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**SEO Masters Nailed** How to OVERTAKE Professional SEO companies and rank much higher than any competitor

Introducing **SEO Masters Nailed** How to OVERTAKE Professional SEO companies and rank much higher than any competitor DOWNLOAD

...finally a no B.S. package that kicks butt...

"Discover How 2 Weird & Boring Dudes Manage To OUTRANK 10,000 SEO Companies In An Epic Battle To Annihilate Their Competition

Without Even Trying"

..using simple stupid tactics that a 9 year old can do..


Got Excited? Then Check This Cinema-Like HD Video Out!

Very Fancy SEO Video Exposed - YouTube

Originally Posted by frontrunner1 Ever heard the expression "Those that can, DO ... those that can't, TEACH" ...

Well that absolutely does NOT apply here ... these guys are the "real deal" ... they are actually out in the trenches "DOING" ...

Have several of Mario and Brian's products and they're all excellent ... just started reviewing this package and it's "no BS get the job done" ... two thumbs way up ...

Rick Originally Posted by Rob Actis How can someone not buy this?

This package is loaded with amazing content. The SEO Website case study is blowing my mind! This information is going to help me with my own personal websites, in addition to helping me rank my clients.

The one thing that I can say is that Brain and Mario have way over delivered in this package. This has got everything that they do,how they do it and what they use to do it.

I look at it this way, Brian's case study pdf is already worth the price of admission. Everything else is a wonderful bonus. What a great package. Brian and Mario have set the bar again!

Rob Actis Originally Posted by dapex Seriously guys... Thank you.... Purchased a few package's recently that have been total crap and I was seriously thinking about not buying anymore because of it.... You have restored my faith

You have over delivered, and the whole package makes for some really educational stuff. I have learnt a lot already from this course. Originally Posted by https://www.tradebit.com This is one over-delivered package! These guys always do that in every course they release both individually and together.

I've gone over the content, and I have to say I am really amazed with the value of this offer. It may be an over-used term here in the WF, but this is definitely a no-brainer if you are any way into SEO!

Thanks for the GREAT value!

From the desk of Brian Anderson & Mario Brown


I don't have any time to waste and I don't want to waist your time either - so I cut through the chase.

Mario here and I'll get straight to the point, this package is about SEO and I know what you are thinking:

'Oh no not another package about SEO!'

Fear not because this isn't just another crappy package PDF stuffed with fluff and theory, this video course is based on REAL case studies and REAL rankings.

Brian and I decided to compete with some of the biggest and toughest SEO Companies out there and we kicked their butt!

Yes, two regular dudes from the Warrior forum declared War against all these big gun SEO companies with their huge marketing budget spending tens of thousands of dollars every month on SEO and PPC.

One would think that we have no chance to outrank and beat them using nothing but simple SEO and our secret backlink resources...

Think again, we destroyed them!!!

Crushing Big SEO Companies Easily - YouTube

There you have it.

Regular people like you and I can push their websites to the top of Google for extremely competitive and lucrative keywords regardless of the competition!

And here is the good news...

If Brian and I (and we're by all means not the smartest guys around the block) managed to beat major SEO companies like this, then YOU can easily get ANY website to rank if you follow our strategies.

Finally Someone Getting Real

Look, I'm not a copywriter and I'm not trying to be one.

This is the most straight forward package that you're going to find. No sales psychology, no NLP or any other B.S. - just straight talk from Warrior to Warrior.

Here is how it usually goes down right?

- package creator claims that he's an expert (even though they just ranked a single website without any competition)

-package creator then promises secrets and new SEO tricks.

- You buy and it turns out that it's nothing but a basic SEO 101 report, not teaching you a new secret at all!


After investing in our course, you'll see that there are two regular guys out there willing to put their money wheretheir mouth is, willing to share their money making websites and most importantly willing to share their well kept sources with you!

Two Tradebit Viewers that don't shy away from saying things the way they are.


Thanks for the course guyes, it definitely worth a lot more $$$ than you charge for it.

Highly recommended for anyone who's serious about top rankings

Seize This Opportunity With Both Hands
Before It's Gone!

Here is A Recap Of Everything That You're Getting

  • Discover EVERY backlink resource we use
  • Get a look behind the scenes of our websites
  • Revealed: Check out our own websites and rankings
  • Learn about the SEO Methods we use and how YOU can benefit
  • Learn Mario's approach to SEO

  • Learn Brian's approach to SEO
  • Discover how to convert visitors into leads
  • Learn how to push any website to the top
  • Find out where to find the best backlink providers fast
  • Steal the top 3 resources that I use to find the best SEO providers

  • Learn advanced SEO to crush your competition
  • Rank any website for almost any keyword
  • Jump from beginner to SEO guru within 2 short hours
  • Get Access To our SEO Grounding Material
  • Advanced SEO as well as Basic SEO

  • 90 Minute Power Packed Webinar Making YOU a SEO Pro
  • Exact terms we rank for and why we went after them
  • How we Blog
  • Learn everything about website structure
  • Learn how to find .EDU links

..and so much more!

Originally Posted by pstevens2 I haven't even watched all the videos yet, but I can honestly say right now that this package is worth the $17.00 I paid. Come on. What is it worth if you learn even one legitimate SEO technique that you didn't know before? What is one first page ranking worth? I couldn't be happier, with my moneys worth already, and still 3/4 of the material to go through. Originally Posted by Elchemy When Brian Anderson talks, I take notice. His Google Places cheat sheet was legendary and he has put me onto heaps of high quality offline material since.
Naturally I grabbed this product because I know it will be incredible value and premium information.

Thanks Brian and Mario.

Originally Posted by Jeremy Kelsall I don't know Brian very well, but I know enough about Mario to know that he is doing what he teaches pretty much everyday. It wasn't long ago that we talked on the phone fairly frequently about client acquisition and Local SEO, and to be honest, some of the conversations surprised me, especially the ones about local SEO.


Because there is a difference between Local SEO and your regular run of the mill niche SEO that so many teach, and in my opinion, many of the self professed SEO Gods who try to teach the masses about local SEO, don't know their asses from their elbows...so, when I heard some of the things that mario was telling me, i knew that he was on the up and up and not a fake it till you make it idiot, or an I can't make any money so I'll fleece as many newbies as I can kind of guy.

I havn't looked at this content yet, but just the fact that they are showing their sites and giving a case study on them, PLUS giving you the ability to reverse engineer their steps, is worth more than the asking price, to me.

Miami and Atlanta are probably two of the most competitive SEO markets, and if you look at some of the "dates" on the content of their competitors, you'll see that some of them have been trying to crack the top of the first page nut for a LONG TIME...The fact that Mario and Brian got there in such a short period of time, should be the only proof you need to know that what they do and teach works.

The only regret that I have is that I already let me list know about something "cool" today, because If I hadn't, I would be ALL OVER THIS, because I'm almost positive that they would pick some stuff up here that they might not have known about before.

I'm off to hit the buy button before the price goes up any more
Originally Posted by Tara Have been following Brian and Mario's products for a while. Since I am on their list I tune into almost every webinar which is free to their list however the information and knowledge they share could be another package on it's on, they actually talk about things we can use now as marketers. From the Seo Takeover Course I discovered new nuggets that I can implement now into my site and clients sites that will improve the sites' ranking and more imprortantly help the sites to become an trusted authority site in the eyes of the Search Engines. I am anticipating the 90 minute webinar. I know without a doubt it will be the icing on the cake of this course!

Tara Originally Posted by carlgerber As always, Brian Anderson and Mario never fail to over deliver. I always find tidbits of knowledge and tips that equate to a big increase in my bottom line in Offline Marketing.
Originally Posted by cathy63 This is a great WSO with lots of information. Just need the time to get it done. Remember TAKE ACTION EVERY DAY. Nice price break on local marketing crash course that I strongly recommend it if you have not already picked it up(It was package of the Day). just a note the videos #2 and #3 have the same download.
Thanks Cathy Originally Posted by wordofmousepro Great buy, I love the simplicity and the mindset of 80/20 to focus on what matters.

After going thru information overload, plugin nightmare, mixing ton of formula's, this seotakeover cheat sheet made my approach so simple and save me from doing millions of things to 4 simple things. On page SEO, all in one SEO the right way, setting up the Permalinks the correct way, and where to get quality backlinks with insane price. I just love the power of simplicity with effectiveness.

Thanks for making this available to us. Originally Posted by https://www.tradebit.com This is one over-delivered package! These guys always do that in every course they release both individually and together.

I've gone over the content, and I have to say I am really amazed with the value of this offer. It may be an over-used term here in the WF, but this is definitely a no-brainer if you are any way into SEO!

Thanks for the GREAT value! Originally Posted by cebuana Lots info here for an seo geek like me. Step by step stuff here. A little too step by step sometimes but still it is all there. Now i gotta go through the videos. Speaking of videos, they are downloadable. Not as good as transcripts but still better than viewing onlinel.
Originally Posted by eyekantbeme This relay time thing needs to be solved! lol and speaking of fiverr I think one person addressed, there are a TON of good resources there, but if someone has found them for me, then Id pay plenty more than 17 bux for it. Im trying to rank for Los Angeles Dentist and am already using Jeremy's Local Domination Ninja plug-in so we'll see what happens shortly I guess Thanks you guys! Get a different autoresponder! lol Ill be patient......otherwise Ill wait til 4am when hopefully Atlanta will be waking up. We'll see hope for the best! Thanks.

-the other Jeremy

Oh yeah and yes I did buy the program..
....just am waiting to receive it now I guess.....Maybe it's a good thing, you will make it so i dont go to bed at 5 or 6am gathering all the info I can.

Watch Im going to go look and the email will be sitting at the top of my inbox......well Im going to post this before I go check, so we'll see lol! Originally Posted by freedomfinder2 Starting to go through this right away.
Brian and Mario consistently put out package's that people can put into action immediately. These guys are really out there doing it, not just making their money selling package's. I've gotten clients using techniques they've taught me in the past, and also have gotten my clients results using their teaching.

Looking forward to achieving more success with what I learn in this offering! Originally Posted by Blamhall Bought the SEO Takeover and Local Marketing Crash Course and it is absolutely what I needed.

Took one look at all of my sites using the "cover my ass" proxy search engine like Mario said. And discovered that my local websites were not ranking like I thought. Now time to regroup with a better strategy. Thanks for the reality check.

Now I know what I need to do. Backlinks galore...slowly of course!

Thanks Mario...You are the man.

Reggie Hobbs
Blam Media LLC Originally Posted by https://www.tradebit.comlinger Working in the same market as Brian Anderson in Atlanta, I can tell you that his information products are second to none. I was able to launch my Google Places Dominator program after studying his Google Places cheat sheet and have incorporated it into my organic SEO strategy. His knowledge of SEO is second to none and lifting the veil behind his organic search strategy is a no-brainer at this price point. The amount of content along with the videos are well worth over $100 alone and I have paid if not more for similar products . Definitely a must-have purchase for anyone in the business of consulting for clients.
NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .
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