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Miracle Forex Secrets - Affiliate Program! - Quality PLR Download
Want to earn a generous payout each and every time you refer someone to our site?

Want to pay off a bill, help pay the rent or even earn a little income on the side for rainy days?

With our affiliate program you will get paid for every single sale that you refer. How much you earn is entirely up to you and with our generous payout, you'll be making more money than us!


Step #1 - Sign Up With ClickBank!

If you haven't already, sign up and create a free affiliate account with ClickBank. They will pay you your commissions accurately on time, every time. You will receive your commissions by check on a bi-weekly basis. Stay with them longer and you'll have a wire transfer option available!

Step #2 - Grab Your Affiliate Link!

Your affiliate link is

Simply replace CLICKBANKID with your ClickBank nickname.

If you would like to track where your sales have come from, simply add ?tid=XXXXX to the end of your affiliate link like so:

- where XXXXX is a alpha-numberic string to up 24 characters in length.

Step #3 - Promote!

Below you will find all tools you'll need to get started. As a minimum requirement we recommend that you learn how cloak your affiliate link, how to set up a basic blog with WordPress and know a little about HTML to integrate the banners and graphics into your site. Free internet marketing training videos are available at

You have full permission to use all the resources below and modify them as long as they are used to promote this site. With that said, happy promoting!


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Email #1

Subject: Getting Rid Of Expenses And Debt

Hi {!firstname_fix}

If you are like most people, your cash
flow is simply flowing through your
hands every month. Because most of it
is spent on your monthly living
expenses, this means that if you have
only a linear-income you must keep
working every single month to pay your
monthly bills.

Take a look at the following rules, to
get a better idea of what things should
be like:

- Cash pays for the goodies, or
Happiness is a positive cash flow!

- Cash inflow must be greater than cash

- Residual cash flow is better than
linear cash flow.

- While we say time = money, assets are
what produce money. The greater the
assets, the greater the cash flow. Feed
your assets so your assets can feed
you! - Wealth is a function of cash
flow over time.

- Cash must be generated from more than
one source of wealth. Income must feed
wealth-producing assets, which in turn
produce more cash flow.

- Taxes are cash flows nemesis. Use
the tax code to increase cash flow.
Dont allow taxes to use your cash
flow. - You cant create more time, but
you can buy it back.

- Financial independence does not equal
financial freedom. Owning your own
business does not necessarily make you

- Positive cash flow must not depend on
your efforts alone.

- Associate with successful, cash-flow
producing people. Ask them to take you
under their wing. Learn what they do
and step into their shoes.

Money does not make you happy, however,
money is ONE of the stumbling blocks of
achieving happiness, along with
knowledge, faith, time and health. This
list is a list of truths that, once
learned, will help you on your way to
financial freedom.

The essence of successful cash flow
management is regulating the money
flowing in and out of your wallet.
Sounds simple doesn't it? It really is,
but very few people take the time to
keep track of what actually comes in
and goes out each month.

Follow the link below to find out




Email #2

Subject: Buying Mortgages

Hi {!firstname_fix}

Buying discounted notes can generate
residual income just like methods used
by financial markets on Wall Street,
only on a smaller scale. Have you ever
heard of Mortgage Securities?

They follow the strategy I am about to
show you but on a billion dollar a year
scale. If it can work for them, surely
it can work for you!

Certain pieces of information become
public knowledge when a home is sold.
These items include:

1. Price
2. Taxes
3. Liens
4. Buyers Name
5. Sellers Name
6. Amount of Mortgage
7. Names of Lenders

All of this information can be found at
your County Courthouse or the Clerks

Let's say you find a property valued at
$80,000. The seller is retiring, owns
the place free and clear (no mortgages)
and wants to buy a condo in Florida for
$30,000. You suggest that he invest the
balance of his equity into seasoned
mortgages worth $50,000 and paying 10
interest, with monthly payments of
about $500 per month to supplement his
Social Security. This income will NOT
affect his Social Security. He agrees.

Now, locate a mortgage with a $50,000+
face value, at 10 interest with
monthly payments of at least $500.
Offer the mortgage holder $35,000 cash,
to be paid at closing. The note is to
be placed into escrow along with signed
a copy of the agreement (preferably

At closing, your bank (if YOU are
buying the property) or your buyer's
bank (if you are selling to a third
party - see "Double Escrows") puts up
the money for a first mortgage of 90
of the price, or $72,000. From this

- You pay $35,000 for the note. The
note seller goes home, happy.

- You pay the seller of the property
$30,000 cash and give him the $50,000
in mortgage(s). He goes home, happy.

- There is $7,000 left "on the table".
This belongs to you, along with $8,000
in equity in the property (the
difference between the $72,000 mortgage
and the $80,000 value). If you bought
and sold simultaneously at a double
escrow, you would walk away with
$15,000 cash

- in other words, the $7,000 left on
the table and the $8,000 equity you
sold to your buyer (his down payment).

Follow the link below to find out




Email #3

Subject: Profit From Foreclosures

Hi {!firstname_fix}

Although there is less liquidity with
real estate, some folks prefer what
they can see, touch and feel. As in
most areas of life decisions are made
with facts. They are confirmed with
emotion. One way to have tangible
property earning residual income is
through foreclosures.

Foreclosure is simply what happens when
you dont pay your bills on your
mortgage. The lenders want their money
and they take actions to get it, often
by selling the house.

My number one recommendation in this
KNOWLEDGEABLE before you act! Go to
seminars. Read books. Visit web sites.
Attend auctions. Talk to professionals.
Join investment clubs. Become as
knowledgeable as possible before you
decide to act!

Most of the homework you need to do is
at your local level. What are the
tenant-landlord laws? What rules apply
for late payment and eviction? Are
there rent controls? Look up on the
Internet to get a hold of local
landlord and real estate specialty
interest groups. Foreclosure law is
formulated at the state level. Since
each state has unique laws and time
lines, you must read up and ask! Some
states have mortgages. Some have deeds
of trust.

The foreclosure process goes through 3
distinct phases:

1. Pre-foreclosure
2. Foreclosure at auction
3. Post-foreclosure (the property goes
back on the books with the lender. The
lender wants cash not property.)

In order to make money this way, you
need to know about the foreclosures
BEFORE they become public knowledge.

Follow the link below to find out




Email #4

Subject: Tax Liens

Hi {!firstname_fix}

A tax lien happens when you have not
paid your taxes to the local
municipality. They will issue a lien
against your property that says the
property cant be sold or change
ownership until the lien has been
satisfied. A tax sale differs from a
foreclosure in that when the public
authority offers the property for sale
to satisfy a tax lien, the successful
bidder buys the right to own the
property if the property owner does not
repay him.

There are three types of liens:

1. Judgments or judicial liens, which
result from a lawsuit by a creditor. In
New Jersey, once these judgments are
docketed in the Superior Court, they
become liens on real estate.

2. Statutory liens, the most common
example of which are IRS or
county/state tax liens, and property
tax liens.

3. Consensual liens, such as mortgages.

You dont have to be an attorney to
understand liens any more than you have
to be a mechanic to drive a car. But be
forewarned! I suggest you ALWAYS
consult with an attorney to dot the is
and cross the ts. You must decide,
based on your research, whether to do
the deal.

#1: You dont pay your local taxes.

#2: The local government puts a lien on
the property for the unpaid taxes that
prohibits sale or transfer without

#3: Government auctions tax lien
certificates to compensate for the
unpaid taxes. You bid. (NOTE: Always
physically check out the property and
do lien, judgment and title searches
before you buy.)

#4: Lowest interest bid, or fixed
interest to the highest bidder.

#5: What if the property owner doesnt
satisfy the lien? In some states, the
tax lien certificate owner just applies
for and gets the deed. In other states,
the property is auctioned. Need 10
cash, with the remainder in 30 days.
You bid the unpaid taxes plus interest
due you.

This is a true scenario. A tax
purchaser purchased a lien on a piece
of commercial property for $12,000. The
property was owned by unknown owners,
which all the proper notices were sent
out and there was no redemption. He
acquired the property, which was valued
to be over $350,000.00. His return was
over 29 times his investment.

Arizona pays certificate holders 16
interest. At the end of 20 years, a
$2,000 would have grown to more than
$30,000 with tax-deferred earnings.

Follow the link below to find out




Email #5

Subject: Rental Income

Hi {!firstname_fix}

Another way to produce residual income
through real estate is as an investment
property. The two biggest values of
rental income are the actual cash flow
from the rent and the fact that
property values increase.

To use this method, you buy a property
with income. By income, I mean a
POSITIVE cash flow. I am sure you
realize that asking the owner of the
property whether it has a positive cash
flow may not yield the whole truth,
particularly if the answer is no! So,
how do you find out the truth?

You ask them to show you the bank
records for the past 5 years and the
expenses for the past 5 years. If they
dont have them or wont show them to
you, simply walk away from the deal. If
they do show you the records, you
simply add up the income per year to
get net income and add up the expenses
per year to get the net expenses.
Subtract the net operating expenses
from the net income to give you the net
operating income. Now subtract the debt
service fees and that gives you the
cash flow.

Just as in foreclosures, you need to be
known as the buyer. Get known by the
CPAs, attorneys, real estate brokers,
mortgage companies, refinance
companies, and anyone else that may be
in the know about rental properties
before these deals get out to the
general public. Essentially, you need
to have these plump deals referred to


Lets take a look at a real life
example. I have a friend who found out
about a Co-op in the same neighborhood
with the United Nations. The Co-op was
300 sq ft and going for $100,000. That
is not a misprint! Trust me, this is
prime real estate!

She financed $79,200 and since she had
at least 20 down, she didnt have to
have personal mortgage insurance (PMI).
The debt service costs her $6403 per
year. During her first year, she made
$1107 or 4.5 return. During her second
year, however, she didnt incur any
closing costs, so she had $5683 or
22.9 return. As the years went along,
the rental prices increased somewhat
and she went from a 25.3 return in
year three to a 30.6 return in year 5.
Her five-year pretax average return was

If you had one of these deals each year
for the next ten years, you would make
$7500 cash flow per year per deal. That
means that after the last deal, you
would have a positive cash flow of
$75,000. Now, lets assume that you do
not wish to be the one who maintains
these ten properties. You can hire a
general repairman for $30,000 and still
make $45,000 with no hassles!

Follow the link below to find out





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