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VIP Cart Help - Quality PLR Download

VIP Cart Help - Quality PLR Download
Help Section of VIP Cart
Section 1: How to install
Section 2: Understanding the Application
Section 1: How to install

The installation is very easy. It's a step-by-step process as written below:

  1. Double-click on the VIP Cart 1.0.exe and follow the instructions to run the setup.
  2. Click on VIP Cart 1.0.exe from Start > Programs > VIP Cart > VIP Cart 1.0' to install the script on your server.
  3. Provide your serial-key (if you have not yet registered) or provide your username and email-id (if you have registered earlier).
  4. The following screen would come up:

  5. Click on Upload Script to upload the files.
  6. Change the permission of "https://www.tradebit.com.php" files as shown in the flash demo.
  7. Click on "click here for further configuration" for configuring the server.
  8. After the script has been installed successfully, click on Remove Install Folder' to remove the 'install' folder.
Watch our step-by-step video to see how it actually works!!

Admin Section: This is for the e-commerce gurus who want to set-up their online shopping site. Through this, they can manage the site in very easy steps.
  • User Section: This is the interface for the customers. This is in turn would be the actual shopping site through with customers could see products and order them.
  • We will explain both these sections separately.

    A) Admin Section:

    This section deals with the VIP Cart's site management. The administrator or the owner of the site will have the access to this and use this to manage the site.

    Watch our step-by-step video to see how it works!!

    The whole information can even be exported in a CSV' format, for further user. For this, you need to click on

    ii. Edit Category : Use to edit/modify the existing category name.

    iii. Delete Category : Use to delete the existing category name. But it should be keep in mind, that all the products within that category will also get deleted.

    The screen for Edit/Delete Category is as shown below:

    You need to provide following inputs:

    • Number of Coupons: Total number of coupons that you want to generate. All, such coupons will have different coupon-id but would be valid for same criteria.
    • Status: Keep it active, if you want the generated coupons to be valid, otherwise they would be generated but can't be used.
    • Discount: The percent value you want to give as discount.
    • Expires: Date till when these generated coupons should be treated as valid.
    • Apply on Sub-Total: Minimum purchase amount in dollars for which these coupons can be used.

  • Edit/Send Coupon : This section lists all the unsent coupons. Also, Administrator can send the coupon to particular user. He can even edit or delete the specified coupon.

    The coupon can be deleted at any point of time. If the unused and send coupon is deleted, then the user can't use that coupon any more.

    4) Payment Section:

    The application supports five payment gateways, which can be made active or inactive as per the preferences.

    The description about the inputs required is as below:

    Shipping Name : E.g. if he is going to provide three transportation modes (air, road and hand delivery ), then he can specify following shipping methods:

    • By Air
    • By Road
    • Hand Delivery

    Shipping Time : This would specify total time required for the shipment. E.g may be for shipping by airways, it is going to take 1 day, but shipping the same product by road it would take 5 days. Then you can specify two different methods with name and time as below:

    Name Time Airways 1 day By Road 5 days


    Status : This would make the method active or inactive. If the method is active, then the customer can see and select this method for his order, else he won't even able to know about it.

    As, the shipping price depends on the weight of the order also, so, we need to specify the weight range with their respective charges for each method. As until then, the method would never be listed on the User's module. This can be provided by either clicking on Click here' as soon as a new method is added, or clicking on +' for the shipping method for which you want to add more shipping details. Also, always try to give all the possible ranges. You can use following tips to add the ranges:

    Range Weight From Weight To 500 lbs and below 0 500 500 1000 lbs 0 1000 1000lbs and above 1000

  • View Method : This lists all the available method with their full details. Also, admin can edit any of the details any time as per his preferences. Shipping Details can be added/edited and deleted from here also. For this, you need to click on the Shipping Method Name. Also, just for adding more details, you can click on +' for that shipping method.
  • 7) Order Section : It deals with all the orders, which has been made till date. This section has four sub-sections depending on the status of the order.

      View All Orders: Displays all the orders till date .
      View New Orders: Displays all the new orders, whose processing is not yet started.
      View Processing Orders: Displays all such orders, which are under the process.
      View Shipped Orders: Displays all the orders, which have been shipped/completed till date.

    In all these sub-categories, you can search particular type of orders on the basis of one or more information like order no., username and status of the order.

    User can even take print out of the particular order by using the print link.

    On clicking the order no., the detailed order gets displayed. Also, the user can update the status of that order in this screen.

    8)  Settings Section:

    Here, admin can change the settings for the application.

    It has three sub-categories:

      Password Settings : Admin can change the password for the admin module.

      Site Settings : The settings related to the site where the shopping cart application has been uploaded.

    1. Site Name : This can be any text. The text specified here will be treated as the name of the application everywhere.
    2. Home URL : The URL for the User Module needs to be specified here. You need to be careful for providing the path properly.
    3. Email From : This will be shown in the From' field of all the auto-generated emails.
    4. Admin Email : The feedback/message send bu the user through Contact Us' would be send to this email-id.

      Email Settings : The auto-generated emails or messages are listed here. They can be edited also. The purpose of each message is as below:

    1. FORGET_PASS: When a registered user forgets his password to login and ask for the same, then this message is send to him as email.
    2. REG_SUCCESS_MESSAGE: When new user registers then, this message will be send as email to this user.
    3. INVOICE_MAIL: Whenever a user place an order, then the invoice copy is sent to him through email. The message body is retrieved from here.
    4. SEND_COUPON: When admin sends a discount coupon to some user, then it is send in this message through email.

      Text Settings : The auto-generated messages, which are shown on the client's module, are listed here. They can be edited also. The purpose of each message is as below:

    1. PRIVACY_STATEMENT: This message will be shown in the Privacy Statement' in the User's Module.
    2. NEW_MEMBER: When new user registers then, this message will be displayed on the screen after successful registration.


    9) Content management Section :

    Admin can customize the look-and-feel of the customer/user screen. This is done by applying different them to the screen. This section deals with adding and applying a different theme.

    It has two sub-categories:

    1. Change Theme : Through this interface, you can view all the available theme and can even set one on the Customer/User Module.
    2. Add New Theme : Through this new theme can be added for future settings. But for this, you need to upload the TPL on the server at location:


    B) Customer/User Section:

    This is the interface for the user/customer end, through which the customer can view and place an order to purchase the products.

    Watch our step-by-step video to see how it works!!

    In case, you forget your password, then you need to click on Recover Password' and need to specify your username. Your password would be emailed to you.

  • About Products and Categories:

    Any user can view the products by clicking on the category listed in the left-panel of the screen. If there is any featured product, then that will be listed on the Home Page irrespective of the category.

    Each product is shown with its small image and brief description along with its price and weight as shown below:

  • About Cart and how to place an Order?:

    Once the products has been added to the cart. Click on the View Cart' to see all the added products.

  • About Discount Coupons:

    Registered users receive the Discount Coupons through email and the user can avail it on purchasing products from the site provided the coupon is valid. The validity of the coupon depends on the following criteria:

      The coupon is not expired
      The coupon is not yet used
      The coupon number is valid
      The total purchase is above or at least equal to the amount for which the discount is allowed.

  • Advanced Search:


    If you require help setting up or using VIP Cart at any time, you can access the online help center 24 hours a day at: https://www.tradebit.com

    If you need any further assistance, you can access our Technical Support Team at: https://www.tradebit.com

    I hope you enjoy this exciting new software!

    Best of luck!

    Copyright: The Internet Marketing Profits Center, Inc.

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