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MP3 Pheo Rose - Soul Pulses

Extending in length 6 of the pieces from Soul Bridge, very soothing music opens inner energies, and then builds in tempo, energizing and integrating the listener; this is also the 2nd cd in a Journey to self integration series using music.

6 MP3 Songs
NEW AGE: Relaxation, NEW AGE: Spiritual

Pheo Rose Bio

 Sometime between ages 10 and 11, and somewhere in the swirl of bologna and liverwurst that was brought into our house of poverty, came an upright piano. Once here, the old and cracked veneer was stripped off, but nothing ever replaced it. That was “home” then, people and things stripped of what they had, and not much could be given to produce new luster.
I buried my fingers into the piano keys as I unburied emotions through playing. Eight months of lessons almost completely undid any love for the piano. I announced that the only way I would keep with the instrument was “my way,” Without intention, the piano became my “sounding board” for life’s confusion, as well as my confessor receiving all the pain and hurt and troubling thoughts. In so many ways time at the piano was my single intimate companion to whom I could reach out with the most vulnerable of feelings.
My childhood was a life of great scarcity of everything nurturing, and my twenties bore the child of this – personal agony. My intimate companion was there for me; always taking the depth of feeling, and helping me express it musically. I added flute for those times in Nature’s Sanctuary. People who heard my music sat quietly and always seemed to comment, “Don’t Stop.” I realized then that the depth that I reached for connected with others as well. So I started paying more attention and remembering more of the “original” pieces that poured out of me.

 Since 1973 solo piano, flute, and Celtic harp music has been performed where its depth of feeling could most help others – weddings, church services, retreats, prayer circles, earth day events, etc.
 Since 1989 composed music that would express and support others in the exquisite inner journey to their soul and full self integration. The first three of these cds will be released in 2007, with two more to be released by 2008.
 Decades of Studying and Journeying the “Way” of the mystics has merged with my music to offer the spiritual journey to full self integration using music as a primary tool.

ABOUT THIS STYLE OF MUSIC with its CL (Contemplative Listening) MODE:

Stereo recorded music has been around for decades. The CL mode purposely makes use of the stereo by providing instrumental tracks at various points in the 180 degrees of right to left channels. The result is that the instrumental “voices” can be heard more distinctly. Listening and holding as many of the instrumental voices as possible while integrating them simultaneously into a oneness may help the listener to focus more deeply into the music.
Also, this listening skill can help discipline and focus the mind, as well as lead to hearing the deeper parts of the mind and soul. At almost any given conscious moment we have streams of sensory stimuli, and any related associations, as well as inner thoughts and desires that compete for our full attention. Learning to distinguish and integrate all the stimuli, thoughts, and desires is a skill that wisdom literature begs humanity to learn. “Chariots without drivers,” “Scattered and fragmenting egos,”and “ships without rudders” are just some of the images used for describing human minds without such skill. Using the CL mode while listening to the music can begin to teach the listener how to hold together all the separate “voices” of stimuli, thoughts, and desires simultaneously, and quiet them. Once consciousness is “reined in,” there is access to the deeper levels of mind, and the soft, eternal, voice of the soul.
With these experiences comes greater opportunity for the fullness of self integration.


These are extended and developed versions of some of the pieces from Soul Bridge. They offer you the opportunity to enter more deeply into the "pulse" of each piece:

Breathe Longer (10:36) Get centered.

Open Wider (10:02) Stay centered despite more complexity.

Unite With More (10:38) Hold more life in your expanded center.

Move Freer (9:12) With your expanded center, feel the vibrancy and freeness of being. OKAY, LET’S GO WITH THIS 

Dance More (4:28) Add rhythm to your freer self.

Play Fuller (10:19) Experience the essence of Joy.

Renew, Refresh, Reunite, and Revitalize


All is One, and the One is Expressed
in a Myriad of Rhythms and Harmonies.

This album was created to give you a variety of listening experiences:

 You can simply enjoy this music as easy listening.
 You can let the music bring you from a place of quiet to one that pulses with vibrant rhythms.
 You can continue the journey to self integration that you began with the Soul Bridge CD, increasing your capacity to hold more than one focus and enabling you to enter more deeply into the focus being held.

More About Each Piece:

Breathe Longer: Your physical breathing is part of the "Breath of Life," that subtle energy coursing through all life. Focus on both your breathing and the musical voices. Can you bring them together into oneness? This piece, like many of the pieces that follow, is almost 3 times longer than the version on Soul Bridge. Work to hold your focus longer.

Open Wider: Awareness begins with openness. As you open to the music, notice the warmth of your body. That warmth comes from millions of cells actively working in you that you may live. So too on this planet are millions of lives. Open to the realization that just as millions of individual cells are integrated to make up your body, so millions of lives make up life on earth.

Unite With More: Our perception tends to fragment stimuli for easier processing. Instead, use the part of your mind that knows and can connect with the oneness of all.

Move Freer: United with more of life, experience an increased vibrancy and freeness of being.

Dance More: When we dance, we move with the rhythms of life’s pulse, and this piece has plenty of rhythm.

Play Fuller: Experiencing the oneness of self, soul, and all life is a Joy that can heal and revitalize. This piece celebrates such joy.

The Journey to Self Integration Continues:

The journey begins with Soul Bridge.
In Soul Bridge, you come to the place of holding not just one focus, but two or more. The musical pieces are short because holding such attention takes effort.

It continues with Soul Pulses (this album).
Now you are ready to extend the time and depth of focus, which brings these new challenges.
 Dealing with Distractions. While listening to these longer pieces, you may find inner voices intruding on the musical voices. Once you have decided to focus, quiet the inner voices. Note which inner voices intrude the most, and then bring your focus back to the music.
 Staying Focused Longer. There is also an increased quality of focus you can find now. The longer you can stay focused the more of the deeper mind is tapped into. Try to become "one" with the music.
 Focusing without Judging. Can you be as comfortable and focused with a slow pulse as with a lively one? Try to find that place in your mind that lets you focus without judgment. You may find you like some pieces less than others, but can you hold all equally?

The Journey moves to the next level with Soul Yoga
You will need all you learn with Soul Pulses to be ready for this musical place.

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