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**Complete Ranking Package** 14k Profitable keywords which can be ranked easily

Introducing **Complete Ranking Package** 14k Profitable keywords which can be ranked easily DOWNLOAD
If you've been afraid to compete in big money niches like Weight Loss, Internet Marketing, or Forex because you think all the good keywords are taken, think again! Keyword Bonanza delivers thousands of high-traffic, low-competition keywords that you can use to earn multiple page one rankings on Google ... GUARANTEED.

Over 500 sold in the first 24 Hours!

"I Used Craig Mako's Exact System To Find You 14,000 Rankable Keywords That Will Let You Dominate Google's First Page Without MONTHS OF WORK!"

Originally Posted by CraigRC What Bob has put together here is absolutely brilliant. This is going to save people hundreds of hours of research while delivering the highest immediate impact possible in terms of the earnings, SEO results, and overall success.

This is an unprecedented package, we'll never see anything like it again due to the difficulty in creating it, and I'm so thrilled to see it available for so little money.

Really fantastic, two thumbs WAY up!

Craig Mako
Fast Attack Solutions Originally Posted by ajparker Looks good so far - just bought this evening and have found a couple keywords to go after. I've paid for keyword research before and this is really a steal for the quantity of data here.
Avery Originally Posted by madmack Brilliant! I really appreciate the time this will save me!
Hope you put out more reports in other niches in the future too.....
Jenny Originally Posted by eibhlin I have nothing but praise for this package. And, if Bob is crazy enough to put himself through that kind of work (and overcome similar, crazy hurdles) again, I'll buy every keyword list he offers. Originally Posted by RankKings This is so Gangsta...This is a major part of the whole niche site equation and you have saved me many hours of boring work and I will be looking for your future projects....Well done and thank you for adding this type of solid value here on this Forum.

-Jeff Originally Posted by markjohnsononline@https://www.tradebit.com I downloaded all without any issue and was amazed at the quantity and quality of the product. Its exciting to get a product that you know will help you excel but even more rewarding when the package turns out to be one of high quality.
Mekus Originally Posted by reviews2trust I just checked this out and have to admit it is a true "labor of love". The sheer amount of detailed keyword research is amazing, especially when one considers the huge niches these results are for. I have been selling in 3 of these niches and must admit to never having seen over 50 of the keywords Bob has revealed here.

This truly over delivers and really is a perfect way for anyone to break into any of these niches and start making money quickly. Originally Posted by Matthew Olson Wow... fantastic report, this is what a package should be - pure value, totally usable content, zero fluff. This is an absolute goldmine for me... it would take a ridiculous amount of time and effort to research all these keywords myself. Originally Posted by CraigRC What Bob's done with this is just unbelievable to me personally, still blown away by the sheer amount of valuable info that's included here.

It's literally the same amount of data as it would take an entire outsourcing firm over a month to accomplish, with their fee being in the $750 - $1500 range...at least.

Craig Mako
Fast Attack Solutions Originally Posted by FredJones Bob has put together a GREAT keyword list in 10 of the most attractive and green niches that exist. These are the very best keywords in the related niches, but who knew that there are so many of them with sufficient search volumes before seeing this package? Not me.

Great package, very well worth buying. Originally Posted by Mark Hess This is GOLD...

It eliminates the need to pour through a ton of data and you get straight to creating content... which ranks on it's own with little (or) no link building.

Pick a niche, setup a quick blog, monetize it using affiliate products, adsense, or CPA offers and put yourself in the position to make money in a short amount of time. Originally Posted by theplugindude Hey guys,

I got a review copy and this is definitely one of the most comprehensive keyword lists I have ever seen!

He covers many niches and also there are a lot of buyer keywords in there.

I see that a lot of work has gone into this..Highly recommended!

Google Tried To Block Me - But I Refused To Back Down Until I Found You At Least 10,000 Keywords

When it comes to SEO, and being successful financially from the ranking results, keywords are THE most important component of the entire equation.

-Craig Mako, Fast Attack SEO Craig Mako Uses His System To Make More Than $25,000 A Month - We Used His Exact System To Find Thousands Of Keywords You Can Use To Get Results Like These:

you'd make money, no doubt. But that's one of those keywords that's almost impossible to rank for.

It could take months and months of hard work to get your site to page one for a keyword like that.

On the other hand, you could probably get to page one pretty quickly for a keyword like "Affiliate Marketing Wordpress Plugins," but with only 12 searches per month, you wouldn't make much money with it.

You have to hit the sweet spot.

You need keywords that get enough traffic, day in and day out, so that you can make sales - day in and day out.

But you won't make ANY sales if you don't get traffic, and you won't get traffic if you can't rank on Google Page One for your keywords.

So you also have to pick keywords that have low enough competition so that you can rank on Page One without killing yourself.

In his breakthrough package, Fast Attack SEO, Warrior Craig Mako revealed his formula for picking keywords that are right smack-dab in the heart of that sweet spot.

Chances are, you already have Fast Attack SEO - it sold thousands of copies. You may have already had some success with ranking sites using Craig's method.

But what if you could use his method to go after the really big niches?

If you're like me, you probably haven't.

I just assumed that those big money niches - like Get Out Of Debt, or Insurance CPA Offers, were already saturated.

Until one day, I decided to test that assumption.

Imagine my surprise when I found more than 850 GREAT keywords up for grabs in the first big money niche I looked at!

Google Doesn't Want You To Know About These Keywords - But I Found Them For You Anyway!

I started looking for more great keywords in the big money niches, but almost as soon as I did that, I got blocked by Google.

Sure, I'd been blocked before, for an hour or two. No big deal.

One time, I even got blocked for 24 hours. That's what I thought had happened this time. But nooooo.


That's right. As soon as I really started digging in to multiple hot niches, Google blocked me so I couldn't use my keyword research tools for SEVEN DAYS. I couldn't even use Google's own tool. Google shut me down completely from doing keyword research.

After seven days, though, I started again - And Within 24 Hours I Was Blocked For Another Seven Days!

I tried using proxies; I tried clearing cookies; I tried everything until finally I found a way to get past the Google block. The more Google blocked me, the more determined I was to get these keywords so I could share them with you.

And eventually, I succeeded. I was able to get around Google's block and bring you ...

More Than 14,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords In Ten SMOKING HOT, BIG MONEY Niches


Well, okay, if (like in my wildest dreams) I sell a thousand copies of this package, and if every one of those thousand Tradebit Viewers takes action (like in their wildest dreams), and gets multiple page one rankings in multiple niches for multiple keywords, then yeah, maybe this could get saturated.

But the sad truth is, that just won't happen.

Unfortunately, most of the people who buy this package either won't take action on it at all, or will start to take action, maybe for a few days or a week, and then move on to the next shiny object.

I know. I've got dozens of great packages gathering dust on my hard drive. I'd be willing to bet you do, too.

So you can rationalize that the keywords will get saturated, and use that as an excuse to not take action on this incredible opportunity.

But that just means someone else will rank their sites for these keywords.

Even if nobody buys this package, these keywords are out there, and someone else will use their keyword tools to find them and will rank their sites for them -- it's only a matter of time.

So why not you? Why not now?

Just imagine how it will feel to finally have the kind of success you've been dreaming of!

Seriously, if you worked hard enough to rank a site on Page One of Google for just two or three of these keywords in each of these ten niches, that'd give you life changing income.

So if you think you're the sort of Warrior who's going to buy this product, look it over, register a domain name, install Wordpress, and then move on to the next shiny object . . . I don't really want to take your money.

But if you're ready to take action -- if you're willing to dig in, build some sites, and follow a plan -- and if you want to compete with the Big Dogs in the Big Niches, then these are the keywords can get you there faster.

Remember, Money Loves Speed. It's true that there may not be enough keywords here for everyone on the Warrior Forum. But there are plenty enough for everyone who's willing to Take Action Today.

"Do I have to use Fast Attack SEO to use these keywords?"

It should be obvious that you don't have to use the Fast Attack SEO method with these keywords (although we think you should).

Good keywords are good keywords, after all, and these keywords should work with whatever SEO plan you choose.

"Can I Really Rank My Sites In The Big Niches Using These Keywords?"

I'll let Craig Mako answer this one:

The niche doesn't matter...

The competition doesn't matter...

...If we follow the plan, we win.

It's that simple.

- Craig Mako, Fast Attack SEO "Okay Bob, I'm Interested - What Exactly Do I Get?"

Glad You Asked.

Without giving away too much of the Fast Attack keyword research method, it's a method for finding "Rankable Keywords" - keywords that you should be able to rank on Google Page One.

It also focuses only on keywords that get at least 1000 global monthly phrase match searches.

We classify rankable keywords into three categories: Easy, Realistic, and Dream keywords.

Then we select some keywords from each category and build our site around those keywords.

Craig Mako also recommends an alternative method, which uses a tool called Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer (SKCA).

SKCA uses a different method to find different rankable keywords, and classifies them into three categories: Good, Great, and Amazing keywords.

To produce Keyword Bonanza, we first found more than 120,000 keywords in ten highly competitive, highly lucrative, niches.

Then we applied both methods to all of those keywords.

Any keyword we found that met the Fast Attack SEO criteria for Easy, Realistic, or Dream, we called a "Fast Attack Keyword".

And any keyword we found that met the SKCA criteria for Good, Great, or Amazing, we called a "Stealth Keyword".

And some keywords met both sets of criteria. We called those "Solid Gold Keywords".
  • All in all, we looked at more than 120,000 keywords in ten hot niches.
  • We threw out about 95,000 keywords because they didn't get enough traffic.
  • That left more than 26,000 keywords that we analyzed.
  • We threw out 12,000 more because they were too competitive.

In the end, we found you:

  • Over 3,000 Solid Gold Keywords that meet all the criteria.
  • Another 4,000 Fast Attack Keywords that meet the Fast Attack criteria.
  • And nearly 7,000 Stealth Keywords that meet the SKCA criteria.
  • Altogether, more than 14,000 Rankable Keywords!
  • In the ultra profitable Weight Loss and Diet niche, more than 2,000 Rankable Keywords. Clickbank, anyone?
  • Another 2,000 Rankable Keywords in Beauty & Skincare - can you say CPA Free Trial offers or Amazon Physical Products?
  • More than 2,000 Rankable Keywords in Insurance - Ever heard of CPA lead generation offers?

And that's only three niches - there are seven more, with an average of more than 1,000 Rankable Keywords in each.

So Here's What You'll Get When You Buy Keyword Bonanza Today:

NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .
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