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Linwood R. Johnsons : Bandwidth Bling Bling... - Quality PLR Download

Linwood R. Johnsons : Bandwidth Bling Bling... - Quality PLR Download
"STOP! Shocking Top Secret Manual Churns Out Profits 24 Hours A Day And You Don't Have To Lift A Finger Or Move A Hair On Your Head To Cash In"

Even The Internet Marketer That Is Wet Behind The Ears
Can Get Some Bandwidth Bling Bling!

From: Linwood R. Johnson
Date: Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Marketing Friend,

You see the houses. You see the cars. You hear about the vacations.

You see all of this wonderful internet bling bling around you, with a lot of promises being thrown your way. Your inbox is full of people telling you that they are going to make you rich. It seems to be the status quo these days. Such and such got rich and now you're going to do it too... if you just get their product.

I know the story all to well.

The fact is, living the internet lifestyle can be accomplished. You really can get all of that bling bling that the heavy hitters tell you about. It's all here for the taking.

You know what I'm talking about when I say internet bling bling, right?

  • A guy figured out the formula to online success and is out in his villa in Mexico, drinking Mai Tai's and smoking a Monte Cristo while he works on a laptop.
  • A woman's e-zine took off, and with the release of her new book, she is out in the Aspens with her husband and some champagne.
  • A college kid is playing around on eBay and stumbles across a goldmine, then buys a brand new Mercedes from money he made with his computer.
  • A former pizza delivery guy just raked in $33 Grand over the weekend by sending out an e-mail to a few people that wanted to hear what he had to say.

It's happening all around you. People are cashing in on all of this bandwidth, and they are doing it easier than they ever expected. Once you know the formula to this thing, the profits are almost automatic. Really, it's kind of a guilty pleasure.

Millions of people are sitting in their cars as you read this letter, either trying to get home from work, or on their way to work. They're dealing with 25 MPH traffic and a bunch of car fumes. I think that the most tragic part is that this goes on every single day for countless years!

Meanwhile, we're sitting back watching numbers being added to our bank accounts. I say numbers because that's what we see when we get paid. It's like punching in numbers on a calculator, with the only difference being that our numbers are spendable income!

Ask yourself:

    1. Why is it that you haven't been able to get over the hump and start making a real income yet?

    2. Why has all of this bling bling been dodging you?

    3. Why are you snacking on a Slim Jim while everyone else gets big slices of pie all over their faces?

  Linwood R. Johnson's Bandwidth Bling Bling

Your Pockets Just Got Fatter

This Top Secret Manual Churns Out Profits 24 Hours A Day And You Don't Even Have To Lift A Finger To Cash In Daily!

Put The Ching Back
In Cha-Ching With...

You'll Be Pulling In Profits Like A Tow Truck And It Has Never Been So Easy To Do...
Click Here If You're Ready For More Profits!

You have just uncovered the easiest, most efficient way to earn a ridiculous amount of income in a relatively short period of time. This income not only has the potential to be huge for you, but it will continue to grow month after month, year after year, and it will all happen by using everyone else's bandwidth and energy to do so.

But wait... there's much more!

I don't want to sit here and get you salivating at the mouth, ready to taste some sweet profits without warning you that this is a very powerful concept.

You are not only going to make money with this manual, but you are also going to uncover some of the most radical marketing techniques you've ever seen, which will produce even more cash for your business.

Inside Bandwidth Bling Bling, you will reveal:

that no one is even touching. These are very profitable segments of the market that the gurus have overlooked... you can cash in!

thousands of subscribers to your list a month. Hint: The money is in the list, not the product.

EXCLUSIVE product creation formulas that have never been exposed... until now! You will find the exact formulas that have been used to create 25 best selling products. There is a difference between a product, and a best selling product, and you will uncover the shocking divider.

profit from the efforts of thousands of internet business people that are all trying to stuff more money in your pocket. This is a revolutionary system that could begin paying you in hours.

Everybody's doing it.

Bandwidth Bling Bling makes cash for you, just by putting the manual into motion.

100 "You Get The Loot Or I Get The Boot" Guarantee...

I'll tell you how confident I am... If you follow the instructions that are laid out in the manual and CAN'T make any money, I'll refund 100 of your purchase price...Guaranteed!

It is virtually impossible to NOT make any money with Bandwidth Bling Bling. I'm seriously considering giving my 5 year old niece a copy to see what she can do with it.

Download Your Copy Today And Get 100 MASTER Resell Rights To The Bandwidth Bling Bling Power Manual
Get Your Master Resell Rights Today...Click Here!

I'm telling you... this deal is setup to pay you day in and day out.

I have gone out of my way to make sure some of the internet bling bling comes your way. Not only will you reveal how to use the manual to make killer profits, but you will also be granted a Master Resale license to Bandwidth Bling Bling to do whatever you want with it.

What does that mean, you ask?

  • You can sell the manual to your visitors for whatever price you wish.
  • You can earn even more with your branded manual.
  • You can use the manual to help promote your other offers.
  • You can offer your subscribers and visitors a fresh way to make money.

When you download Bandwidth Bling Bling, you will also gain access to this EXACT website you are looking at right now. All you have to do is change a few links and upload it to your server. You could even set up your own affiliate program with the manual. It's up to you!

The internet lifestyle is a click away... Get your bling bling.

OK, OK... I Can Smell The Bling Bling, But Is It Going To Bankrupt Me Or Force Me To Tell My Daughter That She Can Get Braces Next Year?
(Click Here To Save Now)

It is harsh out here in these internet streets, isn't it? I saw some guy trying to sell a free script for $37 bucks a couple of days ago. People will do anything to get your cash. 

But what are we really talking about here?

You are going to use the Bandwidth Bling Bling manual to set up and profit from multiple income streams without lifting a finger. You are going to reveal marketing techniques that are responsible for literally millions of dollars in online sales.

Throw in your Unlimited License to do what ever you like with the manual, plus the exact website you are reading right now, and you've got yourself one heck of a cash cow.

This is a money tree for you, just waiting for you to shake it up. The thing is, it is brand new and I want to get the ball moving on this profit machine quickly. Because of this, you are going to capitalize by being one of the first to snatch up your copy and start earning with it.

Originally I was going to sell Bandwidth Bling Bling for $47, but after speaking with a couple of people that previewed the manual, they said that $47 was too low because the manual allows the average marketer to make an above average income, just by using it as directed. It is probably more valuable than any other product you have purchased on the internet because it makes money for you, instead of just sitting there, occupying your hard drive. Don't you hate that?

They said that $67 was solid.

I decided to go COMPLETELY against the grain on this one. My friends are either going to shoot me or send me to a mental institution, but for a VERY LIMITED TIME, here's what I'm doing:

You Can Get Your Hands On Bandwidth Bling Bling For The
"I'm Kicking Myself Right Now " price of $29.97

Stop The Presses...

If You Are One Of The First 20 People To Get Their Copy On Monday, September 24, 2012, I'll Knock Another $10 Off Your Purchase Price...


Like I was telling you before, I want to get the ball rolling on this quickly, and you are going to help me do it, so what better way to say thank you than by giving you a big discount. I will be upfront with you though, this offer will not remain here for very long. This manual will make great money for quite a few people, and we all know that it takes money to make money. Something this profitable CAN NOT be "given away" like this for too long.

The reality is, you earn a 100 profit just for selling one copy at the price that you will pay if you don't get your copy today... $29.97! Lock in your $10 discount now!

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