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**Best Amazon Course EVER** How to make more than 1k $ Per Month from Amazon -- STEP BY STEP

Introducing **Best Amazon Course EVER** How to make more than 1k $ Per Month from Amazon -- STEP BY STEP DOWNLOAD
Note: If youve purchased all the guides, read all the tips and still arent making much money online this is for you.

If you are tired of reading someone else's "theories on how to make money only to be left with a vague this might work attitude.. this is for you.

If you just want a simple, easy to follow BLUEPRINT on how to make a significant amount onlinethis is for you

Revealed inside this package, I show you EXACTLY what I do to earn 4 plus figures a month from each of my sites. Ill show you what type of products to promote, how to create and optimize your site for maximum CTR and how to actually bring traffic to your site without programs, paid methods or trickery.


This is not theory. This is a system that flat out works! And after you have followed my Blueprint to create your first site, you can do it over and over and over again.
No more guessing games. Im going to show you EXACTLY how to pick winning products each and every time and create an army of cash flowing sites!

Take a peek at what is covered inside...

In fact, here's the bottom line...

If you REALLY want to start earning with Amazon -- and put dollars in your bank account This package is your best bet. It is literally packed with tips, techniques and tutorials.

My simple, step-by-step, course will explain everything you need to know... in detail.

Originally Posted by Angelwings1959 Disclaimer: I received a review copy, but whether purchased or otherwise, the results will ALWAYS be the same...one of unbiased truth, so that I could help you, the prospective customer, to see the benefits, pro & cons, etc. to purchasing this product. It is important to me that those reading this review know exactly what they can expect when purchasing this product, so that they can make a well-educated buying decision. I hope that I have done that for you here.

First the product. You will receive a 63 page PDF, along with:
3 See the sales price buttons (red, orange, blue)
3 Read the review buttons (red, orange, blue)
Creating a Wordpress site includes:
*preferred hosting company and domain seller he uses
*goes over the C-Panel
*setting your nameserver

Now, on to the main attraction: Jungle Cash Blueprint
Erik starts out right from the beginning telling you the secret to online success, which can be comprised in 3 simple little words-DO THE WORK! So, it's really very simple! Don't want to work? Pass on this and go to the next shiny object!

He makes no excuses for the fact that you just might have to actually work hard, maybe even harder than you do for your nine-to-five! You see, I don't care who tells you differently, any time you start a new business, or want to ramp up business to the next level, it is going to require effort on your part.

Even if you outsource, you're still going to be working. You'll have to manage your outsourcers (which in some instances is a bigger disadvantage than advantage) keeping in constant contact, overseeing deadlines, working behind the scenes in more critical areas to expand your business...you get the idea! It can be a lot of work.

Jungle Cash Blueprint is designed to be a semi-passive revenue stream. Every effort has been made to ensure that you recognize a good product line to promote before jumping into the fire!

Unlike other products, you are provided with:

*9 essential criteria to look for to evaluate the potential of the niche (2 of which most product creators don't mention in their products).

*Criteria 9 will affect your ability to make money online. DON'T miss that one! It is one of the most important of those provided, if you ask me.

*Erik goes over each of the criteria individually, so you will have a better understanding of why each criteria is important to the total process.

*shown a way to evaluate the competition in your niche (using free software), so you know the nitty gritty on whether you can compete or if you would be better off moving on to another product.

*Why Amazon vs. Clickbank?

*What makes promoting products on Amazon more promising and successful overall.

*Distractions you need to harness and overcome, so that you can be more productive.

*Many people overlook just how much the little things really add up. Don't overlook the 7th criteria listed. Most people don't pursue this, but I think it is a MISTAKE for several reason and Erik has discussed this as well.

Where other products have failed, is the area of whether there is enough search results to make your efforts profitable and under what circumstances.

You will learn that there are:
*2 types of keywords and which of the two are harder to rank for

*gives 2 suggestions for doing keyword research both free...yes, one of them is G's Adwords Tool, but the real advantage is the second one he discloses, along with screenshots on how he uses the tool that is most helpful. ....

It is NOT one commonly mentioned by most marketers, but the second tool mentioned provides load of valuable information, enabling you to analyze the competition and rule out mediocre keywords that would be a waste of time to go after.

*Erik goes over what kinds of keywords he looks for in GAKT, so that he can further investigate his chosen keyword.

*The product discloses the Wordpress theme he likes to use and a couple of changes he makes to his review themes and why.

However, don't expect to see a lot of detailed instructions and screenshots to lead you through the ENTIRE process of working with different Wordpress themes, and "dressing up" your website like it is going to church (i.e. logos, banners, etc)! There are just too many different themes. But Erik does suggest different ways of finding additional instructions for setting up your site or to make other changes to a theme.

What he does include in the WP set-up is:
*Needed and suggested plugins
*What to select when setting up your site, while under construction
*How to include widgets and the preferred number of columns for that purpose

Then, he covers 2 things that we need to have on EVERY review site we put up, so that we are in compliance with G, Amazon, and FTC, and even provides the link to what Amazon requires. So, no guess work! VERY IMPORTANT!

As with Review Bully, I love the arrows, screenshots, and needed details to alleviate any misunderstandings in the learning process, such as when it comes to retrieving your Amazon affiliate links. (Note: it is assumed that you have already signed up or can do so without help and are signed in to obtain your links).

Although, Erik goes over his fact-gathering sheet, the template is NOT provided in this product, but in his previous product, Review Bully.

However, if you follow along in this product, you can EASILY come up with something similar that would suffice. If you have Review Bully, you will notice the overlap in the two products.

Jungle Cash Blueprint also includes the following:
*how to write your rough draft based upon your fact-gathering sheet

*what to include in your review and WHEN as far as placement goes! Doesn't get any better than this!

*Elements or features to includes to writing well-written reviews

*More importantly, you will not be a SLAVE to a certain number of words in your review and why that is

*uses a strict format with a suggested number of page breaks and images per review

*how to format your review in WP and add images, as well as filling out the information appropriately.

*how to add and position your buttons

*what to add after you've completed the 3 sections and added your call-to-actions buttons in your review...All fully explained with screenshots, arrows, and detailed instructions

*what you should ALWAYS include at the top of the review page

Just when you thought you were finished........Think Again! Erik has a unique take on using videos that I have not seen anyone else do and he explains he chooses to use videos in this way. Makes perfect sense! =)

Ok...so you now know how to write the reviews, and what should be included in them, BUT what if you already have sites established that are under-performing? Will this product help with that? ABSOLUTELY! But it will take effort on your part too!

Erik reminds us that we need to think more like _________ and less like ___________. As such, our become aware of the best buying keywords by implementing that through process.

Next issue addressed: OUTSOURCING
*when it is NOT to your advantage!
*What to provide the outsourcer
*What 3 things to look for in your outsource

SEO...outsource or do it yourself? Erik offers the methods he uses for his sites and recommends:
*preferred directory

*BEST method for getting backlinks! I knew of this resource, but had forgotten about it. Awesome, awesome reminder!
Thank you, Erik! It was just what I needed. Truly!

*a paid source for getting the word out about his site.

*monitoring your sites performance- Here is really the only area that I disagree with Erik. Let it be known that I just don't trust getting into bed with G_ _ _le. So, I would really suggest something like PIWIK instead. I haven't heard anything negative about PIWIK, YET, so perhaps those who are just really distrusting of G like myself, might find this to their liking. Just a personal preference, but G does everything they can to sink our ship as affiliates, and I just can't see myself trusting G in any aspect of my business, if I can help it. I won't definitely won't be sending G an invitation to my party!

Just when you think that making money on Amazon is your only objective with this product, Eric goes on to include why he CHOOSES to sell some of his sites. I had always wondered why it is that if a site was performing well, why anyone would want to sell it, except under extreme financial circumstances. Now, I know! I get it! Who knew! =)

Even better he gives you:
*guidelines for when you should consider selling a site

*best places to list and sell your site

*best method of protecting yourself when selling a site and best method of accepting payment for transaction

*how much to ask for a site

So, it seems that you have been provided with more than one way to make money with this product. As in his previous product, Review Bully, I really admire Erik's transparency and willingness to disclose what works for him, so we can accomplish similar results from HIS hard work. His teaching methods are fantastic and more product creators should follow suit by providing step-by-step details with loads of screenshots, etc.

His product is sound and to the point, and per Erik, he is able to get 30-38 click-through rates. Who wouldn't want to implement what he has presented here, so they too can share in the revenue. Once again, I look forward to seeing any future products Erik puts out, as I know that it will speak quality, as his others have.

Erik, once again, I commend you for your efforts and your generosity in sharing this method with us on the Warrior Forum. All the best to you and those who purchase this product.

P.S. To those reading this...be selective and weed out those who you follow based upon the products you purchase and the advice they give. Don't fall prey to the good 'ole boy system that happens on the WF. High fives won't teach you anything! If you think it only happens for the legal system, think again! Do the same thing with affiliates who send you product offers day in and day out! Are they looking out for your best interest or theirs? Here, in this product, Erik continues to do everything possible to help us succeed.

As with all things in life, PAY ATTENTION! That's what I suggest you do with this product and/or with Erik's other product, Review Bully. If you apply this to your sites, there is no reason why you should not see results.
Originally Posted by Qamar I was lucky enough to get a review copy from Erik.
Here's my review about his latest package.

Firstly, if you are already earning consistent thousands of dollars per month, this package probably is not for you. But if you are a newbie who's interested in doing review sites for Amazon or you have been doing review sites but not making decent money yet then this guide is definitely for you.

The main guide of this package comes in a 63 pages PDF. In my opinion, all the contents in this guide is straight forward teaching you the proven way to build an Amazon review site that will generate you consistent income and also sites that you can flip for a lump sum of money.(Erik touch a bit about this too)

The review sites you will be building are based on Wordpress. If you are a total beginner, Erik also provide you with a guide about Wordpress set up so you will not be left behind wandering how to build a Wordpress site.

Erik basically hand over to you his exact formulaon how he make money online via affiliate marketing for Amazon.

He showed you how to choose profitable products to promote, how to choose keywords that are being sought after, how to rank your site quickly, how to format your review the way he did it for himself and many more valuable information.

As I said, this guide will be very helpful especially for beginners and those who have been doing Amazon review sites without much success. Erik will show you how to do it right using his methods by revealing to you his exact formatting in this guide.

There are other guides similar to this package selling in the forum but their prices are much higher. If you want similar information for a fraction of the price, I highly recommend this guide especially for the price he's offering now.

NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .
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