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**QR CODE MAGIC* How to grab offline clients by offering them what THEY REALLY NEED[Make 400$ Per Minute]

Introducing **QR CODE MAGIC* How to grab offline clients by offering them what THEY REALLY NEED[Make 400$ Per Minute] DOWNLOAD
This is a PHOTOSHOP PRODUCT. We do have alternatives for buyers:
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qrcode generator - YouTube
Originally Posted by James Tudsbury This is a fantastic service to add on to any offline/local business. QR code customisation is fairly uncommon but makes a huge impact, on both your clients and any of their potential customers who scan the codes. I have tested this and it is super easy to use and create apackageme custom QR codes that still scan properly. I am not a graphics designer by any stretch of the imagination.

Use it as an extra stream of income or a value-added service to sell mobile sites, mobile apps, mobile coupons, etc.

Well done on a first and very valuable package Jovana.

Oh, and she has been selling custom QR codes successfully in her own business for some time now. I am adding this onto my services for some quick-cash sales. Originally Posted by danlew This is something my customers are really looking forward to!

Thanks so much for offering this and for so cheap to them!

Dan Lew Originally Posted by Bob Lee What a refreshing change - your sales pitch is amusing and friendly and your product is quite awesome. I'm modifying some of my clients previous codes right now.
Well done you! Originally Posted by princecapri Hey Michael! Jovana is awesome! Such a cool person, think she has a lot of fans on this board! Originally Posted by SandyDuPlessis Jovana offered me a review copy of her package. To be frank, I was hesitant to accept it simply because I can barely get my head around what a QR code is and how it works. As far as I was/am concerned, it is/was something sort of along the lines of the bar code on real world products (and I don't understand those either despite my husband having explained it to me many times).

First of all, I want to mention that I wrote the following review as I was working through how to create my QR code, so I am simply pasting in what I wrote as I was doing it.

I am a bit concerned about the fact that photoshop is needed. I don't have it and have no idea how to use it. But it seems Jovana has everything covered in that respect as well.

Received, my login details and am met by a delightful video. It gives me a better insight into who Jovana is and her excitement and belief in her product.

On to the tutorials page. Ooops, forgot I needed to have Photoshop, so went over to the Resources section.

It took ages to download photoshop - so while that was happening I decide to familiarize myself with the tutorials.

Watching the tutorials, they seem to be simple enough, but still feel a bit intimidated. Would have been happier if there were a few more zoom shots so that I can clearly see which buttons to press. Being of the older (ancient) generation, my hearing is not the best, so I really need really clear visuals when it comes to video - it makes up for not hearing what is spoken.

Ok, sorted that problem out - I just downloaded the vids from YouTube and was able to watch bigger videos than those that were on the site (saves bandwidth too).

I won't go into detail about my use of photoshop, it took me a few minutes to find what I needed to find - and I DID IT!!! I created my first ever QR code and it really didn't take long. Admittedly, I still need to practice and play around with this a bit. But, if I can do it, anybody can do it.

Thanks Jovana. I am feeling absolutely delighted with myself and you. Originally Posted by Alexander Sebastian I just sold my first qr code pack to a client - i sold 3 for £97. one facebook,twitter and their logo. I charged a extra £49 pounds to display them in a flyer on a a4 print. That was a fast return on investment Originally Posted by WillR Jovana,

Cool product you have here. A few months ago I thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if I could create a couple of Photoshop Action Scripts that would allow me to create custom QR codes more easily.

I'm a busy guy and so I never got around to doing it. They were only ever going to be for my personal use but I'm glad you took the time to put this together and offer it to others.

This is a very nifty tool for offline marketers and from what I can tell, you seem like a very straight up and down to earth girl. It always helps when you have an honest and genuine person standing behind a product.

I look forward to seeing many more package's from you.
Originally Posted by WillR An even simpler solution and the one I would recommend to most beginners... go to fiverr and hit up some cheap-ass graphic designer who has Photoshop and away you go. It's not worth the time worrying about downloading trials and then having to learn how to use the programs.

Successful business is about doing only those things you can do well and then outsourcing the rest. Sites like fiverr have made this an absolute no brainer. Get a fiverr monkey on your side and away you go. Originally Posted by MaryEJ OK so........ DO NOT BUY THIS!!! I bought it and played with it.. watched the videos and have decided that I am the ONLY ONE who should have it. I want to be RICH!!!!

Seriously.. amazing! Jaw dropping QR codes. I will be making examples all weekend and will be hitting the businesses Monday. OMG these are incredible! Stunning! I told Jovana that she needs to watch and keep track of the areas these are sold in. Local businesses are going to go mad with these and the competition will be crazy if she is not careful.

Keep this a secret so those of us who got in early can corner the market. I am so excited!

Paid for my copy.. never met Jovana and have no idea who she is besides being a genius! I will buy anything she puts out from now on... I am THAT impressed. Originally Posted by TimWRoberts Love it! Already created some kick ass QR Codes for my clients. Thank you. Originally Posted by Bill Lassiter Thanks for working with me to get this sorted out and so that I can get my hands on this awesome looking product! Your dedication to and sincerity to help fellow Tradebit Viewers is refreshing.
Looking forward to putting this into action!
Originally Posted by davebow128 Jovana, you are an absolute jewel! I have never had as quick a response from any
other marketer on the warrior forum as you.
Not being a very technical person, I
was blown away by your willingness to not only help, but to go the extra mile and
actually help me install it in my old version of photoshop! If anybody is on the
fence about getting this package, all I can say is 'Go for it'! You will get awesome
support from Jovana. She is definitely '5 stars' in my book.

Regards, Dave Bowden Originally Posted by webtrain I am VERY happy that I purchased this product. Easy to use (with video training) and stunning results.
As others have mentioned here, Jovana's speedy support response time is one of a kind. She survived her technical glitches like a champion. I can only hope that all of the stress from the launch will not prevent her from producing similar quality products and training in the future.
Highly recommended! Originally Posted by NewbieGuy wow i got fast support.. thanx for replying quickly.. Originally Posted by cybercopy Hey Jovana,

Lovin the action scripts!

Whats the latest on the Qr Code generator with tracking capabilities? Is it still in the works? I have a couple scripts now, but they're limited to 350px outputs and I don't want to purchase another till I hear what you have in store for us.

Please let me know.

Thank you.

PS If you are planning to release it, will it be included or an add on purchase? Originally Posted by Galahad Hi Tradebit Viewers

I also have to praise Jovana and Arief, the programmer of the actions in PS. We've sorted out the problems I had with the actions in a couple of minutes.

Jovana is so dedicated in her support, it was a real pleasure to work with her on the glitches (which were my fault - I should've watched the tutorial video better ;-)

And Arief told me some secrets about what's in the making right now. I only can say - AWESOME.

Stay tuned Tradebit Viewers it's much to be expected from this young and creative lady with the fur balls around her ...

Galahad Originally Posted by wackiin Just picked this up and will say really impressed with support there super quick
for most package's its a wait and see,hope and prey type of thing
But she's on the ball great package
Originally Posted by zphil I bought the course, went thru the tutorials and I find that this package is well worth the money. Photoshop is a stumbling block for me as well though.. I absolutely love your friendly and seemingly honest and sincere way. Very Refreshing!! Originally Posted by ocflyfish I just purchased the product and spent a few minutes reviewing everything. Wow, talk about some great work! This is a brilliant way to stand out from the crowd and deliver extra value to your offline customers.

You did a great job on your first package launch! This is coming from someone who launched their first one a few months ago.

Bryan Originally Posted by articlemaddness Hi Jovana,
Just letting you know this works smoothly in CS3.
Excellent script that saves time and we all know time is money.
Got the gold. :-)

Many Thanks
Mike Originally Posted by knowone
Love this product and already have a couple of big ideas that I'm developing to use this as a great lead in product for my potential clients.

One of the best package purchases I've ever made. Thank you Originally Posted by SurfCityMediaGroup This is just what I needed to get my offline clients totally stoked on my consulting and media services. Jovana, you have created a SWEET Spot in my marketing! These Custom QR Codes are awesome! Did I mention that I have NEVER had a response from anyone as fast!World Class support. My email was replied to in like a minute, and she took extra time to help sold an issue I was dealing with. One word will do Jovana....Wow! Love, Love that you donate to the Cheetahs in Africa, I spent my $$ in good Karma. Originally Posted by Jay Bee The level of customer service that Jovana provides is outstanding. If she doesn't know the answer then she turns the question over to her software developer. And if she needs a few hours to work on a problem she lets you know she is working on the solution. It doesn't hurt that the product works great and is fun to use. One more thing, you have to read Jos Awesome Answers under the sales portion of the package. This lady has a great sense of humor!
I anxiously await the additional designs.
Thank You! --Jeff
Originally Posted by AntonyB Great product and great customer service, you cant ask for anymore. Originally Posted by lebodee This is just awesome...been having fun with the testing and the learning. Just perfect, even for a NEWBIE indeed! Originally Posted by nathanielcuasay FINALLY, Jovana and her unstoppable rockstar support group pushed me to grab the bull by the horns and I'm loving every bit of it! Thanks so very much, Jovana! I didn't know I could work this out Ha! Ha! Ha! I'm super delighted. Originally Posted by nathanielcuasay I'm so new with all this and didn't think it was gonna work out. Your enthusiasm and high spirits really inspired me to know more about it.. So thank you very much for your excellent support and advice. Originally Posted by nathanielcuasay I was having so much fun with Jovana's system, I honestly don't know now how to undo the awesomeness! Having fun never felt so good. :| Thanks very much! Originally Posted by perkiekat Hey everyone!
I just made my first QR Code with this...scanned it in QR Reader and whoo baby...it went straight to where I wanted it to go. SWEET! I had posted earlier (#251) that I was having difficulties. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong and I just want to share with the forum this is a great deal and if you haven't already bought, then I recommend you to get yours!! Originally Posted by fnelsen This is such a cool and useful tool. I will use it as a draw for new clients. I had a user issue and Jo jumped on https://www.tradebit.com and help me figure out the issue. Her support is excellent and these actions are very well done. Thank you for a valuable tool and for your professional support. Originally Posted by Ken Reno This is the MOST STUNNING package I've bought this year.

I didn't even know this stuff was possible - you really opened my eyes and gave me an INSTANT way to stand out from anyone else in my market. They can't touch this - I only hope they never find this package.

BRAVO! Originally Posted by lesterlim85 Excellent actions which opened up my eyes to a lot of possibilities. I didn't know that this can even be done so cheaply and easily in the 1st place! Creative, innovative, and most of all slick and professional designs that can be done to create great branding to market yourself and your offline service to your clients.

Great work Jovana!

Lester Originally Posted by aranieri Love your passion on every level. I can certainly make the connection. I can't wait to try this out and bring a new experience to my clients. Originally Posted by reviews2trust I jumped on this when I saw it as I was already offering custom QR codes to my clients and to be honest this package will be a huge time-saver = money maker.

That said this package is totally worth both the price and minimal effort (psp newbies) as the savings on time are tremendous once these actions have been installed. My own experience (15 years Photoshop) was that these customisations could take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1/2 an hours - NOW I CAN DO THEM IN 30 SECONDS - A big thanks to Jovana for a truly useful package
Originally Posted by lotusdragon
If you like being treated like a worthwhile human rather than a list / number /prospect get on Jovana's subscription list.

This is the real deal folk, excellent, genuine, generous offer this is what they actually do for a living, and they are good folk.
(not a quick 'let's whip up a package to get some dosh in' by a fast buck Freddie
you'll only be disappointed if it's your you natural tendency to be whatever )

FELLOW ARTISTS and others appreciating beauty

If you can not think of how this will immediately grab attention in the 2 seconds requisite nowadays, yet do it with class
( please do get in touch, as I can arrange an expensive counselling course for you )

Really this is a beautiful, genuine, ethical leap forward for ones biz that I recognised back in Feb Originally Posted by savagequest Thanks for such a wonderful https://www.tradebit.coms package is one of the best that I have ever bought. Everything in it is top notch! Both the package and the oto are worth every penny! I encourage anyone who is on the fence not to wait but to go ahead and buy both. You will definitely get your money's worth and more. I am proud to add both to my mobile marketing arsenal. Originally Posted by spainops Bought this and very pleased with the results I can produce. Thanks for a great package Si Originally Posted by chockie Thank you so much for creating such a valuable product. So easy to use and I can see so much opportunity with this. Originally Posted by randshep I was going to come on here and say something nice but if I do then you might be tempted to buy Jovana and Arief's products and that would mean there is even more competition out there for my business. It is bad enough that Jovana has simplified using QR Codes down to a science and has turned ordinary desk top jockies into raving artists but to expand the talent field and make it tough on us offline consultants is just more than I can bear!!!!!!

To make matters worse, she cares about her customers too much, even going so far as to verbally encourage them in their efforts. She has a Facebook group that is probably the best thing on the planet and the people actually help each other. This is too much, you people need to just go away. Quit reading this and just go away!

Obviously I need to put a disclaimer on this that my warning is all tongue in cheek. This is one of the best products I have ever gotten involved with and the people make it even better. But I still would rather you would just go away


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