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How to make almost 900$ in 7 Days -- EASY SETUP WITHIN MINUTES

Introducing How to make almost 900$ in 7 Days -- EASY SETUP WITHIN MINUTES DOWNLOAD
Note: Let's cut through all the B.S...

...If you want a simple, system that will ACTUALLY put money in your bank account GUARANTEED - that you can set up by the end of today... then this is the package you need...

"How To Easily Make $893 PER WEEK By Simply Piggybacking Off Of Massive Trends With Virtually ZERO Competition!"

No Fluff + Quick and Easy + Very Actionable

Have Your $3572/month "Piggyback Blog" Up and Running by the End of Today!

"Had A Sale the Very Next Day!"
Originally Posted by LilBlackDress I came across Tony's package "Cut, Copy, Cash" not long ago and was so impressed I snatched up everything else he has to offer.

Tony is a brilliant marketer and a natural teacher. In his courses, he walks you through step by step on what you need to do to make bank and make bank fast. This is practical advise with a creative approach, so you are offering value to your customers and enjoying rich rewards.

In Tony's latest offering, "Piggyback Profits", Tony walks you through 3 main techniques to make money with trend niches. Learn these techniques and you can make rapid profits off current subjects. (If you prefer more "evergreen" topics, go with Tony's "Passive Income Shortcut package").

Tony covers how to quickly pick a trending niche, monetize it, drive traffic and more in videos and the 130 page PDF that covers the course. He also offers a made for you website upsell at a low price point.

Tony's programs are very actionable. His methods are step by step. Do this first, this next etc. So his coursework is perfect for newbies. At the same time, Tony has a creative approach and offers up new techniques more experienced marketeers will likely learn something from also.

Though I make a full time living at this already, I took one of Tony's ideas, implemented it and had a sale the very next day as a direct result of using the method (and have had more since)! Now, for those just starting out, it will take time to learn the method, implement it and start earning. But it is very doable and can be very profitable. For those already in the game, Tony's tips can be easily implemented and can trigger new ideas and escalate your profits.

I would highly recommend Tony's courses, if you are serious about making money on the internet and would appreciate a step by step outline, new ideas etc.

PS - I am not Tony's aunt, cousin or sister... But I am a fan of his coursework!
"Genuine Valuable Shortcuts to Success"

Originally Posted by eibhlin If you're looking for genuine, valuable shortcuts to success in popular, time-sensitive niches, this is the package to buy.(Note: I have no patience with "loophole" packages. I'm only interested in white hat tactics that I'll still be using with success, two years later. That's why I like this package. The methods taught in it are going to be useful for a long time.)
I was lucky enough to see this package before its release, and I'm impressed. The first video, all by itself, makes this worth buying. I laughed out loud when Tony pointed out a recent, simple, new niche that I saw and ignored... but Tony made hundreds with it, about a month ago.

Ouch! I won't make that mistake again, and Tony shared some clever ways to spot and stay current with upcoming trends, too... long before most people will realize they're on the horizon.

In my opinion, the tactics in that first video can pay for this package, many times over and for years to come. However, I'm pretty happy with the other videos in this course, as well.

The clever "ask" tactic for discovering what your site visitors want... that's another gem that makes this package a must-own. It never crossed my mind to use a free plugin for that purpose. I'll be adding it to 90 of my websites.

In a later video, one LSI method was new to me. I'm using several LSI plugins... none of which make LSI as simple as what's in this course.

I like how this course emphasizes the best current practices for on-page SEO. I already knew most of those rules, but some were learned through trial-and-error, so it's nice to see this info clearly presented.

The off-page SEO ideas are among the reasons this package will impress both beginners and expert webmasters.

I took lots of notes all the way through this course. (I have over four pages of notes, and I'll probably watch the videos a second time and take more notes.) The info in this course is fresh, new information... even for a jaded, experienced webmaster like me, who sees a lot of packages each week.

There is zero chance of saturation with any ideas in this package. The concepts apply to all niches.

I actually stopped the videos at several points, so I could immediately apply some of Tony's ideas to my websites. The ideas are so good, I'm losing money (and search engine rankings) on every website where I'm not using them. I really couldn't wait another second to put some of these ideas to work!

This is an excellent package and earns my approval. I haven't said that very often, recently, but this package is truly worth owning. The ideas in it make me smile, and get starry-eyed about the many online opportunities.

Tony's ideas are so good, I felt re-energized after I completed the course. His piggyback ideas and other techniques brought fun back to niche research.

The part that amazes me is how low the price is. If you make the mistake of thinking this course must be mostly fluff... you'll miss some great marketing opportunities and profitable niches.
Fellow Tradebit Viewers

It's Tony W here, with my good friend David James. I want to ask you a somewhat redundant question...

Do you want lots of money dumped into your bank account for a tiny bit of work?

Of course you do!

Bear in mind: if youve gone through any of my past packages, you know Im the guy whos always finding new ways to generate big profits. with as little work as possible

Aka Im super lazy ; )

Recently, I discovered a new system that pulls in over $893 per week from just one websitewith hardly any work. Ill reveal the entire system is in just a moment.


But first, I have a few questions
  • Have you had trouble deciding what niche to go into maybe research keywords for days but still couldnt pinpoint that promising niche?
  • Have you ever picked a niche that you thought was going to bring home big bucksbut ended up being a total flop?
  • Have you struggled trying to get your website to rank only to stay buried deep in the search results? or maybe you did hit page 1 eventually, after only months and months of tedious link building
If any of this rings true to you, I want you to know that I completely get it.

Ive been there and its beyond frustrating.

I feel your pain completely and Im tired of working super hard on one project, only to realize Im just wasting my time.

Wouldnt you rather want a proven system that brings in thousands per month with only a few initial weekly hours of work?

Once thats done, you can set and forget

How To Make Lots of Money Piggybacking Off of Gigantic, Real World Trends

Lately, Ive been playing around with some cool new ways to make big bucks online that doesnt require you to slave away at your computer for hours.

Are you with me? Im actually going to straight up tell you how this simple system works. Youll be shocked when you realize how truly simple this is

Ready? Here it is:
Youre going to be finding real-world trends that havent yet exploded (hint: these are everywhere). Youll create a simple blog around the topic, get ranked in the search engines (very simple to do) and build lots of buzz using the traffic techniques well be showing you. You can easily monetize your website with relevant ads, affiliate or CPA offers.

Then, when the trend surges, your jaw will drop at the massive amount of visitors rushing to your site. and the cash youll be pulling in.

The best part is, there are thousands of these trends out there, right under your noses

I know what youre probably thinking at this point But Tony, these trends sites wont be profitable in the long term. Guru XYZ said to go after evergreen niches

Umm, not really. First of all, these trends dont die out after a week. They stay for months and years. Secondly, these trend sites are pretty freakin profitable (proof below).

Heres the thing- If you want to take your time, slowly building up an evergreen website, brick by brick, thats totally fine. Im not going to stop you..

But remember, how I said I love making lots of money, working as little as possible? Well, with this system, you can pump out one of these sites in a under a day.

This is THE Ultimate System for lazy-man profits

Yes, I call this a system because Ive tried it lots of times with success and I have a ton of proof to prove it to you.

Heres Proof of How Wildly Profitable These Piggyback Websites Are

Website 1 (https://www.tradebit.com):

Website 3 (https://www.tradebit.com)
: I registered this domain on November 4th, when I first discovered this trend. Only 2 weeks later, I stuck some Adsense on there and BOOM Money in the Bank!

This is 100 free search engine traffic.

You see, amazing thing about these piggyback websites is that theres virtually ZERO competition! SEO is a JOKE because no one else is creating websites in these niches cause they dont know about them yet!Everyone knows how to use Google Keyword Tool or Market Samurai to find regular niches but few people know how to exploit big trends before they hit.

If you know what anchor text is, you can rank in the top 3 of Google, no problem.

Despite tiny competition, theres still a hungry, hungry market out there

Heres the cool part when youre the only person serving this hungry crowd, they give ALL of their money to you.

I told you this was the most amazing system for generating a lot of money with as little work as possible

Finally Revealed

Piggyback Profits

  • A completely legal social hack that brings an immediate FLOOD of traffic to your page (this type of traffic is perfect for trend niches).
  • You need to wait a few weeks before building backlinks to your brand new site. You just came out of nowhere so Google is not sure how to classify you. Being patient while linking out to authority sites tells Google that you are legitimate site, rather than some spam site for a thin affiliate site.
  • After that 2-3 week waiting period, there are only 3 types of backlinks you need to quickly blast up to the top 3 spots and stay there so you enjoy a nice steady flow of free search engine traffic.
Module 4: Monetization Secrets
  • How to write compelling call to actions that actually brings in SALES (many internet marketers are so focused on SEO that they forget about the most important part converting visitors to buyers! We show you the right way to do this, so you actually see money flow into your bank account).
  • A sneak way to position your affiliate links and ads so your visitors cant HELP but click on them and buy. Hint: its not black hat stuff its a simple psychological trick.
  • How to get double digit click through rates with Adsense ads this is exactly what I used to turn a $2.99 .INFO domain into a $400/month heavy hitter.
  • A simple secret to permanently wipe out Adsense ads that arent making you any money (everyone using Adsense has these pesky ads). and a simple tweak to instantly DOUBLE your earnings per click. This is a trick that advertisers hate (but youll love this secret after using it for the first time)! This one tip alone is worth the entire price of this package.
Picture this: With the Piggyback Profits system, you're going to be quickly finding hot, trend niches that no one else even knows about. You're going to create a simple blog with the tactics we're about to show you to get your site up and running by the end of tonight!

With our simple social/viral traffic methods, you're going to start getting visitors RIGHT away. At the same time, you'll be building a few backlinks so that you can enjoy a steady stream of free, search engine traffic.

It gets even better. Were gonna hook you up with bonuses when you order today check it out:

Flipping Crash Course

I show you the secrets to flipping your Piggyback sites for up to10x their monthly revenue. In this bonus video, youll learn
  • The best time to flip these websites for maximum profit (mis-timing your auction = setting for less than what you can get)
  • My top 4 Flippa Ninja Tactics to attract a flood of hungry bidders
  • The one buy it now strategy I use to sell newly created cookie cutter websites for $799 a pop (I have another best-selling package on this strategy youre going to learn this for free!)
  • The best place to sell your site if you want a quick and easy sale with no listing fees and other hassles.

Our Personal Outsourcing List

This is a list of Fiverr gigs and other done for you services that we personally use and LOVE. Youll get insider insight into the best gigs for WordPress fixes, content creation, SEO (lots of goodies here), and more. This list will save you loads of time and money since we have filtered out the Fiverr gigs that actually produce results from sea of others.

Heres What Other Tradebit Viewers Are Saying About Piggyback Profits

"Cuts to The Chase And Shows You How to Get Traffic and Make Sales"
Originally Posted by MikeStronghill I am always a little skeptical of many of these package's. But WOW!!! This one knocked my socks off. You know, this product just cuts to the chase and shows you what you can do to get traffic and make sales. All of the fluff is removed. I have been in IM for 4 years and I have to say that this product replaces at least a couple years of struggling to learn what you should be doing.

I am very impressed! I highly recommend "PiggyBack Profits". "On Fire, Totally Jazzed and Completely Satisfied"
Originally Posted by salustio After purchasing your package, I feel like you wrote in your 100 Lifetime Guarantee: 100 ON-FIRE, Totally Jazzed and completely satisfied. Impressive package.
Thank you.
"Module 1 is Exceptional"
Originally Posted by Deflo Hi friends!
I am one of the lucky guys that have the possibility to review this package. At first I said to Tony that I'm italian and I don't like so much videos : D so I refuse to review, but he replied that he'd give me the slide of the videos (130 pages of pdf!!) as soon as possible. So I start to study this course and the first impression was very good because the 'module 1' is for me exceptional! The niche research (better: the 'trend niche' research) is a step by step guide on how to find the best keywords for the best niche site.
The second module is on setting up WP and the content for the site, the third is on seo and traffic and is the most complicated part for me: a lot of information and tips!
The fourt module is on monetization secrets: I learned a lot from this!
The bonuses are great and the plugin viral lock pro alone is worth the price paid for the entire course!!
Thanx Tony and David!
"A Reference For Years to Come..."
Originally Posted by mikmshak This is a great AUTHENTIC package. I predict it will be a reference for years to come. " No Longer Have Excuses for Not Making Money"
Originally Posted by Jeffrey Betman I was fortunate to get a sneak peek at this package a few days prior to release. I'm about 1/2 way through and love what I see. Tony's approach to research, putting up sites, and making money is great.

You get practical strategies that emphasize speed and taking action. You no longer have any excuse for sitting around and not making money on the internet.

The quality of the videos is excellent. They are clear, step-by-step instructions for building your business.

There is really no fluff here. Just the information you need to get up and running. For the price, its a no-brainer. "Full of Techniques the Pros Use"

Originally Posted by Mediagarden Here's my review of this offer:

I'm an experienced internet marketer and always looking to improve my knowledge and skills. Thought I was just going to breeze through this but had to stop and replay the videos each time I heard something good. And this happened quite a number of times.

It took me a while to absorb everything that David and Tony teaches with this package (There's just so much quality information). The video modules and presentations are chock full of techniques that pros use. The information is well organized and easy-to-understand. They take you step-by-step through each technique and go in-depth into the logic behind them.

I also appreciate the little anecdotes and stories about what worked and didn't work for them. The material is worth many times the price that you pay. If you're new to internet marketing or a seasoned professional and looking for fresh ideas, you won't go wrong with this purchase.
Originally Posted by madison_avenue Nice information at a great price!

NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .
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