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Directory Site Profits 101-
The Bower Method 2.0
How to Make A Million Dollars In 2012!

The Ultimate Offline Strategy!

Originally Posted by Anewbist John Durham
Bower Formula 2.0 this report have put a lot of thing into perspective for me. I have a lot of courses on lead gen and directory package. And this is my review.
Originally Posted by Anewbist
This report gets you to think about what you are doing and trying to do. The information is golden on how to build your directory business.

This is about the business side.

The information alone is worth the price that is currently at. With the information you will bound to see many lights that pop up in your head.

And when I said many I mean many

John always add a touches to the report that he writes like no other. And this is something that the forum topic that was created by john that have over a thousand post do not have.

And if you are not acquainted with it he even mention it in this package launch. After I go through this again that is where I will be heading.

Thanks john for such an informative package

Thanks A newbist...that means alot!

Ladies and Gentleman! Tradebit viewers!
Pssst...It even works if you are starting practically broke
from your kitchen table!

Hi, my name is John Durham, your tried and true "Warrior" friend, with stripes to prove it!

How are ya guys and gals? Hopefully well and feeling blessed!

If not , well....Let's bless you then!

Some of you may know me as the guy who's team sold over 19,000 web pages all over America back in 2000, using even LESS effective methods than I am going to show you today, even as a somewhat ignorant newby myself...., and how I helped create a company that later sold to Prodigy International for over 800 MILLION Dollars!

Thats not the amazing part ...

The amazing part is that all of it was accomplished using inexperienced sales people, just out of high school, who didnt even know what a search engine was practically!

It doesnt matter.

That being said...

Surely I can teach it to YOU!

The secret of the system I am about to share is not in the expertise of the salespeople, or even the online workers who are implementing the websites....its in the expertise and brilliance of the SYSTEM itself- Which Im about to teach you!

So.... If you dont like long copy, then by all means, buy it now! Far be it from me to stop you from hitting that buttom! Lol

But, if you want to learn a thing or two before making a decision, Im not above sharing with you!

Go get a cup of coffee, sit back and relax.

For those who just want to go ahead and get the report now before the price goes up- Click Below, but Do come back!

The ad copy in this post ALONE might worth more than any other package you buy this week!

Before we get started,

Here is a thread with a ton of awesome contributors on the subject, where you can learn all kinds of great stuff about directory sites for FREE!

This popular thread received an UN HEARD of 10k views in its FIRST WEEK and is still growing! The reason is because alot of smart Tradebit Viewers are catching onto the brilliance of this idea!

NOTE: After you purchase this report, we will also be hosting a free thread at my forum to discuss the topic and offer even further support to those who read it.

Im going to show you something amazing NEWBIES and Experienced Marketers Alike!
I dont care who is smarter than you, or what kind of talk you are intimidated by- You create a residual business from your kitchen table that makes money, and the smartest guys on this forum are gonna be treating you like a genius- trust me.

Im going to show you how you can hang in the big leagues starting from right where you are, even with no experience whatsoever.

A quick Tradebit search will show you literally HUNDREDs of people saying "I made my first money with John Durham's reports".

"Today's report will be no different."

Now, I dont say this to brag- I say this so you will know you are in good hands. Most of you are inexperienced at making money (even some technical experts). THIS COULD BE YOUR MISSING LINK!

Nuff said.

Let's learn some stuff!
What is A directory Site?

Owning a directory site business is simply this:

Instead of creating full blown sites for each client and having them pay you monthly, all hosted on different unique domains..., you create ONE single site and rather sell "directory listings" out of it to local business owners instead.

In the case of findlaw dot com (for example) they sell one page listings to attorneys for over $1,000 per month.

My own attorney has a findlaw page and gets more leads from that then he does from his website. So they DO have alot of value, but we explain more moving on....

The idea is to house 100 clients all on the same site, each paying you a monthly fee.
You can even give the inital month for free if you want!

By the way...

It doesnt have to be a small business directory- Once I even created a directory for "MODELS" and charged them a monthly fee to have a page in it...sending out links to the site every month to various modeling agents for them to browse.

I had HUNDREDS of models on the site all paying monthly...

You can make a directory of just about anything... The ideas are really endless and many of them untapped.

Most of us focus them on Small business directories such as something like a "Chicago Diners" directory... "The Obvious".

Nothin' wrong with that.

Again, in this case the idea would be to have 100 Chicago diners paying you $xx per month.

It can apply to other things than just diners and small business. In short (Again) its just ONE site, that houses hundreds of paying clients ideally.

I hope this explains! Understanding the appeal of The Directory Site Business Model is really a no brainer in alot of senses.

That being said:

How many people do you know that have done it?

I have. And Im going to show you how you can!

10 Quick Benefits of Directory Sites.
Residual Income Potential is Amazing, And Quickly Built.

No other offline business model will enable you to become a passive residual millionaire so realistically, starting with only a good work ethic.

This model is even more powerful than any MLM business ever thought of, and ten times easier to build! Even realistic for inexperienced newbies to get started.

It's A Simple Way To Start Local Web Design Business.

Compared to others, this is a simple and easy business model for you to get off the ground all you have to do is build one SIMPLE site and you are in business, ready to make a million dollars. You can even outsource the work! This report will show you how.

It's An Easy Sale- Easy To Pitch!

I have hired and trained countless 18 year old high school drop outs, with less experience that YOU- who LITERALLY do not even have the internet at home, and now sell directory site listings ALL day long! Anybody can do it! I'm going to show you numerous ways to sell your listings in this report, even how to phone pitch it!

Directory Sites Offer Built in Credibility!

Im going to show you how to build AUTOMATIC credibility into your offer, even if you havent got ONE past customer!

When people hear about your site they arent even going to question for ONE SECOND whether or not you are legit, even if its your FIRST call!

Proof Of Experience and Credibility is BUILT IN!

Can Be Sold Without Phone Closing Or Face To Face!
Im going to show you an option, on how you can give the basic listings away to business owners for free, opting them into your directory email list, and upsell the customers later through easy emails.

With directory sites, you can even profit off of the people who tell you No, we arent interested.

Credibility is built in.
Easy Maintenance -Manage 100 Clients From One Domain! Wouldnt it be great if you could have 100 customers paying you month in and month out, but only have to manage ONE SINGLE SITE?

Thats the biggest advantage to directory sites, and why it makes all the sense in the world for you the aspiring web entrepreneur! Once you see this you will have a hard time imagining why you ever thought of doing it any other way!

Low Cost to Start and Maintain.

Can you suffer the cost of One monthly domain Payment? $14 per month bucks to have a business with million dollar potential?

Heck you probably are paying for a lot more than that now, going about this the traditional way!

Some of you even currently have 50 domains you are paying for from different things youve tried, and none of them are producing profit!

We are going to change that!

Easy SEO Even For Beginners!

If you can pick the right niche (Im going to show you how), build your simple 5 -7 page (or have someone else), use good keywords and basic onsite optimization (included in most easy drag and drop programs) , and add a couple of backlinks to it (All easy- I show you how), then thats all you need.

If you can get decent ranking through the basic avenues (nothing fancy- and again I show you how) then all you have to do is start adding customers.

Down The road- YOUR CUSTOMERS do Your SEO FOR YOU!

Every customer you ad gives your site more authority and search engine attraction power. You can literally DOMINATE the market with your directory, more easily than a regular individuals site can.

In fact (and this is worth the cost of the whole report) You will be sending your customer base weekly emails on how to get the most from their sites, encouraging them to place back links in relevant places...

On average about 10 of them will follow through and really take the weekly emails to heart.

Eventually 10 of your customers all start sending links to their site to others and listing it in different ads they have out the back link strategy is almost on auto pilot as you train your customers via email on how to market their own directory pages and get the best from them!

How do I know? Because I once had 200 customers all out doing that and I was number one in the search engines with listings ALL over the front page...and I never put out a back link, due to training my customers via email to market their sites!

Now, if they had their own real estate that would only help them, but since they are link to my site, it fuels my directory and gives it more authority each time they place a link out there!

Read the report for more infon on this! After the initial build, your customers mostly do your SEO FOR YOU!!!

If you can only use a ZERO HTML drag and drop program, then you can build a valuable directory site that grows in power exponentially!

Now you are going to hear this argued by some people, but you have to consider the source. Some guys have ALOT of posts on this forum dedicated to proving how smart they are and that the average person cant do what they do - I affectionately refer to those as "Haters" -Dont buy it!

You can do this.

Directory Sites Give You a chance to Build The Value Of Your Own Internet Estate With Each New Client And Even Sell Some!

Have you ever thought Why am I working so hard just to build the value of everyone elses real estate when they could dump me any day?

Well, with a directory site, when you work on your customers real estate you are working on your own site, and everything you do for your customer benefits YOUR site too.

Not only do you build your own real estate Value, but you will also get more chances to SELL some, as customers see the value of your directory and ask you to do their bigger projects!

Of course you are always informing them of your other services in your weekly email that you send the whole data base!

Tons Of Awesome Niches To Choose From!

Im going to show you some out of the box niches that no one is talking about in the offline section that will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

You will understand why my teaching doesnt sound like everyone elses... Im a Multi MILLION dollar business minded kind of guy...think a little differently.

I have proven twice now that you can literally do it by yourself from a kitchen table with the right plan!

You will kick yourself and say Why have I been listening to all this rehash advice?, No wonder I cant find a good niche!

That wont be a problem anymore after you read this!

Perfect E-myth Business- Easily Duplicable and Scalable.

If you have ever read the number one seller E-Myth, its about building a business that doesnt depend on the talent of the individuals running it.

An Emyth business doesnt depend on having a bunch of talent working for you, it rather depends on the systems built within the business; systems that produce a predictable result based on certain actions, which when repeated produce the same result consistently.


Take my word for it! Simple, predictable and DO-ABLE for even a beginner!

It shouldnt take hiring the most talented people to wiork in your business. If the systems are right even an AVERAGE person can succeed with them.

Thats my belief and what this report is all about!

Can Be Started From Your Kitchen Table!

I think one attraction to my reports is that they are all things you can start from a shoe string if you want from your kitchen table.

You see, you can have a million dollars to start, but it only matters if you are working on a million dollar PLAN!

I believe and have proven more than once that , even if all you have ios yourself, a scratch pad and a vision...even with NO MONEY, NO credit cards, No bank account- NOTHING, if you are working on the right plan you can create a million dollars from that state of being.

This report is probably the most powerful plan ever to help the right person achieve that.

The right person, is the one who is really going to follow through!
Its up to you if you are them. That part I cant say, all I can say is that the proven plan is HERE for the taking!

You can be a passive residual millionaire within 12-24 months Its up to you.

You can be making 10k per month in residuals within 2 months if you want with this- Again its up to you. The proven, tested plan for it is certainly there!

(Buy It Now Button)

Last note for now.... This is a Chance to build a business that has resell value!

Bower Sold his customer Data base for over $800 MILLION dollars! Once you have a few hundred customers paying a monthly fee. Investors crawl out of the woodwork wanting to throw money at you or have you to build one for them!

I made a lot of money counseling multi millionaires, putting together business plans for them... after they saw me do this.

Your business is worth about 10 times its monthly billable income for the next ten years on the resale market.

That means if you business makes $100 per year, then you could resell it for over 1 thousand... of course no one is interested in that.

However, when you have 100 customers all paying you 100 dollars per month, thats the sort of thing that investors want to know about.

Many dont think like this (building a business to sell...) but for those who do...

Every year thousands of USA business owners aspire to take their companies public... and they do so by growing their portfolio through purchasing smaller companies who show a lot of potential in the projections.

I have sold two companies this way in my career.

The other benefit is that Millionaires who know what you do will pay you ten times what you think you are worth just to build the basic structure for them (on "paper") , and provide them with a plan on how to move it forward. They may even pay you big to train their staff on it...

You probably wont want to.

Still its pretty cool when every millionaire you know thinks you are a genius!

Listen guys...honestly, do I have to keep going?

There is a lot more to say, but I think this is enough...
All this for $24.00?

Truth is, I could go on and on about the benefits of owning a directory site , and why I think its the PERFECT, I mean its really ULTIMATE offline business model...

Frankly, I DO go about this Killer 42 page report - Directory Site Profits 101- The Bower Method 2.0.

Im going to show you everything from how to create your site design layout, ranking it in the serps, to creating a phone pitch or advertisement and actually making sales and generating customers...



Who else does that?

When you have a directory site, even the people who tell you No arent a complete waste and can help you make money.


Get Excited About them!

Believe it or not.

This report is going to be that much of an eye opener.

NOTE: This Package is offered at a very cheap rate here on Tradebit so the guarantee and refund conditions may not be as same as offered at other places However if there will be any fault with the product it will be solved as soon as possible .

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