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Marketing With Content - Quality PLR Download

Marketing With Content - Quality PLR Download

Content Marketing Demystified:
How To Create Wealth And Permanently Boost Your Status
With One Simple But Solid Strategy!

...Don't Let Fatal Assumptions Blind You
To The Straightest Path To Success!


Subject: Master The Art Of Content Marketing To Create Your Own Personal Success Blueprint

Dear Marketing Entrepreneur,

Youre experienced, but you havent yet reached the heights of your own favorite marketing mentors and heroes. You wonder how they do it - and suspect that with your shoestring budget you might not be able to duplicate their success for a long while yet.

But its not about complicated marketing software. Its not about big budgets..

If you stop to analyze your marketing heroes, youll notice they all have one thing in common.

And when you finally stumble across the secret to their long term success, you realize its not thousands of dollars worth of software or advertising. Its not just the teams of super affiliates.

(After all, they had to start somewhere, in order to attract and manage those teams of super affiliates!)

So what did they have that set them above the rest?

How To Find The Missing Ingredient
To Internet Marketing Success:
The Simple Secret Everyone Misses

The truth is, thousands of internet marketers rush to set up business, hoping for easy money and instant success.

Even with a solid plan, another reason only a small proportion of marketers finally reach the top is equally simple. Too many marketers just dont possess:

  • The drive to succeed
  • An inquiring mind, always looking for new ideas and solutions
  • The ability to accept - and even give yourself - constructive criticism
  • A commitment to objective analysis
  • An ability to think outside the box - and push the obvious one step further
Yet at least one of these characteristics can work against even the most natural-born entrepreneur. Can you guess what it is?

Yes. When you are always looking for new ideas and solutions, its easy to:

  • Be easily distracted by enticing new offers and products
  • Forget the basics, modifying (and weakening!) your long term plan without even realizing it
Admittedly, its good to revisit your goals and objectives. Its smart to apply an analyzing mind to what works and what doesnt work.

But why make it difficult for yourself? Teach yourself to organically and automatically work from a solid blueprint, no matter which direction you decide to detour. A blueprint that will always make it easy for you to go with your own natural flow.

It doesnt matter whether you sell software or sardines, there is one thing your own favorite marketing heroes have in common.

The missing element, the single most solid strategy that creates an identity so strong it flows over into the arena of branding can be summed up in two simple words:

Content marketing.

The Real Secret
Successful Internet Entrepreneurs
Hope youll Never Discover

The truth is, the secret that lands a small percentage of marketers permanently at the head of the race is so simple, you may not even quite get it, when I tell you. You may even find yourself saying: Is that all?

Well, it is... and it isnt.

Im not just talking about killer copy here. The truth is, you can have the best-written copy in the world - but if its misdirected, it doesnt do a thing!

Its not enough just to provide good content for your blog or web pages. Its not enough to write or commission professionally written sales letters.

You have to have content that consistently stands out from the crowd.

And thats not just a result of good writing.

Thats not even completely covered by being original.

You have to create consistent content your readers will unfailingly find easy to remember, trust and crave.

With one simple, unique twist.

Copy that does this provides the single most important element making you easy to remember, trust - and purchase from. Your emails will stand out from the crowd in your customers inbox subject lists, and your name will be a reference point they measure all other marketers by.

Dont believe me yet?

Think of your favorite marketing heroes.

Think of yourself checking out an offer you normally wouldnt give the time of day to, if the name in the Sender box was just one of the usual crowd that floods your inbox.

Think of yourself opening the email instantly - not even waiting to check it later!

Because this email came from a marketer you always trust.

Are you getting it yet?

How Do You Create Content That Turns You Into A Superstar?

The truth is, the secret that lands a small percentage of marketers permanently at the head of the race is so simple, you may not even quite get it, when I tell you. You may even find yourself saying: Is that all?

Well, it is... and it isnt.

Marketing with content is more than just writing documents.

Thinking of content as a long term marketing strategy rather than just necessary words for each individual project can help you:

  • Create content that contains one unique twist your competitors just wont see
  • Stand out from the crowd - even when the crowd is "top drawer"
  • Keep yourself constantly in your target market's sights
  • Decide which type of content media is best for each particular goal or purpose
  • Ensure you're right there surfing the exact same wavelength as your target market
  • Know how to be ahead of the game to give them what they want - even when they dont know what that is, themselves

You see, who you are as an internet marketing entrepreneur has a direct bearing on how successful youll be.

The one attribute content can give you that makes you stand out from the rest?

A strong identity..

And content marketing helps you create that identity. Your clients will feel they really know you.

Marketing With Content
Is A Basic Long-Term Strategy
You Wont Even Have To Think About
- Once Youve Learned How To Use It

You can bet the six-figure guys discovered this secret long ago.

Marketing with content is the one basic that doesnt change.

Because its so tailored to what your ideal customer wants, they feel as if youre their best friend.

Ive written my 30-page special report, Marketing With Content: The Online Business Owners Blueprint For Long-Term Success, to show you how to easily set up your content strategy, learn to apply it - and then forget it, as it becomes second nature.

Effective content marketing is the one marketing strategy that will remain evergreen and unchanging, once you learn the basic rules and ropes, and how to apply them in any situation.

Marketing With Content: The Online Business Owners Blueprint For Long-Term Success will speedily teach you:

  • The one essential ingredient your eBooks must contain, to drive traffic to your site and provide measurable results
  • 3 ingredients newsletters must have - and what key factor about your readership makes this triple approach essential
  • 7 secrets to writing the perfect article - use all of them, and youll have a sure fire winner, even if youre not an experienced writer
  • How to motivate your affiliates by making it enjoyable - and easy - for them to drive sales and traffic to your sites
  • The secret sales team that sells for you even when you have no affiliates
  • The best way to fast-track strong lead generation
  • The 3 double whammies you can inject in your squeeze pages to make signup irresistible
  • The 2 most important obstacles you must overcome to create copy that does your marketing for you - and how to overcome them
  • What To Do When Content Is Not King
    And Your Copy Is Not "Killer"

    But wait, you say. Im not a writer.

    Let me reassure you: Its not about who can write the best.

    Its about who can write the most effectively.

    Too many people get hung up on the words.

    Its not just about the words. Its about what the words should always do.

    You can reach the reader, and turn them into a fan by making that connection. It doesnt matter if you write material yourself, or commission the best of the best to do it.

    In the end, the words have to speak with your voice.

    And you do this by knowing how content works - and applying these principles consistently.

    My special report, Marketing With Content: The Online Business Owners Blueprint For Long-Term Success, can show you all the elements you need to include - and check - to see if you're on target.

    In every situation.

    With every type of content media.

    Because each different content media type is:

    • Best suited for a specific purpose
    And each different content media type has to:
    • Measure up against a unique, specific checklist
    Marketing With Content: The Online Business Owners Blueprint For Long-Term Success takes the mystery out of content creation and shows you how to make it speak with your voice - no matter what the media.

    But Dont Just Take My Word For It...


    You could take months or even years to learn the most effective way to market with content.

    My 30-page special report lets you do it instantly.

    Once youve grasped the basic principles and methods - and opened your mind to taking that important step beyond the obvious that everyone always seems to miss - youll be excited at how easy it is to let your content do your marketing for you in a consistently focused way.

    And you can use Marketing With Content: The Online Business Owners Blueprint For Long-Term Success as precisely that - a meat-and-potatoes blueprint you can use to make sure you always stay on target.

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    I personally guarantee that you will be absolutely delighted with your copy of Marketing With Content: The Online Business Owners Blueprint For Long-Term Success I invite you to test-drive the techniques in this report for 30 days. If you are not absolutely thrilled with the information, you can change your maybe to an emphatic NO and get a FULL 100 refund of your purchase.

    No one will ask you any questions. No Hassle. No 'fine print'. Simple and straightforward; you are 100 delighted with what you will get from this report, or I want you to ask for a full refund.

    Think of the marketing entrepreneur experts you yourself admire, and notice how cohesive their content always manages to be.

    Think of how clearly you know what they excel in producing, and what you can look forward to and expect every time you buy one of their products.

    Thats because the key word in their strategy isnt just content... its marketing.

    Just think. Moments from now, you could be sipping your favorite hot drink while settling down for a well-deserved break to read invaluable tips and tricks such as:

    • 10 key areas of content marketing you can dominate
    • 5 unique ways to use Social Networking to strengthen your credibility
    • Secrets to watching your articles organically vault to the top of the search engines
    • The secret use for any special report that will swell your list, if used properly
    • A surefire way to capture your reader's attention and motivate them to buy
    • How to plan an eBook and inject it with vital elements - to make it a best seller
    • 2 tips for making an instant connection with your reader - every time

    And thats just mentioning a bare handful of my tips and strategies.

    In addition, its as important to know what to avoid, as much as what to do.

    My special report will alert you to the biggest hidden danger that suckers in even seasoned internet marketers - and how you can use your awareness to turn this into your biggest strength.

    And because I use all these strategies and pointers myself, my special report is an easy and inspiring read.

    (Go ahead and read it for yourself!)

    Stop watching 20 of the other marketers get 80 of the business. If youre tired of struggling and just watching your list grow (and shrink) by whispers and sighs, order your copy of Marketing With Content: The Online Business Owners Blueprint For Long-Term Success right now, while youre still reading this page. (Hey, youve made it this far - your subconscious has obviously been struck by what Ive been saying.)

    Put yourself safely into the fast lane, once and for all.

    Marketing With Content: The Online Business Owners Blueprint To Long-Term Success

    Yes! Id like to create solid marketing strategies and a strong identity my customers will trust, by learning the art of marketing with content.

    I understand I can try Marketing With Content: The Online Business Owners Blueprint For Long-Term Success 100 risk free for 30 
    days, at your special price of [INSERT PRICE]
    Order Now!
    (Only $[INSERT PRICE])


    Are you ready to stop watching money flow out of your pocket on complex systems and programs that never come close to giving you what they claim - and what you paid for?

    If your answer is Yes, set yourself up for solid - and lasting - success right now by investing in my simple but rock solid secrets of content marketing.

    Yours Sincerely,


    P.S. Learn a trick to add extra zest to your copy with 4 easy spices. Learn the 7-point checklist for every article you write or commission. Learn secrets like these - and more - by [CLICKING HERE TO ORDER NOW].

    P.S. What have you got to lose? Move yourself ahead of that 80 who always keep trying but never seem to make it by [CLICKING HERE TO ORDER NOW].

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