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Graduate from Entry Level Affiliate Marketing and Start Play

Graduate from Entry Level Affiliate Marketing and Start Playing with the Big Boys

I Will Show Exactly How You Can Start Making Big Bucks Today as a Successful Affiliate Marketer - Even If You Have Tried and Failed Before.

The Truth Is - You dont have to be a super-affiliate to start making insane profits with PPC traffic. It is almost embarrassing to confess but I started with just $200 to my name in bank I am THE PROOF that even an almost-broke nobody can become extremely successful with my method for paid traffic.

If you just do this one thing right (and I reveal it below), I absolutely guarantee that you will make more money than you know what to do with it.

You Have Been Lied To Over and Over Again.

There are so many myths floating around about PPC traffic that sometimes just the mere mention of the word PPC is enough to send chills down the spines for some.

Funny part is that most vocal naysayers are those who tried PPC once, made rookie mistakes (which I will mention below in this letter itself so that you can avoid it) and failed only to start believing that it is too difficult to make it work at all unless you have tons of money in your bank account.

Let me tell you this I had just $200 in my pocket when I started my first PPC campaign. Not only did I make it work but I made it work EXTREMELY well. Today I make tens of thousands every week using the exact same strategies that I am about to reveal to you.

Its about time to bust the popular myths about paid-traffic. Here are some things that you REALLY Must Know About PPC Traffic:

1. Myth: PPC Is Not For Newbies.

This is one of the most common advice which people love to give to those starting out. Yes, if you make the rookie mistakes then you will get burnt. But then again if you make rookie mistakes with SEO, Social Media, Video Marketing, Article Marketing and other strategies, you will still get burnt.

The good news is that you dont have to make the mistakes which stop people from becoming successful with PPC traffic because I will tell you how to avoid them.

Plus one of the best things is that with PPC traffic you will know what is working and what isnt in matter of days unlike many other traffic sources which take weeks, if not months to see any results from. In our line of business and life, time and data are the two most precious commodities we have. Nothing comes close to matching PPC traffic for both.

So yeah, dont listen to those who say PPC is NOT for Newbies. As a matter of fact, if you follow some basic rules of thumb, it is one of the best ways to get started as you will have a quick feedback loop and an instant cash-flow.

2. Fact: Free Traffic is Not Really Free Do the Numbers.

Seriously, it really bugs me when people claim that SEO, Social Media, Article Marketing, Email Marketing etc. is free traffic.

If you sit down to do the calculations and look at the big picture, you will discover that free traffic is not really free.

Take SEO for example. To start getting organic SEO traffic you are going to need a website with tons of content (especially after Panda update) and incoming links. You will have costs of content creations, link building services, proxies and automation software. Even after all this it is not a guarantee that you will get top placement in search rankings.

And not only this, just think of the time factor involved. You will be spending tons of time on doing things to get the free traffic. And, time is money. Just remember that when you do the numbers to find out the real cost of all this free traffic.

3. Fact: PPC Traffic is the Fastest Way to Start Making Money.

With PPC traffic, you will start getting visitors almost instantly. The truth is that the faster you start getting traffic, the faster you start making money from them. With nearly all other traffic sources, you will have to wait for weeks, if not months, start making any money at all.

4. Fact: PPC Traffic is Highly Scalable.

When it comes to paid traffic, there are so many channels at which you can replicate your successful campaigns and make them work. Just think of Facebook, Plenty of Fish, Google, MSN, Media Buying, PPV, AdMob etc.

With SEO and other traffic channels, there is almost always a glass ceiling that you cannot cross. If a term gets 10,000 searches a month, then you cannot cross that 10,000 mark. But with paid traffic, it is almost always possible to find another traffic source where you can promote your successful campaign and scale-up your profits.

5. Myth: PPC Is Very Risky and Difficult.

No, it is not. It is no more or less risky than lets say SEO or social media. But like I mentioned previously, you definitely need to avoid some common mistakes that even I made when I was starting out. Dont worry though, I will list them out for you making PPC almost risk free for you.

You are about to get your hands on one of the most advanced, no-fluff learning tool designed to super-charge your affiliate marketing career.

I will show you exactly what the PROs do to make insane amount of money that you are not doing.

But Wait. Maybe This Isnt For You, if

1. If you are addicted to hours and hours of videos and fluffed-up content.

My guide is exactly 95 pages long and each page is jam-packed with tips, strategies and ideas that you can use to make money. So if you are looking for an artificially inflated product, this is not for you.

2. If you are not serious about affiliate marketing.

You should only buy my WSO if you are serious about affiliate marketing and are not afraid to make it big.

3. If you are looking for a get rich quick technique.

My guide is not a quick MAKE MONEY ONLINE scam. Its a learning tool designed to super-charge your affiliate marketing career. The tools I have included in my guide will help you build a fundamentally strong affiliate marketing business. That I can promise.

4. If you dont plan to take any action after you purchase this WSO.

Listen, if you plan to buy this WSO, read it and do nothing with the knowledge and tools included then please dont buy it. The most important thing that you can do to become successful is to take action. And I want you to be successful with PPC traffic so promise me that you plan to actually take action and put to use the tools I have included for you.

I DARE you to find a more detailed, advanced, straight-to-point guide on how to properly scale-up and super-charge your affiliate marketing profits.

The Mistakes Rookies Almost Always Make

Let me tell you my story when I was getting started with affiliate marketing. The first time I heard the word affiliate marketing, I stumbled across blogs of some so called super-affiliates. I wasnt sure how many of them were real or just posers, but still looking at the pictures of their lifestyle, their toys and world travels got me hooked.

Over the next few months, I read. I read everything that I could get my hands on. And more importantly, I tried I started building ad campaigns on google and facebook, landing pages, squeeze pages and did everything I could to make these projects work.

But nothing I did ever seem to work. I could never turn any of my campaigns profitable. I mean nothing. Zilch. Nada. But I didnt give up I knew it was possible because I saw so many other people doing it and living that life of freedom. I had to find out a way to make it work.

Then one day I had an ah-ha moment. You know sometimes when you find out that the thing holding you back is so trivial that you blush with shame of not having realized it earlier.

Want to know what was stopping my campaigns from becoming profitable? Not properly tracking which keywords and ads were making me profits and which were losing me money. It might sound very obvious in hindsight but back then I had no clue that this was holding me back.

And I am very sure a lot of struggling affiliates like you are in the same boat as me back then and dont know that this tiny thing can be holding back all the success that is possible.

The Secret to Turn Any Ad Campaign Profitable

You have probably read hundreds of times that proper testing is the most critical part of any marketing campaign. But do you know the reason why it is so?

The reason to track is to find profitable and unprofitable keywords (or ads). Proper tracking shows you which keywords and making you money and which are not.

The reason why most affiliate campaigns are unprofitable at the start (as they were always for me), is because you have keywords / ads which are losing you a lot of money more than what your profitable keywords are earning you.

Literally, you have to look at the keywords and advertisements which are unprofitable and either delete them or put them as negatives (as in, your ads will not specifically show up for those keywords). And then guess what? You are only left with profitable keywords and ads which make your ad campaign profitable. And thats the real secret to turn any campaign profitable.

I Know I am making it Sound Too Simple

Yes, I know I am making it all sound extremely simple just find the keywords which are unprofitable; remove them and magic you have a profitable campaign! The sad truth is properly tracking your campaigns usually is the hardest aspect of them all.

I know because I have learnt this lesson the hard way by losing tens of thousands of dollars. It is just so easy to get it all wrong and turn it into a very costly mistake.

But the good part is that the easiest and the finest tool to properly track your keywords and advertisements is absolutely free. Its called Prosper 202. And once you know how to use it correctly, skys the limit.

Trust me; it literally took me YEARS before I could fully realize the potential of this amazing software. I had to struggle hard every single day to figure out how to make it work for my campaigns. And once I did, my profits shot through the roof.

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