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**OFFLINE FACEBOOK FANPAGE SYSTEM** How to make 2.4 k $ From Facebook Fanpages within 3 HRS

Introducing **OFFLINE FACEBOOK FANPAGE SYSTEM** How to make 2.4 k $ From Facebook Fanpages within 3 HRS DOWNLOAD

With this package, you definitely won't have ANYTHING to worry about...

Find out how to earn $2500 in 5 days with just 2.5 hours of work, and that is just the TIP of the iceberg... This is a HUGE course with hours of video, templates, a coaching course, a case study, turn-key business, and more...

(Including a complete "masterclass" on going from a blank page to a masterpiece in just 45 mins.)

Ready to be blown away by the value? This ONE PACKAGE has it all...Look no further. Everything you need is right here.

So what exactly is the Facebook Offline Arsenal and what makes it different to all of the other Facebook packages out there? First off, this is totally unique and BRAND NEW. I have built this to be based completely on the new Facebook iframe fan page system. I show you how to set everything up using the latest Facebook settings. After March 11th, practically ALL the existing products for Facebook will be totally obsolete. Now is the perfect time to prepare so you are ready for the switchover. I provide you with the tools, the training and the techniques you need to make a killing with Facebook.

The Facebook Offline Arsenal is a huge package of templates, coaching videos, tutorials, promotional materials, turn-key business fan page and some special bonuses. In this package I combine the power of Facebook with the easy money to be made in Offline marketing.

Here's exactly what you get

  • 20 fan page templates for businesses common to any town (10 of these have a video version and an optin version so 40 templates if you count these!)
  • 2 different types of template: 'graphics rich' or 'clean & sharp'
  • All designed for the NEW Facebook Fan Page system. All of your old templates are obsolete after March 11th
  • A 5 module Offline Coaching Course with over 90 minutes of video with me telling you EXACTLY how to set yourself up to work with offline clients and a case study of EXACTLY how I earned $2400 for 2.5 hours work
  • I tell you exactly how to sell these templates and how to make CLIENTS beg you to sell to them
  • Over 1 hour of technical tutorials showing you how to set up fan pages using the new system, how to edit the templates, how to edit the graphics, how to install them + everything else you can think of!
  • A 45 minute Fan Page MASTERCLASS. Watch LIVE as I take a fan page from a blank page through to being live in Facebook. EVERY step is covered and I explain all the steps in my process. This could be a package on its own learn from someone who is out there doing this for a living.
  • The icing on the cake: I have designed a cutting edge fan page template for the new iframe system which you can use for your new Fan Page business. You dont need to edit anything other than your name and email if you dont want to. It is pre-loaded with a gallery of the templates, marketing copy, graphics and a facebook marketing video
  • A set of Facebook flyers that you can print out and use to get leads in your local area
  • A Benefits of Facebook powerpoint presentation that you can use to present to clients and get more business
  • A 40+ page report and guide on Facebook that you can hand to a client to answer their every question on Facebook and why they need a fan page. Let this guide do the selling for you
Why struggle to get a fan page business up and running? I provide a COMPLETE business in this package. Just follow the instructions and you are up and running.
spytron Thanks Martin ( i dont know where i was when this came out Missed it by https://www.tradebit.com )

Great package well put together and it will add great tools to my fan page building service.

Craig Originally Posted by kirbymarketingconcierge Newbie here,

Just went through some of the package.

thanks Martin.

real good program, easy to follow, a real facebook start up "business in a box"

nice to have the reports (plr) and marketing video to give to prospective clients showing value, expertise, and credibility.
Originally Posted by Wingallsjr Great product, and great follow up product, as soon as I saw email about the mini sites I went and paid lol!! Guys get this I'm serious it's one of those you don't need to ask questions buy. I am working right now and itching to get home to finish the two pages I'm working on! I have 5 people interested in me doing this and patiently waiting for it! Like Martin said foot in door opens up wide range of possibilities cause two i'm working on now want me to take over their website and do other things to it already. Sorry for long post had to put another review in for you! Thanks Originally Posted by pdxpat;3474032[B ]WOW!! Talk about over delivered and under priced. This is without a doubt one of the best package I have ran across. So many of them talk about the how to and even may show you a few things, but Martin put together a complete package from start to finish, even shares his tips on the in person offline marketing aspect of making this work and not just the website techy side.[/B] We all here about the hot trend in offline marketing. Now Martin put together a package even us newbies can jump on board with and make a ton of money. Thank you Martin
Originally Posted by Nathan Alexander Not to mention this course will help you be light years ahead of most. Hi icun,

Just got the downloads, also ordered you other additions, unbelievable value, now to go through them, anyone thinking of Starting a Facebook Consulting Business these products a must especially for the price.

thanks again Originally Posted by jasonthewebmaster I really want to thank Martin for setting all this up.. honestly I would never have been able to get this far without his foundation!!! So again, people buy this course now, its a no-brainer! Originally Posted by promo_guy Thanks Nathan!

I totally agree with Jason and everyone else here, I'm just starting to dig into the course and Martin has really really over-delivered, and I'm big on over-delivery!

Fortunately I'm comfortable with photoshop, html, css, a little bit of coding but never really used FB for myself, let alone to sell as service.

Well, that's all about to change!

For the tiny price Martin's asking, this is perhaps one of the best packages I've ever purchased. I'll definitely post back when I land my first client!

Thanks again Martin, and everyone sitting on the fence, grab this while it's so darn cheap!
Originally Posted by edsaco Great package lots and lots of good information thanks for creating such a product and looking forward to your mini site templates Originally Posted by lee stewart WOW What a great product...one of the best i have bought
facebook is an area i have wanted to get in to for ages and there's no better time than now with the fan page changes....
this product has it all, great templates, easy to follow videos and martin's support is first class. i contacted him today with an issue i had and he answered and sorted my problem out in about half an hour....superb....

if you want to make money from facebook there is no better time or product out there.

get this whilst its still available at this crazy price......

gary lee Originally Posted by promo_guy Thanks Martin, really looking forward to digging into this package and start marketing Facebook fan pages

Cheers for the great deal buddy!

Scott Originally Posted by pdxpat By the way Martin it is so nice to see a package offer with an support ticket system so if we have any questions we can contact someone right away. And wow your system provides video tutorials to boot. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You really thought this out for us who are fairly new. I can see why this should be the package of the day. Originally Posted by Wingallsjr Thanks for the package best one yet that I bought, I been waiting for someone to offer this cause a lot of customers I had asked if I could do this as a service for them I told them coming soon was trying to sort out everything and wait for facebook to get it sorted. I will let them know now the service is available. Thanks again for the very detailed package. To anyone looking to buy just buy it, nothing to lose tons to gain including money!! Originally Posted by Powder_Skier Wow Martin, I haven't even started reviewing the details and I'm delighted already.

Here's why - you put together a PDF of INSTRUCTIONS - what is in each folder and what it's for. BRILLIANT! Such an easy and helpful thing, but so few marketers do that.

Also, you have ONE download, not 10 or 20. I guess that's not so good if a person is on dial up, but I'm loving that I can get everything at once, un-zip, and there is the complete product in just a few minutes.

Again, I haven't gotten into the core product yet, but you get a "Fantastic" for product organization. I have no reason to doubt that the rest of the product will be equally impressive.

Maury Originally Posted by John Walsh I would have bought this package for the marketing video and/or the PPT presentaion by themselves but Martin threw in the kitchen sink as well. Well done, Martin! BTW, just wanted to leave a review here for Martin's Facebook Arsenal!!


...Im working on a couple deals right now with some existing clients, and everyone that has seen my page is blown away!

You guys have GOT to act and get this NOW. He gives you everything but the kitchen sink to get started!! It's insanely under-priced and worth every cent. HI Martin,

This is a truly awesome package. I really can't say enough about the quality and value of this package. Anyone thinking of getting into offering Fanpage services should grab this quick.

Thanks for a quality package Martin.

Col Originally Posted by 63lincoln If your local marketing business needs to stand a part from the crowd, you will not go wrong with this package. Martin has put together a complete package. It contains education, client artwork and kickstart collateral for your own business. Thank you Martin! Originally Posted by Dave Ovenden Hi Martin,

Congratulations on creating this fantastic product. I picked it up on Friday and already have a client site up and running. You can view it here: Buildline Builders in Bedford | Facebook
Looks great!
I have also managed to get the Fanpage Business template live which looks equally impressive. You can see it here: InBizLocal | Facebook All in all a great investment.

Your videos explaining how to set everything up are very clear and detailed and without any prior knowledge I was able to get these 2 fan pages up within 24 hours.

Thanks again,
Dave Originally Posted by ebiznet I've been buying a few packages recently and can easily say that this is the best so far in terms of value and business potential. I've also bought the Force Multiplier and Like Vault to get myself up and running as soon as possible.

Thanks Martin for offering this great value package in terms of not just pricing but also business potential. I shall be looking out for future products from you.
Originally Posted by oakman Hi Icun,

I purchased your package and being the newbie that i am, i found it "a look over my shoulder" product which i really needed. Not only that, when i mailed you for support, your response was lightning quick showing how important customer service is to you. Great stuff bro and i know i can definitely work with this. Awesome product. A+++... Originally Posted by rksimmons Hey, Martin,

I promised a review; here's an early one...I'll probably have another after implementing all this. Let me preface the review by saying I've been doing offline (mainly building and selling web sites) for several months.

This is going to make my life so much easier! There will be much less 'circle of death' (going back to re-do this or that) with FB Fan Pages, and you've given me everything I need to deliver quality product easily and quickly.

I've been through the whole course once, now; for anyone wondering, everything I need is there. With Martin's information and materials I'll set up my own business fan page this weekend and be offering these services on Monday! I'll have professional looking marketing materials in hand, nice presentation materials, a pricing plan and several ways to approach prospects. This is great stuff, Martin!

Btw, for those who are wondering, I don't even know Martin, until today...and I rarely review a package until I've put it to the test. Martin seriously delivers actionable methods I think anyone can do, with this true "business in a box".

I'm very impressed; it hardly ever happens, at my age :-)
Originally Posted by sfm I don't come in here to put up posts well yes you can see that
I do come here for some products at great prices although I never seem to get the discounts others get and haven't figured out why yet lol but I digress.........
I had to come here and say.......

fantastic product so many parts of it could have been their own package products!
I have watched some of the videos already and even started playing in photoshop as I already do fb pages for clients and knowing the fbml was going to die out I had to find an answer and this product helped me 100 to continue doing work for my clients

thank you thank you thank you Originally Posted by Webel Excellent package and I'm really getting into it....


Clive Originally Posted by DC Marketing T
Now that I have had time to sort through this massive download all I can say is WOW.
You have set up a genuine business in a https://www.tradebit.comos as I have been buying package's for a long time and this one is the best I've ever purchased.
It's nice , neat and very professional and as far as being complete........that's a laugh. It is almost too good.
If you haven't purchased this product yet, what the heck are you waiting for.
This will take your off line business to a whole new world.
Thanks so much, I cannot say enough about this.
I am a believer!
Originally Posted by Tezza Wow!!! This is a fantastic offline package.
Just purchased and had a quick look thro' enough for a quick review.

Martin explains what he offers clients and how he approaches them.
He gives us everything from a PLR report we can give the client to promotional materials the client can use.

He teaches step by step how to create our Fan Pages using the IFrames that Facebook is changing to next month.

There are templates, power point slides, marketing video. In fact everything you need to start making money offline.

This is not theory. It's what Martin uses step by step in his own business.

For those interested in offline it's a steal.

Terry Originally Posted by ScamScouts I had iframes OCD now I don't you took care of all this in 3D, Thanks A Million Originally Posted by Titanphil Hey Martin,
My brother Dave Cisneros told me about this and I came right over and grabbed it. I have a lot of Fanpages to build in the next few weeks. This will save a ton of time. Thanks
Phil Originally Posted by Donna Hamer Awesome thank you Martin. Can't wait to get home from work and get into this package !!

One quick question do you provide a basic PSD files for the templates?

tks Donna Originally Posted by Searchlabmedia Hey Martin, this is an awesome package of templates, video, training, etc. I know that these will EXPLODE my Fanpage Business and take it to a new level. I have tried to tell as many people as possible about this because if you are marketing Fanpages to Local Business Owners, you have just made it 1000x's easier. Thanks for putting this together. What a steal!!

Also, I know everyone had questions regarding the new change over to iFrames, you have just made that transition so much easier.

Thanks again, Fight On!

Dave Cisneros Originally Posted by bobbyd67 AWESOME STUFF. Originally Posted by JonHascue He took my word.

Awesome as usual.

Cheers Originally Posted by zoro Thanks Martin, I'm downloading the 287MB package now.

I purchased products from Martin before and have also received great support from him, so there was no hesitation for me getting this. Originally Posted by jjebfafl Martin,

This looks amazing... I was wondering about the new iFrame stuff coming out in 2 weeks and now you've taken care of that for us!

Just picked this up and plan on going over everything tonight through this weekend.

Many Blessings,

*** @Searchlabmedia - Dave, I was looking at your FB marketing system package last night...wondering what you think of this with Martin's new package and how it would fit with what you provide in doing the marketing DVDs for FB, etc. Originally Posted by SolNet Congratulations Martin,

This is a truely awesome package! This looks fantastic. Just what I need and I'm sure many others. Great package. Originally Posted by https://www.tradebit.com Martin

Great product (big download file ). It is massive value at the price. High quality graphics and instructional value. As a fellow Offline Marketer I think the report & PowerPoint on it's own is worth 10x the price of the product. Originally Posted by Walter123 Superb piece of art!!! This is probably the best I have seen from Facebook tools online......
Walter Originally Posted by tancoach Martin- excellent package! Your products are always top notch and definitely worth the investment. Looking forward to taking my offline business to the next level.

Well done, my friend! Originally Posted by Robert Lawless Just purchased Martin, have not had time to go through it all as of yet but Really Looking Forward to it. Thanks for the great deal - and looking forward to your other FB temps being updated as well.

- Robert Originally Posted by mentor4u Here I was worrying and wondering about the new facebook i frame

and lo and behold you took care of that

and are giving great Tradebit Viewers pricing and value

Thank You
Don Originally Posted by fgrimes So glad received reminder email from David Cisneros. Excited to learn more, just ordered. Originally Posted by derek Thanks Martin. This looks great. I'm ready to dive in and start digesting everything. Thanks to Dave Cisneros for the heads up on the package. Originally Posted by madeinheaven People be smart and get it now before the price goes way high! I was told it was $17 a hour ago and now it's $21 Originally Posted by Sylvia Bulanek Thank you Martin. A great deal and you did an amazing job on this! Everyone should buy this package right now! The Facebook Offline Arsenal Rocks!

Thank you! Originally Posted by postauger Thanks for this package Martin...it's an awesome package!

Originally Posted by cybamage Truly an amazing product Martin Originally Posted by ryant21 This is what I have been waiting for !

The product is covering almost everything!

Thanks Martin! Originally Posted by ebsi Another excellent package, I was very impressed with the attention to detail, I have been info product marketing for years but basically doing it 'my way' as never really had time to 'trawl' through the tonnes of crap thats out there but since I have joined the Warrior forum I have picked up more knowledge than the previous 15 years working on the internet... I knew plenty of stuff that i had figured out myself the hard way through trial and error and the fact I have a successful business going now 11 years in elearning niche shows I didnt totally 'duff it up' but Martins product is another testament to a very professional attention to detail that sets it apart form many products.

Joining the war room was the best investment of 2010!


Thomas Originally Posted by femchie2 Great stuff once again Martin!

Femi Originally Posted by RAGolko Just bought it myself, themes look great; I want to break into local marketing and this looks like a good way in. Thanks for what appears to be a great product at a very reasonable price! Originally Posted by timapps Hi Martin,

Again I have purchased your product as they are all great

Cheers Originally Posted by DC Marketing .....
This is hands down the best package I personally have ever purchased and I highly recommend you get it before he changes the price to what it should be!
Long live the Warrior Originally Posted by jasonthewebmaster SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im buying now! Originally Posted by dexterfulton Thanks for delivering outrageous value at an insanely cheap price. The community needed this. Thanks Originally Posted by Headfirst I picked this up yesterday and it's a great product. Very high quality. Originally Posted by Zeal4Life Hi Martin,

Your package offer promised and you OVER DELIVERED!

Fantastic package!

I'm "combing through" this report right now!

Thanks Martin! Originally Posted by michaelo2k This is a great package!

Just what I've been looking for!

I've already edited, printed and sent out a few flyers.

Michael Originally Posted by Raj Riyat Hi Martin

I bought your package last night - its a great product....

Raj Originally Posted by DaSlowMoseS I just want to say I've been sitting on the fence w/ all FB packages the last month or so. Kind of just been waiting for the changes to take place, but I've also had a few requests for fanpages in the last month. This couldn't of come along at a better time.

I've been trying to decide which of your FB packages to pickup. Pretty sure I just found it.

Its almost like you traveled back in time from the FB Future. Originally Posted by Bayou Hi Martin,

Purchased as soon as I saw this as it's just what I'm looking for
Originally Posted by ADukes81 What an awesome package! I am still in the process of going through all the material, but the fliers are great! I already customized them with my phone number and plan to hang them around town soon.

Can we start using iFrames now or do we have to wait till March 11th?

I guess it gives me two weeks to et these fliers passed out and get the scripts down and I'll be ready to go grab that money! Originally Posted by Derrick0408 This package looks fantastic!

Derrick Originally Posted by clagg Purchased - REALLY Like this package and - Want more Originally Posted by dvirint Just got it so far its look amazing and the right package for me!
Thanks Originally Posted by allihaveisgods I have to say the best thing about this package is that Martin is genuine, real and cares about his customers. I have enjoyed talking to him online and he never assumes that he is beyond helping those who have questions. I appreciate that about him!

Additionally, this is THE MOST THOROUGH, MOST ACTION PACKED, MOST BENEFICIAL package I HAVE EVER SEEN. He could have packaged all the modules as separate products, but he put them in there for one small price. This could have been a $497 package...easily. I am grateful he cares about us and is so willing to get great content out to us quickly. It will take a while for me to learn the editing, but it will be worth it, especially when businesses see the benefits of using fan pages.

Kudos, cheers and blessings to Martin and his online business, not only because he makes great products, but because his attitude is others-centered and his heart in is the right place. We need more people like Martin in the IM industry, and I think everyone knows what I mean when I say this. Martin, keep up the good work and thank you for becoming a great friend...I look forward to more great conversations, brother! Originally Posted by zimzalabim This is a phenominal package. So much and so detailed with clear videos to explain everything step-by-step.

Martin really is handing you a complete offline business model on a virtual plate.



Andy. Originally Posted by cherry_b What's up with the "marketing video"??? It is only 2,961 kb and nothing plays. Please advise.

Otherwise, an AWESOME package!!! Thanks Martin!!!! Originally Posted by sfstatman Martin... don't even know where to begin but MONSTER PACKAGE is right!!! Just the Marketing Report PLR was worth the $27 to me. But going through everything else all I can say is WOW and Thank You for putting together such a wonderful package. I'll definitely be on the lookout for more things from you in the future.

-Dave Originally Posted by Bayou Hi Martin,

Thank you for your quick response to my ticket. Got my download - awesome package - thank you very much.

- Julie
NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .
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