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*NEW!* How To Be A Master List Builder And Triple. Your Opt-In List In 99 Days Or Less by Joel Christopher

"Joel Christopher is the list building king on the Internet!"

- Mike Litman, Co-Author of the #1 International Best-Seller

"Conversations with Millionaires"

DISCOVER The Greatest Marketing Secret NEVER Told Until Now...

Here's How YOU Can Learn...

"How To Become A MASTER LIST BUILDER And Learn How To Build Your Own High Quality, 100% Targeted Optin (Contact) List to GUARANTEE Yourself

a Constant Flow of PROFITS Every Month!"

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

What do you think is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your online marketing business?

Is it the product?

Is it your website?

Or is it your sales letter or ad copy?

No, no, no... It's your LIST!

I don't care how great a product is...

how pretty your site is...or how compelling your ad copy is.

They're worthless...if you don't have ANYONE to sell to!

On the Internet, the total value of your business resides in your LIST.

Without YOUR list, you have NOTHING. The bigger the list, the greater your value.

How would you like to learn how to build your own Huge,

High-Quality & 100% Targeted Opt-in list?
"I sat in on Joel's list building class at a recent Bootcamp and I have to say he was incredible. Everything he taught was right on the money...and he has put together many of the best list building strategies into one easy to follow system. If you want to build a list quick, then contact Joel Christopher."

- Terry Dean

President of https://www.tradebit.com and https://www.tradebit.com

How would you like to discover how I TRIPLED my own opt-in list from 10,292 to 30,903 in ONLY 99 Days?

Would you like me to tell you how YOU can, too?

If I could show you a fool-proof, simple, step-by-step, connect-the-dots, easy-to-follow list-building system, would you be interested?

I was recently interviewed on a radio show called
"How To Get Rich On The Internet". Here's what
the host Ted Ciuba said:
"Rush, go get a couple pens, a highliter,
and a legal pad...Pour a cup of coffee and
glue your butt to making thorough notes!

If building your "list" is the most important
thing you can ever do to ensure you can earn
Internet Money On Demand, this is one guest
you don't want to miss!!

Joel Christopher reveals how to build your
100% opt-in list so that you can make a
fortune online with your own Internet
Money-On-Demand Machine!"

Right after the interview, here's what Ted told me:

"Hey Joel,

You were great today!
Really, I got several phone calls saying so.
Thanks for everything!"

- Ted Ciuba,


Every Internet Marketing Expert and Guru I’ve met, listened and learned from AGREE:


And I’ve met and learned from many of them personally. I’ve read all their books, listened to their tapes and yes, sat at their LIVE seminars…I’ve been to at least 15 and spoken at 5 live seminars.

You can ask Internet Marketing Experts Corey Rudl, Jonathan Mizel, Marlon Sanders, Terry Dean, Yanik Silver, Jimmy D. Brown, Armand Morin and they’ll tell you…

Even Direct Response Marketing Gurus like Alex Mandossian, Dan Kennedy, Ron LeGrand and Robert Allen will agree:

"Your MONEY is in Your LIST!"

Failure to build a Good, High-quality opt-in list will lead to your failure.

Amateurs, lose sleep over the product...

You very well know that products are dime-a-dozen. Savvy marketers FOCUS on becoming a MASTER LISTBUILDER & build their own massive high-quality opt-in list FAST!

Yet, for the Newbie Netpreneur, and even for the Advanced Internet Marketer, building the list is the MOST DIFFICULT part of the whole business...

...Until NOW!

"I've spent over $40,000.00 to find out the secrets of the Marketing Masters...everybody from Jay Abraham to Dan Kennedy...from Corey Rudl to Marlon Sanders and more. Each and every one of them are excellent. And they all stress you're in the business of acquiring customers.

But it took Joel Christopher waking me up to the
greatest moneymaking secret of my lifetime for me
to finally get, "... It's the List, Stupid!!!"

Why didn't I quite "get it" before?
Because I never had the opportunity to listen to
somebody who could so effectively communicate that building my List is the total, absolute answer to my entire Business success.

Where before I was uncertain, now I know exactly
what to do. I've been on a high ever since.

It's like I've had my eyes opened to the Holy Grail of making money! Because now I can see so clearly that the money is in the List!

But don't just listen to me. I'm only relaying a message. Joel Christopher's THE Messenger. And wait till you hear what he's got to say. I guarantee you that he's going to open up a whole new world for you. One where you honestly
achieve the enviable position of making money and genuinely helping people in a total win/win scenario."

- Michael Parsons,



"How To Be A Master ListBuilder And Triple

Your Opt-In List In 99 Days Or Less"

by Joel Christopher

Order now through our Secure Server & get instant access!

In this BRAND-NEW, Groundbreaking and revealing Audio eBook,



How I TRIPLED My OPT-IN LIST From 10,292 to 30,903 in 99 Days!

What are the 6 STRONG REASONS Why You Must Build Your Own HUGE Opt-in List

How To Effectively TARGET Buyers To Your Products or Services

How to capture the attention, minds, hearts and wallets of your Target Market

How To Guarantee Sales in Your Own PROFIT Pipeline

How to use your site's traffic to help build your list
* How to use traffic from other sites (for FREE) to build your list

The secret of how to milk more money from your list

Read what George Callens, one of my long-term clients himself, had to say:
"Joel, It really makes me feel good when I read in your ezine that you are now going to start coaching 47 people.

...It makes me feel good for them.

You kicked me off my ass-ets and had me start my newsletter 9 months ago. With your coaching, I went from 2 subscribers (you and me) to 40 friends and relatives (who had no choice but to subscribe) to about 30,000 opt-in names and growing.

I still have more to learn... and you still have more to teach me. Even with all that help I feel that your on-line coaching will help me to achieve even higher goals."

-George Callens, https://www.tradebit.com

But wait...there's MUCH, MUCH MORE!

I'll even share many REVEALING strategies on...


How to attract 1,000's of subscribers for FREE!

How I TRIPLED my own List in ONLY 99 days!

How to make money and build your list at the same time
* How To Effectively Build Your List While Building Your Credibility At The same Time

Here's what one Veteran Internet Marketer had to say about the information I shared in this never-before-released work:
"Hi Joel,

I just had to write after attending your tele-class on Master List Building tonight.

All I can say is "totally awesome".
I've been online since April 1997 and I thought I knew every way there was to build a list, but I was wrong. I learned so much in those 70 minutes that I foresee my list of nearly 55,000 going to at least 75,000 in a very short time. Thank you so much."


- Angela Smith, https://www.tradebit.com

In addition, you'll also learn...


How To Exponentially Grow Your List Through COOPETITION

How to build your list using little known exotic sounding methods, such as: Fusion and Co-Registration.
* Many of the top names on the Internet do not know how to do this. They are paying me to teach them how to do it. You're learning it before many of these top experts!

The secrets used by 2 unknown self-published authors who took their first book to the # 1 spot on the Amazon "Big List"...with a ZERO advertising budget.
"My good friend Joel.

How do I thank you for showing me how to use your simple 'List Building System'that exploded the size of the opt-in subcribers to my newsletter?

Did I say exploded? That's too tame a word! 'Nuked' is more like it! Here's why...

Back in November of 2001, I sent out the first issue of "The Home Grown Biz Advocate" to a list of EIGHT people. And FOUR of the list were -- ME!

Today, not even 3 months later, my eZine goes out three times a week to - get ready for this - OVER 10,000 OPT-IN excited Subscribers!

People often ask me how did I grow my ezine list so rapidly.

Ahhh, I say...

"Get a hold of my dear friend Joel Christopher!"

Beg Joel to show you his simple 'List Building System'.Pay Joel any amount of money he asks for. It will be a bargain!

Joel I'm excited that you've decided to share your simple methods with the rest of the internet community.

Your methods will work for anyone that is serious enough to follow your easy to understand step-by-step plan.

Thank you again Joel, for your kind help in building my ezine list. By the way, my list is growing by 100's daily! Kinda exciting, huh?"

- Edward Thorpe/Laziest Dude on The Interner


Well, realize that this valuable information could easily sell for thousands of dollars. I’ve spoken at LIVE Bootcamps and SuperConferences where people paid a thousand dollars… even up to $1,997 to attend.

And I charge a lot of money to have my coaching clients pick my brains about my "SECRETS as a Master ListBuilder". Many people even placed a bid of up to

$6,500 to be personally coached by me…

These golden nuggets and action-oriented steps are VERY valuable in terms of the money and time you'll SAVE by learning them from someone who's been there and done that instead of doing it on your own by trial and error.

I thought $97 would be a good figure to charge for this extremely valuable information. That's definitely a bargain since I now charge $350 per hour for my consulting time.

But I’m not gonna charge you anywhere near that amount!

You know why?

Well, it’s really quite simple... because it is a digital product, my overhead is very low for a couple of reasons:

#1: It does not require my personal time and you can download it within 5 minutes without me being there…even if you’re reading this at 1:47 am!

#2: There is no inventory nor do I have pay anyone to take orders. It’s completely automated.

Then I thought, maybe give it away for ONLY...$67!

However, being this is all new to you, I'd like to set a $47 retail price.

Then I thought it over.
I decided that I wanted to do something VERY SPECIAL
for you since you're a loyal reader of "Access-2-Success eZine".

I realize that everything we do together is a training process for both of us. And one of the first lessons we have to learn, in this business, is that those who act fast WIN.

The FIRST 17 copies were quickly snapped up in just a matter of hours!

However, I'm still feeling generous right now...

So, as a special BONUS OFFER to the NEXT 27 "Access-2-Success eZine subscribers" (who know the value of fast action), I'll let you access this oh-so-vital information for only $19.95!

Remember the first 17 copies were sold within just a few hours, so this new offer will only be for a VERY LIMITED TIME.

In fact, this Discounted Offer is ONLY for the NEXT 27 to order NOW!

I can assure you that if you procrastinate, you will NEVER get it at that LOW price again.

Everyone else will pay $47.00 or more after the NEXT 27 copies are sold.

Again, I charge $350.00 per hour to teach these same concepts to the Pros on an individual basis. And, many are definitely clamoring to pay me at that hourly rate.

So go ahead and ORDER IT NOW!

Best of Success!

Joel Christopher

THE MasterListBuilder


Be one of the NEXT 27 to DISCOVER my million-dollar 12-Step FORMULA for only $19.95. And that's a painless drop in the bucket if you compare it to the amount of money you'll earn as a result of building your own massive, targeted and high quality opt-in list.

You'll receive the secret download page within minutes of you placing your order.

Don't wait...those who hesitate lose.

Join the ranks of serious Master ListBuilders NOW!
All I can say is "totally awesome".
I've been online since April 1997 and I thought I knew every way there was to build a list, but I was wrong. I learned so much in those 70 minutes that I foresee my list of nearly 55,000 going to at least 75,000 in a very short time. Thank you so much."


- Angela Smith, https://www.tradebit.com



Don't take my word for it! Read what a few of the many people I have helped in the recent past:
"Joel Christopher is the list building king on the Internet! He is one of the upcoming marketing stars who brightly shine on the internet today! I've met Joel, talked to Joel and listened as he shared with me his proven strategies for 'Net success! Joel Christopher is a force to be reckoned with and I 100% endorse him as a resource to help you reach your internet goals and dreams."

Mike Litman

Host - World's #1 Personal Development Radio Show

https://www.tradebit.com The Mike Litman Show

Co-Author #1 International Best-Seller "Conversations with Millionaires"

"I just wanted to email you and let you how much I enjoyed your list-building teleconference tonight.

I consider myself to be fairly advanced in the area of list-building and opt-in marketing, but I still found myself taking HUGE amounts of notes, all the while thinking, "Why didn't I ever think of that?!"

I especially love the fact that your 12-step list building model is as applicable to newbies as it is to experts...no other system I've tested can boast that!

I don't know how you did it, but somehow you managed to boil the entire list-building process into simple, easy-to-follow steps. I'm confident that anyone who implements them, whether they be expert or newbie, will have the knowledge it takes to build their list like the pros. Thanks again, Joel, and take care."

Ryan Deiss


"Your presentation at the seminar was handled much like our telecoaching call with you. You were helpful, caring, knowledgeable, and sincere and this was clearly conveyed to everyone in the room. I know that you will continue to have a positive impact on thousands of people.

I look forward to continuing our relationship together.

Thanks so much.

Kind regards,

David Peha


"Thus far, you get my vote for BEST special guest
speaker! I was very impressed with everything you
had to say, Joel.

I was so anxious and excited to get signed up for
your program. You are a very kind and intelligent man, and I know that the rest who also signed up would agree with me that you really want to see others suceed as well.

Thank you for taking time to share your vast wealth of knowledge with all of us, Joel. I am looking forward to learning all I can and taking advice and direction from the best!

...And you are the best teacher. Thank you for all the tips and organization of things. I like how you get to the matter of things and stick with your agenda. I really do appreciate your time and efforts, and you are a GREAT coach!!"

- Lisa Ramirez, https://www.tradebit.com

Joel's listbuilding class is the bomb! In only four weeks I have learned enough to pay for the whole course.

I am looking forward to having a very large list
very soon because of the many techniques and tips
I learned on these calls.

I would definitely recommend this class to anyone
who wants a large list fast and, as Joel says, your list is your Gold. It's the foundation of any good internet marketing business.

Thanks Joel, for all the info!
Looking forward to further education from you.

- Debbie Wood, Founder and CEO - Lifestyle

Coaching Group https://www.tradebit.com

Joel, I just wanted to take moment to thank you
for the outstanding ListBuilding Telecoaching program.

While I have mastered many other elements of marketing, your specialized knowledge has for the first time given me clear path to building a huge e-mail list that will likely have me making a second full-time income within the next 12 months.

You've helped me eliminate a lot of wasted steps and probably a very large amount of wasted money doing this on my own (believe me I was on the wrong path before your telecoaching program. Your course is paying for itself many times over and I've just begun!

I particularly appreciate the personal time you've
spent with me on the phone (both the great tips and the encouragement). It's that personal touch that makes the difference between success (which you've pointed me to) or frustration.

The list building techniques you teach will really
augment my marketing consulting business and I will strongly encourage my clients to take any future ListBuilding courses you teach.


- Preston Campbell,
Master Internet Consultant - Profit Zone Marketing

(Order now through our Secure Server & get instant access!)
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