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*NEW!* Niche JV! How To Quickly Promote Any Niche Product! - Jimmy D. Brown and Ryan Deiss´

"Stop! Before You Send Out One Joint
Venture Request, Find Out Why Virtually
Everything You've Been Taught About JV's
Is Dead Wrong for Niche Marketing..."

Discover A Simple
Formula for Getting
100% Free Traffic
For Any Niche Product!

Read the letter below to find out *exactly* what the three steps for Niche JV success are...

In this 106 Page Manual, you'll discover:

A simple system for getting highly targeted, completely free web site traffic for any niche product you choose!

How to automatically double, triple or even quadruple the cash you make from your niche joint ventures!

A time-tested, proven way to get partners to say "Yes, I'll promote your product!" virtually every time you ask. (Note: This is a MUCH different process for "niches" than it is for "business to business" JVs!)

* The only step-by-step, fully explained blueprint for finding niche joint venture partners - even SUPER partners - to promote your site for you!


From: Jimmy D. Brown and Ryan Deiss
Date: Monday, 1:15 PM
RE: Getting 100% Free Traffic for Your Niche Product

Dear Colleague,

If you could learn a very simple, almost "magical" formula for tripling the sales of your niche product in only three steps, how many times would you use it?

Over and over again until it stopped working, of course!

What if it NEVER stopped working?

You see, since late 1999, we've been using an amazing three-step system that hasn't stopped working yet.

And it shows no sign of slowing down.

It brings in cash every time it is used - there have been ZERO exceptions thus far. We've used it. At our recommendation our clients have used it and our close friends have used it.

And it produces amazing results every single time.

You might as well begin profiting from it too.

Here's All You Need To Do In Order To Get 100% Free Traffic
For Your Niche Product And Skyrocket Your Profits...

It isn't a complicated formula. And it's not even a "secret" formula. In fact, we're willing to tell you exactly what the three steps are right here, right now.

Take a look for yourself...
3 Sure-Fire Steps for Selling More of Any Niche
Product With Free Joint Venture Traffic

Strategically Setup Your Joint Venture In Order To Pull In Profits For Months To Come

Locate Dozens Of Powerful Joint Venture Partners - Including SUPER Partners - To Quickly Launch Your Own Sales Army

Contact Your List Of Potential Partners With An Irresistible Offer That Practically Forces Them To Say "Yes!"

The secret isn't in the three steps ... the secret is in using the three steps the RIGHT WAY, especially when it comes to "niche" products.

I mean, it's a very simple system to understand...

* You offer partners a commission on referred customers they send your way.

* The partners promote your product to their list members and web site visitors.

* People arrive at your web site, read your salesletter and buy your product.

Everybody goes home happy.

It's completely free traffic for you, and profits for all who are involved as you sell more and more copies of your niche product.

At least, that's the way it's supposed to work.

Unfortunately, we hear the same kinds of comments over and over again from people who have tried niche joint ventures without using our system ...

Complaint #1: "I couldn't find enough good joint venture partners to help me promote my niche product."

Complaint #2: "The people I've been contacting are just ignoring me ... I can't get anyone to say 'Yes' to my joint venture offer."

Complaint #3: "It took me six months to get this thing figured out by myself and, after all that, I only made a few hundred bucks. Now what?"

You see, it's not enough to know WHAT to do, you gotta know HOW to do it. And, to be quite honest with you, almost no one is getting this right. In fact, ask most folks how their joint venture promotions are going and they'll voice their frustration loud and clear.

We got so sick of seeing good people -- hard working people -- just like you waste their time and money banging their heads against the wall trying to figure out why things weren't working like everyone said it would.

That's why we decided to share our private Niche Auto Profit System (NAPS) for the very first time in this brand new, never-before-released course:


Niche JV™: How to Quickly Promote Any Niche Product Without Spending A Penny!

You Probably Don't Even Realize It, But You're Likely
Throwing Away Money Every Month Because Of This...

We've analyzed many joint ventures over the past several years for our clients, and more than 98% of all projects we've reviewed are missing key elements that could easily increase profits ten-fold.

You see, that's probably the biggest mistake of joint venture marketing ...

Not knowing how to produce big-time results.

Here's the thing: You're going to spend the exact same amount of time in finding joint venture partners and getting them to agree to promote your product. So, why not really rake in every bit of cash possible from your partnerships?

* What if you could create "built-in" profit generators that automatically double, triple or even quadruple your money-in-the-bank?

* What if you could see sale after sale come in for months and even years down the road by simply completing a few easy steps before you launch your joint venture?

FACT: If you want to really "strike it rich" with niche joint ventures, you have to insert several cash-generating funnels that will automatically bring in extra profit for months (and even years) after the JV is over.

This is the one area where we repeatedly see people missing the mark completely. And they are just tossing cash out the window like it was an empty McDonald's Happy Meal ™sack.

Why waste money like that?

They just don't know how to produce big-time results. It's that simple.

We've already mentioned that the first step is to "Strategically Setup Your Joint Venture In Order To Pull In Profits For Months To Come."

Do you know how to do it? Do you know these things that we reveal inside the very first chapter of Niche JV™...

* How to automatically double, triple or even quadruple the cash you make from your niche joint ventures! (Page 13)

* How to create explosive viral growth of your niche product sales to multiply your backend profits exponentially without spending an extra penny on advertising!(Page 39)

* 9 "Niche Order Triggers™" for automatically generating more clicks, visitors, orders, sales and profits! (Page 26)

* 3 ways to quickly and easily create related backend offers to get your new niche product customers to buy irresistible "extras!" (Page 30)

* 3 built-in profit generators that you can begin using immediately to increase the cash you make by 1500% or more! (Page 15)

* A simple, 7-step system that virtually no one is using with niche marketing that has unlimited potential for putting more cash in your bank account both now and months down the road! (Page 25)

* How to use niche joint ventures to build an opt-in list: including the magical formula for producing subscribers and how to triple your optin requests! (Page 45)

* The best way to pull in additional money after the sale (Page 32) and how to get as many as 50% of your customers to spend more money with you anytime you want some extra cash! (Page 34)

* How to get repeat orders automatically and skyrocket your visitor value by pushing the hot buttons most people simply can't refuse!. (Page 28)

* How to create irresistible follow-up offers and get extra orders with an easy-to-setup autopilot system (Page 38)

* The hands down, without question, easiest way to automatically generate backend profit with your niche product! (Page 21)

* The secret "passive promotion" technique that can send your sales soaring from 20 copies to 200 copies! (Page 16)

* 3 keys to creating a cross promotion web of offers that easily allows you to sell more products and turbocharge your affiliate commissions! (Page 35)

* Dozens of tricks, tips and ideas for increasing the profits from any niche joint venture, including the "x-factor" in getting more orders this week! (Page 2

Without knowing how to do these simple things, it's easy to see how many people are spinning their wheels in desperation and never really making a substantial amount of money with their niche joint ventures.

The good news is, we've spilled all the beans in Niche JV™ so you don't have to get stuck in the same old rut!

But, there's even more...
Finding Powerful, Influential Niche Joint Venture Partners
Is Very Easy When You Look In These Places...

Yeah, we know, we know. Sometimes it can be very difficult finding those key joint venture partners who can make your dreams come true with their power and influence.

Most people we talk to face the same problem: they just don't know where to look, and even if they found the right place they don't know what to look for.

We had a discussion recently at the forum inside our Nicheology membership site about this very thing. These are advanced niche marketers and they were struggling with the same thing.

"Why won't anyone give us a detailed, step-by-step system
for tracking down powerful niche JV partners?"

You see, if you search around online, it's the one topic that no one's really explaining. Everybody tells you to go find these partners. And a handful of people even suggest a few places to look.

But, c'mon, honestly now, that's no help at all.

It's like telling me that in order to lose weight I need to shed a few pounds.

No kidding. Like I couldn't figure that out on my own.

The question is ...


FACT: If you want to tap into the power and influence of highly visible joint venture partners, you need to identify who they are by using a select group of ready-made research databases.

Somebody needed to step up to the plate here in sharing where and how to find these partners, and we decided it would be us.

The result is a never-before-shared chapter loaded with simple research tactics you can begin using within 5 minutes of downloading our course to find your own niche joint venture partners.

Note: You won't find this information being shared anywhere else on the web.

Remember what step two in the process was? You're exactly right, it was "Locate Dozens Of Powerful Joint Venture Partners - Including SUPER Partners - To Quickly Launch Your Own Sales Army."

Well, in Chapter 2 of Niche JV™ we open the floodgates and let it all out. Here are just a few of the things you'll discover inside...

* 7 JV Detection Tools™ for quickly and easily tracking down highly influential joint venture partners for virtually any imaginable niche you choose!(Page 62)

* How to find the affiliates (and super affiliates!) of your competition so you can convince them to begin promoting your product! Hint: These affiliates are already actively promoting similar or related products, so it's much easier to make them YOUR partner.(Page 73)

* Where to find experienced, higher-level niche marketers for your joint ventures to add an instant boost to your promotion power! (Page 68)

* 18 of the best resource sites for finding powerful JV partners ... it's as simple as visiting the sites, inputting a keyword or keyphrase related to your product and watching the results come up!(Page 78)

* 7 sure-fire ways to use https://www.tradebit.com to find laser-targeted niche partners with our never-before-revealed "search strings"!(Page 62)

* 8 places to find potential partners in the best possible demographic for joint ventures - folks who are marketers and site owners already actively promoting products! (Page 80)

* How to find a specific kind of partner to bring in a steady stream of traffic, add points to your link popularity and automatically increase your listings in the major search engines! (Page 64)

* 3 ways to find products related to yours - the creators of these products are perfect candidates for your joint ventures as they are likely to want to earn extra profit from their customer and subscriber lists! (Page 72)

* How to find high quality opt-in list owners to promote your niche product to potentially hundreds of thousands of targeted subscribers! (Page 65)

* A simple way to know immediately if you should walk away and not waste your time on a partner who will almost certainly end up saying "No." (Page 71)

* The most profitable place to find niche JV partners, many of whom become lifelong friends and even collaborate on other profit pulling projects with you! Hint: This is how we met each other. :-) (Page 82)

As you can see, we go waaaaaay beyond what you'll find anywhere else on the web when it comes to finding joint venture partners!

If you're serious about getting an entire sales army out there promoting your niche products, then you simply must use our system of finding these powerful, influential partners.

And then...

Put On Your Brakes Before You Absolutely Ruin Your
Chances of Making Money With Joint Ventures ...
With Niche Marketing All Of The Rules Have Changed

After you find potential partners for your niche joint ventures, it's time to approach them with an invitation to participate.

And this is where it gets tricky.

You see, joint venture offers for "niches" are much, much different than joint ventures for "business to business" offers.

Imagine some 70 year old grandmother getting this email...


Dear Sandy,

I've been reading your "Gardening Secrets" ezine and it absolutely rocks! I was blown away by your powerful revelation on using fertilizer.

Hey, I had an idea. Your subscribers would absolutely love my new "Advanced Landscaping Tricks" course. Let's JV.

My salesletter is so hypnotic that it's converting at 12% and I know you could score a lot of sales here with your loyal readers. Let's make some money together.

Can you do a mailing?

I'll pay you 50% commission. Send me your mailing address and I'll setup an affiliate account for you.

Love your work, Sandy. I've admired you for months.

All the Best,
Johnny JVer


She'd probably call the police.

Best case scenario, she'd delete your email. More likely, you're getting reported for SPAM.

FACT: If you want to convince powerful joint venture partners to promote your niche product, you must present your request in a completely different way than in "business to business" JVs.

We've had experience in this. We tried it the "business" way because we didn't know that there was any other option.

And let us tell you, that didn't go so well.

Got the door slammed in our faces.

So, we decided to see what went wrong and regroup from there. Over a period of time, we found a system that worked extremely well with every niche market that we tested.

We would be doing you a disservice if we didn't share our results, so we've laid it all on the line for you for the first time in this course .

If you've been taking notes, you probably remember that step three in the niche joint venture process is "Contact Your List Of Potential Partners With An Irresistible Offer That Practically Forces Them To Say 'Yes!'"

Instead of taking a giant leap of faith that you'll get it right the first time out (way too risky, if you ask us), let us show you inside Chapter 3 of Niche JV™...

* Seven JV secrets for creating irresistible offers that are so compelling that it's easier to say "Yes" than it is to say "No"! (Page 87)

* A 5-step, paint-by-numbers system for producing consistent results with your JV offer time and time again!(Page 96)

* 2 simple ways to make sure both sides of the joint venture partnership profit long term! (Page 89)

* A simple "email trick" that virtually guarantees your joint venture request letter will be opened and read by your potential partners!(Page 98)

* 3 sample JV proposal letters that you can modify and begin sending out today to get new partners within the next 24-72 hours!(Page 97, 99, 101)

* The one thing that is worse than not attempting to contact a potential joint venture partner and how to avoid it like to the plague! (Page 85)

* How to present your offer in a hard-to-refuse proposal that can easily DOUBLE your chance of being accepted! (Page 95)

* 3 highly visible pieces of virtual real estate your potential partners can use to advertise your niche product!(Page 102)

* 3 things you absolutely must do BEFORE you send out your joint venture request to any potential partner or risk being turned down flat!(Page 94)

* 4 quick tips for making the most of your contacts - things you need to know before you contact your potential partners to avoid disappointment and poor results!(Page 84)

* How to ask a potential partner out on a "first date" to open the door for long-term profits that continue to come in for months and months!(Page 99)

As you can easily see, this is the most complete, up-to-date guide to creating and profiting from niche joint ventures available today.

And to sweeten the offer even more, you'll also receive...

4 Red-Hot, Exclusive Bonuses When
You Order Niche JV™ Today...

The main manual in the Niche JV™ package is 106 pages of pure content - packed from beginning to end with everything you need to know about creating and profiting from niche joint ventures.

But, in addition to the main manual, you'll also receive some very special, EXCLUSIVE bonuses when you order today...


This 5-page printable guide is a quick overview of the entire manual in checklist format. Use it to easily work you way through each of the simple steps in the "Niche Auto Profit System" to quickly and easily setup your own profitable joint ventures.

($17.00 Value)

How Do You Go About Pricing a Product
That Literally Has No Equals?

Here's the deal...

Your investment to own Niche JV™ is only $29.95.

And if you truly understand the impact that a properly constructed JV offer can have on your niche business, then the idea of spending $29.95 to get this information should seem like a drop in the bucket to you.

In fact, when you consider that other Joint Venture manuals sell for $29.95 is an outright steal.

So a better question, really, is "Why are we pricing it so low?"

Well to be honest, we are sick and tired of seeing scammers push over-hyped, over-priced products trying to suck every last penny out of hard-working folks just like you.

We'd rather help you avoid any further misfortune and disappointment from the garbage information and empty promises floating around, and give you something you can really benefit from at a price you can really afford.

To do this, we decided to offer Niche JV™ at this low introductory price because we truly want to help you fulfill your dreams of financial independence.

Unfortunately, we can't keep this low price available forever. The one thing we DON'T want to do is oversaturate these tiny niches with too many people using this system.

We apologize, but there are no exceptions to this. The only way we can guarantee the discounted price is if you order today.
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