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Run your car on hydroxy gas, HHO

Run your vehicle on water! COMPLETE DYI LIBRARY

This is a text book you must read. It is a complete 343 page Course in Hydroxy Fuel from PBUniversity. It is a tool you will use over and over again through out your journey in discovering what Hydrogen means as a fuel for the future. It takes you from the history of HHO up to the modern installations and fine tuning of a hydrogen on demand systems. It tackles all issues including gasoline, turbo, diesel and the computer systems in modern automobiles and trucks. It will bring you confidence in any hydrogen project you decide to tackle. It has a lot of valuable troubleshooting tools too. After taking this course you will be well versed on hydrogen technology.

This other text book in the series that is a must reading. This 155 page book describes and outlines the build of six different types of booster. One is the ultra simple, very low efficiency, ‘hotsabi’ unit which produces about 0.4 litres of hydroxy gas per minute using 10 amps of current. The “Smack’s” booster which has medium efficiency and produces 1.7 litres per minute at a current of 20 amps. The “7-cell isolated” generic design which has high electrical efficiency and can produce 2 liters per minute at 10 amps of current, which can run a 250cc motorcycle on nothing but hydrogen. Also in this book is the building of a fully Hydrogen System with instructions on the Zach West booster and the Bob Boyce Booster. And for those that are very knowledgeable in Hydrogen technology the book contains one of the most high efficiency HHO generators of today. Ed Holdgate uses 100 cells in his electrolyzer with a massive increase in gas production. He shows you how to build an electronic module that he created specifically for this design.

Here is the 16 page instruction manual that goes alone with the Hydrozy Technology II, the full step-by-step instructions, parts list, tool list and photos for making a very simple single cell booster design from HoTsAbI, a member of the Yahoo - Water-car forum Group. This is a very neat and simple to build electrolysis booster unit which raised his average MPG from 18 to 27 a 50% increase on his 1992 5-Liter Chevy Caprice. This unit draws only 15 amps which is easily handled by the existing alternator. The construction uses ABS, stainless steel shim stock, wire mesh and Red Devil Lye. Easily a 2-3 hour project for the beginner.

This is a 35 page Step-By-Step instruction book on the Smacks design that goes alone with the Hydroxy Technology II. The Smacks Booster increases the MPG of a car or motorcycle. This Hydrogen generator is easy to make in a weekend using material from your local hardware store and the components do not cost much. The hydrogen output of the generator is very good as it produces 1.7 to 2.0 LPM of HHO gas at a manageable amp current load. It shows you the the complete wiring and installation of the booster.

This is a 9 page instruction manual, with full Step-By-Step instructions, and photos for making a very simple 9 cell cell booster using a water filter housing and stainless steel light switch covers. Includes building instructions, installation instructions, mounting the booster, powering the booster, and adjusting the electrolyte for maximum performance. This is a very simple design that is easy to maintain and very good HHO output.

Bob Boyce is easily the most experienced and knowledgeable series-cell designer at the present time, Bob achieves a massively increased gas production rate by using an electrolyzer with a large number of cells in it. Bob’s electrolyzer is easily the most effective available at this time. It uses one hundred cells (101 plates) and applies a sophisticated pulsing waveform which raises the operational efficiency far above that envisioned by the science textbooks available today. This book contains the theory and complete build of his highly efficient pulsed electrolysis system.

This book contains plans for an electrolyser designed by Zach West of the USA. His unique design is not difficult to build nor is it particularly expensive. The electrolyser contains eight pairs of electrodes made of 316L stainless steel shimstock, which are coiled around in a swiss roll style and inserted into a 10 x 2 inch PVC pipe. Zachs system incorporates eight cells joined together in series, each cell producing about 1.5 LPM while drawing 15 amps across the entire group of HHO cells. This design is very efficient and the plans contain a configuration for an auto-refill system as well as an electromagnet to excite the HHO gas before combustion.

This is a great simple booster to build for small engines, scooter, mopeds and lawnmowers. The mason jar booster was one of the first to come out. The output of this booster is about ¼ liter per minute of HHO gas at only 2-3 amp draw. It would be great for a school project also.

The HHO dry cell is an HHO generator that is an improvement on the earlier wet cell designs. The components of the HHO dry cell are keep dry by being outside of the water bath, unlike the wet cell, which is submerged in the water. This cell puts out a large amount of HHO. It draws about 15 amps and runs about at about 86 degrees F to 122 degrees F. This is an 8 plate design using 316L stainless steel. The output is about 1 liter per minute at 15 amp. Great for 4 cylinder engines

If you are planning to start a business in HHO or want to build and sell a very good Dry Cell then this is probably the cell you want to build. It has detailed plans, lots of photos, and templates making the process simpler. It can produce as much as 2.7 liters per minute at about 20 amps. A fantastic design manual.

This is a great cell for large trucks and heavy equipment. It has an output of 4 liters of HHO per minute at 15 amp current draw. It is a very detail manual with lots of large photos and templates. If you wish to convert your Big Rig then this cell is for you! This large cell runs real cool during operation.

Stan Meyers Dune Buggy that ran on water. Hydrogen/Oxygen fuel in an ICE motor. On board electrolysis, no hydrogen tanks, no bombs on-board, just water. It ran 100 miles per gallon! It was a shame to hear that he was poisoned (March 98) and no longer with us. He died in the parking lot of a restaurant in his home town of Grove City, Ohio. Sharks came a week later and stole the the dune buggy and all of his experimental equipment, according to his brother, Steve. Stan said while he was alive, that he was threatened many times and would not sell out to Arab Oil Corp.s. Here is his complete wiring, plans and instructions on his invention.
In order to get the most out of your HHO generators you will need an understanding of Basic Electronics. You will need this knowledge in order to build the electronic enhancers for maximum MPG from your HHO system. This course teaches you the relationship of voltage, current, and resistance (Ohms Law). You will learn resistors, semiconductors, diodes, transformers, multivibrators. integrated circuits, magnetic force, analog and digital signals, capacitors, and how to read circuit diagrams. Do not let electronics scare you, it is not that hard to learn. This written guide will help beginners and novices to obtain effective results when soldering electronic components. There are a lot of valuable tips on care and use of the soldering iron and different types of solder. After a few tries with the soldering iron it will be as easy as brushing your teeth. You will be on your way to building your on electronic fuel injection enhancers and MAP/MAF sensor enhancers, and saving a lot of money.

When you start to introduce HHO into the air system of a vehicle the oxygen sensor will pick up the added oxygen, the computer will think the system is running lean and will send a signal to send more fuel to the engine. This will take away from you mileage gains. With an EFIE we can trick the computer into thinking the system is running rich and decrease the amount of fuel it delivers so we can have a complete burn with HHO and increase mileage gains. In this book is 4 step-by-step plans to build your own EFIE.

MAP or MAF Sensor Enhancers are needed in order to get the most efficiency out of your hydrogen generator conversion. it does so by interacting with your cars Map sensor. It also helps the (ECU) recognize the Hydrogen. It also retards the ignition timing in order for a complete burn and increase MPG. This book contains 2 step-by-step plans for building your on MAP/MAF enhancers.

There is more than one benefit to your electrolyzer (or hydrogen generator) using a PWM. It doesnt matter how efficient your HHO generator is, they all warm up the longer they are run. If you were to run an engine for 8 hours straight, by the end of the eight hours, your generator will probably be as much as three times warmer than when you started. Keeping your HHO system running cool is top priority. If you dont you will start to have an array problems. The PWM will keep your current averaged out making your HHO system run cool and smooth. This book has 2 step-by-step plans for PWMs.

With these Tax Credit Rebate Forms, you can actually force the IRS to pay for the entire cost of building and installing you HHO system. Federal law provides IRS tax refunds for anyone who uses Green Technology in their vehicle. Even if you build one for each vehicle in your household, the IRS will still owe you money for doing it! Also included id the IRS Business Tax Credit form in case you decide to start your own HHO Conversion Business in your area.

A HHO Torch, also called Oxyhydrogen torch is used to cut and weld metal and polish glass. A HHO Torch is powered by a Hydrogen generator and produces very high heat. You can make a HHO torch out of material you find at any hardware store in a few simple steps. This video will guide you through step-by-step. This video can be viewed using Windows Media Player.

This includes 18 videos for making your own Tower Booster. It takes you step-by-step through construction to installation. It includes Advance Installation for HHO systems and installation of the Volo Chip for the electronics. Theses videos can be viewed using Windows Media Player.

This series includes 9 videos from constructing the cell, building the bubbler, testing the cell and installation in the vehicle. It takes you step-by-step through the process. Theses videos can be viewed using Windows Media Player.

This book contains 2521 pages of all types of energy devices including HHO but it goes way beyond that. It is jam packed with lost inventions, suppressed information. suppressed patients, magnetic power, motionless power, gravitational power, fuel less motors, and lots more free energy devices. You will see why the big boys in power do not want any of this on the market.
If you are interested in learning HHO, this library with 1000s of pages, instructions, photos and videos will educate you in all aspects of the field.

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