled.

Between this course, my Lead Generation Mistakes & Strategies course and the bonus video, not only will there be no more excuses for failure, you'll have the knowledge to build a $100,000+ per year business.

Yes, there's strategy behind building a business. There's also specific business strategies behind taking a business from being a $10,000 per year business to a $50,000 a year business, a $100,000 a year business to a $500,000 per year business.

You are learning some of my most effective business strategies, strategies that have taken me the better part of 25 years to learn. And you're going to learn the top strategies others have used in this business to grow a big business.


Originally Posted by thesuccesscoach I thought its probably just ok but sure what the hell.

How wrong I was. This is a gold mine of information. This is about working a real business. None of the over night, push button crap that has become so prevalent. This is foundation building, solid information on a real business

Pick this up now at this price you won't go wrong. Thanks Bradley Originally Posted by BlueMoose This is the first course I've purchased of this type. I didn't even get to the bottom of the sales page before I hit the buy button!. Looks like wonderful information Bradley..I know change is the only constant in life and business and I have a feeling I'm going to relish this information a great https://www.tradebit.comd I got in early and I'm sure I'm going to learn a lot from this..!

Thank you! Originally Posted by flh1 I "KNOW" your stuff is the real deal also so no qualms on this one.

Reading it now but took a break to say....no fluff, great stuff.....

Thanks again. Originally Posted by hockeycoachdoug I'm a "fresh fish" to Bradley and his methods, but I too bought without bothering to read the sales page just because he said I should buy it and benefit from it. He hasn't tried to lead me astray or oversell me yet- so I am believer, and an owner of his product. Looking forward to getting some more training from him as well. Originally Posted by tfadds Just got it, did a quick skim of the material, and looks very "fulfilling" Originally Posted by raytheblogger Wow! I just purchased and did a quick read. This looks like another great package. Keep up the great work.


Raytheblogger Originally Posted by dapirus If you are serious about creating a real business then the information in this report is gold. For those of you who buy every offline and mobile package and wonder why you havent made a dime yet. Your answers are in this report.

This report gives you the basic tools you need in order to start selling your products and service to local businesses. The author goes over some time proven methods that many very successful businesses are using today to build multi-million dollar businesses.
NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .
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