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*NEW!* Time to Play Dirty -Master Resale Rights And Get PAID - Only Nice Guys Finish Broke..

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How a 25-Year Old Family Man Makes More Money Sitting on His Butt Than He Ever Did Working In Retail...

"Very useful info you've got in the book! I got so inspired by Technique #2 that I'm working on my next project right now. Thanks again, the info is extremely helpful for generating a steady stream of massive visitors to any marketer's site!"

Zack Lim

These are not paid testimonials...these are people who actually read "Time to Play Dirty"
"I have to admit that when I first heard about your report, I was NOT expecting I would learn more - because I have been a marketer for years.

But when I read it I was amazed! It really does give some useful tips for improving our business. What really fascinated me is on page 40. It rocks. You taught this old Internet Marketing dog a few new tricks."

Peter Yang

Remember, I hate paying for everything! Why would I pay these people to say this?

"This book has a great marketing strategy for any aspiring internet marketer. I've read dozens of marketing books on the subject and just one of the many ideas found in this book will easily create hundreds if not thousands of dollars into your account instantly.

If you really want to find out exactly what you need to do to learn internet marketing the right way then you got to check this out. Skip the fluff and learn the stuff! That's what T.M. Harris is all about."

Darryl Lardizabal
darryl (at) https://www.tradebit.com

"Just got finished reading Time to Play Dirty and it was awesome. There's a lot of secret (and free) techniques in there that I never even thought of. The methods included are very detailed, and I plan on implementing them to the fullest. Thanks Again for another great product T.M.!!!"

Coty Schwabe, "The Profit King


From: T.M. Harris (a/k/a "The Dirtiest Player in the Game" )
To: A Broke Internet Marketer Like YOU

Hey, buddy.

What's the difference between me and you? Well, I can give you one difference right off the bat. You do everything that the experts, the gurus, the "super affiliates" tell you to do. Whereas I don't. See, these guys will promise you a sun and three moons just to get you to succomb to their marketing tactics. Unfortunately, all these lies do are put you within what's called a "marketing funnel". That's where they snag your email, and keep pumping more info down your throat. Now, this is good, in nature, but then they recommend a product that you NEED to buy now to in order to be "up to speed" with every other internet marketer.

Guess what?

Sorry to be so blunt, but I learned this the hard way, pal. So what makes me so different? Simple...I used a totally different set of rules to get the success I had. In essence, I broke the mold. I actually got creative and did things that these guys never tried to tell me about, when I was on their mailing list. But as soon as I had a product, and I told them that I could make them some money from it, all of a sudden, their tones changed.

It went from "Sign up for my email course to learn more", to "Here's what you gotta do so that we can make money. It's what I personally do". Yeah, these guys are NOT doing what they're telling you to do. It's sad, because after being spoon fed all their bull, and pumping out thousands of dollars, basically spending the rent money with these guys, they decide to tell me what really works. And when I tried it, it really did.

I can remember when I worked with one of the top internet marketers in the business. I worked with him briefly, but it was a informative collaboration we shared. I remember buying his book a long time ago, seriously reading it five times over, and taking notes on his audio lessons. I tried out everything he had told me, and in the end...my Clickbank account made no money, my Google Adsense account got revoked and I was banned, and I ended up owing Google Adwords and Ebay a ton of money, that I was unable to pay back.

But, when I actually had a decent product that wasn't selling, and he stumbled across it from some dumbass Google ad in Adsense, he contacted me personally, and literally asked me to work with me. That's when we shot around ideas over an convo on AOL Instant Messenger, and that's when I learned what really worked for this guy.

This is what didn't work for me:

Google Adsense Sites
"Google Cash" methods
Paid-to-read emails
Paid-to-surf (autosurfs)
Paid Surveys (Signed up for 50 companies...still have yet to receive a real one)
Ebay Powerselling
Buying and flipping domain names (Got at least 30 domains, and not ONE sold)
Forex (Lost hundreds of dollars with this one...)

I can tell you've tried at least one of these things. And I can also tell you that it didn't make you JACK! Trust me, I know. I get emails from my mailing list subscribers and blog readers telling about how they tried this and that, yet they were seeing NO results. They get pissed off when I finally confess to them that none of those things were created to make the user any real money.

So what actually works? Well, I wish I could tell ya, but then that would stop me from getting money and taking care of my family, understand? And if you're thinking that making an ebook and a product site is how I get paid...well, it's ONE way. But understand this...I still get people who email me personally asking how my ebook titles are so successful and their's aren't doing so well. Well, the secret to that is in this ebook.

But to be really honest, most of my online income has nothing to do with my own products. I have to say at least 75% of my income comes from being an affiliate marketer, not from being a product vendor (like I'm doing right now). It feels good waking up in the morning sometimes, and checking my paypal and Clickbank accounts, to find money that I didn't work for. Damn, I'm starting to sound like the Rich Jerk...

Let me ease up for a moment...*deep sigh* Back to reality...

This is MY reality...

(Click on an image to enlarge)

Reality is...I do wake up some mornings to find money in both my Clickbank and Paypal accounts that I didn't have to work for. Trust me, when you've been grinding for so many years to make your internet marketing career really work, it's such a good feeling. It's about as good a feeling as when you made your first Clickbank sale as an affiliate (without having to buy from your own link). Or, when you pulled in your first click(s) with Adsense. Or, when you actually saw money in your Paypal that you didn't put in yourself. Or, when you sold your first thing on Ebay.

Trust me, I'm not trying to hype you up by telling you about having such "good feelings". I'm just trying to show you MY reality. And my reality is what I'm going to show you in my latest title, "Time to Play Dirty".

Here are some of the highlights of my ebook...or should I say, "My Reality"...

* How to build an entire mailing list on autopilot that makes you money.
* How to get higher quality leads and traffic than what Google tries to give you.
* How to instantly create a product site, and have it make money, because it literally "sells itself"
* How to pull in instant cash with no website, no affiliate links, no NOTHING!
* My BIGGEST secret to pulling in never ending traffic to my products and affiliate links...and I never pay a DIME for it!
* How my blog pulls in crazy moolah for me (without any Google Adsense ads on it)

Yeah, you're going to learn all this monumental stuff from the dirtiest player to hit the internet marketing business.

This Guy Became #1 Position on Google

"I choose to use Time to Play Dirty's information for two promotions. My JH Websites were brand new and not listed before using it, and I am NOW PAGE 1 POSITION 1 on GOOGLE.

My other promo for low cost Biz Opp's is hosted on a listing page and I used tinyurl as a redirect, this is not front page yet but I am seeing more sign up's.

Click here to view the page

I would highly recomend getting in on this one."


"I WOW!! I am AMAZED at all the great information you have put together here!! I have printed it out and will be utilizing several ideas I have from your ebook!! :) "

I. Ginzberg

I was just thinking about something...this deal would SUCK if I didn't throw in some exclusive bonuses that you'll never find anywhere else.

So here's some bonuses just for sh**s and giggles...


(Value: $67)

This script basically does all of your internet marketing functions from one simple link. Imagine giving people smaller "Recommends" links if you promote other people's products. Imagine not having to create a new URL redirect for every Clickbank product you want to promote. Imagine running a campaign like Jon Leger's $7 Secrets...where the affiliate gets all the commissions. Imagine giving your Clickbank affiliates (if you have a Clickbank product) and easy to remember affiliate link with your domain name in it. Imagine being able to promote products from Tara Johnson's Low-Stress Income Program without all the long links.

It's the same script that I use for my domain https://www.tradebit.com when I give out links to people. I don't have to worry about shrinking down links, or anything. It's too damn easy. Plus, if I need to set up an affiliate program that pays out the affiliates in exchange for buyer's leads...I just plop this script as the frontpage to my domain, and it's all set. And it's free when you order today.


(Value: $67)

With this exclusive ebook I wrote (and never put on the market), you'll learn every single targeted traffic tactic that I know of. You'll learn what tactics I've used to pull in major amounts of traffic, with little or no effort whatsoever.


(Value: $27)


This is another secret ebook that I wrote. BUT...NO ONE HAS EVER READ IT UNTIL NOW! This actually tells the story of my rise to success, and how I used my last twenty dollars to build the money making empire I sit on now.

I know it sounds cheesy, but it's truly an inspirational ebook that'll really inspire you to not give up on internet marketing. You'll be amazed when you read the part on how Ebay messed me up, and how I bounced back within days (without Ebay at all).

So, you're probably asking yourself..."T.M., how much is all this going to set me back?" Well, since you asked soooo nicely, I'll tell you this...

For this bundle of goodies valued at over $250, I'll only charge you $17.95 for everything...point blank.

Now if you think $17.95 is a lot, just think about how much you've already spent on a bunch of crap that hasn't done squat for you except put you in the hole. You were quick to buy those because they promised you a sun and three moons like every other scammer on the internet. But look back at everything I previously said...


Nope. That's not my style at all. I'd be a scammer to tell you that you're going to become a millionaire...yet, that's what you want. I'd be a scammer if I told you that you'll make $1000 a day from my tactics...yet, that's what you want. A scammer will tell you everything you wanna hear, and promise you everything that you deeply want and desire...and you'll buy it out because you're desperate to make some money. Unfortunately, that's not what you're going to get from me.

What you will get from me is:

1. A new way to market and promote your affiliate links
2. A new way to make money without having to try so damn hard
3. A new way to build your mailing lists, and your income, without barely working.
4. A new way to handle your internet marketing business without spending any money on advertising.
5. 8 weeks to try it out, risk-free. If you don't like it, contact me within 8 weeks of purchase, and I'll give you a refund.

That's all I'm promising you. If you don't like it, seriously LEAVE MY SITE NOW. Don't even waste your time thinking about me and what I can give you. You can go back to shelling out hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars on Google Adwords, SEO, ezine ads, magazine ads, seminars, boot camps, private 1-on-1 consultations, ebay auctions, and other nonsense. But when you see this site again in the future, and you're another couple thousand dollars in the hole with credit collectors beating your door and blowing up your phone...guess what I'm going to say?


Stop playing the games these "gurus" and experts want you to play so that they can rape you for your cash like the bill collectors. Grow a backbone, and start playing dirty like I do!

My book and all the bonuses are only going to set you back $17.95, but they're yours for life! The information is priceless, and more than likely, you'll never find this type of easy to read, highly informative and money saving information anywhere else. So, order now before one of them guru boys gets jealous and hacks my site.

It doesn't matter if it's the morning, afternoon, night, or even 2AM in the morning. You'll get an instant download as soon as you pay...now THAT's something I can promise you, wholeheartedly.


Unless you're ready to keep shelling out all your hard earned money on a bunch of bullsh** that'll never work for you, then the time to order is now. Who knows? I get sick of my own products quick, because I'm quick to move on to the next one. And of course, to save me money on hosting & bandwidth fees, I might pull this offer down soon. So, why don't we click the link above and get on the right path to an automated internet marketing career that'll run on autopilot.

To your success,

T.M. Harris

P.S. - This introductory offer of $17.95 won't last long at all. I can easily pull the offer and sell each item individually on the internet for at least $67 to $97 to $147, and still make off like a bandit! This $17.95 is just me being generous to you, since you've already spent so much money on nonsense already.

P.P.S. - You're really looking for me to say something else?! I'm done babbling on and on! Get your hands on my ebook before some other guru scams you into buying his worthless crap!
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